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New Character: Larch Greenwood
« on: June 21, 2022, 07:07:46 am »
Name: Larch Greenwood
Age: 20
Class(es): Rogue
Race: Human
Subrace (if applicable):
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity (if devoted):
Domains (if cleric):
Biography and Description: Larch is about 5.5 feet tall with a medium build, short-cropped black hair, brown eyes, and olive colored skin.  His left eye has a permanent squint.  This squint gives his face a look of suspicion, which most people find off-putting.  Larch was born into the Hardwood Clan which is made up of 5 families: Greenwood, Blackwood, Greywood, Brownwood, and Redwood.  The clan makes it's living by hunting and trapping near the east edge of the Silkwood Forest and trading with nearby settlements.  They survive by being very stealthy and moving between a series of hidden camps.  The clan elders determined that Larch lacked the devotion required to become a Druid or a Ranger.  He lacked the strength and size to be a fighter, so he was taught a variety of skills the clan might find useful.
In recent times, Larch took part in trade missions the clan sent to nearby settlements. The last of these was to the fortified town of Haven.  While in Haven he acquired currency for the first time.  Once he discovered what that currency could buy, he was lost to his clan forever.  He has since been on a quest to become a wealthy person.


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