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new Character : Mouse
« on: March 17, 2024, 02:26:16 pm »
Name: Mouse
Race : Human
Age: 18
Class: Rogue/Fighter (equal split to level 10, then see how the RP goes. ( may PC to duelist)
Alignment : Neutral
Deity: None


“That makes three this month.  Corath's fetid  breath what is going on?  The two large men load a stiff body of a third into cart and start up the street. 
Mouse peers out from the well disguised nook she has dug herself beside the foundation of the nearest building.  She moves some bushes to cover the opening to her little home and checks both ways before slithering out.  Its time for the traders to take down their stalls at the market and sometimes they can't be bothered to pack up food that is going off or broken items and leave them in the town midden heap.  Mouse likes to get there early for the best finds.  Its how she keeps herself fed these days.   She could tell the town guards what is going on but then she'd be involved and they'd want to know how she knows what she knows.   She values her life more than that.

They call her mouse because, well she's small with nondescript mouse brown hair.  She can move quietly and fit into the smallest of places.  She survives on the crumbs that others leave behind.  She doesn't want to be a mouse but since her older siblings died along with their parents on the ship crossing , its been just her.  That was five years ago, Five very long years.  Cold winters, miserable summers, the wet and the dry she has survived. 

She takes her small finding of some dodgy cheese and stale bread along with a dented old short sword back to her “home”.  As she picks off the mold and dunks the bread in some ale a drunk man tried to bribe her into his room at the inn with, she studies the sword.  Its appears to be just made of copper or at best bronze.  The edge is chipped and dull but she takes a whet stone and does her best to bring it back to functioning.  When its what she deems acceptable she places it carefully next a depression in the ground lines with dried grasses that serves as her bed.  Winter is approaching and the sun sets much earlier so it will soon be dark.  Its a full moon tonight so she can't sneak away to the militia training grounds to test it.

“Well, well, what have we here”   She awakens to the bright light of a torch being shone into her den.  “Looks like we found the rat.  She ain't the tastiest of morsels but she looks like she'll be a bit 'o fun before we turn her in to the boss. “ the torch owner, a very dirty obese man dressed in hide armor leers at her as two similarly dressed  dirty lackeys try to see around him into the hole. 

She's appears to be cornered but Mouse is not without her tricks.. One hand searches the area next to her bed for the handle of the sword, the other reaches for a small knapsack and a pouch.  With a smooth movement she flings the pouch at the opening to her home and the area fills with choking powder. While the men sputter and cough and have to close their eyes she moves a old wooden shield from behind her bed that reveals a tunnel  just big enough for her to wriggle into.  She crawls as fast as she can toward the other end and pops her head up under a bush about ten feet from her home.  She take a sad look a the home she's had to leave but quickly and quietly gets to her feet, grasping the old sword , small shield and her pack and  while clutching  the ring around her neck, whispers a prayer and starts away.

Then she feels it.  Right between her shoulder blades.  A piercing pain that makes her vision go white.  Her mind reels.  No, not again.

When she opens her eyes its dawn.  She's lying with her pack and her sword at the foot of a large standing stone.  She reaches around to feel her back. Sure enough there is small scar where the arrow had been.  The one that pierced her back, the one that killed her.  Only it didn't.  This is not the first time she's awoken feeling ill, but alive at the foot of this stone.  The stone the guards pulled a dead body from the foot of just the other morning.  She should be dead but she isn't.  Stone bound.  That was the whispers she'd heard. 
She can't stay here .  Her home is compromised and who ever found her knows they “killed “ and when the body disappears, well who know what they'll do.  No she has to leave.  Start over again.

She slings her pack over one shoulder the the small shield over the other, tucks her sword into her makeshift rope belt and sets out onto the road.   Who knows where it will take her?
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Re: new Character : Mouse
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Approved. I love the mention of the bindstone as the added dimension to the classic character trope of underestimated underdog.