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New Character Submission - Brimnak
« on: July 04, 2019, 11:27:39 pm »
Name:  Brimnak
Age:  12
Class(es):  Rogue/Wizard (not sure of level-split ratio - want to see where RP takes him, but likely to be heavier on the Wizard side will take at least 5 levels of Rogue before level 20)
Race:  Halfling
Subrace (if applicable):  Goblin
Gender:  Male
Alignment:  Neutral Evil
Deity (if devoted):  Not yet devoted - will see where RP takes him
Domains (if cleric):  N/A
Biography and Description:
Brimnak begins as a particularly shrewd Goblin, stealthy and able to decipher the meaning of many arcane symbols and scripts.  While he cannot yet cast even a simple cantrip, his mind has a knack for memorizing the details of the verbal and somantic components.  He has seen enough shamans work their peculiar magics to realize that some of what they do is truly arcane and some mixed with magic of nature or of deiffic origin, and some of it is just pure showmanship and trickery.  He has left his tribe to wander the world, in search of riches and to unlock his potential for true arcane magic.  He thinks one day he may return to his tribe to claim the tribal totem and become the Gu, the tribal leader.

Brimnaks tribal home is in the Brech Mountains and their closest enemies are of course the Ulgrid Dwarves, so he has learned to speak and read their language, though he himself does not particularly have a deep seated hatred for Dwarves.  In fact, Brimnak despises his own race above any other, seeing how Goblins in the world have squandered their potential to become a master-race.  He dreams of a time of change of Goblin temperament, with Goblins using their natural cunning to become the most advanced in technology, thaumaturgy, and culture, if only they could get past their chaotic tendency of infighting and backstabbing and actually organize.  For now, he'll settle for unlocking unnatural longevity for himself if that might be achieved through magic without too high a price to his own being.

With a desire for personal longevity in mind, Brimnak is envious of Elves and their methusalan life-cycle.  He is eager to study them to see if there is insight to be found to aid his own quest for longevity.  He wonders what factors most into their long lives, be it diet, lifestyle, or their closeness with the Al'Noth.

Similarly, Brimnak is interested in Gnomes, or more accurately their technology and invention.  He intends to make a study of them as well to see if there are applications of their sciences that could benefit himself.

He admires Humans for their ability to put their short lifespans to such good use, showing that they can learn quickly and adapt, as well as organize to build larger communities and even nations.

He is not as impressed with Halflings as he is with the other races.  He views them as being lazy and too carefree, never accomplishing anything of great merrit aside from being good farmers and family oriented.  He does occasionally wonder if Goblin society might benefit from being more family oriented to a degree though, so he does not discount Halflings entirely.  Perhaps a closer study of their family and social dynamics will be beneficial, or at least interesting to pursue at some point, but it is not a priority of his at this time.