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charecter submission - Leo Lionheart
« on: July 13, 2022, 07:29:20 am »
 Name - Leo Lionheart
 Race - Human
 Deity - Dorand
 Class - Cleric
 Domains - Protection and Strength
 Alignment - TN
 Age - 18

 Bio -  Leo grew up around Hlint an only child, brought up by his dad. Leo's mum had died many years ago giving birth to him and ever since life had been a struggle. His dad no one of note a Crafter barely scrapping by making coin working the forges  and  making useful thing to sell at market.
The early years were a struggle living day to day , hand to mouth , Leo helped his father as much as possible and where he could, where possible. Leo was brought up to follow Dorand , his father would pray  each morning before he started his long day to strive for perfection in his work . Leo learnt a lot from his father as he got older working the forges crafting wares to sell , he was taught to strive for perfection in what ever he made. At the age of  18 Leo realised hlint was to small a place to stagnate in he wanted to travel , spread Dorands ideals ... teach people his beliefs.

1. In addition to rules, domains, deity relations, I have read everything in:

2.Leo learnt from his father, and wishes to become a master craft in dorands honour , he desires to become one of the best ... he understands it will take a lot of patience and time but hes going to dedicate his life to it.

3.Leo plans to craft all his own armours weapon , hell wear dull full plate armour and use a shield and hammer in the name of dorand

First time in a while ive wrote anything , hope this ok
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Re: charecter submission - Leo Lionheart
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Hey there mumbles,Have fun exploring Layonara anew. There have been quite some changes in the meantime 😉Your character is approved.  The address is The password is layoplayerWelcome back!


Re: charecter submission - Leo Lionheart
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thankyou , also on a side note where would i request for my old pcs to be transferred across
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