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Author Topic: Tharivian Goldpetal ~ Alignment Shift  (Read 1374 times)


Tharivian Goldpetal ~ Alignment Shift
« on: August 08, 2016, 01:38:09 am »
I'm going to preface this with the fact that I'm aware this is a bit of an extreme request, since a dark elf shifting to a good alignment is pretty rare. If more character development thread entries, or a CDQ, or anything of that nature is needed, I'm more than happy to do it and revisit this request at a later date.With that said, Link to Origional SubmissionLink to Character Development ThreadRequested Alignment Shift: True Neutral to Neutral GoodJustification: Tharivian never really fit in with the ideals of dark elven society, but also never had other influences from different societies. Once on the surface, he has found a different sort of civilization. Delia and Rebecca Poetr have both been highly influential to him, seemingly trusting him and becoming what he would call friends, something Tharivian has never really had before this point. Tharivian ultimately has a desire to not have to hide from his herritage, and that constant need to hide and be an outcast has been what has kept him from being 'good'. But now that he's found a bit of acceptance in the world of adventurers, he is growing more trusting towards those who trust him in return, and in that, protective of his friends. Finding this acceptance means that Tharivian is free to break out of the confines of the dark elven society he escaped from, and therefor I'm requesting an alignment shift from True Neutral to Neutral Good to reflect this. Thanks,


Hi Teo,Sorry that it has
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Hi Teo,

Sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you on this.

For alignment shifts (and deity shifts, just mentioning for completeness) we like to see about 6 weeks of entries. Right now we have about two weeks of entries, a little bit more than that. I'd like to see a little bit more coverage before we consider this request in full. If it is possible, I would like to have you continue your entries until August 28th, 2016 and then bump this thread when you have finished your 'last' entry for that time period (not before the 28th obviously).

If there is some complication with this method, please let me know and we can come up with another way to document over that time frame.