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Xìngzhì Willow
« on: February 20, 2017, 10:36:25 pm »
Xìngzhì Willow
Character Class: Druid/Shifter
Character Race: Elf
Character Sub-Race: Woodelf
Character Gender: Male
Character Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Character Birthplace: Ulam Forest
Character Biography:
Xing grew up in a little village on the outskirts of the Ulam Forest. It was a simple
place full of trees and brooks running through. Xing's childhood was carefree. He mostly
ran around and played in the trees with the other children of his village. Many did not
wear garmets during most of their childhood years. Xing was no exception. In fact, when Xing
grew older he never understood the need for clothing at all. However, when he came of age he
accepted that he must wear some clothing to be taken seriously, but he always wore the least
possible. Never dawning the full leathers that his peer male woodelfs would wear. His aversion
to clothing also manifested in an aversion to using weapons for sparing and defense. He had a
certaint reverance to the complexities of he human body and always believed that there could
be no better weapon. He did make excpetions during hunts unsing a simple bow from time to time,
but this was a rarity.
Xings young adult years were spent learning all the miracles of nature and how to be its stewart.
This become his greatest passion, and permeated everything aspect of his life. He learned that the
forest gives life and that he in return must give life to the forest. This was the cycle and was at
the center of everything he believed.
He was content and in want of nothing. This all changed when on a beautiful autumn day full of sun 
and a fresh breeze, he was sparing with a few of the young men in his village. They all chose their
favorite weapons and styles. Some chose the staff, others the club, while others would choose the
whip. Xing chose only his body, his hands, knees and feet. He had been training with some of the
elders in the village and had become quite capable. In fact, on this day, he had beaten all challengers
and was waiting for another when through the forest came a band of giants after blood. They easily
outnumbers the villagers and were slaughtering them. Xing was able to defeat one, and then another,
but by the time he turned around again most of his village had been killed and destroyed. Xing held
back his desire to avenge his family and friends, and instead took to the tree tops to escape the
carnage. He could do nothing in that moment. In the weeks that followed, he vowed that he would never
forget and that he must defend all the forests and their children accross Layonara.


Hello Jadewillow,I'm afraid
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2017, 12:36:32 am »

Hello Jadewillow,

I'm afraid there's a couple of issues with this application. First and foremost, we cannot approve it with the Shifter request. As found here: Shifters must be approved with an updated biography for resubmission and at least one CDQ, depending on the evidence offered.

The second issue is that at the end of the bio story, his power level is a little too high for a zero level character. We cannot approve him as written (solo-killing two giants in any kind of direct confrontation). I would suggest rewriting this portion as an accidental kill or a team work effort by members of the village.

Lastly, and not directly related to an approval, in the first paragraph you make this reference: "He had acertaint reverance to the complexities of he human body..." You might want to tweek that to be 'elven' body on your next pass. Just sharing this part to be helpful!

Please let me know how you would like to proceed.