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Kingdom of Roldem: Tibum


Location: Southwestern part of the Island of Calishan  Population:  18,500 (85% human, 5% dwarf, 5% gnome, 3% elf, 2% halfling)  GP Limit:  29,500gp  Alignment:  Lawful Good
Government:   Monarchy  Defenses:  A heavily fortified masonry walls surrounds this city; parts of the wall are reinforced.  Miscellaneous Information:  Tibum is Roldem's capital as well as the launching point of the Kingdom of Roldem’s forces. Over the ages, Tibum has fought many battles with Karthy and the people of northeast Rilara. Before the Cataclysm, these two regions were once united geographically but torn asunder by political allegiance and civil warfare. When the two factions were unevenly split by the Cataclysmic forces that tore the lands asunder, the warfare intensified on Rilara and the Roldems who were trapped there died torturous deaths.  On Calishan, the Roldemians prospered, and even today burn with the need to avenge their kinsmen. With the rise of Milara on that vile continent, the people of Roldem’s thoughts turn more and more to these bloody desires.  War between the two great regions seems on the horizon, and Milara, interestingly enough, seems to have neglected his influence in the Kingdom of Roldem. In Roldem, Milara is simply known as the tyrant of Rilara, a convenient symbol upon which to heap their festering animosity towards the continent.  A large temple to Aragen can be found here.


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