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Xantril: Arabel


Location:  Southern tip of the continent of Xantril  Population: 24,000 (37% human, 15% half-orc, 15% halfling, 15% dwarf, 10% orc, 5% gnome, 1% dark elf, 1% demon, 1% elf)  GP Limit:  33,480gp  Alignment:  Chaotic Evil  Government:  Tyrany  Defenses:    A heavily fortified masonry wall surrounds this city.
  Miscellaneous Information: When you first enter Arabel, you’ll know you are in Xantril and that the terrible things you have heard are true. From all around, tortured screams will accost your ears and tear at your soul. Much of the city is in ruins. Disease, famine, and violence are all part of the everyday routine of Arabel. Somehow the city manages to operate the docks with relative efficiency. Likely this is because the demons want fresh souls to torment, even though most know by now to stay far away from Arabel.
  Arabel was not always a tormented city under the sway of demons. Between the Cataclysm and the arrival of Xandrial, Arabel was one of the few towns on Xantril to establish some sort of prominence and connection with the other continents. Arabel’s location on the southern tip of Xantril gave them an advantage in securing trade with both Dregar and the Kingdom of Roldem. Over the years, the merchant families of Arabel built themselves up into a commercial powerhouse, funneling most of the surplus goods from the middle and south of the island through their docks. The former stature of Arabel can still be seen in glimpses of its working ruin. Those who lived in the old Arabel are haunted by its memory. Those who contributed to its glory are now forced to work the sewers.
  Major Temples to Corath and Shadon have been constructed in Arabel.


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