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A Book of Alchemaic Recipes

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While all of the recipes for the various alchemy creations are available in game (the cards, the table, etc), I have found that for this craft with all it's varied ingredients, it is handy to have an easy to read/search reference. I often come across some ingredient and I know it likely has a use in alchemy, but I can't remember what it's for.

To that end, I present version 1.1 of the Alchemy Book.

Also in rar format Alchemy Book

I have added the new silver and titanium enchantment recipes so the book should be complete at this time.

Very nice, great job there. I've spotted a mistake, though. In the visual effect part, you switched the Visual Effect: Evil, for an extra Electrical one.

Thanks, I'm sure there are other typos, but that is now fixed.

I just put up a slightly new version. I fixed a couple of typos and I changed the css so that it is friendlier for Mac and Linux folk font-wise. It now specifies a windows font, a mac font, and finally a default family of cursive so it should show well on all platforms.
I doubt too many (if any) people are using it, but I thought I would at least mention it since I made a change.


Now I just need to make some books for some of the other crafts. I'm thinking tinkering or tailoring next.

I'm using it, since my character actually enjoys alchemy, and cudos to you for making this very useful book. ;)


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