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Basic Beginners Guide to Crafting

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As has been stated, crafting is not cheap. After much time and money, sometimes you can end up making some money off of it. It really is more of a "thing to do" rather than a way to make any money and this thing like many, costs money.

Having said that, I'll drop another basic crafting hint:
Just because your character starts the game in Hlint, does not mean he has to or even should do his or her shopping in Hlint.

I'm sure a lot of new player has fond this nifty, but didn't see any thanks to it so here it comes (even if I'm not a new player here)

Thanks to everyone taking the time to write these things up.

Nagash von Ritter:

--- Quote from: Tanman ---I think the prices vary. i bought a Badge for 700 true and ox for 80 true. Which character were you using?
--- End quote ---

I had some ranks in appraise and 12 chr, I got mine for 500. I made a character with a higher charisma, intelligence and wisdom, despite being a mage my aim was for a character with a force of personality, I think though that the abilities all stack for certain things such as enchanting? I have 25% chance on some higher up enchanting things and I havn't even started trying yet hrmz.


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