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Central Server CNR change requsest.


Guardian 452:
I asked in game where I should post a request of this nature... requesting a certain CNR in a zone be changed to another CNR... I was asked to PM the initial request to Dorg... which I did... he said go ahead and post my suggestion to the CNR - Suggestions section... so here is the PM I sent  Dorg.

Server - Central Server
Zone - Forest of Fog - East of Oakhurst
(1 zone South according to the compass from Orcs Watch)

Current CNR requesting to be changed in this zone - Hickory

CNR Proposed to be put in place - Oak

Requesting the CNR Hickory in this zone be changed to CNR - Oak. I can't tell you how many Hickory trees are there now... 4 maybe more. I'd like to see say 3 Oak trees there instead.

Hickory, there, guarded by Forrest Giants of the Broken Glade Clan seems a might overkill and well.. a complete waste of game space.



Guardian 452:
Any chance of this getting considered now... or reconsidered? Never did hear any word on this old request.


Not a complete waste of game space. More so than before though. Before the home portal system became free. Because I do not think hickory would be available on that server if that one is removed.

Is there Mahogany or Yew on West?

Guardian 452:
Yeah my initial post was a bit heated back in 2010 dunno why... lol. Anyway I have another idea for wood (cnr) ill be posting soon.


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