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I don't suppose there is a comprehensive list of CNR items that can be made in Layonara and what their properties are?

Talan Va'lash:

You have to find out in game through interaction with other PCs and experimentation.

That's what I thought. Thanks Talan!

Speaking of which....

I spent most of the time I was logged last night looking for a way to dry pipeweed. I have aquired the unprepared leaves AND the Press but it seems that it ain't enough. I figured that the Press was used in the same way as a sewing kit, required to use a crafting station. I couldn't find a station working with the Press nor the leaves. I asked around but no one seemed to know more than I do.

Any help at this point would be appreciated, Thanks.

To dry pipe weed all you need to have is the leaf press, unprepared pipeweed and a flint.

1. Pick the pipeweed
2. Place the pipeweed in the leafpress
3. Use the flint on the leafpress, you will get a message that says that the pipeweed is beginning to dry out, just wait awhile and it will be dried.

I hope that helps you  :)


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