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Monk Gloves with Claws


I would l like to know if it would be possible for Xiao Lin to create pairs of gloves that do slashing damage instead of bludgeoning damage.   Basically, gloves with claws. 

I think if anyone in the world could do it, Xiao would be a likely candidate.  He is a 25th level monk, and one of the top tailors, as well.  Of course, he also yells out, "the rage of the red tiger" in battle, so I think claws would be perfectly appropriate for him.

If this would be possible, I would be happy to come up with however many variations of glove recipes would be necessary so they can scale with level.



Just saw this, nice idea.

If this was allowed, gloves models would have to be made in game also to represent it as Icons, so variations in styles would also have to be made. And if you wanted for them to be physically seen in game on the pc, then someone with 3d modeling experience would have to make those to bee added.


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