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Platinum Shields

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Talan Va'lash:
I was thinking Platinum shields could be to iron as bronze shields are to copper.

...Why does this sound like an SAT question..?

Like this:

Platinum Shield - +1 AC, +2 AC vs Blunt, +2 AC vs Piercing

Like a step between iron and ada, as bronze is between copper and iron.

makes perfect sence to me..

Problem with platinum is its as soft as gold reason its armor in Layo is simple.

Granted it's soft but when used 13/8ths inch thick and small partts that makr up full plate armor it works wonders...Metal shields are made with the same thickness but have an Arch to add duriblity.. If I were to make a sheet of iorn and platinum, bend them to the propper arc for a shield I would not dent the Iron with my bear hands while Platinum I may make it look was beaten to kingdom come... now add weapons and I'll dent the iron... Platinum would have holes chunks cut off maybe half of it bent to parts that make it useless.... nuff said

Then here's a revised idea.  Have platinum-plated Iron shields that give a +5 spell resistance or some such thing due to it's shininess.

This would would open up all kinds of options, not to mention that many adventurers would keep one around in case that ogre mage looked particularly mean or something like that.

Just a thought, but that way platinum could be feasible as a shield.

+5 Spell Resistance is interesting, but it's basically useless, since it doesn't stack with any previous SR you have.

 For an item that is supposed to be designed for mid or mid-high level characters, i doubt that it'll stop many spells, perhaps those from the goblin shamans, or kobolds, but they'd have to roll a 1. ^_^

 Making both Iron and Platinum required for the shields would make perfect sense, so perhaps adding a bonus to the resistance/immunity to bludgenoning or piercing damages could work out, just like some armors have.  


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