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Pyyran's Better Brewing Cards
« on: May 29, 2007, 01:53:25 am »
Pyyran Rahth, quite a while back, got very tired of the recipe cards he bought from the vendors. They were horribly organized, poorly made, and were a greater chore to look through than the brewing itself.

As such, he made his own set, as well as a number of copies that he's been distributing since. Several copies have made it into the hands of merchants who thought the idea could be profitable...

And so they reproduced them for themselves, selling the "Better Brewing Cards" for the same price that the older ones did. Over the course of a few years, they're now as easy to get or easier... And nearly anyone who's ever tried brewing up their own grog has got a set.

And here they are...

[SIZE=13]Pyyran's Better Brewing Cards[/SIZE]
All recipes require 2 Hops Flower, 1 Brewer's Yeast, and 4 Empty Brewing Bottles.
 Barley Wort
Iron Hammer Bock[INDENT]2 Hazelnut [/INDENT]Black Knight Malt[INDENT]4 Blackberry [/INDENT]Big Rock Bock[INDENT]1 Powdered Limestone
1 Crushed Pearl
1 Pear Juice [/INDENT]Corn Wort
Will-O-Whiskey[INDENT]1 Will O' Wisp Essence [/INDENT]Cherry River Lambic[INDENT]1 Cherry Juice [/INDENT]Dead Orc Porter[INDENT]3 Raspberry
3 Cherry [/INDENT]Red Crow Cream Ale[INDENT]1 Sugar Cane Juice
1 Raspberry Juice
1 Cow's Milk [/INDENT]Oat Wort
Pig's Ear Pilsner[INDENT]1 Ear from a Red Light Goblin Scout [/INDENT]Black Horse Ale[INDENT]1 Blackberry Juice
2 Almond [/INDENT]Dark Dragon Pilsner[INDENT]2 Chicken Egg
1 Elderberry Juice [/INDENT]Tower Malt Liquor[INDENT]2 Malted Barley
2 Holy Water [/INDENT]Rice Wort
Silver Buckle Gin[INDENT]1 Powdered Silver [/INDENT]Axe Head Amber[INDENT]1 Apple Juice [/INDENT]Firewood Lager[INDENT]2 Dust of Fire Agate
1 Stick of Charcoal
1 Cranberry Juice [/INDENT]Cracked Skull Cream Ale[INDENT]2 Skullcap Leaf
1 Cow's Milk [/INDENT]Rye Wort
Blue Sword Swill[INDENT]4 Blueberry [/INDENT]Broken Knuckle Beer[INDENT]4 Skeleton's Knuckle [/INDENT]Wheat Wort
Dwarf's Head Ale[INDENT]2 Chestnut [/INDENT]Jumpin' Juniper Brau[INDENT]1 Juniper Berry Juice [/INDENT]Wizard's Wheat Ale[INDENT]1 Potion of Cure Light Wounds [/INDENT]Dwarf's Sledge Draft[INDENT]6 Cranberry
1 Honey [/INDENT]Green Forest Draft[INDENT]1 Belladonna
2 Peppermint Leaf[/INDENT]------

[SIZE=13]Pyyran's Better Brewing Cards

[/SIZE] All recipes require 2 Hops Flower, 1 Brewer's Yeast, and 4 Empty Brewing Bottles.
[table=head;sort=1,2,3,4,5]Wort|Brew|Ingredient 1|Ingredient 2|Ingredient 3
Barley|Black Knight Malt|Blackberry - 4
Barley|Big Rock Bock|Pear Juice - 1|Powdered Limestone - 1|Crushed Pearl - 1
Barley|Iron Hammer Bock|Hazelnut - 2
Rye|Blue Sword Swill|Blueberry - 4
Rye|Broken Knuckle Beer|Skeleton's Knuckle - 4
Rice|Axe Head Amber|Apple Juice - 1
Rice|Cracked Skull Cream Ale|Skullcap Leaf - 2||Cow's Milk - 1
Rice|Firewood Lager|Cranberry Juice - 1|Stick of Charcoal - 1|Dust of Fire Agate - 2
Rice|Silver Buckle Gin|Powdered Silver - 1
Oat|Black Horse Ale|Blackberry Juice - 1|Almond - 1
Oat|Dark Dragon Pilsner|Elderberry Juice - 1|Chicken Egg - 2
Oat|Pig's Ear Pilsner|Ear from a Red Light Goblin Scout - 1
 Oat|Tower Malt Liquor|Malted Barley - 2|Holy Water - 2
Corn|Cherry River Lambic|Cherry Juice - 1
Corn|Dead Orc Porter|Raspberry - 3|Cherry - 3
Corn|Red Crow Cream Ale|Raspberry Juice - 1|Sugar Cane Juice - 1|Cow's Milk - 1
Corn|Will-O-Whiskey|Will-O-Wisp Essence - 1
Wheat|Dwarf's Head Ale|Chestnut - 2
Wheat|Dwarf's Sledge Draft|Cranberry - 6|Honey - 1
Wheat|Green Forest Draft|Belladonna - 1|Peppermint Leaf - 2
Wheat|Jumpin' Juniper Brau|Juniper Berry Juice - 1
Wheat|Whizard's Wheat Ale|Potion of    Cure Light Wounds - 1


Taken from Layonara - View Single Post - A bundle of leather and parchment...

These were made entirely for my own convenience, and then I realised how useful to others they'd be... So I sent links to people. It was only just now that I realised that this might be an even better place.

These "cards" are not an actual item, though you could make some with the Parchment System, or your in-game journal.

IG, the cards are arranged alphabetically, first by wort and then by brew, usually with little indexing cards for each wort, and tabs for each brew, and list, in to-the-point Common, the recommended method for brewing each drink, down to the wood that the aging casks should be.

The recipe for Xeenite Wine is not included, as, while it's there in the menu, the recipe is actually held secret very well by the Xeenites. Only a VERY few characters have the recipe - all other Xeenite Wine is typically RPed as being bought... ;)

Hope this is helpful.

Edit: I'll be tinkering around with a new-style chart for these to put up here. Here's the work-in-progress; my brain is a bit fizzled to work even on technical stuff atm. And yes, I did shamelessly steal Orth's table as a template. Credit.

Edit again: Woo! Finished. And done. *Moves the table up to the top.*
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Re: Pyyran's Better Brewing Cards
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2007, 02:19:09 am »
A lovely post, people should do this for all crafts.


Re: Pyyran's Better Brewing Cards
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2007, 02:44:26 am »
Perhaps not all crafts; Brewing is a craft with relatively few final products, and the stages along the way are very simple... Not to mention the fact that much more than half of each recipe is the exact same for every recipe.

Still, if someone wants to have a go at it, they can be my guest.


Re: Pyyran's Better Brewing Cards
« Reply #3 on: May 29, 2007, 03:07:17 am »
*chuckles*  As it happens, Kell is working on something a little more comprehensive.. which will be unveiled soon!


Re: Pyyran's Better Brewing Cards
« Reply #4 on: May 29, 2007, 05:38:12 am »
Well, now the table is done as well as it can be - wrapping Ear of a Red Light Goblin Scout and Potion of Cure Light Wounds is tough when the system recognizes a line break as a new row in the table.


Re: Pyyran's Better Brewing Cards
« Reply #5 on: May 29, 2007, 11:38:20 am »
Great Stephen!

Also, for some reason it was never stickied like my Alchemy Book, but I made a Brewing Book back around the same time period. You may find it interesting or of use.