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Red Mushrooms


*A hasty note posted in an even hand at the alchemy table outside Hlint*

A friend has aquired a couple of red mushrooms.  I have not been able to determine what they are good for or what they are worth.  Anyone know?  I'm trying to convince him they are just for a garnish on his venison.

My thanks in advance,


You might want to take a look at the book of Alchemaic Recipes in the above post. That might have a few good ideas in it, although i have heard they are good on venison. ;)


Talan Va'lash:
Red mushrooms are not used in any alchemical recepies that I or my sister have found thus far.  i did not try eating them, as they looked rather poisonous...

-Talan Va'lash

Thunder Pants:
they used to be used in the makings of tanning acid a long time ago, then at the time there was only one spawn point for them and it was in a place noone ever traveled so nobody ever made any, and when the alchemy ingrediats were reworked long ago red mushrooms were left off the list (didn't mater then as at the time there was only the one place) but currently i don't believe red shrooms have a use


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