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Why I absolutely hate CNR

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I *do* think a small XP reward on failing is a decent idea. Small small. You do learn from your mistakes and practice makes perfect too. ;)


*ahem* Just thought I'd share my breakthrough.

I would also like to mention that I was entangled and killed by an assassin vine while collecting sugar cane stalks to make that sugar.

That is all.

Well congrats on the sugar..heh.

Harvesting the items necessary to craft is part of the fun. You get a nice party, nice RP out of it, and, usually, nice XP and loot from the monsters guarding said harvestings. *grins*

Just wait until you get to a level where you have a 95% chance of sucess and roll two 1's in a row. Now that is frustrating. But, on the other hand, when you have a low chance at something and you get it. It is very rewarding.

Talan Va'lash:
Wood Crafting is based on Str and Dex.

Food Crafting is based on Wis and Con.

If you have no bonus' (10s) in these abilities, then the most basic items start out at around a 25-35% chance.

However if you have decent stats for the craft, you can start out at 50% for a lot of the basic things.

Making sandpaper can be frusterating, since, as you said, there are so many steps.  When I started working mahogany I must have gone through 60 branches (quite a few trips and a couple weeks RL time) before I ended up with a single sandpaper.  But, since there are so many steps using the same ingredients, you have a lot more chances to make xp and improve.  You just have to look at it a different way. :P

Also, i've seen a lot of monks do well with alchemy.  Alchemy involves going to a lot of different places and gathering ingredients.  The monk speed bonus makes the gathering less tedious.



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