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Why I absolutely hate CNR

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I believe that the crafting system on Layonara is unreasonably difficult. I'll demonstrate this by way of an example.  I chop about 8 branches of hickory from a tree (this takes about half an hour; I'm a monk, not a lumberjack). At the crafting house, I try to produce sawdust from these. I fail on 6 of them, and break my wood crafter's tools once. At the inn, I try to produce raw parchment from the sawdust and water. I succeed only once out of 6 attempts. And, of course, I fail to cook the one raw parchment I managed to produce into a scroll.  That's nearly an hour of work with no useful product to show for it.  Do the probabilities for success really have to be so low? Even a 50% chance of success is challenging to work with, yet the highest I've seen as 35%. And, in practice, that tends more toward 20-25%. Also, the number of items you have available inevitably narrows as you progress farther along the path to your final product, and even a couple failures along the way can leave you unable to finish. Given how time consuming (and dangerous) hunting for some of the ingredients can be, this seems way too difficult.  Even if the percentages are left alone, would it not make sense to still get some experience when you fail? We are supposed to learn from our mistakes, or so that's what people have been telling me all my life :) This way you wouldn't get stuck in a rut of failures; you could actually get better with practice, instead of only improving on the rare occasion that you succeed.  Aside from the mind-numbing repetiveness caused by countless failures, I like the idea of CNR. I don't want to ignore it, but I'm afraid I'll have to in order to have enough time to enjoy roleplaying and adventuring on the server.    Edit: Oh, and as a monk, I can't use any of the mining tools. I think it would be a grand idea to have something like Miner's Gloves that give the required feats, but have some massive penalties on them to prevent abuse (-10 AC, movement speed reduction, hair falls out, etc). Is this doable?

think of it this way...if it was so easy..everyone would be doing it and the end result if you are selling them would equal 0 income...also if you cant manage to mine ore deposits..perhaps is a good way to get someone to do it for you RP wise..i know the feeling, playing a Druid you cant mine or chop wood, so i get others to  bring me raw ore or "gather" wood for me. Also going back to topic one, you dont really wanna see an increase of more powerful weapons out there do you...cause if the CNR was made easy, that is what will most likely happen. In time you will become much better and fail less, just got to roll with the numbers....i myself get frustrated with it also, but i wouldnt ask the team to change it in the slightest, rather i wish we as players could make a few more magical items.

Realistically you can make as much money questing/fighting as you can through CNR. So don't make the idea of becoming rich lure you into the system. You should do it because you want to, or you think your character should, or if you're bored even. Hehe.

CNR is one of those things you either love or hate I find.

I loved it. I spent more hours than is humanly imagniable crafting.

And I had fun doing it. And yes, it was often due to being bored. But this was back when I would be lucky to be on the server with 3 other people.

If you're finding yourself failing often, perhaps you should ask a friend to increase your strength or dexterity just before crafting something. Once you get the first couple levels, you're more easily able to sustain yourself.

The first few levels of any new craft are the slowest. Once you get in the swing of it though, I found it to be an appealing form of relaxation.

Good comments all, but I want to clarify something. I am by no stretch of the imagination suggesting that it should be easy. I'm only saying that maybe it's slightly too difficult, and that perhaps getting a reduced xp reward on failures as part of the learning process would not only make it more realistic, but also make the strings of failures a little less frustrating. When I go through all of that effort and hit a dead end because I've destroyed all of my components and gained nothing, I'm not having any fun. After failing five times in a row at making sawdust (SAWDUST, for crying out loud) I begin to feel like a hamster in a wheel >_

This is true.

Crafting is very hit or miss as well, which can be additionally frustrating.

I also think of it as a puzzle. Trying to figure out what combinations on what devices will make what items (which may then go towards OTHER items crafting) is just too cool.

Sometimes it *really* makes me mad. hehe. Buy some Cat's Grace potions or what not. Those might help too. Stick with it. Also have someone "train" you. They perhaps might show you ways of improving your level easily...you never know..;)


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