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Wood & Metal CNR difficulty to aquire


Guardian 452:
Most of the wood CNR is in bunches and understandably "guarded". What about a random tree of Hickory and Oak, maybe even Mahogany (on the higher end continents) placed around Mistone, Dregar, Alindor, Belinara etc? Im talking 1 tree versus now where most places trees are in pairs, or groups. Places that are not hard to get to... but also not super close to the crafting halls.

The same could apply to Metal ore, & minerals. We have caves etc that are virtually empty of CNR aside from say some dead fleas & bat poo. LOL Why not stick 1 Iron node in cave "X" that has no CNR, a Silver node in another etc.

Giving us more options of places to go and gather... or... while we are out exploring we can say... hey look! An oak tree! let me gather a few branches, or down in a cave... say, this Iron deposit looks promising.... since we're here might as well pick away at it.

The most someone can get from one ore or wood node is 11 (I think) and the least they can get is 1. So I dont see a few extra CNR deposits placed alone in new places being a big deal. Besides we all already know the gear system is kinda broken when it comes to demand since stuff lasts forever... so let the small time people have their shot at material too. Just single nodes with little difficulty... versus now where its multiple nodes and you gotta earn it by beating the mobs.

Thanks for considering this.

I whole heartily agree with this statement... spread it out so that you don't have to go to the same place over and over to get what you need. Then groups could explore different areas and everyone could at least have a chance at getting something they needed instead of going to a specific place where only a few need the CNR there.


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