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Memory of insanity - multiplayer?


I already posted this at nwvault, but now i found this forum :)

I'm playing this in multiplayer mode and am stuck in the memory of insanity part. No matter what we tried, only one gets teleported into the cavern. Is there a workaround for this? Or does only one get through and the rest of the party has to return to the surface?

Lalaith Va'lash:
Unfortunately there probably isn't a work around.  

The LSPM was intended for single player but, we did attempt to open it up for multiplayer functionality.  Which I think caused a few quirks along the way in multi player gameplay. During testing we definitely concentrated on the single player aspect though so this was mentioned in the intro.

In this particular case I thought it had been worked out to transport the entire party, since I know there was some trouble transporting your henchman in single player.  But it seems that it will only take one to the cavern.  IIRC the cavern area isn't a big area however, is there the option for the others to meet back on the surface to continue gameplay?

Sorry thats probably not too helpful.

Glad to see there are those still out there playing this module though! :)


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