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Okay, need help with side quests


Drunk's darts - found two, have scoured every friggin' area in detect mode and can't find the third.  Driving me nuts!

Also, as I'm playing a pally, I didn't lie to the gent in the rowdy pub in North Point.  Does that lock the "bounty" quest for the thieves?  I'd like to complete it but I can't find another way to start it.

I'll PM you the area names containing the darts Honora as a little push in the right direction and not spoil it for others who accidentally read this. If you still can't find the last one, let me know.

I'm not sure about your other question.

Lalaith Va'lash:
To field the other question, I believe it may lock you out of that quest.

There are a couple of things that only appear for the lawful or good types, and this may be one that only happens if you are the seedier type.


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