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So I proudly return to the Tower ,full  vial in hand....
And the vixen has locked me out! I am exhausted and cannot falthom trapsing all through Dregar again.
It has been so long since she gave me quest I can't remember where I am supposed to deliver.
Please advise.

Thanks, I have enjoyed the game.


Lalaith Va'lash:
Oh my, The tower is supposed to be locked yes. But, there is supposed to be more to it than that ;). There is clearly a bug or somthing missed.
  Did you ever recieve a conversation on the wind after placing all three components in the vial? Or, have your henchman ask you what you would do with the vial if you had one? This an important key to the finale, the finale should have began onceyou approuched the tower. If you did what was your reply? If you did not I reccamend going to an area marked natural or outdoors (just not somplace in doors) and standing a moment. Perhaps the conversation didn't fire yet (thought it should have). Did you ever speak to any wizards? We will help you through this, just need a little more information. Thanks

Talan Va'lash:

--- Quote ---FeyKina - 3/7/2007  12:05 AM

And the vixen has locked me out!
--- End quote ---

Hehe, vixen...

But seriously, all of Lalaith's questions are good ones for us to figure out what's going on in your game.

It may be possible on slower machines or if you have other programs running while you are playing NWN to "lag through" and miss this very important conversation. I've never been able to make it happen on my PC but it's possible and knowing NWN it'll probably happen to someone ;p

I left in a way to force the conversation check which will begin the conversation IF you are in the correct situation to receive it in case this happens to anyone. If you're not in the correct situation it won't hurt anything, it just won't produce any result. What you do to force this check is go to an outdoor area (like Dregar Coast: Xora's Tower ) and use the vial again on ANY item. It won't do anything to the item it'll just force a recheck to see if it should be giving you the conversation.

However, my guess is that these one of these causes is more likely:

1. You have obtained all the vial ingredients but you have not added them all to the vial yet (used the vial on the items in your inventory.)

2. In the "Message on the Wind" conversation (conversation with the wind or your henchman about what you're going to do with the vial) you said you were going to give the vial to the Black Wizards. Check your "Wizard's Tower" journal entry to see what you choose.

3. If #'s 1 and 2 aren't the cause try to force the conversation as I described above.

Well I guess I missed alot here. I returned to the Tower with all items in the vial, got one message about it being  in my pack, but then nothing more. Just a locked door, no voices or hench responses. I talked to the Wizard but did not agree to bring the vial  to him. I will go back to an earlier save and see if more unfolds on a second try.

glad to hear there was more!



I am running on a fast MAC

I have used the vial on the door and on myself outside the tower door, My arms make casting motions but nothing happens.

All 3 items are in the vial

Perhaps I just need to play it through again, will get back to you tonight after I try.

Thank you so much for your help and great work. It has been very challenging.



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