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Author Topic: A Dancer Courting Death- Ripley's Adventure Begins.  (Read 389 times)


A Dancer Courting Death- Ripley's Adventure Begins.
« on: June 03, 2019, 08:51:08 am »
Entry 1
When I step off the ship i had called a home for years, I was not sure what to expect. Would I find that I had left behind my friends to wander in a world of evil, like the world of my youth? Or perhaps I would find that the world is full of people like The Captain who had been as a father to me. So long did I isolate myself within the small world of that ship, I struggled with my choice to leave.
Once I had though, I could feel it once again, that yearning for more that I had felt on a rare occasion. BUT WHAT?! What is it that my heart yearns for? is it power, or wealth? I know not. What I have found though, is a joy in putting my blade to work. Wading in among the monster and creatures who would take my life, dodging at the last minute, turning aside an enemies attack. Balancing on a daggers edge. What I speak of is not like the reckless swinging of a heavy sword that relies only on brute strength. What I describe is a dance. A dance in tune with the ringing of steel, and the final breaths of the enemies I leave slain.
The training and practice on the ship had not prepared me for how exhilarating a real fight is.
Aside from the thrill of battle I have found that there are many like myself who make a life as an adventurer. I have met several in my short time in this land. most notably a cleric of some god who offered me work, a warrior who forged me a new sword after I had lost my own, and a very lively dwarf who I can hardly understand the majority of the time.
I do not know when I will make another entry, perhaps I will wait until I have something of note to write. or perhaps I will keep an active log of my adventures. I do not know what the future holds.

Ripley Mourne


Re: A Dancer Courting Death- Ripley's Adventure Begins.
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2019, 07:13:30 pm »
Entry 2

It has been some time since I last wrote anything except music and lyrics. Much has happened since my first days of arriving at Center. I have met many curious people, seen many wonderful things, fought many battles, and experienced both victory and defeat.

The majority of my adventures have taken place in the company of a troop of dwarves. They call themselves "The Crimson Tide", which I imagine is due to them all having thick red beards. The one-eyed one Khrom seems to be the leader, though it is hard to tell given there seems to be no real sense of organization among them. They set simple rules of engagement, and proceed to hack everything that gets in their way. Brutal, yet very effective.

I have also met a swordsman who goes by the name of "Red". His style reflects mine in many ways, but his is far more refined. Whenever I venture with him I always try to keep an eye on his blade and footwork, in hopes that I can learn from his example.

Besides those two notable fellow adventurers, I have met many others, though I have not grown as acquainted with them.

Although I did meet one incredibly interesting, well, person. A Brownie, that goes by Martlet if I remember correctly. They didn't even come close to approaching my knee, yet their magic was powerful.

Around the entire page there are notes scribbled that include small bits of sheet music, lyrics, and what appear to be women's names with words like "Dangerous" "Beautiful" "Gorgeous" and other such adjectives next to them