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    A New Beginning
    « on: June 25, 2004, 07:40:00 pm »
    Sitting by the lake in Hlint, Kasha is completely enthralled in the motion in the water.  Thoughts drift in and out of her mind. She thinks of all those she has helped in the past and all those she will help in the future.  Thoughts of yester eve are fresh in her mind. *speaking so softly almost inaudible* “I wish I could find happiness like so many others have.   I do not wish for much out of life.

    Hearing the sound of an oncoming horse she turns to see a messenger dismounting the horse and approaching her. “Excuse me miss, but you wouldn’t happen to be Lady Lyonard would you?” A look of amazement crosses her eyes as she nods to the messenger. Returning to the lake she looks at the parchment that lies in her hands. It is sealed with a Dragon in yellow wax. “I wonder who this is from.”

    She opens the parchment with ease and begins to read the finely written words.
    The message is an invitation to go adventuring in the South. She looks to the bottom of the message to see that it is signed by Quintayne.  A smile crosses her lips. She hurries off to meet him for surely he is waiting for her. She makes her way to Fort Llast as fast as she can.

    She smiles again as she sees him waiting for her. “Are we waiting on anyone else?” He bows to her and smiles “No milady, I have only invited you. If you wish for others to join that is fine.” She searches her mind for a moment and the thoughts from earlier fill her mind. *Thinking to herself* “Perhaps I will finally have the chance to tell him how I feel”  

    As they wander through the forest they face every challenge with grace and skill. The events of the day brought them to a beautiful spot.  A powerful waterfall falls into a deep cavern.  Kasha is instantly drawn to the sight of the falling water.  “Tis beautiful”. A bit tired, she sits down on top of the hill to rest.  He heals her wounds once again. “You really should be more careful milady” She smiles up at him “Why should I when I have you to heal me?”  

    He joins he side gazing at the waterfall. She expresses to him her wish of just being happy and finding that special someone. He smiles at her. “Be careful what you wish for.” Upon hearing those words a smile instantly comes across her lips. They continue to talk about how they have become the people they are.  She learns that he too lost his parent’s such as her. Seconds turn into hours as they just sit by the water and talk. She gazes up at the stars and says how beautiful they are.  He turns to her and says “What do you see up there?” Her response “Endless Possibilities” He gently caresses her hair allowing shivers to run throughout her body”  

    Sadly the night comes to an end, neither of them wanting to leave each others side. A wonderful thought enters her mind, “This is only beginning Kasha, the best it yet to come.”  He speaks to her “Kasha, sadly I must go. Its time for evening prayer” Slowly they walk to the Inn where he is staying for the night.  He caresses her cheek and wishes her a good night.  “I will see you again tomorrow my Lady” Slowly she heads back to her home with thoughts of hopes and wishes filling her mind.