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A Trickster's life
« on: April 17, 2021, 04:49:33 pm »
Doin this job, doin that job no choice for getting coins for now. To train himself and to improve himself he must work hard but also need to meet friends and have fun...At last someone he knows already, Val cross him in Center. They decide to go thru the mistone coasters caves for finding some proof of creature in there for a ranger name Rowan or something like that. It goes very well. Good amount of coins and sheer pleasure in the water...lots of water down there was harder for sneaky ticks but with Val's prayers it went well. Shadon was with us! They comes out on the other side and on to Deliver the creature's head to the ranger. Right time for a rest before a trip to arnax to meet his mentor.

The boat arrives to Arnax. Yendo step up and take a last look on the horizon before leaving the boat and heads to the temple. He starts to very much like the ocean and boat travelling and adventures. Been there couples of times with his mentor Tinzen but its been a while since his last visit to the Shadon temple. An hooden gnome touch him behind, he turn around sees nothing...then hes guessed it 'yeah yeah show yourself' he laughed. His mentor Tinzen appears from the other side of a pillar. How have you been young one? Well well you look fine...'you will have to show me that trick someday, soon.. i hope. I brought some ale we walk outside by the fire and i want to hear your story so far, you still back in trouble so soon?...*he laught*

Yendo tells his first adventures, they drank and laught. Talks about his curiosity for a pixie and Gnomes prisoners of kobolds and a wizard somewhere in a forest, doin so with a group of 'kind of' new adventurers like him. Some jobs in needs of deliveries and such. Rats and vermins under a craft hall and some other errands. All good to make some coins and new equipement.

Now you got confortable with the drinks? ya? Then lets start training me what you can do. Tinzen takes a dart and throws it to Yendo's legs. 'arrgg outch, thats what you call training? Oh a mithril ...poison dart thats hurt really bad' Show me your skills... show me what you can still do while being injured and very uncomfortable, go out there in the woods not far a small group of thugs got some stash of gold, bring them bags to me while alertin no one and i will teach you other moves. Go on and you will get the antidote after. ''No learnings...''

Less than an hour later Yendo comes back from the woods, he looks very pale, walks slowly to the campfire and drops downs the face in the grass...bags drops down with him and few coins got out of the bags. ''I'm impress Tinzen said, well done...drink this you will feel better soon''. ''Soon enough you be able to hide in plain sight and laugh at your ennemies, you got the potential i assure you Yendo''.

Next couples of days spend in Arnax then head back to Center. Yendo got another job to do ...getting copper weapons for Kit in Haven then a new helmet to help him greatly for the adventures ahead! No time to loose!


Re: A Trickster's life
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2021, 03:25:55 pm »
He leave the group... back to the boat and to Velh. Drop his coins at the bank, drink an ale, and go rest.

That was a fun and rich experience. Travelling to the dragon isles. Unnexpected, thanks to them Shadonites compagnons.

Big foes to hunt . Walking trees, walking mushrooms and beasts to cut down with his two blades or shoot them with his Oak Bow from afar. Thanks to Ysh for those wonderful arrows. That cave was something he then dreamed about in his following rest. Some mistakes happened but many learnings after all. Val went down but the group was able to get out of the cave...Yendo learned that he can be effective against those gorgons and minautors while Ysh and Eilea lured them in and then stab them in their backs, great stealth attacks. Some never saw him at all. Yendo's skills are getting better, thanks to his training by his mentor Tinzen.

He aspires somedays he could do as his master started to show him about using the shadows to help him out, not only using darkness to strike the ennemies by surprise but also calling out ''walking shadow'' creature to help him fight ennemies.

Many things still to be learned, but hes young and lots of other fun and challenging adventures ahead of him.



Re: A Trickster's life
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2021, 08:33:02 am »
Another day of treks with a few Shadonites friends. Yendo contenues to train hard to reach his goals. With their help hes able to complete some of his journal's Quests. Started in Krandor's crypt then moved on to the red light goblins caves and finished the day after Storan's crypt...although the Bad and dangerous Storan wasnt there. Lots of Gobos slains. Sneaking to them and cutting them down is always a sheer pleasure. But those walking deads...thats another story. First time ever he fights Bodaks and bad mummies, cant sneak on them but at least with his flamed blades he was able to be usefull after all.

After all this he learned much, he traded his short sword and dagger for more effectives exotic weapons, a katana and kukry, maded of iron. Went back to the Gloom woods to help Riam and then red light caves with Eilea to pratice his skills and surprises attacks. Later on with his gain of coins he used enhancements on them new blades and bought a better leather armor. Thats a great improvement for him and for his future hunting treks.

He wants to be able to strike them foes in their faces without them knowing hes even there, thats lot of training but hes working hard for it, every day.
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