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Ashi's Heartsongs
« on: February 12, 2008, 12:53:28 am »
Deathsong of the Wemic
(sung in the tongue of the wemic)

She was singing, the elven lady,
Our battle dance enboldened.
Her song uplifting arms and spirits,
As the blades were falling.

But the satyrs wove their magery
And one by one my comrades froze
I, prancing in the back with darts,
Could see the peril, danger rose.

A child clung to shoulders, screamed,
It’s mouth hung open, eyes did grieve.
If it had held to my lion waist,
I’d have run, and run, to keep it safe.

But danger grew, so Ashi charged,
Distracting foe, and piercing hide,
Yet magicks broke her will and mind,
Foe’s fire burnt her courage and pride.

She fled, no thoughts, terror lead,
Her loins undone, as her paws sped,
From danger into worse, she ran,
Her head and mind and heart unbound.

So falling, pierced, and pummeled deep,
Sweet Ashi fell into dark sleep,
Her soul, like petals on her bones,
Unfurled and flew apart, forlorn.

Black Void, no tears? Where can I be?
Terror fleeing, heart song pealing,
Lyric melodies surround,
Calming, soothing, inner ground.

This tune, if only I had known,
To still the fear, to unbind the stunned.
To fill with power and victory and Light,
I’d have turned that battle into the Bright.

But now I am lost, no light, no sight,
My battle friends are far away,
But only one dim thought remains,
I pray for the child to see the day.

Silence, stillness, no breathe, no pulse.
I hover, in darkness, being or not?
No will, no wish, no dream, just peace.
It is done. Let it be. This is all. Enough.
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Re: Ashi's Heartsongs
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(Character Development Thread; eventually to learn Skald)

Original New Character Submission Bio:'ashi-horseteaser/msg10331807/#msg10331807

Ashi's Heartsongs
(Rough translation from the wemic language)

Far from home, the birds hear my song,
Cougars playing, badgers roam,
Grasslands far away, my home.
Journeying, following nose, and heart moans,
Journeying, following nose, and heartsongs.

Ashi chased, Ashi scared,
Who am I, the wemic-born,
See me for my playful heart song,
See me for what my heart longs.

Sadness, tears, so much pain,
Ashi sees, in this word insane.
Tall stone walls, rooms cut off,
From the sky, and dirt sweet rough,
From the sky, and nature's love.

Alone, wandering, dangers, besetting,
Show me, the tribe that can be....
Ashi's friends, Ashi's family.

Alone wandering, dangers, besetting,
Show me, the tribe that can be...
Ashi's friends, Ashi's family.


Learned have I, the blade dance gong,
Iron on shields crashing, loud, feels wrong.
Yet to live, she wields the sword,
And to those who will listen, the word.
Show her how to survive with song.
If battle is needed, let it be with the song.


Toad-skinned, bull-headed,
Single-minded orc.
See’s his clan as weak and broke.
Will return when Master of Forge,
Empower with weapons his brutish hordes.

Strange, intriguing, Ashi does find,
The lizard-skinned beast, and his strength-focused mind.
Orc at the gate of the Fort of Vehl,
Lets him in with ox, to work the anvil.
Many long hours, orc hammers in the hall,
Brave his spirit, his focus is tall.
Though Ashi shakes her head at his ambitious gall.
Cannot understand the bloodlust, or his call.

Not her path, the anvil and shop,
Under stone sky, her doom is wrought.
Her journey lies beyond the gate,
Beyond walls, in the fields and forests, her fate.

Sing of the birds
Sing of four-leggeds,
Sing of the winds,
Bringing scents of beyond.

She follows her nose,
To daffodils and marshes,
And wherever she goes
The songs stream on....

And wherever she goes
The songs stream on....
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