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Blood, Fire and Steel

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gilshem ironstone:
I fled the battle and came to the small community.  Spread out.  It would take some work to send it to the Destroyer’s furnace.  It was night, there was no one about.  There was an ancient stone surrounded by flowers the color of blood.  I touched it and my soul came alight and then was calm once more. I came to a hall for craftsman and artisans.  There were some strange devices about.  They put ideas in my mind for machines of death to send the unsuspecting to the Raging One’s embrace.  There are no books to read, no teachers for me, so I must learn myself.  My tribe met some followers of Grand and so I know of some of the workings of metal.  I have never done so myself. Someone in the hall stirred and I hid behind a cool furnace.  She grumbled about pests below.  Spiders and beetles.  Poison to be found.  I snuck down and waded through rats and beetles and spider.  I was overcome.  All fell to oblivion and I smiled.  But then I was ripped from the Raging One’s embrace and found myself before the ancient stone.  I am powerful now.  I returned to the insects and smote them once more.  I harvested some poison from spiders.  I fell to a moving puddle.  I awoke by the stone and smiled.  I could taste the oblivion I am promised many times and return to do Pyrtechon’s working.I met an elf.  Clad in black.  Silent as a shadow.  Shadow, I call him.  He calls me ugly.  Perhaps I will kill him.  Perhaps he will kill me.  For now we walk together.  He tells me of a cave in a forest with riches.  I tell him to take me there.  We walk for many miles and days.  Mostly we say nothing. Shadow and I sneak through a city.  There is a temple there.  Of Toran.  I make the mark of the Destroyer on it.  Small and quick.  To remind me that they must burn.  To let others like me know there are others like me.We come to a forest, there are more beetles.  Some have glands to make fire.  Some of acid.  They will be used in my machines.  There are spiders.  I take their poison.We go in to the cave.  There are lizard goblins.  We kill them and I take some teeth.  There is metal there.  I will use it for my machines.  The goblins have gold.  I take it.  I find a merchant who will talk.  I give him gold for a blade and armor.  The merchant runs.I go to the cave now.  I take metal out.  The goblins and lizards hate me.  I spill their blood.  I hew their heads.  I try to make pure metal.  I must learn.  I find some tools.  I make wire for my machines.I must find deliverance.  I must spread the oblivion of the Destroyer soon.  I can hear the Sorcerer in my ears urging me on.  I will find a family to burn soon.  The cry of Pyrtechon must echo through the lands.

gilshem ironstone:
There is a weakness of all who try resisting the Raging One.  They believe my death is their victory.  They could not be more wrong.  I enter battle knowing that no matter what the outcome my lord's will is done.  The Raging One cares not for me more than a smith cares for a hammer.I see this even among my allies.  Shadow thinks his menacing will keep me in check.  He does not understand what he is up against.  If it comes to it I spit fire at him with my dying breath and fall in to the long dark of oblivion with a smile on my face.  For now I continue to work metal and make fire for my machines.

gilshem ironstone:
The caravan stood no chance.  There were a few guards and they were drunk.  I watched as the group of bandits waylaid them, took their cargo and left them bound on the side of the road.  They were still bound when the bandits left.  They were still bound when I arrived.  Time was short but I wished to ensure them a full oblivion.  Mind, body and soul.  I lay them out all in a row and searched their remaining belongings.  Any trifles of their gods I profaned.  Basely.  I then set a fire at the feet of each of them.  I offered them a quick death if they gave their soul to Pyrtechon.  The first one that did was the last to die and he watched all of his comrades enjoy my skills.  By the end he begged for death, and I obliged, piking him on the road.  I made an emblem of Grand on the side of a wagon, and satisfied that only the Raging One knew my tribute to him, I set off in the direction the bandits left.It was not difficult to find them, drunk as they were, comfortable as they felt.  I took a fire of alchemy and set my blade alight and descended on them as a mighty storm.  It took no more than ten blade strokes to silence their cries and I savored every light that went out in their eyes.Every chance meeting becomes an opportunity.  

gilshem ironstone:
I come to a town.  I wish to see how much there is to release.  Many come to look upon me.  I change form, become a wanderer of strange habit. An elf boasts at me, so I say nothing.  An man in armor rests near me, so I embrace him.  A halfling buzzes, and I ignore.  A sorcerer covets me so I engage. She thinks me a spice from strange lands.  Something to be sampled.  So I am a prized animal.  I hint at more and she drinks.  I draw her towards me.  I promise to open my pages.  She never will see what is beneath for there is nothing, only more covers, and more covers.  But she draws her power from her blood.  Her blood is there, it is real.  It can release many.  There are many to be released here.

gilshem ironstone:
Shining golden walls block my path.  Wings of the Golden. So I must pull him out from this golden shield.  The machine of my mind turns.  The string I will pull is vanity.  The trap I will set it family.  Once that machine turns, then the boat will burn. 


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