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Brualot's Bemusements
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The old elf, or man, added a log to the fire and slowly sat back down again. He was still at 184 Haven, the international headquarters of Interesting Investigations but times had changed. The staff had all gone now of course. He had to stoke his own fire, prepare the ink for his memoirs he had laid out on the investigation table. There were no clues there anymore. Things were quiet. Time to write.He had started out in Hlint one wizard in  a group of spell casters, not the Hlint of today where a few over dressed halberdiers strut about reminiscing about the great raid at Orc's drift, no Hlint back in the old days, Rhizome the druid, like some sort of town fixture would stand ttalking trees, encouraging adventurers to tred carefully. Ozy of course would be there as often as not soaking up stories, retelling them in his own inimitable style, one part truth, two parts heroic and three parts embellished.  With the housing market what it was adventurers rented at the Inn and when four spell casters, wizards and sorcerers got together seeking a uniform clothing the only available robes were coarse drab black necromancer robes, and they were rather long for the adventure. He never did find out why they were available for purchase but it was a start. There was no Academy of course in those days, four spell casters was a fine addition to any party but a little fragile on their own.They were a veritable powerhouse of spells - something new even in Hlint weak in defence and duration but a violent rage of deadly spells expelled in a few seconds. The Council was born, or would have been but for the intervention of a sending from.. Brualot pauses his writing and chuckles at the memory and adds the words...someone suitably displeased. It seemed a more important council existed already, and it would not prove useful to be confused. So a circle it was, a circle of deadly spell casters and their identifying robes or dresses as some Dwarves insisted on calling them! What did they know - all axe and beard.Times were tough, trues were hard earned, and investigating was still a thing of dreams then. First a solid reputation was needed and spell casters were in plentiful supply if not in such large circles. But there was vast numbers of undead hordes to be slain before the business of investigating could be finally established.He put aside his thoughts and his ink and took to the fire again with a glance at the door which was still firmly shut.  
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His supper finished Brualot fussed around the table, looked out the window, and rearranged his unused plates. Sighing about a small blemish in a cup he sat down heavily, tapped his fingers on the table and finally lifted a weathered magical bag on the table. It was his oldest surviving bag and held an improbable amount of goods. He pulled forth a red coloured dragon scale. It brought a smile to his face and he explained to bob the parrot. "Dragons, dragons now theres a thing worth mentioning. Of course I've..met..a few in my time. Best take a negotiator, a distractor, oh and lots of presents. " He stared at the parrot and waited for it to chirp away. "Ah now good poiont yes why a distractor, well take our trip to the Molten Island and the big red....we were saving the world or something and Triba was negotiating." He sighs at that "Katia, she could talk, ideal for the job really. But Dragons , well they always eventually take offence, time for a distraction ! or crispy party. So divert with a question or a gift or a promise, hmm careful what you promise of course every dragon I met demanded some sort of service, anyway the distraction, insult the halfling, you know make the dragon think he's in charge. Well there I was bob flat as a flat thing admiring the dragon's bitten nails, hoping no ants wanted to finish me off, and wondering who was going to heal me but confusion prevailed and the  halfling got back on track with negotiations and that is why you need a distractor, of course I'm done with that role now." He slipped the scale back into his bag, the parrot went for a bath.



Brualot sat at his desk by
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Brualot sat at his desk by the window, distracted. Bob was squawking loudly even for a parrot. But even he was outdone by the Haven town crier prattling on about some murder and mayhem in some far corner of the world. No mystery here it would seem. Things were quiet again and Brualot pulled a rather clever looking magical box onto the table. He worked a rune laden lock and looked in. Three ancient books carefully packed within suggested such promise. He wondered at something. the parrot and the town crier continued to compete with each other and Brualot was drawn out the window to the crier. "Bob what is he banging on about, some improbable monster by the sound of it."

... easily at 10 feet tall and according to the indentations of his tracks, must weigh over 2000lbs.  He is adorned with thick black blademail and carries a massive double axe.  

"A giant lizard no doubt..solved!" Brualot smugly replied to no one in particular.  "So what's new." He pulled the book carefully forth. "Now Bob this is much more important, it's rare magical contents escaped the Great Library and it's grand collection of knowledge. The content will make me even more knowledgeable -is that even possible. Don't answer that!  I found the library you know, I told you that right. Pulled it right out of the sea actually." The parrot just bounced about the cage. "Well there were others there of course, doing...bits and pieces. ...Confound that crier what is he shouting about now..Revenant indeed!" He puts the book back into his carefully packed box.