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Author Topic: Emwonk T'noduoy - Who Took My Cheese??  (Read 53 times)


Emwonk T'noduoy - Who Took My Cheese??
« on: August 06, 2011, 06:56:19 pm »
Quest Title: Who Took My Cheese??
 Quest Run Date: 6 August, 2011
 Quest DM: Ravemore
 A respectable Halfling woman, Riesaleah Nash of the Wisefoot Trading Company, goes missing in Mariner's Hold. As Emwonk and others dig deeper they find that not only has this one person gone missing, but 37 or more other persons have dissappeared recently, mostly from among the city's poor and destitute.  At first, members of the rival merchant company, Crimwell & Sons, are suspected.  Chief among the suspects at Crimwell & Sons is another Halfling by name of Blanyard, though after an interview with him Andrew believes the fellow too smitten with Riesaleah and worried for her to have been her abductor.  Then a local tax collector, Braile Norsem, becomes a suspect. After Pimpernell Greentoe has a face to fang encounter with a large rodent-like creature in the docks district it soon becomes clear that the root of the problem is a local gang known as the Rat Pack who are also were-rats. An expedition into one of their hideouts is organized by the group of do-gooders which included Emwonk, Andrew William Reid, Aesthir Stargazer, Buddy Tenker, Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir, Fleur, and Katelyn Poetr. During the course of the raid Emwonk dies (again!) and is raized by Aesthir, and the missing Halfling woman is rescued and many were-rats and gang-members are killed.  It is also uncovered that the Rat Pack gang was actually running an extortion scheme against Crimwell & Sons, and that the tax collector (Braile Norsem) and his brother (Hansel Norsem) were the leaders of the gang.  It is believed Hansel Norsem was one of the many were-rats slain in the raid, however Braile Norsem remains unaccounted for.  Several more gang dens remain throughout the city, and more were-rats may remain at large.
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 Quest Rewards & Character Developments:
  • Emwonk and the party collected cash in the amount of about 1,124 (* still pending additional reward money) Trues each from looting, and rewards posted by Wisefoot Trading and the Silverbuckle Inn.
  • Emwonk earned a +1 Gather Information bonus to rolls dealing with Gang Activity in Mariner's Hold. See the quote below.
Quote from: Ravemore via PM
Good job yesterday. The following is formal notification of some long term results for Emwonk resulting from the quest:
Emwonk has gained some insight into gangs, their structures, and how they operate through his investigations. Any future gather information rolls he makes in regards to gang activity in Mariner's Hold will be given a +1 with no expiration.
Feel free to incorporate this into future RP and development for your character.
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