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Gifts of the Lord Protector
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//Approved character submission. 8/21/08
Character: Daniel Benjamin Poetr
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Class: Cleric
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: Rofirein
Domains: Strength Knowledge


The son of a common thief turned merchant, Benjamin Poetr and paladin of Rofirein, Tariana; Daniel Benjamin's story begins with his birth in a small
house in Haven. His ties with the All Seeing did not manifest themselves until mischance had his father injured during a journey to Alindor.

Daniel Benjamin's plea was a simple one of healing for his father's injured leg and when it was answered and his father healed, it caused an estrangement to occur between them. Shortly thereafter his mother, Tariana, favored of the Lord Protector, fell while in service and his father sent him to live in the Temple at Vehl. Both of these events caused bitterness within him and to cope Daniel Benjamin sought comfort in the pursuit of knowledge taken from the instructors and lore books of the temple.

In time, Daniel Benjamin and his father worked through their differences, yet the elder chose to ignore his son most of the time in pursuit of his business ties for the Angels Guild of Hempstead.

Daniel Benjamin's primary instructors were the scribes and Knights that both live and visit the temple frequently. His favorite instructor, Serissa Windword, encouraged him to pursue the duties under Rofirein Law as judge; which he pursued with a single minded determination that impressed even the unflappable Justicar Windword. The other, Jennara Creekskipper, simply encouraged him to follow the path that the Lord Protector would reveal to him once outside the temple. Finally, his namesake and uncle, Daniel Poetr, asked that he follow his heart.

A quiet, scholarly, type, Daniel Benjamin finds solace in the ancient texts of temple law and in quiet prayer. His views are strictly in line with that of the temple and doctrine of the All Seeing mainly due to his being raised from the age of 11 in that setting. The Temple in Vehl seemed more a home to him than the place of his birth.

1. I have read the lore pages in regard to Rofirein and agree to role-play him accordingly.
2. To him, the world should be an ordered place wherein all follow the just laws of his Lord Protector. Crimes deserve punishment under the fullest extent of the law after the truth is ascertained.
3. Daniel Benjamin Poetr will use the standard armors, heavy shield, and bastard sword favored by the Rofirein clergy.//

Freas, Febra 27, 1437
Page 1.

My first entry in this newly bound book of oak parchments provided by Reus, himself. What shall I write of? Shall I expound on the virtues of service, the pursuit of justice found in the edicts of the church or do as my uncle Daniel instructs and write of the heart?

His is a simple faith, my dear uncle and namesake, yet it has brought him both great pain and great joy. Sister Serissa encourages me to enter the ranks of the Justicars, since my studies have me dwell deeply into Church Law. I find this appealing, yet remember the wise words of Justicar Reus - One must listen in order to be heard. To this end, I have taken a vow of silence for my last year as initiate and only communicate with simple hand gestures and the occasional note. My duties for the last few years have been transcription of ancient texts to common speech and record keeping, in which there has been much since the new construction the Temple of Corsain.

Knight - Captain Jennara visits me often as well, and I treasure our time together. Her simple speech and mannerisms hide a strength, which belies her small stature.
She and Sister Serissa both inspire my studies further and I wish to do them both credit with my own service.

This year is quickly ending; however, and on the holiest of holies, Ausir Shining - When the Gold's Eye looks brightest upon all of Layonara, I shall assume the mantle of full priest shortly after my eighteenth summer. I pray to the Great Golden one, that my Uncle and Father will both attend. I feel the presence of my mother, Tariana, close as always here in the temple, so at least one of mine parents shall see my initiate years completed.

[SIZE=16]Grant me your wisdom, All-Seeing, so that I may see men's hearts and minds and know their true purpose as to best judge them according to your holy law.[/SIZE]

Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Initiate
Temple of the Lord Protector, Vehl, Mistone.

Sunra, Mar 8, 1448
Pages 3-8

Eleven years have passed and yet I still struggle with my purpose. Perhaps this is the choice all followers of the Gold must make or perhaps I am cursed by the blood of my father. My views have tempered of late with my travels. I have listened to the people and found myself understanding more. I have made my home in the safe confines of the Vehl temple, but venture forth from time to time with my older cousin, Aylana Pandorn.

Her voice inspires all who hear it, yet I am troubled by her chaotic tendencies and open brazenness. She is worldly in ways I can never be, yet a more compassionate woman I have yet to find. The other day while we campaigned against the foul goblins near Hlint, she befriended an Orc.

I was suspicious at first, but upon closer scrutiny and interaction, I found this Orc, a Rak by name, to be of honorable and fairly well read temperament. He was quite old, older than father in fact and remembers much of the history of the lands.


My point in writing all this that I am still growing in wisdom, the Gold be praised.

Daniel Benjamin Poetr,
Servant of The Great Dragon
Vehl, Mistone.

Sunra, Jenra 8, 1450
Pages 10-13

I have been given leave by the office of High Warden of the Principium in High Justiciar Ordolf Wolvinstar name to investigate further the involvement of one Storold Doesscha in the events that led to the tidal wave that killed thousands in Leringard and Mariners Hold. As Razeriem the Elf's testimony was scant to say the least, filled with more hearsay than fact, a full recounting by Mister Storold Doesscha is prescribed. I have attempted to meet the man casually, but fate has not lent its hand to the endeavor and I may have to resort to a formal letter of introduction and inquiry as to when we may meet to resolve this matter. The office of Imperium made it very clear that intent is key in this case and it falls upon me to discern if the tragedy was spawned of carelessness or some malicious intent. It saddens me to think that the later could be possible, but per my oaths I must remain objective.

In lighter events and one that gladdens my heart, Sister Amireana and friend Amgine have asked for me to officiate their union under the All Seeing's watchful eye. There remains a small matter of a ring for Amgine, but I am sure the Lord Protector will provide. I have given much thought as to the words of binding and hope to reuse several conceptions that Sister Mylindra used many years ago at a similar ceremony.

[SIZE=16]May the Lord Protector grant me his wisdom in pursuit of his law[/SIZE]

Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Priest
Rofireins Temple
Vehl, Mistone

Freas, Febra 27, 1450
Pages 16-18

I have the required testimony from Storold Doesscha in the form of a letter and collaboration from Sala Stonehill. While quite upset with me personally for bringing the matter up, Missus Sala did say that an inquiry by the Lucindite Church was convened and that the case is considered closed by her church. I was also privy to the knowledge that Storold himself felt great remorse and him and his merchant guild, the Ravens, spent thousands in true helping the displaced and injured persons of Mariners Hold. Storold's letter was terse and corrected me on a false bit of information. It was a dragon who attacked Leringard wreaking destruction, not a tidal wave. The tidal wave struck Mariners Hold.

As a personal matter, after swearing I would investigate the Elf, Razeriem's accusations against Mister Storold, I know wish I had let the matter drop as I have found no substance for a malicious intent in any of my interviews other than Razeriem's. In short, I believe Razeriem to be nothing more than a person with some manner of personal grudge.

[SIZE=16]Great Dragon, grant me your strength to see Justice served[/SIZE]

Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Servant of the Gold
Vehl, Mistone.

Sunra, Jenra 1, 1459
Pages 19-22

Some nine years have passed and I spend most of them in the solitude of the Temple in Vehl. Still, I ventured forth when needed and have made friendships with various personages. Oddly enough, they are mostly Elven and one in particular, Alazira, a priest of Illsare has affected my thoughts on the matter of the law versus love. I find myself embracing a less stern philosophy and belief in my faith. I now believe what Uncle Daniel spoke to me ere he passed. The Gold created order for love of the creation, not for love of order itself. I will seek entry into the Knights in his honor. May the Lord Protector bless my efforts.

As for my investigation of Storold, it rests now as a full acquittal, his actions were foolish, but his intent was pure and without malice. I, for one, am glad of these findings.

Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Priest in service to Rofirein
Temple of the Lord Protector, Vehl, Mistone.

Copies of loose letters sent to Commander Jennara Creekskipper and Sir Breton Parth, Divisional Commander, Knight of the Wyrm. Also replies.


After several travels with new friends and much prayer and soul searching I wish to ask for your sponsorship to join the Knights of the Wyrm. My reasons are two-fold. First, I feel my service to the Lord Protector requires more than my simple duties here at the Temple and second, your service and other friends have inspired me to travel the lands doing the Great Dragon's will.

I am also intimately familiar with the Knight's Code as my namesake was want to repeat it to me many times. I repeat them here by rote:

[SIZE=16]By the Insight of your wisdom we seek the best ways to observe the law.
By the Strength of your love as a shield we protect the innocent.
By the Might of your will we drive back those who seek to overthrow justice
By the Light of your soul we bring light into the darkness, law and order to chaos.
Our Duty to serve in fairness and integrity.
Our duty to serve through good judgment and generosity.
Our duty to serve through faith and true Justice
Our Duty to serve as champions of law and order against injustice and evil
Our steadfastness, our hearts and our souls are with you Great Dragon.
Into the light of your love for the people of this world we step, to follow the path you set by your Will.
To bring Law, impartial judgment and order to the world. [/SIZE]

Such words are written upon my heart, Commander, I leave it to your judgment if I am worthy to wear the mantle as well. May Rofirein grant you his insight and wisdom in this matter. If it pleases you and you are willing, This letter may be used as my official request of entry into the Knighthood.

Yours in Service to the Lord Protector
Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Priest
Vehl, Mistone.

*Jennara passes the letter along to Sir Breten Parth for consideration, then sends a letter in return to Daniel Benjamin.*

To Protector Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Greetings from Section Commander Jennara Creekskipper.

I am pleased at your interest in joining the ranks of the Knights of the Wyrm. We are too few, and your service would be appreciated. It is not my place to judge you worthy or not, though. The Lord Protector will guide you, and He will see your heart during the testing.

I have submitted your letter to Divisional Commander Parth. He should send word regarding the next ceremony that you may attend and be tested.

May the Light of the Lord Protector illuminate your path,

Knight of the Wyrm Section Commander Jennara Creekskipper
Heart of the Dragon

Daniel pens a brief letter of inquiry to Sir Breton Parth,

Divisional Commander Parth,

Greetings from Vehl Sir,

May the Lord Protector find you well and hale, sir. This letter is a follow up to another forwarded from myself through Commander Jennara. Might I inquire as to when and if another Knighting Ceremony is to be held and my eligibility thereof?

Earnest Regards,
Protector Daniel Benjamin Poetr
Applicant and Servant of Rofirein.
Vehl, Mistone.
"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde


Re: Gifts of the Lord Protector
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Mulnari, Augra 2, 1461
pages 23- 25

Father has passed beyond the mortal realm.  Daniel pauses and reflects upon what he has heard and seen in the last few days.  Word reached my ears through my Toranite friends, but official word was delivered to the Angels' via a Toranite patrolman who found his body in the Dark Peaks.  I must confess I had a suspicion of his intent to go quietly as was his want when he asked me to review his will to ensure it was proper and legal. Sighs a little before continuing to pen his thoughts.  Cousin Aylana is distraught with her grief as expected.  I offered what succor I could, but truthfully I am conflicted in my feelings for the man who was my father in life.  It seems his neglect of me was not entirely in vain.  Many have expressed their condolences and I find myself reviewing my judgments against the man, Benjamin Poetr, if not the father.  

To this end, I gathered his precious spellbook and notes to myself and have been reviewing the tales and recollections he put forth in its in pages.  As I suspected, he was of base intentions until my mother graced his life and he became a member of the Angels' Guild.  After that he seems to have grown into a man of some code of conduct, if not entirely in actions and words, then in the way he lead and touched those that surrounded him.  

I will attempt to put some order to his notes and life after his friends say their farewells.  Sadly, the news of his death came within days of another fallen Angel, Sonya Darsus.  As Sonya wished for a celebration of her life at parting, father's wishes will be disavowed and his spirit will suffer through the polite words of grieving.  I myself feel little beyond a sense of loss for a man I barely knew and keep my thoughts foremost on the Lord Protector and my mothers guiding spirit which I feel in His Temple in Vehl.

Lord Protector, Cast your judgement of Benjamin Poetr with kindness as your all seeing eye spans the years of his life, look with discernment upon those that he has touched so that the scales of your justice balance.  If it should be his fate to reside beyond your taloned reach, send your calm spirit to those he leaves behind to protect them from the ravages of grief.

Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Protector
Vehl, Mistone.
"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde


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Threas, Novlar 5, 1461
pages 27-29

Many events weight heavily on my mind.  First and foremost was the ceremony in which the Angels said their farewells to Sonya Darsus and my father.  It took all of my willpower not to weep openly at the displays of affection and sorrow I saw there and I was amazed at tokens left for both at the foot of pyre for Sonya.  Truly, both shall be missed terribly.  

I retired for some days after the ceremony to Vehl and not a week had past when I heard a familiar voice speaking outside the Temple.  I was astonished to see the likeness of my namesake's daughter, Melanna.  Missus Sala seemed to be preparing her for battle, but I approached and called out to her in the name I had heard some years ago, Jinny.  

Cousin Jinny seemed not to recognize me at first, which is understandable as she was a mere slip of a girl when last we saw each other.  After reintroductions, she seems to accept myself as a relative and Protector and we journeyed together.  She has grown into a strong yet beautiful young woman, steadfast in her faith in the Lady of Wonders, Lucinda.  She spoke of special orders within her church and I for one encourage her to seek out her heart's desire and pursue such a course.

Bella..Shy, sweet Bella.  I almost cursed my own flesh and cousin, Melanna, for boldly asking the question we had not broached yet.  "How long have we been together?"  I was both put in a tight spot and forced to consider my feelings for this slip of a girl and so I spoke of practical matters first stating we had traveled together for some three seasons adding that I was fond of Bella.  Inside, I was torn.  For what do I, a celibate priest, know of love?  Less than some street mouse it seems.  frowns and closes his journal after signing the entry.

Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Protector
Vehl, Mistone.
"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde


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Threas, Febra 26, 1462
pages 30-32

At this midpoint in my life of service I must make an assessment of my strengths.  In truth, it seems more of outlook is taken from my father than I first thought.  I find myself more and more leading patrols of adventurers in forays to the Dragon Isles, into the mountains past Brenuth, and even through the deserts of Dregar.  It is not something I wish for, but those around me seem to respond well to the orders and commands I give, moving with order and purpose.  Perhaps that is the gift father gave me, the gift of leadership. pauses and sets the quill aside thinking for a time, then writes simply I am Benjamin's son.

I recently helped a young Toranite, Miss Jillian.  She also is a roommate of mine at the Blackford Castle residence of the Lady Knight Daniella Stormhaven, also of Toran. Our task was one given by the Shining Hand.  A test I call it of Miss Jillian's resolve and faith.  She was charged with the removal of an 'undead trap', a warded ship that set to release a pocket of undead upon the coast of Mistone some miles from Hempstead.

Daniel writes in bold letters in the margins the following before continuing.

By the Strength of your love as a shield we protect the innocent.

After being opening the wards , we entered the ship and were successful, but with some loss of life.  Richard and a priest of Toran, Brethren Acilius Shadowbane, both fell in the battle but were called back.  Upon our return, Miss Jillian was transferred to the Order of the Shining Hand from the Order of the Longsword.  I left soon after the ceremonies and my congratulations to the now Lady Jillian.

Bella spoke the words openly - I will go anywhere with you, Mister Dan - Such an open statement of loyalty is to be rewarded with love and protection.  I do find her crude vulgarity off putting at times, but she seems so sincerely remorseful at my anger, that I find it hard to maintain my displeasure.  We spoke privately after a recent patrol and I hope to bake a splendid venison roast for a picnic soon.

Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Protector
Vehl Temple, Mistone.
"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde


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Mulnari, Apreal 16, 1462

pages 34-37

Daniel makes his way to the Vehl Arena where he is pleasantly surprised to find Bella practicing with her blades and some kind of suspended ropes.  Wearing only his robes, he creeps closer to where she is diligently dodging several ropes.  Mesmerized, he watches for a time seemingly unaware that he has in fact crept up on her unawares.  The movements of her lithe body hold him spellbound for a few minutes.  Deft twists and turns of her feet look to him more of a dance than defensive posturing.  

Realizing he has turned voyeur, He coughs politely to notify her of his presence.  Startled , she spins, one of the ropes touching her shoulder and she lets out a startled curse at the loss of concentration.  Daniel smiles and begins the conversation with a quiet hello. A short time later ...

She seemed so controlled yet graceful in her dance of blades, I could not help myself but stare.  Bella's face may be plain, but like many warriors, he beauty is in her movements.  Her scars overlooked as she weaves her feet and body, always seeming balanced.  Odd, that I failed to notice it before. shakes off his private musing, frowning at what he's just written.

Dragon forfend, but I confused her, the poor girl, with my talk of needing a sign from the Lord Protector as to the suitability of ourselves to each other.  Perhaps it is mere fancy, but I do wish to spend more time in her presence.  I find all she does rather adorable, especially the shy way she twists her toe into the ground whenever she is uncertain.  sighs softly Are such feelings real and enduring love or simply adoration and infatuation?  I must seek out Alazira or Cousin Lana and ask, I know so little of such things.  redips his quill into the nearby pot of ink

More patrols are what is needed I think.  The All Seeing will show me the correct path as I follow his will, Aye.

Daniel bows his head and whispers

Mother, grant me your insight from the Gold's realm, please.  Is Bella chosen for myself?

Not expecting an answer, but feeling the spirit of mother always close,  Daniel keeps his head bowed for some time before returning to his duties at the temple.

Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Protector
Vehl, Mistone
"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde


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Freas, Junar 20, 1462

pages 38-41

My sign came, not as I expected it, but from my cousin, Jinny.  She told me to close my eyes and picture Bella in my mind.  After some hesitancy, I did so.  Then Melanna told me to search my heart and to say how I felt.  I was amazed at the rush of emotions.  Feelings of protectiveness and tenderness.  Surely that is the sign the Lord Protector granted me for my heart has always been for him.  

Cousin Melanna told me a bit of wisdom as well.  She said that Bella has never known love, that is, no one has ever cared for her.  I have sternly schooled myself in patience in that regard.  Only with steadfastness can Bella be shown what love is and not frightened off.

My patience in another matter has paid off.  The Angels Guild has accepted me as a probationary member.  I care nothing for the profits, but do wish continue my father's work in helping the younger adventurers that grace the guild's store.  Also, these people are most of the family I have left in this world outside of Melanna.  I do not wish to lose them.

Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Protector
Hempstead, Mistone
"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde


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Mulnari, Augra 9, 1462

pages 42-47

Daniel is seen entering Vehl Temple, his features tired but happy.  He sets a heavy pack down inside his modest room there and goes to check on Charlie, first conversing with the Head of Novices.  Frowning, he makes his way to the Novice room where he finds Charlie engaged in a game.  Standing quietly just outside the door, he listens carefully.

"Listen here, Ralph, ya gotta follow the nut under the cup, its easy..jest watch it." Charlie carefully places an acorn under one of three cups and then begins to swap them back and forth on the stone floor, occasionally lifting one then the other as Ralph's eyes follow his movements. "Eh, what's that?" Charlie exclaims pointing to the door where Daniel stands and quickly lifts one cup hiding the acorn in his robes.  Ralph looks to the door then back to Charlie, now all smiles. "So, Ralphie, where's the nut?" Ralph picks the cup he's sure has the acorn under it and Charlie lifts it up revealing nothing but smooth stone. "Nope..ya loose again Ralphie boy.  That's another week of sweeping the main chapel floor ya owe me."

Ralph narrows his eyes at this proclamation then sighs, moving away to his own bedroll.  "I ain't playin yer game no more, Charlie.  I gots more work to do now than ever."  Daniel chooses the moment to cough and step loudly into the room, Charlie looks up with a guilty look, sweeping the cups under his bedroll.

"Novice Charlie, attend me here," Daniel says in a stern voice.  Charlie leaps to his feet and ambles over. "It seems young Charlie, you have enough time for games, then perhaps you need more duties.  The Mistress of Novices informs you have yet to master your tongue as well.  I believe the chamber pots of the elder priests are in need of emptying this week since Novice Amy has taken leave, See to it!" Daniel turns abruptly, leaving a somewhat stunned Charlie standing there.  After being certain that Daniel has left, Charlie sticks out his tongue at the now absent Priest then sighs.

"What rotten *cuss* luck, those pots stink!" Charlie exclaims to a now giggling Ralph.  "Aw shut it already, Ralphie boy, else ye'll find a frog in yer bed, I mean it!"


It seems my Bella has a heart, she asked me to take in an orphan from Krandor who's parents were killed in the Tsunami.  I did so gladly, but the lad has learned many bad habits from his time on the streets.  The Gold willing, he will be broken of them if he stays at the temple.  Then again perhaps not.  I do not know why the Dragon tests me so with such tasks, but if it is his will, then so be it.

Miss Tyra asked me recently to review a legal document proclaiming her the owner of a long neglected tower near Vehl.  I asked to review the document, but she insisted she trusts no one but herself to hold it.  It seems her claim to the tower is tied to this document and its loss means her claim is null.  Without the document or more information, my promise to help her in its revision is nearly worthless.  Perhaps with more time, she will see reason and let me at least make a copy of it.

Bella has been trying to master her tongue and even a bit more.  It seems a sister of faith here at the Temple gave her a dress which she wore ostensibly to impress myself.  While she did in fact look the lady in its wearing, that was not my intention when I asked her to be more ladylike.  Still, I do appreciate the effort. Daniel smiles then dips his quill in the inkwell and resumes writing

My work for the Angels goes slowly, I have spent some time there looking over operations and can find little to organize or do beyond gathering coal on my patrols.  Perhaps I should take up metal work to increase my knowledge of such things.

Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Protector
Vehl, Mistone.
"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde


Re: Gifts of the Lord Protector
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Letter addressed to Novice Charlie, Rofirein's Temple, Vehl

Mulnari, Febra 9, 1463

Novice Charlie,

I have asked Bella Rouge for her hand in marriage and she has agreed conditionally on the grounds that I ask yourself first.  Since she feels you are her only family that would make you the oldest male of the house, I therefore  present my request to you formally in writing.  Do I have your permission to wed Bella? You may be happy to know that I have pressed Bella into formal legal adoption of yourself as well.  If you should approve you would of course fall under my surname and be adopted by the both of us.  

The Mistress of Novices tells me you progress satisfactorily with your studies despite the many disciplinary issues.  I should think that one frog in the daily soup would be enough, thank you, too many may even mask the turnips the Mistress of Cooks is fond of.  In any event, I have several more tasks planned for you if these reports of chicanery continue. It seems you still find time for foolishness despite your many chores.  May you walk in the Gold's light, lad.

Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Protector.
Hempstead, Mistone.
"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde


Re: Gifts of the Lord Protector
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Angels Guild
Port Hempstead

Protector Daniel Benjamin Poetr,

I got your letter.  I thought about what it said, and what you meant by it.  I think I'll let you marry Bella, and even adopt me, but I got my conditions:

One, you better never hurt her or else. Got it?
Two, I don't eat peas.
Three, we don't ever move to *cuss word written then scribbled out* Krandor.
Four, when I get bigger, I get to go on adventures with you and not get left behind with stuffy old Sisters no more.

If you're okay with those, I'll try to remember you only like one frog in your soup and that you don't like turnips.



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Daniel reads the boy's response and chuckles softly.  Tucking the letter into his sheaf of papers, he pulls out a fresh sheet and dips his quill in ink.

Tunar, Apreal 10, 1463

I must confess the last few weeks have been a bit of blur, but I will try to convey the occurrences as best I am able.  First and foremost, I have asked Bella Rouge to be my wife.  To this end we have agreed to undergo counseling by Aesthir Stargazer, a brother of the faith, who hopefully will find Bella acceptable.  I say this because Brother Stargazer has insisted on delving deeply into Bella's feelings and past.  His questions make Bella nervous to the point where we were forced to cut our first session short so she could compose herself.  

Second, I have disciplined myself in regards to my duties with the Guild.  In short, I forced myself to gather materials and begin the long arduous process of mastering the arts of infusion and enchanting.  The basics of such trades I have mastered, but true knowledge and skill will be some time in coming.

Finally, the matter of Novice Charlie.  He has answered to the affirmative to my request for Bella's hand, but with stipulations of his own.  He will make a fine Justicar if he can but conquer his childish impulses of pranking.  It seems his target for placing frogs has switched from the stew pot to Girl Novice's dresses.  Shakes his head ruefully and continues writing. Bella asked if she would make a good mother.  After a bit of thought I said I thought she would.  I, myself, know that no formal instruction is required for such things, only that instinct and common sense be exercised in equal portion to the task.  Bella also insisted that I hug the lad, which by code of conduct I am forbidden to do as long as Charlie is a novice. I did promise her to treat the boy with more affection once he was no longer living on Temple grounds.

By the Strength of your love  as a shield we protect the innocent.

Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Protector
Hempstead, Mistone.
"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde


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Written in the flowing, neat script of a scribe on a scrap of parchment tucked into the journal

To Do List:

Work the latest batch of garnet and feldspar

Confirm plans with Daniella for trip to Haunjin

Purchase copper short sword for Charlie

Send word to Sala in case I do not return in time for the child's birth.
"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde


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Satari, Oclar 21, 1463

Bella is some six months with child.  It seems that gift of new life is not denied me as I thought.  Bella nearly accused me of lying when she discovered her pregnancy, but truth is, I was overjoyed.  It is a true miracle and gift of the Great Dragon.  With this fact in mind, I decided to accept Aylana's kind offer of accommodation at her home in Wayfare.  It is a bit snug with the six of us, but as time passes I can see Charlie enjoys having a bigger family and Bella has cousin Lana to speak to during my long absences.

One of these absences was to bear witness of corruption charges brought by Lady Daniella to the high clergy of Toran.  Lady Daniella has been charged with some great task in regards those charges and her former mentor, Anne Ravenwind declared an enemy of the church.  I have pledged my aid to her cause.  Lady Daniella spoke privately with the Auscultare,  Loran Kor, after her charges were witnessed by Richard, Lady Jillian, Mark, Aarcus, myself and even the legendary Quantum. She appeared quite shaken as if the weight of the world rested on her shoulders, but would not speak of her task to us, claiming a vow of silence on the matter.  I stand by her in the hopes that by doing so the Toranites may see the wisdom in once again calling upon the Lord Protector as ally and friend.

Our duty to serve through  good judgment and generosity.

Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Protector
Wayfare, Mistone.

"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

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Re: Gifts of the Lord Protector
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Mulnari, Mar 16, 1464

It is with great joy that I pen these words, our child, Rachel Tariana Poetr was born Febra 22.  When I gaze into her light blue eyes, I see the spirit of my mother, hence I named her so.  Bella has been acting a bit strange, it seems the ordeal of birth and the arrival of Rachel has affected her as it does most mothers, but I have faith she will come back to her normal self in time.  To be sure, the changes themselves are not bad, she is simply very protective of the child and rather moody.

Daniel cocks his head listening, making out a the cries of Rachel, he sets his quill aside and moves into the bedroom, leaving his journal unattended.

"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

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Re: Gifts of the Lord Protector
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Daniel listens to the soft babbles and coos coming from Rachel's crib as his daughter greets the newly arriving day in her own fashion.  Smiling to himself, he shifts slightly to extract his limbs from Bella's, then emerges from the small bed and quickly dons a pristine white robe to ward off the morning chill.  Cocking his head to the side, Daniel continues to listen to his daughter's song and then sits quietly next to her crib, not wishing to disturb her.  Pulling his journal from under the crib, he begins writing using the new rays of the morning sun to see by.

Wedlar, Jular 11, 1464

Some five months have passed and yet my joy remains undiminished.  Rachel and Bella both are the source of this joy and I find myself longing to return to this home as never I have wished to return to the Temple in Vehl.  I have found contentment beyond the promises of the Lord Protector, or perhaps more accurately because of them.

My duty takes me to all part of Layonara in service to the Guild and in part to Lady Daniella.  It was upon a recent trip to aid a ragged boy that I felt the most profound sense of approval I have yet felt from the Lord Protector.  We were able to resolve a land dispute between the boy's family and their nearest neighbor and in doing so enrich both families' lives.  Shortly thereafter I received official word from the head of my order, The Golden Voice.  The missive instructed me that I was to continue my role as protector but to refrain from influencing Lady Daniela's course in any way.  I have passed this directive on to my brethren who have come to aid Lady Daniella. The first a hulking giant of man named, Justice, and the second, Brother Alassir.  May the Gold continue to shine his favor upon myself and them.

Our duty to serve through good judgment and generosity.

Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Protector
Wayfare, Mistone.

Daniel rises from the floor and scoops a delighted Rachel from her crib.  Checking her cloth diaper, he crawls back into the bed placing the child next to Bella after giving Bella  a tickle with his finger to the middle of her back. My dear, our little girl is hungry...
"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

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Re: Gifts of the Lord Protector
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All is black, darker than a cloudy night with winds that howl and blot out all the normal night sounds.  Breathing heavily, I stumble down the path, briers and branches scratch at my hands and face, but something compels my feet forward.  A sense of profound dread rises inside my breast, a living terrifying fear as I break the treeline and behold the sight in front of me in the dim light of a dying fire. A trail of blood leads from the stair below and Bella lies unmoving, small spiders crawl over her person occasionally biting exposed skin. I call upon the Lord Protector in a harsh voice and his fury strikes them, flattens them to paste, but leaves her, my beloved, unharmed.  I am crying, something I rarely do as I check her life-signs and find the thready thump on her slender neck amongst the many scars some recent some quite old.  Hands shaking, I summon the healing essence inside me that is the Dragon and it pours forth in torrents so strong the area is blasted in white and gold radiance.  As she breathes, I note the armor she is wearing, a curious mix of spider silks in odd colors I have never seen her in before nor recall in her possession yet are strangely familiar. Before I can puzzle out the odd armor, a hairy leg the size of a small tree top cusps the lip of the cliff wall from below and I gasp in renewed fear as multifaceted eyes breach lip along with two foot fangs and mandibles. The eyes stare hungrily at the two of us as it advances.

Daniel snaps upright in his bed
, his white sleeping robes soaked in sweat, wiping his brow he casts his gaze about noting the long rays of morning's light and Rachel's soft cooing and half words.  "Just a dream, I think, praise the Gold, just a dream."
"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

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Re: Gifts of the Lord Protector
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Tunar, Febra 24, 1465

We celebrated Rachel's first birthday with pie, a cherry one I made on my own.  She giggled through most of it looking at the guests with open curiosity.  Cousin Melanna made her a cloth doll and Lana, Bria, Katlyn, and even Charlie sang happy birthday to her along with Bell and myself.  The boy does well for a young man of thirteen seasons.  I see in a glimmer of my father, yet tempered with the lessons I have shared with him.  A part of Bella remains somewhat distant from me and my dream , nay a nightmare, remains as well.  I suspect I am being told something, but always it lies beyond my ken to grasp its full meaning.

In my meditations I find myself wondering if I grow arrogant with the power of the Lord Dragon's blessings and the recurring nightmare is my warning.  My recent actions in Daniella's campaign angered the High Priest of Toran mightily and yet I did not question my own wisdom so certain was I in my righteousness.  In retrospect, I wish now I had handled the matter of the Toranite Priest, Alavin in a more diplomatic manner, but one cannot change the past.  Only grow from the experience and move forward.  

Our steadfastness, our hearts  and our souls are with you Great Dragon.

Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Protector
"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

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Re: Gifts of the Lord Protector
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A very pensive and somewhat haggard Daniel greets Bella when she finally makes it home.  She can see he's been busy watching children, doing some cooking from the smells emanating from the cupboard, and a bit of gem work from the gem dust that rides lightly on his white robe.  Rachel reaches out her small arms for Bella as soon as she enters, "Mama, Mama!"  
He has a slightly dogged look in his eyes, "Bella, after we put the children to bed there is something I wish to talk to you about."
Bella smiles when she sees him and hugs the children tightly, then gives Daniel a kiss.  "Sure Dan."
Daniel kisses her back with feeling then smiles as well with a nod. "How went your visit this time? Have you any progress on the home?"
Bella scoops up Rachel in her arms and buries her face in Rachel's hair, eyes closed, and smelling her daughter, soaking up what she's lost over the last few weeks.  After a moment she looks at Daniel.  "Actually, I need yer help writin' up a proposal so's we ken present it to the merchant council o' Co'rys.  Ken ya help me with that?"
"Aye, I thought you had a rough draft of a letter already prepared? In any event I suggest you appeal to the council's sense of the pragmatic in the sense of the true they may save if the commoners are better cared for instead of downtrodden."  Daniel watches Bella's reaction to Rachel with a slightly curious air.  "Dear, you were only gone a couple of weeks, Are you alright?" His voice slightly puzzled at Bella's strong attachment reaction to Rachel.  "I have had an interesting experience with Charlie as well.  It seems the lad is stronger and quicker than we give him credit for." Daniel grins a bit as he finishes, his puzzlement dissipating with the telling of his own tale.  Lowering the shoulder of  his robe to reveal a pummel sized bruise just above his right hip, "Charlie did this in a sparring lesson, the Lad's quick!" he says with a touch of pride.
Bella looks at Daniel with a bit of shock. "Charlie did that?"
Daniel nods in reply, grinning, "He managed to get around my guard but for a moment and celebrated his small victory with a light punch with his pommel."
Bella moves towards him, still holding Rachel on her hip and gingerly touches the bruise.
Daniel winces at the light touch, "The worst of it I healed of course, but I left a bit to remind me to pay the lad a bit more respect."
Bella grins a bit.  "Or so ya don' ferget he's gettin' bigger an' stronger."
"Aye, consider it a lesson taken to heart, dear."  Daniel replies with a grin as he prepares a meal for the family, setting out a fresh pecan pie, a roast, and several loaves of fresh rye bread, along with a variety of mostly fresh fruits.  
Bella sets Rachel down, almost reluctantly mussing Charlie's hair as he comes barreling down the stairs already starting to dig into the food without waiting.  "I saw what ya done to yer Pa, Charlie."  She looks at him with a scolding expression as Charlie's chewing slows and he looks at her, then at Daniel, then back at Bella again.
"Ma... we was just sparring... Da knows better I swear!  It were a good point!  He weren' mad at me, you can't be mad at me for hurtin' him iffn he ain't!"  He looks less than sure of himself as he stares down with his mother.
Bella holds the gaze a moment more, then smiles, evident pride in her eyes.  "Naw, I ain' mad.  Glad ya ken keep yer Da on his toes.  He needs ta learn too mebbe."  She grins a bit and Charlie seems to visibly relax, resuming his chewing and grabbing for more food to pile on his plate.
Bella pulls some food apart quietly for Rachel and sits down next to her, taking some of the food into her own plate as well.
Daniel chuckles at the exchange and winks at Charlie's eating. "Like a horse you are, Charlie.  Slow down and save a bit for me!"
Charlie mumbles through mouthfuls, "Sorry Da"
After Dinner, Daniel spends some time listening to what Charlie and Bella both have to say, occasionally seeming troubled by some thoughts and eager to have some quiet time with Bella.  Charlie takes the hint and goes off to his room.  Rachel insists on cuddling with Bella until she falls asleep in Bella's lap.  Daniel offers to take the child to her bed.
"Naw, I'm a'righ' holdin' her.  What did ya need ta talk about?"
"A dream I have been having, nay a nightmare.  I spoke to Richard and Lana about it and they seem to think it best that I share it with you as well." He rubs his temples, and then continues.  "It may frighten the children." He looks back to Charlie's room then to her, his eyes slightly haunted.
Bella raises an eyebrow, but doesn't say anything, waiting for him to continue.
Daniel speaks quietly, occasionally checking Charlie's door. "It starts with myself running through an area we are both familiar with, Bella.  You know the one near the cave of spiders in Silkwood?  In any event, I find you just outside the cave, but you are sorely wounded and lying unconscious.  There are a few of the smaller spiders on you and I am able to drive them off and tend your wounds, It is then I notice your armor.  It is unlike anything I have seen you wear before but oddly familiar.  Odd eh? "
She listens to him, then smiles slightly.  "Dan... it's a dream.  What are ya afraid of?  That I'm gonna die?  I'm bound ta the stones.  We fight spiders alla time.  Yer worryin' too much bout a silly dream."
"Perhaps, but the feeling of dread is so strong throughout, it may be simply a dream, but what if the Lord Protector is attempting to tell me something through it?  I cannot dismiss it so easily.  The armor is of silk make, high quality, and there is a mask lying near by." He frowns deeply. " I forgot to mention the mask to Richard." He mutters then looks at Bella, "You do not know anything about a mask or the odd armor do you?"
Bella searches his face.  "This really got ya worried, huh?"
With a deep sigh, "It is the same dream time and time again for almost the entirety of your absence, Love.  Aye, it has me concerned."
"What do you think it means then?"
Thoughtfully, Daniel responds, "I think it a warning of sorts, as to what it warns specifically, I do not know.  So these odd items of my dream mean nothing to you? Nothing at all?" He looks into her eyes intently.  "The Dragon has never directed me wrongly before, Bella."  
"Dan... you ever had a dream where ya were flyin'?  When I were little I useda have dreams bout flyin.  I had dreams bout runnin' so very fast away from a giant rat the size offa house.  None o' that ever happened.  They're jest dreams."
 "But they are not of the same intensity, Bella.  It is as if I was really there and the events really happened.  I fear to tell you the ending as well." He takes a deep breath, "As I finish my prayers to heal you, the giant spider of the deep crests the lip of the hole.  It comes at us both and.." he puts his head into his hands, overcome then continues in a horrified whisper, "I cannot save you or myself."
Bella looks at him with concern.  "Dan..." she whispers.  She sets Rachel carefully off to the side on the couch and moves towards Daniel, sitting in his lap and gently laying her hand on the side of her face.  "What are you so afraid of?  Iffn ya cain' save us, we'll go through the bindstone.  It's a'right. "She gently smoothes back his hair away from the side of  his face and looks him in the eyes.  "It's a'right.  It's jest a dream."
Daniel blinks then accepts the caress, calming somewhat, "Aye."  He seems to be lost in thought for a while before coming to and giving Bella a smile.  "Perhaps it will pass now that I have shared it with you.  I do not know.  Shall we put Rachel to bed?  I know you must be tired from your trip."
"I'm tired, but we ken sit fer a while iffn ya want.  I'm glad yer here.  It was good ta eat dinner all of us together."
Looks her over carefully, noting  a few bruises, none of them serious on her.  "Did you have some trouble on the road, Bella?"
She looks at him a moment as if confused, then she replies.  "Oh... the bruises... naw, it's a'right.  Co'rys got way too many bandits anyhow... now they got a few less."
Daniel chuckles and holds her close, "Civic duty eh?" He kisses her forehead then whispers into her ear, "Rachel would sleep longer in her own bed instead of the couch, Dear." He yawns suddenly and blushes, " As would I."

Later, as Daniel sleeps his dream turns dark once more, instead of fighting and praying in a near panic, Daniel turns his considerable will to observing, remaining detached as events unfold as he knows they will.  He forces down his fear, noting the texture of the silk armor as he heals Bella and locks the mask's features firmly in his mind. As the dream reaches its end and the giant spider reaches for them both, Daniel throws himself across Bella's prone form, accepting the pain that comes as the fangs sink deep and the darkness blots out his thoughts.

Gasping, Daniel sits upright in the bed, fumbling frantically for Bella's sleeping form as he does so.  Making contact with her arm, his fingers caress the back of it softly and he smiles and reclines once more, falling into a deep and easy sleep.

The next day as he and Bella watch the children play on the hill, a figure walks past and nods in greeting, saying nothing.  Recognizing Viper, Daniel politely waves back and simply watches the woman make her way out of the north gate.  As Viper's form fades into the distance, a thought hits Daniel hard, the mask!  The armor!  They are the same as Viper wears!
"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

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Re: Gifts of the Lord Protector
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Freas, Mar 13, 1467

I remain in the dark in regards to my dreams full meaning, but have grown accepting of Bella's disappearances even reading a letter of birthday wishes for Rachel's third from her mother.  It seems now she is cursed with extremely poor luck.  None of my prayers to the Lord Protector seem to help her, so I have resorted to persuasion and kindness. Persuasion to get her to come home and give up this nonsense of staying away for Rachel and Charlie's sake, Kindness in helping her recover physically from her malady by feeding her as she has lost several pounds from anxiety which is not good in her condition.   Miss Zira told me she suspected Bella was with child and I confirmed it last Bella and I met.  I am unsure if such a thing is a blessing this time.

The Guild continues as it always has but with another change.  After years of gentle yet firm leadership befitting of a true Illsarian, the venerable Guildmaster, Kyle Pandorn, has stepped down and selected his second, my friend, Alazira, as his replacement.  I am saddened to see him go, yet hopeful for the guild's future with this change.  My own skills in the making of goods improves weekly, yet I remain extremely frustrated by the pace of my infusing gems and wands.

Protector Daniel Poetr,
Wayfare, Mistone.
"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

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Re: Gifts of the Lord Protector
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Tunar, Jular 24, 1467

I have much to convey, some of which I dare not repeat herein.
It suffices that my efforts outside the Guild bear fruit.  First and foremost is the completion of Lady Daniella's trials on behalf of the Hand of Virtue.  She has triumphed in her case to prove Toran's virtues still hold among his followers!  During the course of her trials, I have come to realize that the Lord Protector encompasses all that hold true to his ideals of justice, honor ,law and order.  Even those that hold no mercy in their hearts are his.

Secondly, mine own cousin, Melanna Jin Poetr, Blossom in Promise, has successfully entered the ranks of the Reaching.  I am honored to have been able to help her accomplish this goal.

Matters of other import are Miss Zira is with child or I should specify with children.  She is due to have her twins in the appointed time of elves.  Master Damon is the sire.

Bella has gone missing again, I fear for her safety, yet I know she acts upon the desire to protect myself and her children from harm.  Her curse , such as it is, remains.  I was deeply saddened to learn from her via letter that the boy child she carried was lost.

Daniel Benjamin Poetr, High Protector.

"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

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Re: Gifts of the Lord Protector
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Threas, Febra 19, 1468

Bella returned to my side briefly last night.  She appeared mostly healthy but for the usual scrapes, bumps, and bruises she usually sports.  Her dance of blades when we fought the giant spiders was particularly focused, intense, and equal parts as deadly.  She promised myself to return when matters were resolved, but did not elaborate.  I keep faith in her and in the Great Dragon even though such faith comes at great personal pain.  Rachel and Charlie both ask about her near constantly now, I do my best to comfort them, but I cannot be two persons.  I pray the Gold will keep my Bella safe.

Since the celebration in Huangjin, I have done what I could for the faithful of Toran.  A young initiate in the order of the Longsword, Ian, was one I aided alongside the Beacon, Lady Jillian.  Like most, he was rash at first, but remembered his lesson of restraint and fought well after as we made patrol from Lan's Port to Kartherian.

As for my family, Charlie continues to grow into manhood.  I have taught the lad all that he is able to learn regarding sword play, healing, and lore.  His fate is in his own hands.  I have given of myself all I could.  Truth is, we teach our children tangible skills such as I have and hope that the intangibles such as honor, truthfulness, determination, and kindness will be picked up as well.  These virtues can only be taught by example.  May the Gold witness that I have done my best.

High Protector Daniel Benjamin Poetr
Wayfare, Mistone

"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde