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His journey begins--Willik's journal


My journey just began not long ago but i am learning so much. So many people to help out in Mistone. So many evil lurking around. I was born for this. I was expecting to meet at least some other adventurers around Center but only one so far, a male monk by the name of Xiao, was on my path in Fort Llast. I did not know someone could walk so fast without any spell...I have much to learn and see.

It was fun to go back to the Gloomwoods again, one man is asking to clean out an area and crush those tougher undead creatures, far worst than zombies. I will do it when i am ready for that challenge, that be soon.

After the works i'v done I was able to buy myself a iron warhammer, very well made, no idea who crafted it but its quite good looking and great for crushing undeads or any other foes actualy. Especialy with fire blessing.

I'm able to cast new blessings from Vorax and i'm must say that i really like to have a voraxian warrior by my side in battle against those red light Goblins and many other evil foes. I have yet to complete those caves and bring their leader's head to Center but i will eventualy, i'm sure of that. They will always come back but at least i would have help against those vile creatures.

One of my next challenge is to find topaz and grind it to dust so i can cast Stoneskin and be more protected in battle. Got to start to work with greenstone now...

*He meditates before a good night rest*


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