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1427Jinn born.
1466Jinn enrols in the war academy at Metal in Rhugal's Realm.
1471Jinn arrives at Center on Mistone.
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Jinn ended up in Center on Mistone. He had picked up advice that it was a good place to go for people starting out with nothing. "What a dump," he had thought to himself upon surveying what were essentially clusters of tents and caravans around several wooden buildings.

He spent a few days getting oriented about the place when he came across a notice for help against the unliving. Fortunately, most of the respondents, and well as the original poster, were kinfolk. They struck up a comradery, and were soon smashing skulls and driving vermin out from under the local crafting hall.

This was a good start.
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Good starts can sometimes belie hidden problems.

The pace of combat was fast. Much faster than just belting out orders while standing on the periphery. Being in combat was a whole new experience.

Jinn's connection to the Al'Noth was now realised. His voice was empowered to bolster the morale and abilities of his comrades. He was able to cast spells like he was some sort of sorcerer or something. This was most unnerving at first, but he took solace that he would be able to provide healing to his fellows, as they were lacking any sort of priest or cleric within their group.

Being in combat, Jinn's inclination from years of indoctrination at the war academy was to wear the heaviest armor he could, and additionally take a sturdy shield for further protection; "there's no armor like heavy armor" was a maxim drilled into the cadets.

But wearing armor interrupted Jinn's spell casting; the fickle nature of magick had revealed itself first hand.

Jinn endeavoured to work around this setback and show his worth to his friends. He would wait for a quiet moment in the fighting to put down his shield, remove his armor, apply his healing agency to his stricken comrades, and then reequip his armor and shield again. Except, by the time he had done this, they had already bound their own wounds, and were running into the next foray. They were even healing him!

This was not a good start.
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It seemed there was a lot more to magick than just casting spells. Who knew?

After some investigation, research, and talking to the town's local wizard, Jinn learned that it wasn't so much the armor interfering with his connection to the Al'Noth, but rather interfering with the physical action of performing the magick. Further, he was shown that if he used more power to cast the spell, he could circumvent this "interference". The trade off being that he would more quickly consume the available power he could draw through his connection.

Hmph! Magick! Its twists and turns, its apparent duplicity, its trickery-ness rubbed against Jinn's innate dwarven nature. "Embrace it?" It seemed more of a curse than a blessing.  He boomed his frustration.

And there is was; his true connection to the Al'Noth. None of this spells and casting and gestures and words and materials. Boom! His voice. The connection was much simpler, much "sweeter", more... pure.

If only he remembered it in the heat of battle.
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