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I finally got to leave the stupid city. It was fun travelling thru the forests.  :D

THough I wasnt allowed to wander off the paths. I saw a bunch of new animals that werent in the valley where i lived. I wish I could have played with them. :\\ I even heard a wolf howl! I was hopiung it might be one of hte wolves I met a few weeks ago, but I never saw them.

We stopped by a giant city called Hempstead! I was so huge and there were alot of people! I stcu k close to dad since I t was actualyl kinda scary. :o There were lots of people around, not all of them looked very healthy. Dad gave few coins to some guy that looked like he hadnt eaten for days. It was kinda sad to see a person like that.

Dad wanted to stop by his store and see how things were going. They have this huge dog who looks really mean! I forgot his name, but he wasnt mean at all. He sniffed me and then started licking me all over! His tongue was really slimey and wet! I think he just got done drinking from his water bucket. O.o

When we came out I saw Uncle Dalan nearby nad ran to him to give him a hug and say hi! As I got close I saw uncle Dalan looked really sad. :( I took his hand and he looked at me and smiled sortof. He gave me a big hug, and started to tear up, his beard was all wet too. He said he was sorry, but he lost a really close friend. I felt really sad for him then. :(  I jsut hugged him tighter to make him feel better.

Dad came up then nad was all mad and yelling at me about running off when he saw uncle Dalan. Uncle Dalan told him the news, and dad got quiet too. He said we should go and let uncle Dalan alone for abit. I waved bye after giving him another hug.

The trip to the temple was really quiet. Miss Jenna seemed really sad too, I guess she knew the uncle Dalans friend.

The town where the temple was was really dirty nad kinda creepy. Im glad we didnt stay there too long. That and the giant dragon statue in the temple kept starin at me and made me really nervous.


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Well, our trip to the temple didnt last too long thank goodness. Dad and miss Jenna seemed to really enjoy the time there. They had me meet the some judgy guy. He was really old and stuffy looking and he kinda smelled funny. :\\  but he was nice I guess. He gave me some rock candy so I guess he is alright, and miss Jenna and dad like him.

Im glad we decided to stay in Hempstead for a few days. I got to see Sonya again, and this time we didnt have to worry about the grownups getting in our way. They had some meeting or something for dads store so we got to go play around the guild home. :D

It was interesting enough, but we got bored pretty quickly. I wanted to go find uncle Dalan and give him something to cheer him up. Dad said his guild was close by so I thought me and sonya could go find him. :)

We forgot how many people there were in this place!  O.o It was kinda scary and exhilirating too! Sonya nad I wandered around or quite awhile. Im glad I brought afew coins so we were able to get an icy. :D There were some scary people and lots of funny looking ones too! We saw this strange elf dressed in black by the a huge statue surrounded by water. Everyone seemed to be listening to him so we figured we would go what was happening. We were hoping for  puppet show since he was dressed all funny. No such luck. :\\

Sonya finally figured out where we were and and we decided to cut thru some alleys to save time. They were kinda dark and full of people that didnt look very nice. :o  People kept looking at us funny, and I think we were being followed cause I get this tickle on the back of my neck. Sonya felt it too so we started running. I tripped over a bucket or something and fell face first into a puddle. :rolleyes:  Sonya started laughing as I tried to get up..then she started screaming! SOme ugly man grabbed her and pinned her against the wall! She was trying to kick him and I tried to push him off of her, but he just threw me down. :o Then there was a flash and the man fell back yelling. He kept running into walls try to get away! SOmeone got him good! :D

It was Eggie!! I hadnt seen him in forever! :D  He said he saw us and tried to catch up but we were too quick. He got there justin time too. :)  He said he blinded the guy and whacked him on the head with his staff. :o  

He asked us what we were doing and were we were going. We told him we were trying ot find uncle Dalan. He said we were really in the wrong place and that we needed to be more careful. He didnt want us to get hurt or nuthin.

He took us to where uncle Dalan was. I guess he was with him a little bit ago. When we got there uncle Daln was gone. So eggie took us to uncle Dalans guidl place. There was some lady there named after a ferrit. Funny. :) We gave her the package for uncle Dalan and tehn went back the house.

Dad was mad, miss Jenna was mad, mister Q and miss Serissa were mad. They each gave us a lecture on safety and not going where we werent supposed to go.

Until we head back to Haven, Sonya and me have to scrub the store and arent allowed anywhere. :(

All I wanted to do was give uncle Dalan some cherries I saved for him and a few flowers I picked from by the statue. I thought it would cheer him up since he seemd so sad.

And all i get is grounded again.   >:/


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*A note is folded neatly and tucked into her diary at this point.

Quote from: Dalan Stoneaxe

My Dearest Abbie,

You will never know how much I cherish your gift of the flowers and the cherries from your mother's tree. You have brought me out of the despair of Erk's death by reminding me that life grows up anew all around us.

I found the gift when I got home. I ran into Eghass after he escorted you home and he told me you had stopped by. I had been out buying some supplies because I have to leave town for a few days and will not be able to stop and see you before you have to leave. I promise I will come to visit you soon in Haven and I pray this letter will make up for my absence in some small part.

Knowing your father, I am sure you are grounded again. Believe me, he is right. Port Hempstead is in general a good place to live. But it is not your hidden village. It is instead much more like the forest lands. There are safe paths to walk and quiet groves of peace. However, Abbie, there are also places like the spider grove.

I am not sure you are old enough to understand this or not. In the forest you faced wild beasts. Many were kind many were not. But in general you could tell them by sight and knew them to react according to their kind as set out by nature's hand. Also while we can share some of their thoughts, they were not intelligent as man is. Here in the city, you cannot tell good from evil by a glance at the person. Here the rabbits and spiders wear the same face and friendly smile. There are those of an evil nature that hide beneath a friendly looking skin, but like the spider they lie and wait to snare someone in their web. Falling into their hands might lead to a fait some would consider to be worse then death. As you grow older, I think you will understand better what I mean. Until that time, think of the city as a forest where one must be wary at all times. Use a guide till you learn the safe paths. Stay out of the areas where snares and webs will bind you. As you grow wiser in the ways of the city as you have of the forest, you will learn to recognize areas where traps may be laid and where you may feel safer. However as in the forest, you must still remain alert for the hidden dangers, the animals moving off their normal hunting grounds because of fire.

And like the forest lands, some forests or cities are safer then other. Haven is a good place to live, but one must be wary. There are dangerous places close by and often the dangers breach the city walls. Keep your wits about you and watch your surroundings and please don't go wandering off alone. Neither your Da or I need more grey hairs then we all ready have.

I hope some of this makes sense to you. I often forget your true age and think of you as older then you really are. Just know that I love you and don't want anything bad to happen to you. You remind of things gone past and the hope and joy of the future. A future I want to share with you for many years to come.

Your Uncle,


Things are kinda getting back to normal.

I started getting flowers for my room and am able to kindof decorate it myself sorta. I have to get dad to help move the furniture since its so heavy. Im glad hes as big and strong as those oxes some people leave tied near their houses. In dads store, someone called him Bariox. :D

I got a letter from Uncle Dalan too. I was really excited since I havent gotten a letter before. At least that I can remember. :\\

It was a pretty serious letter. I guess when sonya and I got attacked it really got to him. I think it also was that way because he just lost his friend. :(

I know i get into trouble alot, but I try to be careful. Its just that stuff keeps happening to me and i cant help that. I try to be careful like he wants, I guess I will just have to try harder. :\\

Dad and miss Jenna have also told me I have ot start going ot see this wizard fellow. I dont even know his name. He is probably some creepy old guy that smells like bat poo. O.o  I guess they want me to learn more about that magic stuff. Miss Jenna said she had to learn it when she was young (she hated it) and dad said it was part of momma's family tradition that I learn about it. He said I didnt hav to be a wizard or anything, I just needed to learn about it cause its a part of who I am. :\\  Not sure I quite understand that part.

I was afraid they found that book that Alice gave me before I left. :o I guess not though, since no one has said anything.

Oh yeah, I have new friend too! :D His name is chippy chip. Theres a tree near my window and he is this cute littel red squirrel with littel dark spots on his fur. He comes to my window alot and we play. His favorite game is bury the nuts. :) He talk alot too. He says theres bad things nearby adn I shold be careful so I dont get eaten! :o


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*This story takes place between thread 10 & 11...I thought I could get it to insert there, but no such luck.

It was a fun day today. After doing all that work chopping wood, dad said I deserved a break.

We went out into the woods. Just us two! I keep feeling like its been along time since we had this time together.

We made a campsite near a stream and dad caught some fish for our dinner and I got to make the fire! :D

He told me a story of one of his adventures, which was really exciting and really scary! It had something to do with the sky being all grey, but he helped save the world from someone terrible named blood. :o

I asked him to tell me story about mom too. He told me a story of how she fought to defend some city named parnzist. He said she was really brave and strong and could use magic. He said that story didnt end so happily, but it was still be written. I didnt understand that last part. O.o  

He aked me what uncle Dalan had been showing me when we came out here. So I told him about learning to track and find my way and identify stuff. I said uncle Dalan thought i was getting pretty good at it too! :)

The next day dad said he had an idea. We had to go back, but I would lead us home! :o I was kinda shocked by that, and I was really nervous. He then said he was gonna make it really challenging since Im so good.

After we broke camp, he blindfolded me and picked me up. He carried me for a long time i guess. He spun me round and tround and put me down. I was so dizzy i fell over. O.o

He said to start leading, nad we would get home when we get home. It was my responsibility though, he woudlnt help. :o

I tried looking at the sun the way uncle Dalan told me to to get a direction. I couldnt really do it since the sun was at midday. I started looking for tracks then, or something. I led us around for awhile, since i thought it wouldbe better to move than just sit and wait for the sun. Dad just smiled and asked if I was lost. I told him I knew exactly where we were. O.o

Then I did it! I found a deer trail! I showed dad and we began following hte tracks. We eventually found a stream and I got to fish for our dinner. I kinda burned them on the fire when i was cooking. But dad said it was fine, even though he made a funny face when he bit inot it. ;)

The next morning, we followed the river for a littel while longer, then I asked dad to wait there for a minute. He told me to yell if I got into trouble. I found another track, wolf tracks, heading east. I figured I wuld climb a tree then to see what i could see. I got pretty high up and looked over hte valley. I saw the village! it was east and a littel south from were we were! :D

I found dad chipping at some wood. I told him I knew exactly where we were nad that we were almost home. 8) He just laughed and said i shouldnt get all puffed up until we were home. :\\

We made our way past some ruins that were near the village. I aked dad if he knew what they were. That me and Alice passed this place that one time. He looked sad. Then he told me we should leave this place and that I shouldnt ever come here. He wouldnt talk about it, but said when I was older he would tell me if I wanted. O.o I thought that kinda odd.

We followed a path down and there was the stream and the village! I did it!:D

We crossed the bridge over the stream and sat down under the cherry tree where dad buried mom so long ago. He said she would be so proud of me. He then told me another story about when they first met and more of what she was like. :)


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Just a quick test


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Miss Jenna and I went for apicnic today. She took me to a small pond that overlooks the town.

It was kind of tough climb for her. I think its cause she hasnt gotten out much since she had the babies. I had to help her up the hill in a few places.

We had sammiches and some apple pie. It was kinda nice up there. We could see the watch going back and forth and people running around. THey looked like littel colored ants. :)

Miss Jenna said we should spend some quality time together. She didnt think she knew me well enough and wanted to be my friend. :rolleyes:

She told me a littel bit about her and her family. She said she spent alot of time in theforests and learning about moving thru them and tracking and stuff when she was younger. Kinda like what uncle Dalan was teaching me!
She even said she could do a little magic too! O.o

I didnt tell her I could make my hands al glowy, Im not sure I want anyone to know that yet. But I guess we have more in common than i thought. Its kinda creepy. :o

Dad was happy we spent some time together too. He thought it was about time. :rolleyes:


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I started at my new school this week. :) We only have to go 4 days during the week, which is alot more than I did in the village. There we only had classes two times a week.

I was really nervous since I wouldnt know anyone there. I was scared no one would like me or I wouldnt like anyone. :o

It went alright and I made some new friends. :)

Theres Berry and Juniper (we call her June) who are really small! Im not very tall, I only stand up to dads chest right now, but they only come up to my waist! O.o The teacher says they are called halflings. I guess so! :) They are really nice though.

I met another girl named Aerin, shes really neat, but shes kinda quiet. She draws alot and likes to sing. But she always seems sad and is the last one to leave for home. Her clothes are always dark too. She shoudl really were something brighter! :\\

THere was a boy named Robert, everyone thinks hes really cute. I guess he is too. Hes got freckles on his nose and brown hair. He hangs out with a bunch of other boys who are alwasy wanting to play soldier or something on our breaks. Though he did come over and say hello to me on the first day. :)

Then there was a boy who made me want to cry on my first day. He was not so very nice to . I brought Chippy Chip with me thinking he would like going with me to school. :) This boy Mikel came up and said hello and asked if he could hold CHippy. Chippy was really nervous, but I asked him and he hopped onto Mikels hand. Chippy isnt very big, and Mikel grabbed him by the scruff, then he tried to pull his tail! :o He started saying mean things and threatened to hurt chippy! He then said some really mean things to me. Saying I was a crazy person for talking to squirrels and that it was prolly cause I had pink hair. Only freaks look like me! :(

All my new friends came over and started yelling at Mikel to stop. He kept squeezing Chippy nad chippy was getting really scared and trying to get away. Then someone threw a piece of pie at Mikels head. :D He was so surprised he let go of chippys tail. Just then teh teacher came out to call us back in. She came over and wanted to know what all the screaming and yelling was about. She saw Mikel covered in pie and holding CHippy. Chippy bit him hard on the hand just then nad Mikel screamed really loud! :D He dropped Chippy and chippy ran up a tree!

She told us all to get inside after hearing the story. Mikel had to go clean up but he still had some pie in his hair that he missed. No one said a thing ot him! :D He then got stuck in the corner.:p

Mrs. Branlen said I should not have brought chippy and not to bring him again. She told me to get inside. I tried to get chippy from the tree but Mrs. Branlen yelled at me to leave him. :(

After classes I went to the tree and found him. I felt so bad for him nad promised I wouldnt do that again. :( He was still trembling, and ten Mikel walked by and sneered at me said something mean. CHippy hid in my hair by my neck. I threw a rock at Mikel I was so mad at him, adn Chippy deserved a littel payback. >:/  I hit Mikel in the back of the head nad he tripped over his feet and fell into a puddle! :D  I ran really fast and hid in the sahdows around some buildings in case Mikel came after me. I saw him try and find me, but I hid too good for him.

I got home nad got Chippy some nuts. I had to make to up to him.


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Yay! Dad said we are going back to the city by the sea again! :D

He said he had to go do stuff for his shop and that he wanted me to meet someone. Maybe I will getto see Sonya again. :)

It was a fun trip too. We got to explore some of the forest along the way. :D Dad mooshed some really big scary bugs! They made an awful hissy sound and a smell that made me dizzy, but I hid in the bushes the way unki Dalan taught me.

Dads really tough too. He whacked them bugs really good! :D

More school....:(

Dad wanted me to meet my new teacher. His name is Mr. Darsus. I guess hes a friend of dads and unki Dalan. He not as old as dad and he seemed nice enough.

He said he new my momma and they were friends. He said he had a had a few kids of his own too. Dad laughed at that. Not sure i get that. :\\ He said I might meet them one day. He said he was teaching one of them magicks too.

He said I had a lot to learn but he would try to make it fun. He did give me a bunch of books and said I was gonna learn everything in them. Thats sounds sooo fun. :rolleyes: least he didnt smell like bat poo. O.o


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I have been studying my brain out!!! :mad:

I feel like im going out of my mind. Ever since I had to go see that stupid wizard and start to learn magic. All these symbols and weird language and stuff. I jsut want to play in the forest!! >:/

I am so tired  cant see straight. My eyes are so buggy I ran into a door yesterday anbd now i have a big bump on my head. :\\ Im so stired of being cooped up.

School isnt helping either. Mikel is still being a lout. Berry and Juniper keep asking what my Mr Rain is like. I think they have a crush on him or something. They dont even know him! So silly. :) At least Robert likes to talk to me. :)

I been so grumpy with all this studying I even yelled at poor Chippy. :( He was so scared he hid in one of dads boots out in the hall! He didtn stay there too long..stiiinky! O.o :D


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Im going on a trip with dad!!

Gotta pack. Better get my bow that uncle Dalan made me and his arrows! :D


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This has been the best couple of weeks ever!

Dad surprised me and said he was taking me on a trip with him. I didnt have to go to school or anything until we got back! He said he was taking me with him to do some gathering for his guild thingy and he wanted me to tag along.:)

We spent alot of time in the forest gathering berries and nuts and stuff. I got to see parts of the forest that were so huge and vast and scary and fun! :D

After a few days travelling thru the forest we got back to Hempstead. We dropped off our bags of goodies and spent the nite. The next day we took a boat to a place dad called Mariners hold. It was full of pirates and stuff. :o At least I think they were pirates. O.o

We left the city nad dad had to moosh some giants nasty bugs! They hissed alot and were scary. After taht we went fishing at some big river. I have never seen astream so big! Even the fish were big!

We passed thru asmall wooden city too! Dad said they were rangers. They protected teh forest here and around the country. O.o  They seemed to know my dad and they were really nice to me. Dad told them about me and I talked to them about stuff uncle Dalan was teaching me. They said I might be a ranger or something yet. I seemed to have the knack. :) They asked if uncle Dalan or dad had taught me how to use a bow. I proudly showed them the one uncle Dalan made me. 8) They said it was really impressive. They asked me to show them how to shoot it, and dad said I could. I think he wanted to see how good I was too! I was nervous at first, but I hit the target every time! Dad was really proud of me..I think uncle Dalan will be too when I tell him.:D

Later we gathered apples and stuff. Im prtty good at climbing trees nad I was having fun trying to throw them into dads bag. I hit him a coupleof times by accident :rolleyes: ...he got all apply! :D

Then he took me to a place he called Kathy..kathy..I cant rememebr...but it was a mean place. I kinda remembered me of that Vehl place. :(

I saw something really terrible tehn. People in cages. :( They were being treated really mean and not being taken care of or anything. Ive seen animals treated like that as merchants went thru Haven. I didnt like that either...I got really upset then too. >:/

I asked dad if he was gonna save tehm or do something...he said he was working on it, but wouldnt do anything with me around cause it was too dangerous and he didnt want me to end up like them. :\\

We left really quickly, and I was glad. I didnt like that place. :(

We took a boat to another place called Lor or something. And walked thru a bunch of farmland. Dad bought a bunch of corn there and the farmer was nice. He gave some carrots to munch. :)

We went to another house that dad owns in a place called Pranzi. Dad said mom once tried to defend it, but it didnt turn out so well. O.o

As we entered the city I saw some dwarfy guards nad said hello the way uncle Dalan me told dwarfs say hello...They looked at me and dad and growled and were really rude. Saying no one was allowed to speak that tongue out in the open. They were really mean and rude and smelled funny. I didnt like them. I will have ot tell uncle Dalan about them. Maybe get them into trouble for being so mean. ;)

As we got to dads house he said Mr. Rain lived across the street from there. I saw a couple of kids inside playing. Maybe those were the kids Mr. Rain was telling me about. :D

We didnt spend long at the house when dad wanted me to use his magic circle thing. He called it a portal and said to think of home when i entered it. I am not sure I liked it. I got all squishy feeling adn mooshed and then poof! :o I was near a stream in a small village! 8)  That was kinda neat appearing like that.

Dad appeared a second later. He asked if I knew where we were. Since we had been here a few times before. I took me a littel bit to get my head clear after that trip...but i did remember where we were.

Dad was like...'Okay, take me home' I was kinda shocked at that. :o  And a bit scared adn nervous too! O.o  

I took him thru the forest and we kinda got turned around a few times and stuff. I kinda got lost I think, but I didnt tell dad. ;)

After a few days we made it to Hlint and tehn went home from there! IT was soo much fun!

I was exhausted and really tired after the trip, but it was great. Dad told me stories of momma and him nad of the world and we slept under the stars.:D  I got to see some really strange places :\\  and some not so great. :( Im glad dad took me along. Hes so awesome when Im not getting into trouble!;)


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I idnt have to go back to school for a day or two after we got back. Dad said I may as well recover a bit and help him sort stuff out since there was only one day left that week for school. :)

Frea came and Dad took me to see Mr Rain again. This time there was anotehr girl there too. Turns out her name is Sarah and shes Mr Rains daughter.

She was really nice and we got along alright. She ahs really pretty white hair! I never saw anyone with hair like that! Then again..mines kinda pink so I cant say much! :D

Mr Rains lessons today were about the different schools of magic or something. It was kinda boring stuff, but its important I guess.

Mr Rain gave us a break aftera few hours and Sarah wanted to go sneak outside instead of staying cooped up in the guild house. Plus there were holes everywhere. Sarah said rats got in and made amess of the place.

We wandered around a bit, i had some coins dad gave me and we got iceys..MMM :p

After awhile, I kinda thought about us being gone for awhile, and maybe getting into trouble. Sarah got really nervous about this. Im so used to it I guess I wasnt worried. ;)

We found her dad looking for us and he looked kinda mad! I sadi I was sorry and we forgot aboutthe time and stuff, which was true. Sarah just got realyl scared at seeing her dad like that! She ran off! :o I dont know wasnt that big of a deal. Its not like we got into trouble or anything.

Mr Rain tried to catch her but she was gone so he took me back to the guild house. He sadi she would be fine and knew her way around Hempstead. I could see he was worried though. :\\

The last hours of the lessons were kinda cool. He showed me how opposing schools can cancel or effect their opponensts magic. O.o It was kinda cool to watch! I think he really wanted to do it to take his mind off of Sarah since he was really sweating when he was done and looked tired. :(

I hope shes okay...:(


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Yay!! :D

Uncle Dalan stopped by the house the yesterday! I havent seen him in so long it seemed like forever! I gave him a big hug and said hello to him in dwarven like he taught me! :D I think that kinda surprised him. O.o

I told him all about the trip dad took me on and about the ranger camp. I told him they were really impressed with the bow that he made me and I hit the target every time! :)

He seemed to know that Mr. Rain was my magic teacher and I guess they are friends. THat kinda surprised me. :\\ Though I guess I shouldnt be surprised at that since Uncle Dalan knows just about everyone it seems. :o

I told him about Sarah and what happened. He looked kinda concerned and then said she was alright.  O.o He didnt say anything else about it, so I guess I will see her next week. :)

I hope I see Sonya too. I havent seen her in a few weeks and miss her. :( Maybe dad can talk to Mrs Serissa or Mr Q and they can have her spend the night at the hall when Im there. 8)


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Chippy is gone. :(

I havent seen him in a week now. Im really worried about him. :( He has never been gone this long before. We are best friends.

I usually leave my window open and he knows he can come in anytime. I miss waking up and having him all snuggled in neck keeping me warm and tickling me with his whiskers. :)

I hope nothing bad has happened to him. :(


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Im really scared...:(

Its been so long and I have been looking and looking for chippy. I told dad hoping he could help me, even miss Jenna, but they said he may have gone off adnm found a missus chippy. A week isnt long enough to worry about squirrel as smart as chippy. :\\

Ugh...I hate it when they talk that way to me. Im not some dumb little girl. Besides, chippy would have told me he was going away for a time. I told him when dad was taking me for a trip. :mad:

Mikel at school keeps saying hge killed chippy...jerk. He keeps saying mean stuff like that and getting me all riled up. I told him to shut up nad if he says another word I would make him sorry. :mad:  He I gave him what he deserved. :D It felt good. Mikel is a mean nasty boy. The teacher asked what happened and he was to ashamed that a girl beat him up he didnt say a thinkg. THe other kids covered for me too.8) Hes gonna have a shiner for a week!

THe other kids have been keeping an eye out and trying to help me find him too. I even have tried to get the birds to help me find him. No luck. :\\ Im starting to think the worst.:(


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I saw some dwarves entering the mines today. I though one of them might ahve been uncle Dalan. :D I tried to catch up before they entered the mine, but I was too late.:\\

I know Im not supposed to go down into it cause of the dogheads.:o I figured they just enterd so I should be okay. Besides, i can sneak pretty good. I caught up with them just as they made it to some door way. They were jumped by lots of the gnoll thingys! :o  It was really scary!. The dwarves kept singing out to some guy named Vorax and hacking the dog head to pieces! :o I almost got sick when a head got tossed near where I was hiding. O.o

I let out a screech and the dwarves came charging at me! I was so terrified!! I thought they were gonna eat me! :o Once I kinda calmed down I said hello in dwarven..I think..and one of them started yakking at me. I couldnt understand anything they said cause they were talking so fast. I was still shaking..and pointing at the head at my feet.:o  They started laughing and kicked the head away.O.o

Turns out uncle Dalan wasnt with them. They knew him though. I thnk they knew who I was too..maybe..Still not sure about that. I will have to talk to uncle Dalan about that. :\\

Anyways, they said they would make sure I got home safe. So i had this whole bunch of dwarfs surrounding me making sure I got home! 8) It must have looked funny. A pink haired little girl surrounded by tough looking dwarfs. :D

They said they new uncle Dalan and would be sure to tell him about me. To make sure I was alright later of course. :\\ Miss Jenna was home and she really had a fit when they told her where they found me! O.o

I said thanks to them in dwarfen and goodbye and they laughed abit at that, but were really nice otherwise. One said his name was Groo hin or something like that and he said my accent was funny. ;)

I stuck at home again...:(


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A robin came to see me today. She said she found where chippy was!

I was grounded still...So I climbed out the window and snuck out. Lucky theres a tree near my window. Im glad it was after dinner and the sun was down. It made it easier for me to get out.;)

I followed the robin for awhile. Finally we made it to a small grove of trees. She said he had a nest nearby. So I started climbing the trees looking for him. :)

I found a nest with some baby squirrels in it! They looked like little chippys too! There was a momma squirrel in there and she got upset at me for lookin in her nest! I finally told her who I was and got her to calm down. I asked her where chippy was and she said he went looking for nuts and stuff. :D

I had some of chippys favorite nuts with me and I gave tehm to the momma squirrel. Her babies were so cute! Little hairless thingies no bigger than my thumb! They looked like wrinkled raisins! O.o :D

I went looking for chippy and was sneaking around, cause I didnt really know the area. I saw a camp nearby and decided to sneak up on it and see who was there. There was a mangy looking guy. He didnt look nice at all. He was doing something by the firelight. I couldnt see so I snuck around.

Chippy was there on a to a rabbit and a bird...:(


*tear stains are all over the page and the writing trails off as if she was too distraught to finish...


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*the words written appear shaky and tears still dot the pages...

Dad and miss Jenna have been really nice to me lately. I still got into trouble for sneaking out of the house, but I think eggie said something to them cause they just hugged me and said they were sorry and understood.:(

I didnt really want to write anymore about what I saw...but uncle Dalan always said it helps to get things out so you kinda deal with them better and they dont fester...Eggie said something kinda the same.

So here goes...

After I saw that squirrel killer getting ready to cook chippy and the other animals...I was really angry. I picked up a large rock and I was gonna sneak up on him and hit him on the head. I wanted to smash him so bad and as hard as I could! I wanted to make him feel scared and pain and dead like chippy did. I wanted it so bad...He deserved it!:mad:

I found a really big rock and was sneaking up behind him, I was was ready to strike! Then I saw a couple of kids staring straight at me.:o

I looked at them....they were his family. It hit me like freezing water...I dont remember much after that. O.o

I remember being frozen and staring. I dont remember dropping the rock. I remember the look they gave me. I remember the man turning around and staring at me...something in his eyes just kinda shook me really bad. I remember seeing them eating the rabbit. I remember that they looked really dirty and poor. They are like frozen images in my head, and Im watching teh whole thing outside my own body. :\\

Mostly...I remember the fear...

I dont know why, but I ran and ran and cried and cried...:(

I think that was when eghaas found me. I was paying attention to anything. He kinda snuck up and scared me. I dont think he meant to though...

He was really concerned...asking me all these questions about why I was out and how did I get here...I dont remember much..I was just crying and angry.>:/

I remember he sat there with me for long time holding me.

I told him what happened...I just blurted it out..I couldnt hold onto it, it just hurt so bad.

Eggie talked to me along time, he didnt try to give me answers like I wanted. He told me about nature and why things are, he talked about life and death. He told me about why he thought that family had gotten Chippy and how times were bad and people were struggling just to survive. That my family was lucky and others werent so.

He was glad I didnt hurt that man or his family...that it showed what a good person I was.

I dont get that since I still feel really angry for them taking my best friend away...I still want to hurt them like they hurt Chippy. How can I be good person for feeling like that still. O.o

I cried alot more, got angry alot more. Eggie said I was pretty hysterical for awhile too. I dont remember that so much, I dont remember alot of what happened...just pictures in my head and feelings. Im still really confused and angry. :(

Eggie took me home later. Dad and miss Jenna and uncle Dalan where all there. I guess they were about to go looking for me. It was pretty late when we got back.

I saw daddy and I just ran to him and hugged him and started crying. After awhile, he just carried me to my room and put me in bed. I was still crying and didnt want him to go. :(


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Im not much fun right now according to my friends at school. They keep trying to get me to play but all I do is sit under the tree and be alone. I dont feel like being social or anything, and when they kept pestering me I yelled at them to leave me alone! They keep saying I need to get over Chippy. He was just a squirrel after all. :(

I dont care. He was my best friend. I have a right to be sad still. :mad:

I still leave nuts and seeds on the ledge of my window for the birds and squirrels, but when they come I dont go to play with them like I used to. I dont know if I ever will. I dont think I want ot have a friend like CHippy again. It hurt too much when he left. :(

Sitting in my room, Ive been practicing my magic stuff alot lately. It feels good to channel my frustration and anger when trying to do the stuff Mr Rain has been teaching me. I even accidently set fire to one of dads boots when I tried a spell on it. I was trying to make it glow. I couldnt do it well and I got really mad. :mad: Then poof! O.o

Dad was mad, but luckily the boots wrent ruined..just a little burnt. ;)

Uncle Dalan stopped by too. He wanted to make sure I was alright. He got dad to let him take me to my lesson with Mr Rain and after taking the portal we went for a walk into a nearby forest. He said he talked to Eggie and knew I was feeling really sad. We talked for along time and he told me about his friends who died and how he felt, like my momma.

I felt better after talking with him. I even tried to talk to him in dwarfish...sortof...I think I said something wrong cause he started laughing really hard and he woudlnt tell me what I said wrong. :\\ Just I shouldnt repeat one of those words...he didnt even tell me what it meant!


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Its been getting colder now...winters almost on us I think. The frost covers the ground and I have to bundle up for the walk to school. :(

Ive gone to where Chippys babies were, and I see tey are gettign so big now! THey grow so fast. I dropped off more nts for the momma like I have been doing since chippy...

My classes with Mr Rain are going pretty good. I told him about setting my dads boots on fire and hesaid I need to be more careful. I didnt tell him about the being angry part.

Sarah was kinda worried about me cause Im still sad about CHippy, but she didnt ask why I was so sad. Im glad, I dont think I could have without crying again.

She asked her dad if we could go get iceys and Im glad and it took my mind off things. Sarah and I had a good time, but she has a mean schoolmate too who made her lose her icey. She said it will be fun getting back at him and she could do it all sneaky like. :)  I hope she gets him good too! >:/