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Re: My book-A.F.
« Reply #240 on: March 31, 2008, 12:45:29 pm »
I miss bear. :(

Its been so long since hes been gone. Everyone keeps asking how he is, what he has been up to. I wish I had an answer, I wish I knew something. :(

I wrote him a letter and I hope it finds him soon.

I feel like Im going out of my mind sometimes. He always kept me grounded and smiling. Especially over the last few months.

I have been trying to keep myself occupied, Ive traveled the thunderpeaks with Mr Sall and friends a few times. Learned a few new ways to manipulate the weave, saw new sights. I only wish he had been there with me.

I  miss us just sitting quietly by glass lake, fishing, talking about how are days have been going, telling really bad jokes or just lying quietly by the fire in each others arms. :)

Right now...I dont know where I am. :\\


Re: My book-A.F.
« Reply #241 on: April 01, 2008, 03:57:28 am »
I swear if if I see that little brownie again and he laughs at me and my pain again i will squeeze the life out of his scrawny little neck! :mad:

I was nice..i told him the stories of my encounters with dragons...I told him most of what i had experienced...It was a decent conversation.

Then he said he wanted to ask me about the whole aeridin thing. He said he heard it was me who was railing against him and wanted to know why.

So I told him. I told him to go talk to the loremaster at the temple in northpoint. I told him aeridin..the so called life giver...has decided in his infinite wisdom that we of mixed blood heritage were corruptions of the natural cycle of things. That after thousands of years...he finally decided to end the chaos that we sow to the natural order.

I told him i learned it started with the death of the avatars of corath and aeridin. That when i originally sought answers to my questions..I was given a pat on the back, a smile and some gibberish about shifting of domains. I finally had to use my dads name to get an audience with the loremaster of northpoint...Thats when i learned the truth.

We of mixed blood are to die out quietly...the silent genocide of a god against those he deems a corruption of the natural cycle. >:/

Then he asked me...what about elves and humans..humans and orc..humans and giants..humans and dragons. I just stared at him. The idiot. He knew full well that the dragon men are the product of magic...not natural procreation. That one drop of the poison would turn you into an abomination...not dragon, not man...He did it to gt a rise out of me..not that he needed to work that hard at that point. :(

Then he just laughed at me...and ran off. LIke I was some idiot child! :mad:

I need to do something to take my mind of calm myself. O.o


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« Reply #242 on: April 01, 2008, 04:11:31 am »
Moraken kicked me out of his tower...Seems i destroyed one too many of his alchemy stations making fire bombs. :o

He yelled at me and sent me on my way. He had a few choice words for me about my intelligence and clumsiness! I suppose that was fair...My mind isnt so focused on what Im doing right now. I guess making fire bombs was a stupid idea given my mood. O.o

I miss my bear. I need him to come back to me. Im so lonely now. I am becoming short tempered with my friends, reckless by myself, and distant with my family. :(

I just dont know what to do. I try to ignore my depression. Keep myself busy. It seems to be the only thing that does the trick. I have tried to help out a few new adventurers lately, ive brought food and bandages to some families living in the forests that were in need...but doing all those things..It just doesnt make me feel anything. I still feel this void, sucking me into it. I put up a brave front, that im dealing with it, that I am coming ot terms with it. And i think i am...until something stupid brings it back to the surface again. :(

Master Jin said that more questions needed to be asked. That things may not be as desolate as they seem to me. To hold onto hope. He is wise, and I trust him implicitly...I just dont know. Its so hard. :\\


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« Reply #243 on: April 06, 2008, 02:31:44 pm »
I have been at if for weeks now. Gathering supplies in secret and stowing them away. But the tie is almost at hand for our trip. Who knows if Ill be back, ever.  O.o

I kinda feel like if i fall in there, then at least my anger and my pain will be gone. I keep feeling like I am becoming colder and colder. Sometimes i let my bit of depression show and become reckless. Sometimes I just get really angry at those around for no apparent reason. >:/

Ive been told to get my things in order. Odds are very much against us for where we are going. I thought it was hard enough hearing dad and MR Q talk to me about that. About what they wanted done when the end comes. Now I find myself having to prepare for my own eventuality. Im not sure i can. :(


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« Reply #244 on: April 06, 2008, 02:36:55 pm »
I finally saw Bear today! He has been gone for so long and I missed him so much!  

We talked about so many things, where he had been, where I had been, how much we missed each other. :)

We went to glass lake like we used to. We camped out out under the stars, caught fish and just held each other close. ;)

I am always so happy when he is around...all that bad stuff i have been stewing about..all the coldness ive been feeling. It all just melted away. :D


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« Reply #245 on: April 06, 2008, 03:14:15 pm »
I saw something horrible today...

Another dragon that had been tainted by the sickness. :o

I came out of the portal at wayfare and i saw the place was in ruins...buildings were on fire, people were lying dead and burned all over the place. Panic was everywhere! :o

Then I saw it....a large dragon, its scales rotting and dark. Not glistening and healthy as they should be. I saw Mr Storold fighting it, trying to stay alive while trying to communicate with it. The dragon was lashing out...almost more in frustration over something than in actual rage or anger! At least..that was my impression as i watched it.

Master Beli appeared right behind from the portal...He immediately ran into the fight. He held his own, although briefly. Before being stomped upon by the dragon into the earth!

I tried to run and help, but the dragon fear took me as i approached. All i could do was stand there...everything was a haze to fear keeping me rooted in that spot. Time stopped for me then...until i mastered myself...i dont know how long it was. :\\

Then I saw master Belis broken body lying in front of me. I cradled his head in mine, searching for any signs of life...I felt for his life pulse. At first i couldnt find it...then...there it frail. then i remembered a gift i was given..a i was looking for it I looked up and saw master storold standing beside a collapsed dragon...then i mastered myself once more and read from the scroll...

A blazing light and a groan...and master Beli opened his eyes for me! I poured some healing drafts down his throat and bandaged his wounds. He really has hearned the name Stonewill! I just laughed and hugged him as I helped him to his feet and got him to safety to rest. :D

I immediately returned to where master storold was standing beside the collapsed dragon. He was trying to talk to get it to listened to him. It just tried to snap at him with its jaws..but it was too weak. I tried talking to it in the language of reptiles..hoping maybe it would hear me..its mind being so clouded with might not need to focus so hard to understand us. :\\

After awhile it just roared and leapt up into the sky and flew off. O.o

It was then that i saw miss tegan...she was trying to help tend the wounded. After awhile of helping out, we gathered near mr storold. He told us the dragon just appeared and started attacking everything...that it was out of its mind in pain. >:/

As we talked, miss tegan told us how she and mr sall had met this dragon before, but it was just a little baby dragon at the time...its name was Earth the common. That they had tried to help it, that they had found a potion that might have saved the baby dragon. But it fled from them before they could help it. :o

She told us about what they discovered was causing the problem...the was more like an ooze with a mind of its own. It was attracted to magic, and it was magical in its own right. That it was attracted the the strongest magics it could find. O.o

I could tell talking about this was making miss tegan very upset. I completely understood...I could barely contain myself when i saw the pain that beautiful creature was in. It broke my heart to see it. I just put my arm around her and tried to comfort her as best as i could. :(


Re: My book-A.F.
« Reply #246 on: April 10, 2008, 09:51:09 pm »
We found Earth Whisper...

HE had finally succumbed to the poison coursing through his body and we were unable to help him.

I only hope Fisty can help him. It is strange to say that...all that i had ever heard fo the ancient red has been terrible tales of death and destruction.

I met with the voice of fisterion. A dwarf of all things. I was kind a surprised at that to be sure. We talked at length, since he was the one blocking our path to find earth whisper. In the end he agreed to let us pass on the agreement that we allow them to take earth whisper in the event our cure didnt work. He said fisty cared for all dragons, and that earth whisper would not be hurt if he was cured.

We traveled quite a while as we tried to track earth whisper deeper into the forest. We finally found him. We also came across several other hunters who had been tracking him.

Mercs led by a green dragon cultist had been found the dragon and were trying to capture him. It was a hard battle..but in the end we cleansed their taint from the forest.

He still fought hard against us, but in the end we managed to subdue him and put him to sleep.

Miss Tegan was pretty upset. I dont blame her. I could barely contain myself from crying seeing the suffering of earth whisper. Miss Tegan told us that the way the poison works, is that its attracted to the strongest magic. Her idea was to have us focus our magic thru her, to make the poison leave teh dragon and come to her. A druid nad cleric were handy to capture the poison when it came out...IT nearly worked...nearly. :o

Miss Linda tried then, afterwards..she said earth whispers soul was gone...all that was left was a shell. I couldnt believe just tore at me...but I refused to believe it. >:/

The voice appeared shortly after. We honored our agreement, and we traveled as escort to the bay of carcosa where a ship was waiting for us. Earth Whisper was loaded onto the deck and securely tied down for his trip to fisty. I just hope he can help. :(


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« Reply #247 on: April 23, 2008, 04:07:29 pm »
All this time on the boat...

The voice offered us the chance to accompany earth whisper on teh trip the molten isle where fisty dwells.

I agreed so fast i think it took the voice by surprise! There was no way I was gonna let earth whisper out of my sight.

This trip has been pretty unexceptional. Earth Whisper sometimes has his fits and he is having nightmares in his sleep. It worries me since sometimes those fits get really bad. :o so jealous of him sometimes. He found away to communicate with earth whisper. He told me his soul isnt gone...its just being suppressed by the poison. Armolas' connection with the dragon is a wonderful thing. I wish i could share it. :(


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« Reply #248 on: April 23, 2008, 04:20:36 pm »
I woke up next to a bindstone...

The last thing i remember was using my magic to set earth whisper free...then the cold dark of the waters.

Talking with others, i slowly remembered what happened to me.

The dragons fits started becoming worse and worse, and more frequent the closer we got to the isle. We discovered there was a green cultist spy amongst the crew! He had been performing some ritual or something to regain control of the dragon! :o

A cape was discovered with corathite markings on it. Later, a small alcove had been found that was used in some was obviously to gain control of the dragon or to at least wake it from its sleep. But the runes had been wiped and we couldnt make heads or tails of what the ritual was. O.o

I discovered the dwarf, a green dragon cultist by his scent...foul smelling dwarf. Bet he wasnt expecting to be found by a mere slip of a girl! :p

He looked like he was about to put up a fight, so argali wapped him on the head knocking him out cold..we tied him to the mast after question him about what he did. We were too late...the dragon was awake and thrashing, the voice came aboard but his magic couldnt put the dragon to sleep again...It was then he decided to kill earth whisper. :o

Nothing we could do could sway him...the crew evacuated the ship...and they attacked us. It was then that we did our best to get earth whisper free...better him to fly free with a chance for healing than to be lost to the depths of the sea. >:/

Then darkness.


Re: My book-A.F.
« Reply #249 on: April 23, 2008, 04:41:31 pm »
I still think about earth whisper one seems to have heard of him recently. I only hope that the green dragon cultists havent gotten him. :(

Ive been thinking of the dragons alot. I think earth whisper really got to me. I didnt know him so well, i wish i did. I wish i could have touched him like armolas. :(

I just remember sitting by earth whisper on the long trip thru the forest...and then on the boat trip. Feeling like i was being his guardian and friend, watching over him. :)

I think seeing all the dragons being attacked and hurt by the cultists is really getting to me. I know not all dragons are considered good...but they are all beautiful.

Some more terrifyingly beautiful than others...:rolleyes:

I cant help but get so angry at what they have done. Robbing the lives of the dragons by corrupting them with that foul poison. >:/

Im not sure why i feel the way i do about whats happening. Maybe because i was robbed of a life i wanted so badly and cant bear to see it happen again. Maybe its just because I cant bear to see it happen to these majestic creatures. I know it broke my heart every time i saw a dragon harmed by those cultists. The red, the gold, the bronze...:(


Re: My book-A.F.
« Reply #250 on: April 24, 2008, 11:28:16 am »
My head has been so cluttered of late. Thinking of earth whisper, traveling into the deep, doing basher stuff.

Time seems to go by so fast, other times it just seems to stop.

Ive begun hunting demons and devils. Well..more like happened upon them and or they were summoned by dark elves. Either way, I won and have a few trophies gathered as Mr Omer suggested I do.

Once i have enough, Ill ask miss Tegan to sew them into my leathers. Make em look like they belong there. I think mr Omers input into that might help alot. It was his idea after all.

Thinking  of Mr Omer, he keeps asking me to take him ot see the woman, the granddaughter of one of the 8 spellswords. The book she gave me, his journal with the blank pages, well..they arent really blank after all. He says he needs to find the key to the magic guarding its secrets. He has been able to make out a few things here and there, but his scrying hasnt lasted long enough to read more thena a sentence or two. Anyways, I guess ill be taking him to see her shortly. :p

Ive been pretty good about practicing the elvish lately. Im starting to understand alot more than just the standard lovey dovey platitudes most people use. Still, its hard to be all sing songy or whatever when i speak it. Im all stilted and miss Serissa says i need to get the rocks out of my mouth when i speak! :rolleyes:

Dwarfen was so much easier! O.o


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« Reply #251 on: April 27, 2008, 03:35:52 am »
The falcons finally gathered together and flew into the heart of darkness.

Ive been gone for almost 2 months traveling into the mountains of madness with my companions seeking out the cause of the cloud covering the mountains.

The blackness was so dark, but i dont think it was least it didnt feel that way as we entered. It was more like a natural darkness shrouding everything. :\\

Though it was eerily quiet and the entire trip we felt we were being watched, I was relieved to see that nature was still thriving in the dark. The rumors we had heard before entering led me to believe that it was going to be a barren waste, devoid of any life. :(

We were lucky that we only encountered one dark elf patrol. Though we were concerned that the darkness was being used to allow them to roam freely on the surface. Im sure there are lots more working for milara, but we didnt encounter them thank folian. :rolleyes:

After that we were doubly paranoid. We even considered turning back. We didnt and im glad...we made our way towards milaras throne. We figured that was about where the cloud was centered over. It wasnt really, but it was close...and we found the source of the cloud. And some answers we werent expecting. O.o

I dont know all the history of it...Lalaith needs to speak more on the subject but at the time we didnt have a chance. Milara was standing with a woman named Selian. She was the one who in a fit of rage destroyed the hallowlight forest and made it the nightmare it is now. :mad:

Anyways...they said they were trying to fix a problem miss jennara and a few others created all those years ago. Master Beli told me a bit about it since he was involved. Turns out when the lumbral were set free, the portal connecting their prison with this one that was opened...and well..i dont think it was closed properly. O.o

Oh yeah, the lumbral are like these shadow people, not shades like dedders, but like shadow people. Im not sure how to explain any better than that...but anyways....Milara said it was our fault that this had happened. I could sense a hole and feel a weird thready substance...weave, or something else was coming from the place the portal had been. It was really really odd. O.o

Afterwards we talked with miss Jennara about the matter of the lumbral. Her version of the story was that with the aid of some magical orb created by the ancients, maybe even the lumbral themselves. Well, when the prison was opened and the lumbral set free, milara attacked and somehow got the orb and then tried to do his own thing with it...and then when he tried to mess with the thing, he was disrupted and from there everything went nuts! :o

So my guess on the matter is that the portal was never fully closed. That part of the lumbrals realm, or at least their prison, is slowly seeping into our world. What to do now is anyones guess. :\\

Other things happened on that trip...especialyl as we got closer to portal...Im not sure i want to write about that now...i know its supposed to help, and it has in the past. But not this time i think...I will say this..cause its important that i remember it I think. :)
I saw a vision...Before me was this large city. There were people and giant lizards walking the streets. In the northern corner was a huge tower..and it was dark..then the image seemed to disappear and an image of an old giant dark tree filled my eyes! It was the strangest thing.  O.o

What was weirder still...we all saw it ..the same exact image! We even saw these weird images of scorpions which appeared and then vanished in a twinkling of the eye! :o

Only Mr Plen didnt see this, he was completely oblivious to things happening around us at that moment. Im not sure what happened...but its important i think. :\\


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« Reply #252 on: April 28, 2008, 12:57:12 am »
The vampires are back...>:/

This time they have chosen to use Jaelle instead of bear. In glad of that...but i feel badly and am worried for Jaelle.  :(

Whats worse..I think they are gonna do something bad to miss hanna. Or her new baby...I hope not.

I wont let that happen. >:/


Re: My book-A.F.
« Reply #253 on: April 28, 2008, 04:24:36 pm »
I really really really really hate vampires. :mad:


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« Reply #254 on: April 29, 2008, 05:16:31 pm »
The green tattooed cultists are consolidating their forces. And now they abominations that have been rumored have been brought forth to do their bidding.

The demons are being wiped from the face of belinara. On the one hand i think this is good. Those creatures need to be sent back to the pits where they came from. :p

Unfortunately, this drive to clear the lands from Phal to Khul are forcing the demons into areas where the populace arent used to dealing with such foul beasts. To top it off...we encountered a scared half demon....more human than fiend...except for the wings and tail. O.o

He told us he witnessed a a creature the likes of which he had never seen before, it was tearing apart even the most powerful of demons to shreds! It was described as larger than man, but walking on two legs...but it had the skin of a dragon and acid for breath! :o

Even before we left Fort Miritrix, the guard captain told us he needed help, that the demons were being run out of lands between Phal and Ash and that a red dragon was being used to do this. He also said reports indicated dwarves with green tattoos on their necks were with it. >:/

We found it...or found was a large black, dragon skinned creature with wings that blotted out the sun in trees. It had a terrible roar...:o

In the end we wounded it severely and knocked it out of the sky when it tried to fell into a deep pit and after collapsing the walls of  the pits onto it we finally managed to kill it. :D

We never did find the red dragon though...but im doubting its whole. If the green tattoos have it..its probably been poisoned. :(

So much happening...milara, demons, dragons....can it get any worse? O.o

Oh yeah...elvish class...Miss Serissa wants me to meet her for elvish lessons. She said if dad could learn should be easy for me. I just need to practice more than i am...and shes gonna see to it that i get the rocks out of my mouth when i speak it! Im getting too many bad habits from my friends and need more structure. :\\


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« Reply #255 on: May 08, 2008, 04:54:52 pm »
I was kinda hit with a nice surprise the other day. Mr Omer found me and he asked if I would be willing to start teaching others who wished to learn about being a spellsword. :o  :D

I know its been one of my dreams for awhile. Once i achieved some level of mastery and thought I might be able to help others who may be seeking what i know.

He told me he is with a group that has formed a conclave of teachers dedicated to training those in the various arts of the Al'Noth. They have a place and are now seeking teachers to help cover what they need.

I told him I would be happy to help. I know my skills are getting stronger an stronger every day. :)


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« Reply #256 on: May 08, 2008, 05:37:21 pm »
Things are going nuts on Dregar!

Giants are starting to attack the crossroads from the mountains, everyone is running scared, tensions are running high. :o

The Boyers have asked many of my friends for help. I know some have travelled up the mountains and havent been seen or heard from since..I hope they are alright. :(

I missed the big fight. As did a few of my friends I was meeting in dalanthar. We were all standing around talking about what happened, trying to get any stories from the locals when a guard captain asked us to follow him.

Things are worse than we had heard. Mr Krys and miss sala were with us, I guess the guard recognized one of them. We were brought before the magistrate. He told us a story of what was happening and that allies were needed. They suggested we go talk to the Bandits...try to cut a deal with them. They had as much to lose as anyone who lived near the borders of the crossroads.

We travelled there...this was gonna be fun...:\\  

With MR Krys leading us, we decided to not fight our way in...turns out that was the best idea. The bandits had reinforced the guards on the paths leading into their territory! We told them we needed to speak with their leaders.

Take me to your leader...O.o

After awhile, a small halfling woman showed up. She immediately recognized Mr Krys, and a few of us. She was really mad...she had lost alot of friends and family over the years. :(

After awhile, we were taken into the deepest part of their territory and broken into 3 groups...We were interviewed by who we thought was the leader of the bandits. Turns out all three groups of us talked to someone else. Im glad we all got our story straight. Not that it was hard to do..we had told them what the magistrate told us to tell them. To try and get them to talk and become allies. They have agreed to that at least. :)

I just hope everything works out for us all. We need all the allies we can get. At least, judging by the rumors flying around. :(

As we left the village..the bandit woman told us one more thing...kinda cryptic actually. She asked if we had ever been where the trollocs live. She said something about standing over the grave of our success or something. :\\

We reported back to the magistrate and told them to expect ambassadors from teh bandit village. They agreed to talk as long as the Boyers upheld their part of the bargain.

We are all meeting back at the inn for a drink. I hope they have some dwarfs head.


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Gods my feet are killing whole body is killing me. What did that dwarf spirit do to me?! O.o :(

I guess its the price I had to pay for this scroll.

Now for the hard part...

Grave of our success...ha..there was gave alright. That bandit sent us to a death trap. At least she probably thought she did. I will have to thank uncle Dalan and miss grenna right properly when i see then again! :D

Turns out it was tomb of of one of the losthammer dwarf lords. It was a really scary looking spirit...all intimidating and such. I guess thats how most dwarf lords probably are. :rolleyes:

He didnt attack outright..which i think saved my butt. That and being able to speak the tongue. After awhile..I realized who he was and what he was doing. I told him the tale i had heard of my friends going up the mountain, of the kin who are trying tot free the lost clanhome and destroy the betrayer.

I guess that story did it. That and after he touched me with his hammer and did whatever it was he did to me. Gods that hurt...still hurts! :mad:

He gave me a scroll he was guarding. Saying it needed to go to the kin fighting the betrayer. They would need it.

I think I need to try and figure out what it means...for some reason i dont think it will help if they dont know how to use it. Maybe master gravas or mr krys can help me...or...or...alexie! He gave me that runestone after doing a job for him. Hes an araganite...they keep records of everything! :D

Now to figure out how to get this to them. I heard master kobal and master fenrir are leading the charge. ones heard from them since they left.

Gods i need a beer. :\\


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« Reply #258 on: May 10, 2008, 12:05:27 am »
Woohoo! Thank folian i needed a beer! :D

I found master gravas at the scamps having a drink! :p

I told him about the scroll and i gave it to him. Now we are gonna make preparations nad head into the mountains to find master kobal.

I am sooo relieved. Now to get ready. :D


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« Reply #259 on: May 13, 2008, 04:43:52 pm »
Well...the fight is over. At least for now. :\\

Its been so insane these last few weeks. Barely had time to breathe, let alone sit back and relax with my bear.

We had no sooner come back from the gaining the aid of the dragon, then we were asked to investigate a rash of disappearances. Turns out whole villages had been kidnapped and that some weres from the snowtooth clan had been driven out and decided to make their own army! :o

Harrigan even made an appearance and he gave us the clues we needed to figure out how the villagers had been taken. I still dont trust him..and hes still looking for that super were.

We were able to save most of the people...but some had been turned already and had lost their minds from the changes they were undergoing. We had to put them down. :(

We did save most of the villagers...and we ended up killing the the alpha male that was trying to turn them into his new army. I was nervous for awhile...i remember the last time i had to deal with an aggressive sect of werewolves. Im glad this turned out alright. :)