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Opening the door slowly she enters the old guild hall of her family and looks down the darkened halls. Its late and the only light comes from a few flickering torches that are still sputtering in their sconces here and there as she gingerly walks down the empty halls.

"Its been  a long time i suppose..."she muses to herself as she wanders the halls of her old home. Slowly and quietly making her way to the where the living quarters used to be, her foot steps barely marking a path on the dusty floor she listens for any familiar sounds. She passes one room where someone is gently snoring, one of the live in servants or caretakers of the place she guesses.

The smells of the place have changed. More musty now it seems, and the lingering scent of someone who needs to bath...desperately, probably Mr Lance or Beli she giggles to herself, though its hard to say. She wonders if they are even still around.
As she wanders thru the living quarters...if thats what you call them now, seeming mostly empty and nice coating of dust on what furniture is left, she spies the door to her old room. At least she thinks its her old room..its been a long time after all.

Listening carefully, she gently opens the door and peeks one at all. Nothing at all. It seems the room has been cleaned out. Probably awhile ago. Looking around, her eyes alight upon what shes searching for. Along the wall, there is a small board whose grain does not quite fit the pattern of the rest of the floor. Hardly noticeable if your not looking for  it. Bending down she pries the board up and out, not without some difficulty and after a few moments it pops out with a small bang. Freezing in place, she listens to hear if anyone notices...after a few moments all seems quiet still and she proceeds to root around in the hollow that has been exposed.

Her eyes glitter as she pulls out a couple of old tomes. Dusty and beat up from years of use, and years of neglect in this old hole. Rubbing her fingers across the old leather cover of one, the memories of her time spent here long ago come flooding back. After a few moments she digs thru her hidy-hole again and finds a few small things that she hid away here so long ago..a fishing lure Bear gave her causes her to smile, a small wooden carving of a wolf her uncle Dalan made for her, her first knife...made by her dad and still softly glowing with the magick that her mother imbued into it.

Tucking the items away into a pocket of her pack she quietly leaves the guild hall.
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