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Re: My book-A.F.
« Reply #40 on: May 02, 2007, 10:39:00 pm »
I hate the cold times.

I can go out and play for a bit, but I cant stay out for too long. Its not like the springtime or summer. My hands and feet get cold and turn blue and it hurts. :(

In summer I can run around and not worry about turning into a piece of ice. The land is green and ther are animals all over.

Now its so quiet...everyone is asleep and Im just sitting here in my room. :(

Even the trips to Hampshire are depressing and sad. I see people who remind of the famly that ate CHippy. It makes me sad and angry at the same time. Sometimes i get the bad dreams were I still see that man looking at me and his kids too. I cant take it sometimes. All I want to do is cry.

Sarah is really nice though, she makes me smile alot and shes alot of fun. Sometimes we are able to get uncle Dalans dog to play with us  nad once we got him all pretty with bows and stuff. Uncle Dalan wasnt happy with that! :D

Ive seen Sonya again a few times too which makes me happy. Then i get sad too sometiemes since she seems depressed about something. I heard dad talking to Q about something and it want good. So its prolly got something to do with that.

Im looking out my window right now nad the snow is all muddy and the everything is so grey. :(


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« Reply #41 on: May 05, 2007, 05:00:50 pm »
Its still cold out and not so much fun wandering around the city when its like this. Hempstead is generally a clean enough place I guess...but when the snow falls here it gets all dingy and gross. I dont likeit it at all. :mad:

The fun thing was that sarah and I got to have some fun with uncle dalan. :D

He stopped by to see how we were doing and even had pie for us as a sanck during our break! Hes an awful good cook! :D

He asked us what we learned and we shoed him. We made him all glowy! :o  That was really fun! :D

We asked where his wolf was and he said he was out and about in the fields somewhere. We wanted to make him pretty again, uncle Dalan just sighed at us nad said Swifty didnt like all the bows. I guess we did too many. :(  Next time we wont go so nuts. :p

After our lessons were done Sarah and I wanted to go play, and we thought it would be fun to get uncle Dalan to go with us. We went looking and we heard him snoring in his room. We tried to open the door but it was locked, but Sarah took care of that easy enough. I got to get her to teach me how to do that! 8)  We decided to play a trick on uncle Dalan after we found him asleep. :)

We snuck in, he snores so loud we didnt have any trouble. We just learned how to put someone to sleep so we cast the spell on him to make sure he didnt get up, it doesnt last long so we had to hurry. We braided his hair all nice and pretty and put a few bows in his hair and beard. There were some flowers in the hall so we used those to decorate his helmet and his beard. :D
He was so pretty. ;)

We snuck out and locked his door again. I think hes gonna be really surprised when he wakes up! O.o

After I left dad took me to the guild hall and Sonya was there! I was so happy! :D Her and her dad were gonna travel with us to the temple in fort llast. We had alot of fun just talking and having fun. She said she was going there to begin her training. I guess she is gonna be a knight or something. Kinda like dad I guess. Shes really good with a sword too! Way better than me, but I am getting pretty good with my bow at least. Dad wanted us to spar and she beat me pretty fast! I got my licks in, but I was not nearly as tough as she was! Im really glad shes my friend! :D

Dad seemed to think I did a pretty good job handling myself. He said if I practice more I could definitely be a match for Sonya. Yeah right! :\\ She practices all the time and is so strong!


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« Reply #42 on: May 09, 2007, 12:37:36 pm »
Im so happy again! The snows are melting and the weather is finally starting to warm up! :D

I hated being cooped up all the time. Winter is no fun in a city. I remember back at the village, the snow was white and I would go out play in it for hours with my friends. Her its not so nice, everything is all muddy and dirty and I cant wander the forest like I used to. :(

I met a boy named Cole when I was at Mr. Rains class this week to. Sarah knows him, she said he was the son of one of her dads guild friends. He was funny, when Sarah tried to introduce me to him he got all flustered and stammery. I think we made him nervous or something, but he was kinda cute.

Uncle Dalan was talking to him abit about the forest so I listened in for a bit before I had to get back to classes. I guess Mr. Rain and uncle Dalan were going to teach him how to move around the forest and stuff.

If he decides to talk to me and isnt so shy next time, maybe its something we could talk about. :)


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« Reply #43 on: May 10, 2007, 04:17:15 am »
I am so excited!!! :D

Robert from school asked me to a dance that happens to celebrate spring! I knew we were friends, but I didnt think he liked me that way! Im so happy! :D

And with school almost done I am gonna be able to have lots of time to spend with him!

Im gonna have to ask miss Jenna to help me find a nice dress, maybe Sarah or Sonya can come too.

OH NO! I forgot! I dontknow how ot dance! :o We never did anything like that back in my old village.

I would ask dad but I dont think he can. Hes a great fighter and all, but I really think he has 2 left feet sometimes. I guess he overcame his feet problem with all his training. CLUMSY! ;)

Miss Jenna might be able to teach me, or maybe one of the girls at school can help me.


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« Reply #44 on: May 10, 2007, 04:44:57 am »
Class with Mr. Rain was fun today. We didnt really spend alot of time on magick and stuff. :D

Im was so excited aboutthe dance coming up, that it was all I could talk about with Sarah! I told her all about Robert, that he was tall and had really pretty blue eyes, that he was smart and really really handsome, and funny and how he stood up for me when that jerk Mikel tried to get me in trouble. ;)

Mr. Rain kept trying to get me to focus, but I couldnt and I guess I was making Sarah all unfocused too since we kept messing up our spells. I think he finally figured out we werent gonna get anything done that day so he asked why we were so all excited and giggly. :p

I told him it was for some spring festival and that I had been asked by a really cute boy. Then Sarah got all excited and started blabbing on and on about me being in looove with a boy adn how we were gonna be all kissy-faced. O.o That was embarrasing. :\\

Then Sarah chirped up and sadi her dad knew how to dance...sortof. He could show us how! SO all morning was spent learing to dance. :D

Turns out MR Rain isnt taht great a dancer, but Miss Elohanna was around the guildhall adn she heard us laughing and poked her head in on our dance class. Shes really graceful and pretty, and she can dance really really beautifully! :) She took over from Mr Rain...whew! :rolleyes:  

She had Sarah and I dance together, after she showed us what to do with Mr Rain. When we took a break MR Rain said he woudl be back soon, and we had a fun tme with Hanna. We went for a walk around Hempstead and she told us she had a boy too and that she was gonan get married! :)

When we got back to the guildhall, there was a bunch of people there. Sarahs mom was there, and her brother and Cole and uncle Dalan too! I guess Mr Rain went and got everyone together. The boys were so shocked when they learned they were gonna get dancing lessons! :o

It was so much fun! Uncle Dalan was abit gruff when he learned he had been tricked into dancing lessons, so were the boys too! But when found out he was gonna dance with Hanna (that was so cute!) he lightened up abit (I bet he was just putting on show at being all grumpy ;) ). I got to dance with Tristan and Sarah got Cole. I was kinda jealous of Sarah at first cause she got Cole, but everyone got to dance with everyone so it was okay!

I never woudl have thought uncle Dalan could move so well! I even complimented him in dwarfen...I think. ;) Hes a pretty good dancer. I think Sarah and I will have to make him pretty for the dance if he goes. ;)

It was so much fun! After a few hours we were all really exhausted, but uncle Dalan had been baking so we all had a scrumptious feast of apple and blackberry pie! :D


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« Reply #45 on: May 12, 2007, 04:24:01 am »
Its almost time for the festival! Me and my friends have been snooping around the fairgrounds trying ot see whats gonna happen.

Im so excited! We never had anything like this back at the village. There are lots of stalls going up everywhere and tents too. I cant wait to see whats in them.

I had so much fun at Mr Rains last week. I learned to dance..sortof. :rolleyes: Im still kinda clutsy. I jsut hope I dont step on Roberts feet! O.o

During the break when Mr Rain left to fetch the boys, Sarah showed me aspecial place of hers where she had a couple of giant eggs hidden! She said they were eggs anyway, they were really heavy and colored, not like any eggs I ever saw. They could have been rocks as heavy as they were! :\\

The funny thing was, that she had them hidden in a giant cave! O.o Why shes hiding things in a place where she could get eaten for a snack was beyond me. I didnt realize what the place was until we almost ran into a few onthe way out! :o I guess I should have paid closer attention to where I was going instead of blindly following Sarah into a giant hole.

It was really scary for a bit but we were even more excited when we fooled those giants and snuck out and back to her house. We hid the eggs and portalled back. We ran all the way from Wayfare to the city! We werent gone long, but we ran into dad at the gates. Sarah told him something, I couldnt understand what since my heart was pounding in my ears from all the running. I just hugged him and chased Sarah back to Mr Rains.

Oh yeah....Dad found out about me being asked to the dance by a boy. He said he would have to meet him when we went to the festival before deciding if I could be alone with him at the dance. :o  Dad better be nice to him! >:/


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« Reply #46 on: May 12, 2007, 04:24:55 am »
The Spring festival was so much fun!

I spent most of it with Robert and we had a really good time. We walked around the fair grounds mostly and did some of the games and stuff.

It was fun watching him try and do the knight log joust thingy. and the bucking pig.  :D

He did pretty good at the joust, he was so brave to do that! He got knocked off once and then knocked the other guy off 2 times to win! :)

The pig was just fun to watch. You were supposed to see how long you stay on it. He didnt last very long. :\\

The dance at the end of the fair was the best part. I guess he had been practicing to dance too since he only stepped on my foot once or twice. ;)
He was all dressed up like a knight out of a fairy tale. He was so handsome.

The dress I bought with Miss Jenna looked really pretty too, it was blue and and had white lacy bodice that was really frilly and pretty. Robert sadi I looked really beautiful in it. :)

The best part was after the dance we sncuk up to the pond overlooking haven. It was kind of a tough climb in my dress, but it was worth it. The view was really great, and you could see most of haven and teh ights from the festival and everyone walking around.

We talked for a little bit, then just watched the stars reflected in the pool. He was so sweet.

I guess we were both really tired too, cause next thing I knew we both woke up nad it was morning! :o We were all wet from the dew nad and my dress had a bunch of grass stains from teh climb up. :\\  Im prolly gonna get in trouble for this one. I was supposed to have gone home after the dance. Oh well...It was fun and Robert and I had a good laugh about how much trouble we were gonna be in. :D

He walked me home, and left.

Oh yeah...I almost forgot. He kissed me on the cheek before he left! My first kiss from a boy! :D


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« Reply #47 on: May 13, 2007, 01:41:17 pm »
Summer has been the best so far! No school, except for Mr Rains classes, and those arent so bad since I get to hang out with Sarah.

Dad has been letting me stay at the guild for a day or two since I dont have classes in Haven anymore. We have explored the whole city! :) Though we usually have to go with uncle Dalan, dad or some other adult when we go too far but that doesnt bother us too much. :rolleyes:

Sarah wants me to ask dad if I can spend a few days with her at her house in Prantz.  :) I hope I can, though I know dad is pretty nervous about that place lately. I guess some stuff has been going on with his job that has been pretty upsetting to him. :(

Oh yeah, uncle Dalan came by and asked if I wanted to go out into the forest again for a while! He said he was going with Mr Rain and they were gonna teach Cole about stuff he was teaching me. Im so excited! We havent done this in long time and I miss it so much! I hope dad lets me go. :D


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« Reply #48 on: May 13, 2007, 06:52:01 pm »
Ive been in the woods now for a week with uncla Dalan and Mr Rain and Cole. Its been hard and exhausting and reallyl fun! Theyve taken us places that I never would have thought existed! Im so glad dad let me go.

The boys picked me up at the house in Haven and we travelled north into the forest. It has been a long time since I was last here. Uncle Dalan was teaching us how to track various animals in the forest and about searching for berries and stuff that we can eat. Hes really good! He had us eating moss O.o  and berries that had afunny smell. We went fishing too, and ended up swimming in the river for a while. I never really noticed, but Cole was really handsome. :) He has dark hair and really deep brown eyes. He was really nervous when we first met, but camping out here with him he finally relaxed and we got along swimmingly. ;)

Mr Rain was teaching us about using a bow. I still had uncle Dalans bow and arrows, and I was pretty good with them. I think uncle Dalan was really happy with that. :) Mr Rain was really good too. He coudl make them catch on fire and stuff and he was realyl accurate. He shot an apple off of a rock and scared a skunk, that wasnt good. It was so scared we couldnt get it to calm down nad it got poor Cole in the chest with its stink bomb! :o After we escaped the skunk, we all laughed so hard then helped him use the elderberries to clean off the smell. That took along time! :\\

We had been travelling all over and finally made camp in a desert somewhere.  We were cooking our dinner and I heard someone sneaking around. No one else seemed to catch it, so I sadi I had to use the loo nad snuck off to track our littel guest. I saw this huge shadow crouched against a rock near where uncle Dalan was cooking some fish. I couldnt see very well, adn I thought it might have spotted me, but it didnt so I built my courage up and jumped on it and screamed my head off! :mad: I held on so tight! it kept trying to get me off and all it was all I could do to hold on. All the others got there right quick and all I rememebr was seeing everyone circling the shadow with their weapons out and i wasa heap on the ground. O.o

Turns out it was a friend of Dalans. Another dwarf named Grena. Uncle Dalan didnt notice but i saw how he got all happy and chatty and smiled really wide whenever he looked at her. ;) I was sitting next to Cole and it a nice. Mr Rain kept glancing at us, I dont know what he was thinking.

Later on, uncle Dalan and Grena snuck off and we all went to bed. Later I had use the loo for real this time, and I was trying ot be quiet and not wake anyone up. I heard some voices, and decided to make sure it wasnt nothing bad like bandits or something. It was that Grena lady and uncle Dalan sitting on a dune. I didnt want to disturb them, but I couldnt help watching for alittel bit. They were all chatting and giggling and then they started kissing. O.o I was so shocked! Uncle Dalan doesnt kiss anyone that way! Hes the grumbly old dwarf we all love. I was so shocked I slipped and fell face first into a sand pile. :\\

When we started off the next day i tried to stay focused and not gawk or stare at uncle Dalan or miss Grena but my eyes couldnt keep from looking at them all walking and being all giggly and holding hands occasionally. They were so sweet together. :D

I got over it after awhile and kept up with Cole and MR Rain and learned about the desert and the creatures in it. I stuck pretty close to Cole and we got on great.


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Roberts mad at me. :(

He saw me when we were coming up the way and I was chatting with Cole. Im surprised he didnt see uncle Dalan or Mr Rain since they were right behind us. Tunnel vision i think is what dad called it. :mad:

I suppose I guess I can see where he might be a little jealous, since Cole gave me a hug before before he left, so did uncle Dalan for that matter.

He just said "Hello, glad your back", then gave me a dirty look nad walked off. :\\

I guess I will have to go have a talk with him.

I need a bath now, I smell really bad, not as bad as Cole O.o  but I think I should get cleaned up. Then I can go tell dad and miss Jenna about my trip. :D


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It was Sarah and Tristans birthday yesterday. It was a fun time, there were lots fo kids at her party and we had a great time. :D

Everyone was there, and it was the first time I had been to Sarahs house since we snuck there a few weeks ago. Sonya and Cole were there, and I got to meet his sister Aylana.

I made Sarah a bow liek the one uncle Dalan gave me. Cole and I made it with the help of uncle Dalan. Well...alot of help from uncle Dalan! ;) It turned out pretty good I think and she relaly liked it.

I feel bad cause the gift I got Tristan wasnt nearly so nice as Sarahs bow. I got him a nice shirt and some leggings since I didnt know what he liked. I dont see him that often, and really only spent time with him when we were practicing our dancing.

Later that nite Cole nad I told Sarah all about our trip with uncle Dalan and Mr  Rain. She laughed realyl hard at the stroy about Cole getting stink bombed by the skunk. Cole was really nice saying I was really fierce about when I jumped on Grena when I sw her sneaking up on us. Especially since I got dumped on my head into a pile of sand, but he left that part out. :p

She fell asleep after awhile and COle and I talked for awhile too then fell asleep by the fire.

The next day I had to make the trip back to Hempostead and dad met em at the wayfare point. I told him all about our trip and Sarahs party and how Cole and I being trained by uncle Dalan. He just looked at me funny and said I better be careful with all those boys chasing me. He might have to lock me in a tower to keep me safe! :o Then he said I needed to have a talk with miss Jenna about boys and stuff. He was all serious and stuff and I dont get it. :\\


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« Reply #51 on: May 16, 2007, 01:24:32 am »
I havent been feeling too well lately. In fact, Ive been downright grumpy and feeling all weird.

Then it happened...

Miss Jenna decided to have a chat with me. O.o

All I can say is I dont think I ever want to have babies if thats what has to happen! :o  

It doesnt sound very fun at all. In fact it really grossed me out! O.o  

I like the boys and all, but I dont think I could like them that much! :\\  

Then she explained to me about some other things that were happening to me and Im not too sure I like the idea of it. Its kinda scary actually, but I guess it explains why Ive been all moody lately and feeling bad. :(


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« Reply #52 on: May 16, 2007, 03:18:11 pm »
I had the best surprise today!

Tristan, Sarah, Sonya and her family came to Haven today for a surprise picnic! :D  Im so glad since I was getting bored. All of my friends are off visiting their families elsewhere outside of Haven so Ive been just helping round the house alot lately withthe babies and stuff. :\\

Dad was really glad to see his friend Mr Quantum nad Miss Serissa. They decided to make a go of it and we all went together. Dad got a bunch more food from some local shops and we all headed to the lake. It was a really beautiful day today too which made it even better. :)

We went swimming, talked bathed in the sunshine and just had a great time. The babies are starting to try and walk and stuff now too nad so we had to make sure they didnt stray too far from us.:rolleyes: They were a riot, trying ot walk and chase us. When they got tired we just took them back to miss Jenna and dad so the coudl rest and not be cranky. ;)

Dad, Miss Jenna, Serissa and Mr Q seemed to have a good time too. I know theres been alot going with them lately.

I wanted to talk to Sarah and Sonya abot the stuff  miss Jenna talked to me about, and what happened to me recently. But I felt weird about it, especially with Tristan around. I kinda got uncomfortable around him at first thinking about all that stuff. Later Tristan wanted to go and chat with MR Q and the 'adults' so I got some time with the girls. :)

They just gaped at me when I told them what Miss Jenna said about boys. :o  I felt a better about the other stuff after talking with them. We all ended up giggling and laughing about it, especially when Tristan came back to join us. We didnt say a word to him about it though! ;)

Later we did some fishing, and I even got the otters to play with us for a little bit. They were really nice and thought we were funny since we couldnt swim as well as they did. They swam circles around us! We shared our fish with them and tehy hung out with us for quite a awhile. I think Sonya found a new best friend with one of them. They were inseparable till we both had to go. :)

At the end of the day, we all went back to the house in Haven and had dinner there. It was pretty late when everyone left and we were all really tired. 8)

We all a great time though. :D


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« Reply #53 on: May 17, 2007, 01:00:57 am »
I cant believe the summer has gone by so fast. Its almost harvest time, and tehn...back to school. :(

At least I will see my friends again. I miss playing with them all. I cant wait to see Robert again too! ;)

I had teh strangest thing happen to me too. I had a nightmare...sortof..I guess...maybe, im not really sure. I jsut know it kinda freaked me out.

It was about the old village. I saw Alice in it and she was really old looking and looked like she was in alot of pain. :(  I couldnt see where she was, since it was really dark and stuff. But it really did frighten me alot. :o

I think i must have screamed or something, cause dad came in. He was pretty worried. I told him what i saw and that Alice was in terrible pain and and it really scared me. He held me for a littel bit, and i finally fell asleep again.

When I woke up, miss Jenna was making breakfast and she wanted to take me out for abit of fresh air. She got a babysitter for the babies and we went for long walk into the forest. She said dad was off to fetch some stuff for his guild and would be back in a day or two. I guess he stayed with me all nite after I fell asleep. :rolleyes:

Its nice out there...I dont feel so confined like I do in the city. Miss Jenna even showed me a neat trick or two about the wilds. :)


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That stupid Cole! :mad:

Hes in for it now. He got ink all over my new outfit! Im gonna get him good and he isnt gonna like it. :\\

Two can play the sneak game, and Im way better at it than he is. Stupid boy. :mad:

Maybe I will get a skunk to ambush him again, or some birds to give him a present, or soem rats to leave him a surprise in his bed or boots! Then we will see how he likes it. >:/

Im gonna send a letter to Sarah and get her help. I hope shes alright, I know her dad was pretty upset at her when she came all the way to haven. Thats a long way from her home. I bet I would be in alot of trouble for taking off like that too! :\\

Now to think up some good revenge. :D


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Im sad now. Im back at school and Im one of the oldest there now and not everyone came back to classes. :(

I guess most kids my age leave the classes once they learn to read and write nad are old enough to go to work on the farms or wherever with their families. Berry and June didnt come back. :(  They were my best friends here.

Robert nad Mikel are still here. Im glad to see Robert at least. Hes gotten really tall and hes gotten really strong too. :) Mikel is here too. SOmethings different about him now though. He seems more quiet and withdrawn. He still has that keen wit of his :rolleyes: but he doesnt seem so mean anymore. I noticed he has a scar on his left hand, guess something bad happened.

oh yeah...and I got a plan to get Cole back. I cant wait til classes start back up with MR Rain, that way I can talk to Sarah about it. ;) That will teach him not to say hes sorry about ruining my dress. :)


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« Reply #56 on: May 18, 2007, 02:23:45 pm »
On my way to Hempstead dad told me he went back to the village. He said everyone there misses me alot, especially Alice.

He said things are doing pretty well there still. He had to help clean out some trolls that somehow got into the valley. He sadi next time he goes I can go with him! :D

The trip to Hempstead started out fun too. Instead of taking the road the way we normally did, dad asked me to lead us thru the forest and get us there. He said he needed some stuff from the forest for the Orcbashers. He figured he may as well see how good uncle Dalans and Mr Rains training has gone so far. :)

Along the way we found a small family, like the one who ate...well..we found a small family trying ot find food in the forest. :( They were also heading to Hempstead. I guess they had relatives there who had a small farm or something. We decided to travel together since the lands are pretty wild and dad wanted to be sure they got there safely.

I told dad I could scout the way if he wanted. Truthfully I just didnt want to be around the family...It made me think too much of Chippy. :(

It went pretty well. I found a bunch of ogre tracks that were pretty fresh and dad said we should try to sneak around them. I agreed, they are pretty nasty and scary and smell really bad. Unfortunately...that didnt go so well..:(

I think they heard us coming, even though we were trying ot be careful, and we got ambushed. :o I completely didnt see them as I was scouting...they must have knew we were coming cause they were realyl well hid.

As they started I was still a little ways ahead, I guess they thought i was too small to eat or something, cause they waited until the larger group got to their ambush area. Then they attacked us! :o

I tried to get back to the group but one of them was waiting for me and tried to get me! :o  I was so terrified at first..I kinda froze for a second. Then I remembered dads nad uncle Dalans training I guess cause I ran into the forest and was able to lose the one trying to get me.

I made my way back tothe family and was watching the fight fom a distance for a littel bit...I saw dad fighting really hard and the father trying to protect his family. I dont know what I did really since it happened kinda fast, I knew I jsut had to get the kids away from the fighting.

I got to the family and snuck up behind the kids and mother and got them to follow me to a safe distance and to hide behind a huge tree with lots of bushes until it was safe.

I snuck back to find dad and the guy. The dad was dead. :(  I came up on his body, it was mushed to pulp and its eyes were popped out of his head. :o I got sick nad prolly would have been discovered if dad hadnt been fighting still.

Dad was still fighting really hard. I just watched as dad fought them off. I could hear the gargling of them as they died. The crunch of dads steel thru their skulls..The cries of the wounded as they lay dying...:(

I snuck up closer and hid behind a tree. I poked my head out and saw dad had taken care of most of them, but there were 2 really huge ones left. I watched kinda transfixed as dad fought them. They were giving him ahard time of it too! He got one and it fell with really large thump.

Then the worst thing slipped on some dead ogre guts nad he fell down! He was rolling all over the place trying ot get back up but the mean ogre was trying ot mash him! :o I dont know what happened then...I just screamed really loud and jumped out and shot him as fast as I could with uncle Dalans bow! I think I was as surprised as the ogre thing, cause he just stopped and looked at me with nasty grin like he was gonna eat me! Then he just fell over dead. O.o

After the fight I led dad back to the family. We told them about their dad and  I kinda broke down nad started crying along with them.

After a little while, dad said we needed to move. I guess it was too dangerous forus to stay, but he would come back for the body later.

I kinda came back to my senses, nad told dad I would scout ahead again. That I wouldnt let another ambush happen. I was so serious..I didnt want that to happen again. Dad just nodded and let me go without saying a word.

We made it to Wayfare a few hours later. We took the family to their relatives and said goodbye. They thanked us with lots of hugs and we all said bye.

Before going into the city dad took me to the Stormshack place. I watched as he washed his armor off in the stream and we sat by the fire. I just started shivering and shaking, and dad sat next too me and just held me.

Later he started talking. He said I did really well. That uncle Dalans training really paid off. He was proud that I got the family to safety without even thinking about myself. That I was a pretty good shot, I killed my first ogre and it was a big one too. An arrow in the heart and the head.  He said that it wasnt my fault we got ambushed. Even the best rangers still get caught unawares, that this was obviously a planned ambush and that I handled myself perfect. He was happy that he knew that if I ever got into trouble, I could handle myself and he wouldnt have to worry. Well...not too much anyways. ;)

I still think it was my fault that we got ambushed. That the father died. Those poor kids wont have a dad anymore. I saw the tracks, I knew they were up ahead somewhere. I tried to to lead us around them, instead I led them right into a trap. :( Im gonna have to live with that, Im not sure what to do now.


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Class with Mr Rain was strange today.

Sarah seemed really upset and Mr Rain was obviously thinking about other things. I know I was still kinda upset over the trip here with dad. :(

I think Mr Rain figured out we all werent gonna get much done so he cut class early and let Sarah and I have some time to ourselves.

She said wanted to come see me and snuck out of her house and she left me a letter saying she wanted to help me with Cole. Then she told me about the attack. I was so shocked! :o  I guess that wyvern whatever his name is is a real jerk and Im glad that Swift and Arwyn chased him off. I hope they did more than that!

I told her about what happened to me on the way here. About what I saw too and did. I still feel really sick when I think about it. At least I had dad there, poor Sarah was on her own and just got lucky. I dont know what i would have done if she would have been hurt!

I told her I wasnt mad at Cole anymore, well...not enough to do anything to him right now. It just doesnt feel right right now and I feel like things are bad enough. :(

On the bright side, she told me that the eggs hatched! They were 2 baby dragons and one of them thinks Sarah is the momma! :D Sarah said they werent real dragons, but the mini kind that her parents have for friends. Dragons are dragons to me anyway! ;)

I told her next time, to let me come and see her. Is prolly safer for her, and not such a long trip! :)


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*A small letter on paper bordered with blue and gold is folded neatly into her diary her. It is from her father.

Quote from:  Barion Firesteed

The journal tells my live and adventures, but even i get side tracked with the writings jumping from things happened to thoughts i wrote down.
I'll take a shot to try and get some flowing writing here to describe my life and give you , my daughter , an easier time to read this.

*he attaches a little piece off paper on the top off the page and colors it blue with gold , "in short "he writes on it and starts to write*

Your father is ,or was depending on when you read this , a simple man.
When my training started i was a little boy , new to the world after living on my parents farm and not used to anything in the larger places ,like you must have felt when i got you out off the village.

After the fight with my brother and me leaving home , i found a sponsor in a lady that was willing to pay for my training , only requesting from me that i pleased her physically .
I was young and new to that kind off things, that is why i agreed to being her toy so long ago, to be able to pursue my dream of becoming the greatest fighter ever.
My mind was set on becoming the greatest and i trained hard for that.
Then i was ripped away from everything i knew and put on this side off the world.
"dragoncalled" they called us , our reason to be here was to destroy a threat called "Synthar Blood"
In groups we trained to become strong,strong enough to have a slim change to destroy this "Blood"

That is when my focus shifted, from a fighter only caring to be the best to a man with a heart and feelings , fighting to save his friends and the people from a fate worse then death.

Your father met Shelu U' soul-mate as we were told by an Avatar from Aeridin.
She gave her last soul strand in an attempt to get your father a wedding-present and left this world one day before the wedding.*sighs and swallows hard, keeping his feelings closed in to try and keep his focus on the writing itself*
From then on your dad was a broken man, functioning but broken..a piece off my heart gone forever.

Friends i had back then helped to get me out off the deep hole and with their help i crawled up , but ......
Your father had changed my longer was i happy man i was before.
In my search for that happiness i hurt people , friends at the time that i have driven away by loving them in ways that were not possible.

Ireth , Dorena and even Abi , i drove them off with the smothering love i must have made them feel nearly throwing myself at their feet just to try and find a little off the loving feeling i had found with Shelu.

Then i found myself rejected , rejected for they seemingly liked to play along until it became more them a prank.
Blow after blow my heart suffered , until i decided to stay alone and become what i am destined to be , or thought i was destined to be.

Life is strange and cruel my daughter , for after i finally decided living with another wasn't for me , i found Sabrissia....or rather..she found me.
War was close and the time the "dragomcalled "..ready or not ..would go to face Blood was close , when i met this beautiful sorceress.
She captured my dwindling spirit and with the inner-fight that resulted in my heart she made me feel again.

Long have we dated and finally we decided to get married , but destiny struck again....
On a travel to me through the planes she was caught and held prisoner.
For over ten years i have searched for her , but she was in the one place i could not search , the planes.

Ten years it took to get myself to know i would never find her , thinking her dead.

Then i met your mother , a simple trip showing her the lands resulted in your mother and me sharing our stories , strangely enough i wasn't looking for anything but a friend and your mother was not looking for anything more either i think.
The talks we had grew deeper and more intense , we both must have felt the same , safe and at home , understood by one that didn't judge but listened and comforted.
It took a while until we both gave in to our feelings and became a pair , both not wanting to rush things , both wanting to be sure before opening up to each other and again run the risk off getting hurt deeply.*smiles softly*

The love we shared can be seen in you my daughter , for you truly are the result of two people loving each other no matter what happened or what was tried to drive us apart.

You scare me my daughter , for you are an almost perfect copy off your mother.
Stubborn , investigative , not used to the harsh life out there.
Your mother fell the last time in an attempt to help others , an attempt that in my eyes she shouldn't have undertaken .
There were others with her , but she didn't notify them and went off alone to aid one that was struggling to stay with the group , resulting her to get caught alone in the middle off an ambush.
With her friends too far away because she went off without telling them she didn't stand a change and her friends could not reach her in time to change her fate that day.
Her actions still hurt those there at times i think and her smile and laugh and wise words still are missed by all that knew her.*sighs deep*

Again your father was crushed , but this time i had you my daughter my love for you kept me going and i didn't fall as deep as i have fallen before.

In an attempt to ..*ponders deep* ..from the evil world i moved with you to the village , to find rest and peace and a place i was needed.

Being there with you growing up has been the safe and peaceful haven i seemingly needed and has softened up your old father a bit.

My work for the guild ensured i still kept up to date with the goings on in the world and was the thing that kept me in touch with the people that i know are my true friends.

Then i met JennaJade...*smiles*...
The first words i heard from her i never will forget..."I need a man that gives me five children to help rebuild my house"*grins a bit*
My first thoughts i never told her , but it was along the line off "That woman is mad "
We kept running in to each other and ended up talking long hours together.
Slowly feelings started to develop and we both were caught by each other .
My love for her is true and deep and her love for me matches it.
Your brother and sister are the proof off that and i hope that by now you know that her love for you is as big as the love she has for me and your brother and sister.

You will hear things whispered about your father in the streets my daughter,
anything from accusing him to have killed hundreds in a peaceful grove till him being an old fool that has lost touch with reality .
How those stories come about you will ask...the answer is simple .

Your father has a memory that holds the things he endured and the things he feels are not to be forgiven.
It is true what they say , your father has a hard time to leave the past be and start anew.
It is part of me that i remember why and how i became what i am today , as it is part of me that i will not forgive people for what they have done and for what they have caused .
In that regards the people are right my daughter , your father holds his memories dear and that is the reason he cant forgive others for what he holds them responsible for.*sighs*

If only your father could forget..if only he could be more like others...shrugging and forgetting themselves ..changing their lives and expectations simply to fit in and be liked by those they think are powerful.

Your father can not and pays for that by being ignored by many , but remember my times like the ones your father is undergoing ..true friends will rise and the weak and cowardly that follow others for power will in the end fall to their greed and hunger to be liked.

Stay true to yourself and the true friends you will find my daughter , care for your family and holds the true friends dear, for live is hard if not in company off those that love you for who you are.

Today is my birthday. I am 12 now.

I didnt have a party or anything, I never do. It just comes and goes and I dont really think about it. I know I have celebrated several of my friends birthdays when they had a party and it was alwasy fun. I just never really wanted one myself I guess. Not sure I ever want one now.

I usually dont even think about it to be honest, but after what happened over the last week or two. I dont know if I want to, ever.  So many people are having a hard time right now, what with the sky still ashen and the wild things getting wilder. I never really understood how things were. I saw them from afar and just never paid any attention.

I hated the family who ate my friend Chippy, hated them for taking my best friend. I hated them when all they wanted to do was survive. I was selfish. Then when dad and I travelled to class and we tried to help that poor family.  I  couldnt look at them and not think they were the ones who ate my friend Chippy. I knew they werent really, but I still hated them. Then when we were ambushed, they lost their father. THey had so little else, and I let them lose the one thing I love most in this world. I could never imagine a world without my dad, groundings and all.

As I think back on it, I am not sure if I did it on purpose for some sort of petty revenge or if I honestly just missed the signs of the ambush. I thought I was better than that, uncle Dalan taught me so well I thought. How to read the signs, but did I just ignore them or did I miss them? I know im not nearly so good as uncle Dalan or dad yet, but still. It was me who led them into the ambush.

I dont know anymore. I keep thinking Im not a good person like everyone says. That I was just being petty and stupid and not thinking of the consequences of my actions thinking nothing really bad ever would happen.

Uncle Dalan once sent me letter saying I needed to learn to be more careful with myself, to be understand that things didnt always end up with just a simple punishment. That things do have consequences that can be very bad for myself and especially for others if I act foolishly. I tried to be careful after that letter, I know I did. But I guess I am now only understanding what he really meant. It wasnt just to let me know that I could be hurt...but that I could be the reason others get hurt too.

Now dad has left me letter too. I guess the latest events have gotten to him too. He left me message on my bed telling me about himself. And momma and miss Jenna. About some of the things he has done in the past and otheres he knew.

Im glad he sees momma in me. Im glad that I am like her from the sound of it. More than he cares for in some cases I think. I guess I understand why he gets worried about me from the sounds of it. I remember the stories he told of her, and the stories uncle Dalan told me of her. She did have a crazy streak in her I guess.


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Uncle Dalan stopped by the house today. I was really glad to see him since it has been a little while since he was las there.

He was down talking to dad when I came downstairs after hearing his voice. They both kinda looked at me weird and dad told me I was going on a trip. O.o

Uncle Dalan told me to get my travelling gear and to get my bow. We were going someplace important. He said to pack for a long trip. O.o  

After we left, he told me to lead him to Vehl. Since where we were going was near ther. I told him I wasnt sure if I could or not. That I might get us into trouble and something bad might happen. He just nodded and sadi to follow him. So i did adn I was glad...I dont think I am up to leading the way right now. :(

On the way, I was pretty quiet. I know uncle Dalan was kinda worried since he kept looking at me funny, in that concerned way he can do. Kinda like he can read your mind and know whats going on kinda way. :\\

He said he had a long chat with dad and that he said it was time he showed me something, and that we could take as a long as we needed. :\\

Along teh way we happened to run into uncle Dalans friend Grena and a friend of hers named Jin. We travelled together for a few days since they were headed in the same general direction.

I was glad they showed up. I likethat uncle Dalan has a girlfriend...even if he wont admit it. I think they look cute together. :) Im glad for him, I jsut hope nothing bad happens to her. :(

Jin was really nice too, he had alot of stories, he even told me a few about my momma that I dint hear either. Sometimes i saw he was looking at me kinda weird. Like he was lookin inside me or something. I liked him thouhg..he even let me try on his hat. :) He even showed me how to fight sortof...some weird stances and the really neat part of using my legs ot kick a target! That was fun! :)

During the trip, my scar started to burn and itch too. It hasnt done that in long time. I guess I must have irritated somehow. >:/

On our last nite, Jin and I started talking about stuff uncle Dalan had taught me. Uncle Dalan and Grena said I was a natural tracker. I would make a good ranger one day or something like that. Jim said it sounded like I would make a good scout. That kinda got to me and and I just said Im not a good scout or anything and I shut up after that. >:/

Before they left the next morning I told Jin I was sorry I wa so rude the nite before. He said it was okay, Grena gave me hug and they were gone.