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Title: My book-A.F.
Post by: scifibarbie on February 04, 2007, 02:29:16 am
The journal is written in the flowing and lovely scribbly script of a girl about 10 yrs old. The book is bound in leather dyed a beautiful shade of blue. Upon its cover written in gold filligree is the name Abigail Firesteed.[/SIZE]

My Abi Firesteed.

[SIZE=13]Uncle Dalan gave me this neat book thingy. He calls it a journal. He says I am supposed to write things in it. That it helps keep my thoughts. He says he keeps one. He showed me it. I cant read any of it. It wasnt written in common. Uncle Dalan is so strange sometimes.  :) How is he supposed to read his journal if he cant read his own writing!

He also saw my letters. He says I need to practice.  :( He said my teacher was upset that I wasnt practicing hard enough.  He said it would make my daddy happy if I could write well. I suppose I should try then. He gave me some charcoal and a piece of bark to write on. He said this is good for practicing cause I can wash off the charcoal and use it again.

Maybe I will draw a picture for uncle Dalan and daddy on the wall of the house. That way they can see it whenever they come to visit.

[SIZE=13]*she locks the golden clasp on her journal and sticks it under her pillow in her room.[/SIZE]
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Post by: scifibarbie on February 05, 2007, 11:47:26 pm

Today I was playing by the streem. And some otters were playing in the water and catching fishes. I tried to talk for little bit, like the way uncle dalan taught me. They talk really fast so it was hard to understand. After a bit I jumped in the water, it was cold! THe otters played with me for a little bit, and then a dog from the vilage came by and scared them.

The water was sooooooo cold. I couldnt stop shaking.  I got home and daddy was here! I was so happy. He said i looked like a wet mop. He took me to my room and made a fire to keep me warm. He said i shouldnt jump in the cold water and taht i could get sick.

I got sick. The next day and he just laughed at me and said thats what happens. He got me some soup adn then told me story of one of his adventures.  :)  
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Post by: scifibarbie on February 09, 2007, 03:21:40 am

Unkie Dalan came to visit me again. It was so much fun. We went for a walk in the hills. We kinda got lost for alittle while. I was kinda worried for abit since ihad never been that far from the village adn didnt know where we were.

Everything was fine when we found a some deer prints in dirt. Unkie Dalan showed me how to follow them, and we found what he called a game trail. I dont know why he called it that. It wasnt a very fun game after awhile. Just lots of walking. I was so tired. It was fun finding differnt animal tracks though. He told me what animals they were. He said next time we can try and follow them.

We found a streem later on. We fished for some fish and they kept eating my worms. Unkie Dalan caught our lunch. We made a fire and cooked our fish. He showed me some berries that were edible and we had them for desert. I like blackberries. They just make a mess of my hands. I tried to wipe them on his beard to tease him, but he didnt like that. I had to wash them a long time in the stream to get the juice off. :D

We made it home later and we gave the fish to the old lady who lives across the street from me. She said thank you and started to cry a little bit. It was just some fish. I dont know that they were so special to cry over. Grownups are so funny. I did fell sad though. Maybe its cause I never see anyone else going to her house. She must be lonely. Daddy sometimes takes firewood to her house and helps her out. :(
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Post by: scifibarbie on February 14, 2007, 04:14:31 pm

I wish there were more kids in my village. There are only a few and mostly boys. There is one girl whose name is Alice. SHe is really nice and we are friends. The other kids in my class are mostly younger, but there area  few boys who are older. I like most of the kids, even thogh they are younger. I think my dad said that was becasue most of the families he brought here were young, and just having children. He wanted them to have a safe place away from teh plague.  :(

I usually have to help the younger kids with their letters. Which is funny cause i am not so good woth them. My teacher says it will help me get better. Alice is really smart..she can read reelly good and is good with numbers. Her daddy is a wizard or cleric or something. She can make things glow which is really neat. I remembr when unkie Dalan brougth a friend of his, i cant remembr his name but e was an elf. He had really large ears..even for an elf. But he made my hands glow, which was really neat. He said I did it, but im not so sure. I thin i probly forgot how. Alice can do it though. she made Tobin, a mean boy, glow in the dark once when he was trying to play a trick on Mr. Danlo's dog. The dog chased hom all over. It was funny, adn tobin got what he deservd. :D

I have to go help miss trudy with her chores. Dad said it would be nice since she has no one else to help her.
She makes me dinner when dad isnt here, and she is really nice to me. I like her dog too. She said it was a wolf cub when she found her. I guess her mother was killed or by a trapper or something.
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Post by: scifibarbie on February 17, 2007, 04:01:08 pm
I guess i got my wish. Daddy brought miss jenna to the village so she could have some peace. SHe was really fat when I saw her. SHe was really pregnant. I talked to Miss Trudy and she told me all about what is going to happen and how it happened. She was asked by my dad to help jenna when it came time for the babies to be born. She asked if I wanted to help and be there, but i said no way. It sounds really gross and icky. If thats what happens, I am not sure I want ot have babies. O.o

Daddy started making additions to the house he built for me. Making it bigger, so that the twins and miss jenna could have a place and he made me a little room to myself. I think dad was worried that i might be upset now that miss jenna is having babies. I dont know...I havent really thought about it. I am happy daddy is happy with her and I know he will never forget about me. But I dont know. I feel all mixed up inside, Im happy to have a little brother and sister, but I am kinda scared I might be forgotten. :(

I am still unsure about how I feel about miss jenna. I havent really spent much time with her, adn now she is going to be my mother. Daddy said she would never replace my mom, even though I never really knew her. It might be nice to have new mother. I wish i knew her better though, she might be evil or something, or maybe she will not like me and try to get daddy to forget about me.
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Post by: scifibarbie on February 17, 2007, 04:18:36 pm
Wow! Miss Jenna had 2 babies, a boy and a girl. They named the boy Barion and the girl Trinity. They look like squished giant raisins that were all pink and mushed. O.o

I got to hold them after Miss Trudy got them cleaned up and after Miss Jenna and Daddy had a chance to relax after the birth. I guess it was hard to have babies. There was alot of noise and yelling. It was really kinda scary actually. :o

After awhile things settled down. Miss Jenna needed some rest I guess and Miss Trudy shooshed me out of the house for abit. I was bored so I went to the stream and decided to try and catch some fish the way uncle Dalan taught me. I caught enough for dinner and went home to clean them adn prepare them for dinner. Daddy was really happy that I made dinner for all of us. He was really happy anyway.
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Post by: scifibarbie on February 20, 2007, 04:22:16 am

Its been pretty boring around the village lately. So I decided to exploring deeper into valley. I went pretty far, and got lost for awhile. I was realy nervous since it was getting dark and i kept hearing some of the large cougars yowling. I didnt want to get eaten or anything. That would have got dad rally upset with me! I remembered what uncle dalan showed me about finding animal trails and following them. It took me a while, but i found some deer tracks. That led me to a deer trail. Luckily a few squirrels were playing in the trees and the pointed me in hte right direction, they even warned me a cougar was nearby and hunting for food and to be careful.

I made it home and daddy was really sore at me. He said i shouldnt have gone so far by myself and yelled at me that i could have been eaten. He was glad that I learned how to find my way from uncle dalan. Im grounded though. I cant leave the village again for a week.

Uhoh, I hear the babes crying again...I think I should go see if their okay. I hope I dont have to change them. Barion peed on me last time I tried to help change his diaper. He just laughed like it was funny. I guess it was to him, but i had to go change my clothes and wash them. :rolleyes:
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Post by: scifibarbie on February 22, 2007, 03:42:56 am
I went exploring again this week. Dad was gone for awhile and miss Jenna didnt need me to help her with the babies. I told Jenna that I was going to help miss Trudy get sme firewood. I feel bad that I didnt quite tell her the whole truth, but I really want to go out and explore. I will get some firewood for miss Trudy. That way everything wil be alright. :D

My friend Alice wanted to come with me so headed towards place where the cliffs meet the valley and headed north. Alice was kinda nervous as she had never been out this far. I tried to make her feel better by saying I am out here alot. I was nervous too really. I made sure to keep cliffs nearby so we wouldnt get lost. We had to sneak around sme giant spiders. I had never seen any so big! I will have to tell uncle Dalan about them. They didnt look very nice, there were lots of dead animals all wound in white stuff and they looked dead or sick.

We almost were safe when Alice tripped over a root or something and and fell. She cried out and made an awful noise in the brush. A spider must have heard cause one came running to see what was going on. It was so huge and looked really hairy and big and scary! It threw some white stuf at Alice and got her caught in it. SHe couldnt move and started to scream alot. I threw some rocks at it and tried to hurt it. It tried to get me with the white stuff too but i hid behind the tree nad it missed! Next thing I knew it was coming around hte was really mad too. It was hissing and making an awful noise. I started hacking at it with my knife as hard as i could! :o

All I remember was that I felt a terrible pain in my leg, and then i must have blacked out. Alice was next to me adn she was out too. I felt really really sick, I looked around and there was ahuge wolf at the edge of a small copse where we were layng. I was so scared! I thought it was going to eat us. I calmed best as i could...and tried to talk to it like uncle Dalan had taught me. It let me get close, and I could see it was unhurt. It let me get close...and then he said something like he saved us and carried us to safety. I think anyway...imstill not realyl good talking toanimals yet. This was the strangest wolf I ever saw. It was really big, and could have eaten me in one bite! And it had bony things along its back. It let me pet him,  adn he licked my face like miss trudy's wolf. It had the strangest eyes too. Really smart looking and not like a dogs or miss trudy's wolf's eyes either. It was really strange. He pointed out a deer trail and he disappeared after licking me again. He had a really slimy tongue.

I woke Alice up and we followed the path around a hill with some ruins on it. It led almost straight tothe village. Alice said her dad might want to look at hem. Hes into that kinda stuff. We remembered to get some wood for miss Trudy adn even though I felt really weak, we got few large branches for her.

Miss Jenna was waitng for us and she got really upset when she saw I had hurt my leg  and was retching all over and could barely walk. She yelled at me for taking off exploring after what happened last time. And said my dad would not be happy at all. Worse, she said I  was in real trouble for lying to her. I said I brought miss Trudy wood, and miss Jenna yelled that a few sticks wasnt gathering wood and that she talked to miss Trudy and she had no idea what was going on. I guess she was mad at me.

Im grounded again. :\\

One last thing, eggy came to visit me again. I couldnt remember his name at first cause it had been while since i last saw him. But the teacher knew him and said his name so I was saved! I gave him a hug and after class we went to the stream for abit. He told me a story about my mom and how she could use magicks. He tried to show me how do do sme stuff but it felt really strange and made me really nervous. My hands started glowing alittle and he said I did it. Im not sure about that stuff. It was nice seeing him again, and I liked the story. He said uncle Dalan was going ot visit soon too.

Oh, and he said miss Jenna was right and that I need to be more careful. He was really upset about it too. Said I was just like my mom. getting in over my head.
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Post by: scifibarbie on February 23, 2007, 01:25:44 pm

Im feeling better no. I had been in bed almost a whole week. That spider poison really knocked me out. Im not allowed to go exploring for abit. They say I have to learn to not take stupid risks. Uncle Dlan was really upset when he came to see me and found out what happened.  Dad was really upset too. They said I could have died. When Uncle Dalan told me how spiders eat their prey I got really scared too. I dont want my guts to go squishy.:o

Dad was so mad at me. I think he would have tanned my rear end if I hadnt been so sick. Instead, he said that I am supposed to chop alot fo firewood for miss Trudy, and all the other villagers. He said it will teach me a lesson and mostly keep me out of trouble. He said I was being reckless and needed to learn to be smarter. I think miss Jenna was in the worse state over my mishap. I think she thought Dad would blame her for not keeping an eye on me. I told dad that it wasnt her fault and that I was tired of being stuck in the village adn wanted to out and explore. He said I would have to make things right with miss Jenna adn that was something I would have to figure out. Other than my almost being eaten, I think he was impressed that I made it out so far and make my way in the forest so well. He also said that he had a talk with uncle Dalan, and that he said if Im gonna go sneaking about the woods and getting into trouble, i would have to learn to use something bigger than a knife.

Alice was sick for alot longer than I was. I guess she got bit really good. I feel really bad. I didnt want her to get hurt. Thats why we tried to sneak away so quick. I knew the spiders werent to be messed with. Im gonna go catch her some fish from the stream later and see how she is doing. Her dad said she is no longer allowed to go out with me when I go exploring the forest. :(

On the plus side, the other kids are giving Alice and I alot of attention. They thought it was so brave taht we went so far nad then survived the spiders. They also think its great they dont have to collect wood for the next week or so. I know right now, I am so tired and my hands hurt from using the axe. I cant write anymore they are hurting so bad, so until next time.
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Well, my weeks of torment are over! My friends liked it though. I bet, I had to gather wood for so long. I didnt have any chance to get into trouble, like my dad wanted. I gathered so much wood, I think the villageers will be fine for at least several weeks!:\\

My dad says i did good, and that this would make me stronger. SOmething about disciplining myself and making my body stronger or something. He said it was a good lesson for me to keep my nose out of trouble too.O.o

Im hoping uncle Dalan will come back soon too. He promised to show me his new axe and tell me a story about my mom. Dad has started showing me how to use a little hatchet he wants me to carry with me when I venture out intothe forest. Only with adult supervision of course! That way I wot get into trouble liek i did before. I think the hatchet is just an excuse for him to make me chop more wood when we go out. Though he did show me how to swing one if I was attacked by another wild animal.

Miss Jenna was relieved that I survived. She told me she would never have forgiven herself if I had died or something. That I needed to be more careful with myself. She gave me ton of extra work to do too. To keep me out of trouble. I barely have time for my classes. I wake up, do chores, go chop wood, got to class, come home, do chores and chop more wood. The babies are fun to play with too. Except when i have to change them. They can make such a mess sometimes. They are crawling too now. I liek ot play roll the ball withthem. They seem to like it alot and laugh. Barion is so fat, hes gonna be a big kid. Trinity is a littel more quiet, but she can be really feisty. Jenna doesnt liek it when i let them get dirty, but they have so much fun.:rolleyes:

Alice is feeling better too. Though her dad wont let her go out with me anymore. At least , not intothe forest or away from the village. She needs to focus on her studies, adn stay out of trouble.
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Things have been kindof boring again lately. At least I dont have to chop so much wood anymore. Miss Jenna hasnt been giving me too hard of a time lately. Probably because Ive been helping out around the house so much lately. Not like I had a choice or in the matter. Being grounded stinks. I guess next time i will have to be more careful.

After talking with uncle Dalan after my last trip with Alice, he decided I should start to learn to take care of myself more. He has decided to teach me and the other kids who are old enough in the village how to use basic wepons and such to defend ourselves. I didnt really want too, but he said if Im going to go exploring and getting into trouble he would feel better knowing I had some basic skills. :)

Its hard work learning how to fight! I am always sore after lessons! It takes alot of hard work to be a good fighter I guess.  The other kids that dad is teaching are really into it. Elizabeth is the only other girl learning to fight, shes really strong too. I am not nearly as strong as she is. The boys seem to love it that dad is teaching us how to fight. I think dad is enjoying it too. Hes so good at it, I guess thats why hes a knight and all.

I think im going to go sit under the cherry tree by the bridge and take a break since dad is off again for awhile.
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Post by: scifibarbie on March 07, 2007, 06:47:33 pm

Uncle Dalan came to visit me again after a month or so. He was glad I was feeling better adn told me it was a hard lesson to learn and that I needed to be more careful.:\\

He also brought me something...a small bow and some arrows. He said I should learn how to use one, especially since my Dad was teaching me how to fight now. We took turns shooting a ta target. I could barely get the arrows to reach the target! Uncle Dalan was hittng it all the time. He missed afew times, btu I think that was more for me than anything else.

The next day after practice I got to finally go for a trip into the woods, under Uncle Dalens supervision of course. It was alot of fun, and Uncle Dalan had me lead the way by following tracks and paths. I think he was impressed since we only got lost once or twice.

I missed being out in the woods wandering around. Hopefully I can start going again. I hate being stuck in the village all the time.

On our way back we decided to bring back some deer for the family. So Uncle Dalan had me track one. I felt kinda funny and sad inside. I always talked to tha animals when I could, and I never thought about where our meat came from.

We found one, a huge stag and uncle dalan killed it. As he showed me how to clean it, he told me that we shouldnt ever kill things like this just because. Only when we need too, and if we have to kill one then we should use everything we find because its a way to thank the animal for its help. He also told me we should never kill any animal just because. That they have a place in nature. I asked him about the spiders that attacked me and he kinda got silent on that one.

We got home and salted and stored the meat, we gave some to miss Trudy and then Uncle Dalan said he had to go. I asked him to let me walk with him, but he said I couldnt right now.
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Post by: scifibarbie on March 13, 2007, 10:08:17 pm
A boy that dad is teaching to fight is really annoying. He always likes to pick on me when we practice. He gets really rough with all the other kids nad even more with me i think. Alice says its cause he likes me that hes being such a jerk. Dad says I just need to practice harder. :\\

Alice says her dad has been looking into the ruins we passed when coming home a few weeks ago. I dont really get that since it was all just broken walls and a hole in the ground. I asked dad if he knew anything about them and he just got all quiet and weird and said I needed to stay away from them.

Miss Jenna and dad have been talking alot about going back to the house in haven again. I havent been there since I was really little. I dont even remember it much, but I was born there I guess. I think they really want to get back there cause the babies are able to travel now.
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Post by: scifibarbie on March 20, 2007, 11:43:23 am
Ive been so bored lately. Uncle Dalan hasn't visited in awhile and neither has his friend. :mad:

I decided to go exploring again and this time I went alone. I never followed the stream that runs thru the village. I wanted to see where it leads. I know dad usually follows it when he leaves here.

I found some a small path leading from the stream and heading to the cliffs about 1/2 days travel from where I started. I decided to follow it since the boot prints were about the size of my dads. The path ended near the cliffs and there was a small cave with some bushes in front of it. I think they were put there to hide the entrance. I only found it cause I scared a few baby chipmunks and they ran under it. I wanted to say Im sorry and try to make them feel better so I tried to follow them. I found the hole was really dark. IT seemed to go on for long way. I didnt want to go too far, cause it was really spooky adn I got scared. :o

I dont think I should tell dad that I found this place...He might be mad at me. That and the fact that onyl a few poeple ever come to see the village, and I guess this palce is supposed to be a secret haven or something. I remember overhearing dad talking to uncle Dalan about it along time ago.

After covering my tracks and making everything look alright I made m way back to the village. I didnt realize how long I had been gone. It was like 2 days. Miss Jenna was mad at me again for taking off and not telling anyone. She says Im supposed to know better.

Grounded again...;)
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Post by: scifibarbie on March 22, 2007, 02:56:13 pm
I hate being grounded... All I get to do is go to classes, practice and work around the hut. BORRRINNNG!  :\\ At least I get to help out Miss Trudy. :D

The other nite there was some excitement though. A huge storm came across the valley! It was sooo scary!

The winds were really strong, and a couple of roofs fell in! There was lightning and all over the place and a tree was struck and caught on fire! Im glad moms tree wasnt the one that was hit.  There was even a rockslide nearby! We could hear it from the village and it sounded like the mountains where coming down on us! :o

All the candles blew out and and it was really dark everywhere. I couldnt even see my hands in front of my face....well..sortof..
The strangest thing hands started to glow! It was really scary at first..then I remembered Eggie did it to my hands once...well he said I did but i didnt believe him until now. O.o

I think Im gonna have to talk to Alice about it. Shes smart about these things. 8)

The cleanup was hard, but it was a nice change from teh whole groundng thing.

Miss Jenna was really irritated that I didnt join her and the kids when the storm hit. She said I should have stayed with the family in case something bad happened, since it was a really fierce storm. So shes reallly putting me to work!

I wanted to join her actually..I was really scared...but I didnt cause I didnt want her to see my hands all glowy..I think she would be mad at me for thinking Im getting into things I shouldnt be doing even if I wasnt doing those things! I doubt she would have believed me anyways. >:/

I finally got to go into the forest again. Miss Trudy's dog got loose and ran off somewhere. Because I knew him so well, and I found his tracks and tracked him to were he entered the woods, I got to go help and find him. :D
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I found miss Trudy's dog!! He got pretty far away too. Almost to where the cliffs meet the valley floor. The group of villagers I went with where getting tired and said he was probably dead. The search party I got to go wit haonly travelled about 1/2 day before they lost his tracks. They decided he woudl come back when he was ready, that..or he was dead.:o

No way I was gonna listen to them..or go back after being out of the village for only a few hours. So when they decided to take a nap around midday before heading back...I snuck out.

I think the only reason we even came out this far was because miss Trudy's dog meant alot to her, and she needed him. She was a widow, and the dog was her real only companion I guess. She is also a healer too. I guess it was her that gave me and Alice the medicine we needed after our spider accident.

If they had listened to me in the first place we caould have caught up to him sooner. But I guess they think cause im young and a girl that I cant track anything and dont know anything about the woods. >:/
 Uncle Dalan taught me better than that! I found his trail with the help of some squirrels and I caught up to him a little while later. I found him laying under some bushes...he growled at me at first but then realized it was me. He had hurt his leg somewhere and was in alot of pain. I was smart and brought some bandages and tried to help him. He kept licking my face and I got all slobbered! O.o

I treid to get him to follow me back tothe others, but he wanted to keep going back the way he was headed..He was really stubborn and stronger than I am so I couldnt budge him when I was trying to pull him in the right direction. I would have sworn he was laughing at me! I gave up after a bit and decided to follow him. I just made sure we took it easy on his leg.

He led me to a was really dark and I couldnt see anything...He wanted to go in but it was like he was waiting for something. All of a sudden wolves started howling...taht got me really scared. I gripped Turon really had and he yelped a bit which made me jump! I didnt want to be eaten by them! Dad would be really upset if that happened! :\\

I saw all these wolves gathering around us!! They kept growling and Turon growled back...I couldnt understand what was going on..I jsut knew something bad was happening..maybe...everyone was all jittery, especially me!! They kept coming up and sniffing me! I was so scared I almost started crying..I didnt want to be eaten!! :(

Then this really big wolf appeared...he looked familiar..adn all the otheres quieted down..He growled nad stuff and everyone was really reverent to him. Then there was this musty nasty smell and a weird squaking and hissing sound. A wolf came bolting out and a he was followed by some big green ugly monsters!!!

The wolves all attacked them and it was horrible..I was so scared! I hid behind a tree and held onto the axe that dad gave me! The sounds were terrible..I heard some wolves yelping and crying out in pain, and the green things hissing nad gurgling. All of a sudden one of them came around the corner! I dont know if he saw me or not, but he was running to where i was hiding!! All of a sudden the leader wolf pounced on him and started tearing him apart! I was frozen and couldnt move I was so scared!

I dont remember much after that...I was too terrifed I guess. I tried to help bandage some ofthe wolves that were hurt.

I was trying to help a really hurt wolf, she was gashed really bad and all I could do was hold her head in my lap and try to calm her. I started crying cause she was really pretty and hurt really bad. She closed her eyes for abit adn then she fell asleep...:(

Turon kept nudging me but I was so upset I just turned and was gonna hit him on his snout to leave me alone! >:/  It wasnt Turon, it was the big leader wolfy guy. He looked at me sadly then licked my face. O.o

Turon came up and tried to coax me away from the lady wolf. I jsut kinda followed him I guess. Then we were surrounded by a bunch of them..the big one came up to me and licked me again. I petted him..but I was kinda nervous cause he was huge! Then he bit me! :\\  It didnt hurt at first, I guess it was cause I was so shocked he bit me. THen it really hurt and started throbbing! All the wolves started howling nad stuff..It was sad howling..adn kinda happy howling too..Im not sure how to describe it.

Turon led me back and we found the guys who I was searching with the next morning. My wound had dried up by then and I kinda covered it up..I didnt want to get more trouble than I was already gonna be in. :rolleyes:

We returned back to the village and miss Trudy was so glad she had her dog back! The guys I was with didnt even say a word to miss Jenna or nothing. They were prolly scared taht miss Jenna would have thrashed them for letting me get off from them! ;)  They even said I was the one who found him! I didnt get into any trouble..except for being all dirty
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Im so glad uncle Dalan didnt forget about me!! Its beens so long since I last saw him. Seems like its been forever!

He was kinda shocked to see the village still in rough shape, but it was not that bad. He was glad I wasnt hrt in the strom and I had so much to tell him...well..not tha much.

I told him about miss Trudys dog and how I helped find him. He was glad that I was able to do it so well. He said my tracking was getting better and better! He was also glad that I hadnt gotten into too much trouble. O.o

I felt bad that I didnt tell him about the wolves and what happened...but I didnt want him to be mad at me, nad besides..I am alive and everything is alright. :(  Its just that bite still hurts a bit and gets itchy.

He gave me specail gift too. He gve me a quiver of arrows! Not those practice arrows like we had been using, and better than those ones the villagers use to hunt with. He said whenever I go into the woods I should take these with me, just in case. But I am not to use them unless I really dont have another choice and things are really bad. The quiver was really pretty too, he spent alot of time on it I think. It had my name on it and the leather was dyed a pretty blue. :)

I think I need to do something for uncle Dalan when he comes back next time. Hes always so nice. Maybe I can get miss Trudy to help me make him  apie or something. I could get some cherries from the tree where mommy is buried. I think he would like that. :D
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Miss Jenna said that dad was coming back. She said that it was time now that kids were older that we moved back to Haven where the house is. I Kinda new this coming, and so I helped her pack up and get hte babies ready to travel.

Afterwards I went to see Alice. We had been talking alot about what happened to me. She got something from her dads study and she began doing something...waving her hands over mine nad stuff. My hands started glowing again. SHe said I had the potential to be a magiker. She said she would talk to her daddy and see if he would teach me, but that I would have ot get my parents permission. :( I told her not too...She could teach me, but it had to be our secret. ;)

The day was really nice and i went to play with the other kids. We decided to go walking in the forest. Tamon, one of the older bys, decided to start picking on Mikel. Mikel is nice, but hes small nad kinda shy. Tamus started pushing him around and stuff nad Mikel was trying to fight back but couldnt. I got so mad! I pushed Tamus when he got near me and he tripped over a root. O.o He got really mad at me and tried to hit me when he got up. He has a real temper! >:/ All the other kids started screaming at him, but they werent helping. He pushed me against a tree and started yelling at me and hitting me hard against the tree. Im not sure what happened next, but I guess I got my legs up and kicked him really hard in the chest. He went backwards nad he hit his head on another tree and feel down. He didnt get up. :o

We ran back to the village, which wasnt too far away, and got help. Tamus' dad was there, and so was miss Trudy and a few others. Luckily, Tamus was just knocked out cold. I guess his hard head wasnt as hard as the tree. :)

We told them what happened, but Tamus' dad was really mad at me. He said I was a troublemaker and that he would see to it that my dad would set me right. The other adults stood up for me at least. :)

Miss Jenna was really mad at me. She said I ought to know better. That if Tamus was really a problem that I should have told someone. There are rules for that. She said my dad would have a thing to say about it. She said I only seem to get into trouble when im in the woods and out and about. That I needed more strucure about right and wrong.

Then I got grounded again. :\
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I am so upset...Grounded again. Its not fair! I didnt do anything wrong. :mad:

Tamus was fine and got what he deserved! Sure he had a few memory problems for awhile afterwards, but he was okay. Its not like he was the brightest candle in the village.

Alice has come by to see me once or twice and gave me some books to start reading. She sadi that some of the books Miss Jenna had were wizrding books to. That I might want to sneak a peek at one or two of them.

Dad finally showed up too...I thought he would understand. He talked with Tamus' dad and the other villagers too. I thought gor sure he would be on my side.

HE came back after awhile. He looked at me and said I should have known better. He said I was right to try and help Mikel, but that I had gone too far. He said he wasnt mad, in fact, he sadi he was kinda priud of me for protecting those that couldnt protect themselves.  He said Rofi wouldbe proud of me. He also said I shoudl have doen as mIss Jenna said and told some one about Tamus. There are rules for that stuff. :\\ Im kinda confused about that. Protect people, but dont do it outside of the rules. Thats kinda confusing. If someones in trouble, you cant wait to decide if its against the rules. I told dad this and he just shook his head. :\\

He said I needed to go pack my things. He was takingme to haven with everyone else. I was so excited at first, I had beent here once or twice before. Maybe I will see sonya again! :D

I packed a bag or two, and said I was ready to go. He looked at me and said I was going there live. Forever.....:o

I was stunned...why was I leaving? I didnt do anything wrong! Im being kicked out of the village? I hadnt been that bad. Just cause hes not around all the time nad cant see me when Im good. He just gets here after the bad stuff thats unintentional. I started to cry and scream that I didnt want to go. Why couldnt I stay?! All my friends were here. I had been fine and doing well.

I ran into the forest. Thinking I could stay hid until they left. Dad knows I can survive on my own out here. Uncle Dalan taught me how.

Dad came and found me later under my moms tree. He said I wasnt being punished. That is was time I came to live with him and Miss Jenna. He said I wouldnt be able to come back her, but my friends could come and visit.

I didnt say anything.

I said goodbye to my friends the next day and miss Trudy.

Dad blindfilded me so I wouldnt be able to find my way here. He then picked me up and took me away.

I was crying the whole time. I didnt speak the whole way to haven. :(
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Ive been in Haven now for a week or so. All Ive been able to do so far is wander around the neighborhood at little. Dad and Miss Jenna said I need to stick close to home for atime. :( I guess they think I will wander off and get lost or something.

It hasnt been to boring though. Sonya came by to visit a day or two after I arrived. It was so much fun! Thouhg we didnt get to do much since her mom, Miss serissa was there too. We had to listen while they talked about Rofirien for a bit, but then they let us go up to my room.

She brought me a flower to put on my window. It was kinda weird looking, all spikey and green. She said it had healing power and I could use for scrape sand burns and stuff. She called it aloe. :p

We went outside for a little while after that and I showed everywhere I had been able to explore since I got there. I tried to convince her to go exploring further, since I figured Miss Jenna and Serissa would be talking for awhile. :)
She said we shouldnt go, since her mom would be really mad at her, especially if we got lost. I tried to convince her, but she wouldnt listen. :\\

Uncle Dalan stopped by too. I was glad to see him since I hadnt seen him in a few weeks. :D It was fun and we got to go for a walk. He got me an icey from some store nearby. I never had one and I froze my teeth. He just laughed at me. Then he froze his teeth too. :D

Miss Jenna took me shopping and bought me a new dress for when we were going o visit the Rofi temple in a place called Vehl. Then she took me to go gather some wheat and milk for cooking. It was being out near a farm. I even saw trees again. I miss the forest. :(
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I finally got to leave the stupid city. It was fun travelling thru the forests.  :D

THough I wasnt allowed to wander off the paths. I saw a bunch of new animals that werent in the valley where i lived. I wish I could have played with them. :\\ I even heard a wolf howl! I was hopiung it might be one of hte wolves I met a few weeks ago, but I never saw them.

We stopped by a giant city called Hempstead! I was so huge and there were alot of people! I stcu k close to dad since I t was actualyl kinda scary. :o There were lots of people around, not all of them looked very healthy. Dad gave few coins to some guy that looked like he hadnt eaten for days. It was kinda sad to see a person like that.

Dad wanted to stop by his store and see how things were going. They have this huge dog who looks really mean! I forgot his name, but he wasnt mean at all. He sniffed me and then started licking me all over! His tongue was really slimey and wet! I think he just got done drinking from his water bucket. O.o

When we came out I saw Uncle Dalan nearby nad ran to him to give him a hug and say hi! As I got close I saw uncle Dalan looked really sad. :( I took his hand and he looked at me and smiled sortof. He gave me a big hug, and started to tear up, his beard was all wet too. He said he was sorry, but he lost a really close friend. I felt really sad for him then. :(  I jsut hugged him tighter to make him feel better.

Dad came up then nad was all mad and yelling at me about running off when he saw uncle Dalan. Uncle Dalan told him the news, and dad got quiet too. He said we should go and let uncle Dalan alone for abit. I waved bye after giving him another hug.

The trip to the temple was really quiet. Miss Jenna seemed really sad too, I guess she knew the uncle Dalans friend.

The town where the temple was was really dirty nad kinda creepy. Im glad we didnt stay there too long. That and the giant dragon statue in the temple kept starin at me and made me really nervous.
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Well, our trip to the temple didnt last too long thank goodness. Dad and miss Jenna seemed to really enjoy the time there. They had me meet the some judgy guy. He was really old and stuffy looking and he kinda smelled funny. :\\  but he was nice I guess. He gave me some rock candy so I guess he is alright, and miss Jenna and dad like him.

Im glad we decided to stay in Hempstead for a few days. I got to see Sonya again, and this time we didnt have to worry about the grownups getting in our way. They had some meeting or something for dads store so we got to go play around the guild home. :D

It was interesting enough, but we got bored pretty quickly. I wanted to go find uncle Dalan and give him something to cheer him up. Dad said his guild was close by so I thought me and sonya could go find him. :)

We forgot how many people there were in this place!  O.o It was kinda scary and exhilirating too! Sonya nad I wandered around or quite awhile. Im glad I brought afew coins so we were able to get an icy. :D There were some scary people and lots of funny looking ones too! We saw this strange elf dressed in black by the a huge statue surrounded by water. Everyone seemed to be listening to him so we figured we would go what was happening. We were hoping for  puppet show since he was dressed all funny. No such luck. :\\

Sonya finally figured out where we were and and we decided to cut thru some alleys to save time. They were kinda dark and full of people that didnt look very nice. :o  People kept looking at us funny, and I think we were being followed cause I get this tickle on the back of my neck. Sonya felt it too so we started running. I tripped over a bucket or something and fell face first into a puddle. :rolleyes:  Sonya started laughing as I tried to get up..then she started screaming! SOme ugly man grabbed her and pinned her against the wall! She was trying to kick him and I tried to push him off of her, but he just threw me down. :o Then there was a flash and the man fell back yelling. He kept running into walls try to get away! SOmeone got him good! :D

It was Eggie!! I hadnt seen him in forever! :D  He said he saw us and tried to catch up but we were too quick. He got there justin time too. :)  He said he blinded the guy and whacked him on the head with his staff. :o  

He asked us what we were doing and were we were going. We told him we were trying ot find uncle Dalan. He said we were really in the wrong place and that we needed to be more careful. He didnt want us to get hurt or nuthin.

He took us to where uncle Dalan was. I guess he was with him a little bit ago. When we got there uncle Daln was gone. So eggie took us to uncle Dalans guidl place. There was some lady there named after a ferrit. Funny. :) We gave her the package for uncle Dalan and tehn went back the house.

Dad was mad, miss Jenna was mad, mister Q and miss Serissa were mad. They each gave us a lecture on safety and not going where we werent supposed to go.

Until we head back to Haven, Sonya and me have to scrub the store and arent allowed anywhere. :(

All I wanted to do was give uncle Dalan some cherries I saved for him and a few flowers I picked from by the statue. I thought it would cheer him up since he seemd so sad.

And all i get is grounded again.   >:/
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*A note is folded neatly and tucked into her diary at this point.

Quote from: Dalan Stoneaxe

My Dearest Abbie,

You will never know how much I cherish your gift of the flowers and the cherries from your mother's tree. You have brought me out of the despair of Erk's death by reminding me that life grows up anew all around us.

I found the gift when I got home. I ran into Eghass after he escorted you home and he told me you had stopped by. I had been out buying some supplies because I have to leave town for a few days and will not be able to stop and see you before you have to leave. I promise I will come to visit you soon in Haven and I pray this letter will make up for my absence in some small part.

Knowing your father, I am sure you are grounded again. Believe me, he is right. Port Hempstead is in general a good place to live. But it is not your hidden village. It is instead much more like the forest lands. There are safe paths to walk and quiet groves of peace. However, Abbie, there are also places like the spider grove.

I am not sure you are old enough to understand this or not. In the forest you faced wild beasts. Many were kind many were not. But in general you could tell them by sight and knew them to react according to their kind as set out by nature's hand. Also while we can share some of their thoughts, they were not intelligent as man is. Here in the city, you cannot tell good from evil by a glance at the person. Here the rabbits and spiders wear the same face and friendly smile. There are those of an evil nature that hide beneath a friendly looking skin, but like the spider they lie and wait to snare someone in their web. Falling into their hands might lead to a fait some would consider to be worse then death. As you grow older, I think you will understand better what I mean. Until that time, think of the city as a forest where one must be wary at all times. Use a guide till you learn the safe paths. Stay out of the areas where snares and webs will bind you. As you grow wiser in the ways of the city as you have of the forest, you will learn to recognize areas where traps may be laid and where you may feel safer. However as in the forest, you must still remain alert for the hidden dangers, the animals moving off their normal hunting grounds because of fire.

And like the forest lands, some forests or cities are safer then other. Haven is a good place to live, but one must be wary. There are dangerous places close by and often the dangers breach the city walls. Keep your wits about you and watch your surroundings and please don't go wandering off alone. Neither your Da or I need more grey hairs then we all ready have.

I hope some of this makes sense to you. I often forget your true age and think of you as older then you really are. Just know that I love you and don't want anything bad to happen to you. You remind of things gone past and the hope and joy of the future. A future I want to share with you for many years to come.

Your Uncle,


Things are kinda getting back to normal.

I started getting flowers for my room and am able to kindof decorate it myself sorta. I have to get dad to help move the furniture since its so heavy. Im glad hes as big and strong as those oxes some people leave tied near their houses. In dads store, someone called him Bariox. :D

I got a letter from Uncle Dalan too. I was really excited since I havent gotten a letter before. At least that I can remember. :\\

It was a pretty serious letter. I guess when sonya and I got attacked it really got to him. I think it also was that way because he just lost his friend. :(

I know i get into trouble alot, but I try to be careful. Its just that stuff keeps happening to me and i cant help that. I try to be careful like he wants, I guess I will just have to try harder. :\\

Dad and miss Jenna have also told me I have ot start going ot see this wizard fellow. I dont even know his name. He is probably some creepy old guy that smells like bat poo. O.o  I guess they want me to learn more about that magic stuff. Miss Jenna said she had to learn it when she was young (she hated it) and dad said it was part of momma's family tradition that I learn about it. He said I didnt hav to be a wizard or anything, I just needed to learn about it cause its a part of who I am. :\\  Not sure I quite understand that part.

I was afraid they found that book that Alice gave me before I left. :o I guess not though, since no one has said anything.

Oh yeah, I have new friend too! :D His name is chippy chip. Theres a tree near my window and he is this cute littel red squirrel with littel dark spots on his fur. He comes to my window alot and we play. His favorite game is bury the nuts. :) He talk alot too. He says theres bad things nearby adn I shold be careful so I dont get eaten! :o
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*This story takes place between thread 10 & 11...I thought I could get it to insert there, but no such luck.

It was a fun day today. After doing all that work chopping wood, dad said I deserved a break.

We went out into the woods. Just us two! I keep feeling like its been along time since we had this time together.

We made a campsite near a stream and dad caught some fish for our dinner and I got to make the fire! :D

He told me a story of one of his adventures, which was really exciting and really scary! It had something to do with the sky being all grey, but he helped save the world from someone terrible named blood. :o

I asked him to tell me story about mom too. He told me a story of how she fought to defend some city named parnzist. He said she was really brave and strong and could use magic. He said that story didnt end so happily, but it was still be written. I didnt understand that last part. O.o  

He aked me what uncle Dalan had been showing me when we came out here. So I told him about learning to track and find my way and identify stuff. I said uncle Dalan thought i was getting pretty good at it too! :)

The next day dad said he had an idea. We had to go back, but I would lead us home! :o I was kinda shocked by that, and I was really nervous. He then said he was gonna make it really challenging since Im so good.

After we broke camp, he blindfolded me and picked me up. He carried me for a long time i guess. He spun me round and tround and put me down. I was so dizzy i fell over. O.o

He said to start leading, nad we would get home when we get home. It was my responsibility though, he woudlnt help. :o

I tried looking at the sun the way uncle Dalan told me to to get a direction. I couldnt really do it since the sun was at midday. I started looking for tracks then, or something. I led us around for awhile, since i thought it wouldbe better to move than just sit and wait for the sun. Dad just smiled and asked if I was lost. I told him I knew exactly where we were. O.o

Then I did it! I found a deer trail! I showed dad and we began following hte tracks. We eventually found a stream and I got to fish for our dinner. I kinda burned them on the fire when i was cooking. But dad said it was fine, even though he made a funny face when he bit inot it. ;)

The next morning, we followed the river for a littel while longer, then I asked dad to wait there for a minute. He told me to yell if I got into trouble. I found another track, wolf tracks, heading east. I figured I wuld climb a tree then to see what i could see. I got pretty high up and looked over hte valley. I saw the village! it was east and a littel south from were we were! :D

I found dad chipping at some wood. I told him I knew exactly where we were nad that we were almost home. 8) He just laughed and said i shouldnt get all puffed up until we were home. :\\

We made our way past some ruins that were near the village. I aked dad if he knew what they were. That me and Alice passed this place that one time. He looked sad. Then he told me we should leave this place and that I shouldnt ever come here. He wouldnt talk about it, but said when I was older he would tell me if I wanted. O.o I thought that kinda odd.

We followed a path down and there was the stream and the village! I did it!:D

We crossed the bridge over the stream and sat down under the cherry tree where dad buried mom so long ago. He said she would be so proud of me. He then told me another story about when they first met and more of what she was like. :)
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Just a quick test
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Miss Jenna and I went for apicnic today. She took me to a small pond that overlooks the town.

It was kind of tough climb for her. I think its cause she hasnt gotten out much since she had the babies. I had to help her up the hill in a few places.

We had sammiches and some apple pie. It was kinda nice up there. We could see the watch going back and forth and people running around. THey looked like littel colored ants. :)

Miss Jenna said we should spend some quality time together. She didnt think she knew me well enough and wanted to be my friend. :rolleyes:

She told me a littel bit about her and her family. She said she spent alot of time in theforests and learning about moving thru them and tracking and stuff when she was younger. Kinda like what uncle Dalan was teaching me!
She even said she could do a little magic too! O.o

I didnt tell her I could make my hands al glowy, Im not sure I want anyone to know that yet. But I guess we have more in common than i thought. Its kinda creepy. :o

Dad was happy we spent some time together too. He thought it was about time. :rolleyes:
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I started at my new school this week. :) We only have to go 4 days during the week, which is alot more than I did in the village. There we only had classes two times a week.

I was really nervous since I wouldnt know anyone there. I was scared no one would like me or I wouldnt like anyone. :o

It went alright and I made some new friends. :)

Theres Berry and Juniper (we call her June) who are really small! Im not very tall, I only stand up to dads chest right now, but they only come up to my waist! O.o The teacher says they are called halflings. I guess so! :) They are really nice though.

I met another girl named Aerin, shes really neat, but shes kinda quiet. She draws alot and likes to sing. But she always seems sad and is the last one to leave for home. Her clothes are always dark too. She shoudl really were something brighter! :\\

THere was a boy named Robert, everyone thinks hes really cute. I guess he is too. Hes got freckles on his nose and brown hair. He hangs out with a bunch of other boys who are alwasy wanting to play soldier or something on our breaks. Though he did come over and say hello to me on the first day. :)

Then there was a boy who made me want to cry on my first day. He was not so very nice to . I brought Chippy Chip with me thinking he would like going with me to school. :) This boy Mikel came up and said hello and asked if he could hold CHippy. Chippy was really nervous, but I asked him and he hopped onto Mikels hand. Chippy isnt very big, and Mikel grabbed him by the scruff, then he tried to pull his tail! :o He started saying mean things and threatened to hurt chippy! He then said some really mean things to me. Saying I was a crazy person for talking to squirrels and that it was prolly cause I had pink hair. Only freaks look like me! :(

All my new friends came over and started yelling at Mikel to stop. He kept squeezing Chippy nad chippy was getting really scared and trying to get away. Then someone threw a piece of pie at Mikels head. :D He was so surprised he let go of chippys tail. Just then teh teacher came out to call us back in. She came over and wanted to know what all the screaming and yelling was about. She saw Mikel covered in pie and holding CHippy. Chippy bit him hard on the hand just then nad Mikel screamed really loud! :D He dropped Chippy and chippy ran up a tree!

She told us all to get inside after hearing the story. Mikel had to go clean up but he still had some pie in his hair that he missed. No one said a thing ot him! :D He then got stuck in the corner.:p

Mrs. Branlen said I should not have brought chippy and not to bring him again. She told me to get inside. I tried to get chippy from the tree but Mrs. Branlen yelled at me to leave him. :(

After classes I went to the tree and found him. I felt so bad for him nad promised I wouldnt do that again. :( He was still trembling, and ten Mikel walked by and sneered at me said something mean. CHippy hid in my hair by my neck. I threw a rock at Mikel I was so mad at him, adn Chippy deserved a littel payback. >:/  I hit Mikel in the back of the head nad he tripped over his feet and fell into a puddle! :D  I ran really fast and hid in the sahdows around some buildings in case Mikel came after me. I saw him try and find me, but I hid too good for him.

I got home nad got Chippy some nuts. I had to make to up to him.
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Yay! Dad said we are going back to the city by the sea again! :D

He said he had to go do stuff for his shop and that he wanted me to meet someone. Maybe I will getto see Sonya again. :)

It was a fun trip too. We got to explore some of the forest along the way. :D Dad mooshed some really big scary bugs! They made an awful hissy sound and a smell that made me dizzy, but I hid in the bushes the way unki Dalan taught me.

Dads really tough too. He whacked them bugs really good! :D

More school....:(

Dad wanted me to meet my new teacher. His name is Mr. Darsus. I guess hes a friend of dads and unki Dalan. He not as old as dad and he seemed nice enough.

He said he new my momma and they were friends. He said he had a had a few kids of his own too. Dad laughed at that. Not sure i get that. :\\ He said I might meet them one day. He said he was teaching one of them magicks too.

He said I had a lot to learn but he would try to make it fun. He did give me a bunch of books and said I was gonna learn everything in them. Thats sounds sooo fun. :rolleyes: least he didnt smell like bat poo. O.o
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I have been studying my brain out!!! :mad:

I feel like im going out of my mind. Ever since I had to go see that stupid wizard and start to learn magic. All these symbols and weird language and stuff. I jsut want to play in the forest!! >:/

I am so tired  cant see straight. My eyes are so buggy I ran into a door yesterday anbd now i have a big bump on my head. :\\ Im so stired of being cooped up.

School isnt helping either. Mikel is still being a lout. Berry and Juniper keep asking what my Mr Rain is like. I think they have a crush on him or something. They dont even know him! So silly. :) At least Robert likes to talk to me. :)

I been so grumpy with all this studying I even yelled at poor Chippy. :( He was so scared he hid in one of dads boots out in the hall! He didtn stay there too long..stiiinky! O.o :D
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Im going on a trip with dad!!

Gotta pack. Better get my bow that uncle Dalan made me and his arrows! :D
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This has been the best couple of weeks ever!

Dad surprised me and said he was taking me on a trip with him. I didnt have to go to school or anything until we got back! He said he was taking me with him to do some gathering for his guild thingy and he wanted me to tag along.:)

We spent alot of time in the forest gathering berries and nuts and stuff. I got to see parts of the forest that were so huge and vast and scary and fun! :D

After a few days travelling thru the forest we got back to Hempstead. We dropped off our bags of goodies and spent the nite. The next day we took a boat to a place dad called Mariners hold. It was full of pirates and stuff. :o At least I think they were pirates. O.o

We left the city nad dad had to moosh some giants nasty bugs! They hissed alot and were scary. After taht we went fishing at some big river. I have never seen astream so big! Even the fish were big!

We passed thru asmall wooden city too! Dad said they were rangers. They protected teh forest here and around the country. O.o  They seemed to know my dad and they were really nice to me. Dad told them about me and I talked to them about stuff uncle Dalan was teaching me. They said I might be a ranger or something yet. I seemed to have the knack. :) They asked if uncle Dalan or dad had taught me how to use a bow. I proudly showed them the one uncle Dalan made me. 8) They said it was really impressive. They asked me to show them how to shoot it, and dad said I could. I think he wanted to see how good I was too! I was nervous at first, but I hit the target every time! Dad was really proud of me..I think uncle Dalan will be too when I tell him.:D

Later we gathered apples and stuff. Im prtty good at climbing trees nad I was having fun trying to throw them into dads bag. I hit him a coupleof times by accident :rolleyes: ...he got all apply! :D

Then he took me to a place he called Kathy..kathy..I cant rememebr...but it was a mean place. I kinda remembered me of that Vehl place. :(

I saw something really terrible tehn. People in cages. :( They were being treated really mean and not being taken care of or anything. Ive seen animals treated like that as merchants went thru Haven. I didnt like that either...I got really upset then too. >:/

I asked dad if he was gonna save tehm or do something...he said he was working on it, but wouldnt do anything with me around cause it was too dangerous and he didnt want me to end up like them. :\\

We left really quickly, and I was glad. I didnt like that place. :(

We took a boat to another place called Lor or something. And walked thru a bunch of farmland. Dad bought a bunch of corn there and the farmer was nice. He gave some carrots to munch. :)

We went to another house that dad owns in a place called Pranzi. Dad said mom once tried to defend it, but it didnt turn out so well. O.o

As we entered the city I saw some dwarfy guards nad said hello the way uncle Dalan me told dwarfs say hello...They looked at me and dad and growled and were really rude. Saying no one was allowed to speak that tongue out in the open. They were really mean and rude and smelled funny. I didnt like them. I will have ot tell uncle Dalan about them. Maybe get them into trouble for being so mean. ;)

As we got to dads house he said Mr. Rain lived across the street from there. I saw a couple of kids inside playing. Maybe those were the kids Mr. Rain was telling me about. :D

We didnt spend long at the house when dad wanted me to use his magic circle thing. He called it a portal and said to think of home when i entered it. I am not sure I liked it. I got all squishy feeling adn mooshed and then poof! :o I was near a stream in a small village! 8)  That was kinda neat appearing like that.

Dad appeared a second later. He asked if I knew where we were. Since we had been here a few times before. I took me a littel bit to get my head clear after that trip...but i did remember where we were.

Dad was like...'Okay, take me home' I was kinda shocked at that. :o  And a bit scared adn nervous too! O.o  

I took him thru the forest and we kinda got turned around a few times and stuff. I kinda got lost I think, but I didnt tell dad. ;)

After a few days we made it to Hlint and tehn went home from there! IT was soo much fun!

I was exhausted and really tired after the trip, but it was great. Dad told me stories of momma and him nad of the world and we slept under the stars.:D  I got to see some really strange places :\\  and some not so great. :( Im glad dad took me along. Hes so awesome when Im not getting into trouble!;)
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Post by: scifibarbie on April 17, 2007, 11:34:21 pm
I idnt have to go back to school for a day or two after we got back. Dad said I may as well recover a bit and help him sort stuff out since there was only one day left that week for school. :)

Frea came and Dad took me to see Mr Rain again. This time there was anotehr girl there too. Turns out her name is Sarah and shes Mr Rains daughter.

She was really nice and we got along alright. She ahs really pretty white hair! I never saw anyone with hair like that! Then again..mines kinda pink so I cant say much! :D

Mr Rains lessons today were about the different schools of magic or something. It was kinda boring stuff, but its important I guess.

Mr Rain gave us a break aftera few hours and Sarah wanted to go sneak outside instead of staying cooped up in the guild house. Plus there were holes everywhere. Sarah said rats got in and made amess of the place.

We wandered around a bit, i had some coins dad gave me and we got iceys..MMM :p

After awhile, I kinda thought about us being gone for awhile, and maybe getting into trouble. Sarah got really nervous about this. Im so used to it I guess I wasnt worried. ;)

We found her dad looking for us and he looked kinda mad! I sadi I was sorry and we forgot aboutthe time and stuff, which was true. Sarah just got realyl scared at seeing her dad like that! She ran off! :o I dont know wasnt that big of a deal. Its not like we got into trouble or anything.

Mr Rain tried to catch her but she was gone so he took me back to the guild house. He sadi she would be fine and knew her way around Hempstead. I could see he was worried though. :\\

The last hours of the lessons were kinda cool. He showed me how opposing schools can cancel or effect their opponensts magic. O.o It was kinda cool to watch! I think he really wanted to do it to take his mind off of Sarah since he was really sweating when he was done and looked tired. :(

I hope shes okay...:(
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Post by: scifibarbie on April 19, 2007, 01:46:53 am
Yay!! :D

Uncle Dalan stopped by the house the yesterday! I havent seen him in so long it seemed like forever! I gave him a big hug and said hello to him in dwarven like he taught me! :D I think that kinda surprised him. O.o

I told him all about the trip dad took me on and about the ranger camp. I told him they were really impressed with the bow that he made me and I hit the target every time! :)

He seemed to know that Mr. Rain was my magic teacher and I guess they are friends. THat kinda surprised me. :\\ Though I guess I shouldnt be surprised at that since Uncle Dalan knows just about everyone it seems. :o

I told him about Sarah and what happened. He looked kinda concerned and then said she was alright.  O.o He didnt say anything else about it, so I guess I will see her next week. :)

I hope I see Sonya too. I havent seen her in a few weeks and miss her. :( Maybe dad can talk to Mrs Serissa or Mr Q and they can have her spend the night at the hall when Im there. 8)
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Chippy is gone. :(

I havent seen him in a week now. Im really worried about him. :( He has never been gone this long before. We are best friends.

I usually leave my window open and he knows he can come in anytime. I miss waking up and having him all snuggled in neck keeping me warm and tickling me with his whiskers. :)

I hope nothing bad has happened to him. :(
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Im really scared...:(

Its been so long and I have been looking and looking for chippy. I told dad hoping he could help me, even miss Jenna, but they said he may have gone off adnm found a missus chippy. A week isnt long enough to worry about squirrel as smart as chippy. :\\

Ugh...I hate it when they talk that way to me. Im not some dumb little girl. Besides, chippy would have told me he was going away for a time. I told him when dad was taking me for a trip. :mad:

Mikel at school keeps saying hge killed chippy...jerk. He keeps saying mean stuff like that and getting me all riled up. I told him to shut up nad if he says another word I would make him sorry. :mad:  He I gave him what he deserved. :D It felt good. Mikel is a mean nasty boy. The teacher asked what happened and he was to ashamed that a girl beat him up he didnt say a thinkg. THe other kids covered for me too.8) Hes gonna have a shiner for a week!

THe other kids have been keeping an eye out and trying to help me find him too. I even have tried to get the birds to help me find him. No luck. :\\ Im starting to think the worst.:(
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I saw some dwarves entering the mines today. I though one of them might ahve been uncle Dalan. :D I tried to catch up before they entered the mine, but I was too late.:\\

I know Im not supposed to go down into it cause of the dogheads.:o I figured they just enterd so I should be okay. Besides, i can sneak pretty good. I caught up with them just as they made it to some door way. They were jumped by lots of the gnoll thingys! :o  It was really scary!. The dwarves kept singing out to some guy named Vorax and hacking the dog head to pieces! :o I almost got sick when a head got tossed near where I was hiding. O.o

I let out a screech and the dwarves came charging at me! I was so terrified!! I thought they were gonna eat me! :o Once I kinda calmed down I said hello in dwarven..I think..and one of them started yakking at me. I couldnt understand anything they said cause they were talking so fast. I was still shaking..and pointing at the head at my feet.:o  They started laughing and kicked the head away.O.o

Turns out uncle Dalan wasnt with them. They knew him though. I thnk they knew who I was too..maybe..Still not sure about that. I will have to talk to uncle Dalan about that. :\\

Anyways, they said they would make sure I got home safe. So i had this whole bunch of dwarfs surrounding me making sure I got home! 8) It must have looked funny. A pink haired little girl surrounded by tough looking dwarfs. :D

They said they new uncle Dalan and would be sure to tell him about me. To make sure I was alright later of course. :\\ Miss Jenna was home and she really had a fit when they told her where they found me! O.o

I said thanks to them in dwarfen and goodbye and they laughed abit at that, but were really nice otherwise. One said his name was Groo hin or something like that and he said my accent was funny. ;)

I stuck at home again...:(
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A robin came to see me today. She said she found where chippy was!

I was grounded still...So I climbed out the window and snuck out. Lucky theres a tree near my window. Im glad it was after dinner and the sun was down. It made it easier for me to get out.;)

I followed the robin for awhile. Finally we made it to a small grove of trees. She said he had a nest nearby. So I started climbing the trees looking for him. :)

I found a nest with some baby squirrels in it! They looked like little chippys too! There was a momma squirrel in there and she got upset at me for lookin in her nest! I finally told her who I was and got her to calm down. I asked her where chippy was and she said he went looking for nuts and stuff. :D

I had some of chippys favorite nuts with me and I gave tehm to the momma squirrel. Her babies were so cute! Little hairless thingies no bigger than my thumb! They looked like wrinkled raisins! O.o :D

I went looking for chippy and was sneaking around, cause I didnt really know the area. I saw a camp nearby and decided to sneak up on it and see who was there. There was a mangy looking guy. He didnt look nice at all. He was doing something by the firelight. I couldnt see so I snuck around.

Chippy was there on a to a rabbit and a bird...:(


*tear stains are all over the page and the writing trails off as if she was too distraught to finish...
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Post by: scifibarbie on April 25, 2007, 07:41:11 pm
*the words written appear shaky and tears still dot the pages...

Dad and miss Jenna have been really nice to me lately. I still got into trouble for sneaking out of the house, but I think eggie said something to them cause they just hugged me and said they were sorry and understood.:(

I didnt really want to write anymore about what I saw...but uncle Dalan always said it helps to get things out so you kinda deal with them better and they dont fester...Eggie said something kinda the same.

So here goes...

After I saw that squirrel killer getting ready to cook chippy and the other animals...I was really angry. I picked up a large rock and I was gonna sneak up on him and hit him on the head. I wanted to smash him so bad and as hard as I could! I wanted to make him feel scared and pain and dead like chippy did. I wanted it so bad...He deserved it!:mad:

I found a really big rock and was sneaking up behind him, I was was ready to strike! Then I saw a couple of kids staring straight at me.:o

I looked at them....they were his family. It hit me like freezing water...I dont remember much after that. O.o

I remember being frozen and staring. I dont remember dropping the rock. I remember the look they gave me. I remember the man turning around and staring at me...something in his eyes just kinda shook me really bad. I remember seeing them eating the rabbit. I remember that they looked really dirty and poor. They are like frozen images in my head, and Im watching teh whole thing outside my own body. :\\

Mostly...I remember the fear...

I dont know why, but I ran and ran and cried and cried...:(

I think that was when eghaas found me. I was paying attention to anything. He kinda snuck up and scared me. I dont think he meant to though...

He was really concerned...asking me all these questions about why I was out and how did I get here...I dont remember much..I was just crying and angry.>:/

I remember he sat there with me for long time holding me.

I told him what happened...I just blurted it out..I couldnt hold onto it, it just hurt so bad.

Eggie talked to me along time, he didnt try to give me answers like I wanted. He told me about nature and why things are, he talked about life and death. He told me about why he thought that family had gotten Chippy and how times were bad and people were struggling just to survive. That my family was lucky and others werent so.

He was glad I didnt hurt that man or his family...that it showed what a good person I was.

I dont get that since I still feel really angry for them taking my best friend away...I still want to hurt them like they hurt Chippy. How can I be good person for feeling like that still. O.o

I cried alot more, got angry alot more. Eggie said I was pretty hysterical for awhile too. I dont remember that so much, I dont remember alot of what happened...just pictures in my head and feelings. Im still really confused and angry. :(

Eggie took me home later. Dad and miss Jenna and uncle Dalan where all there. I guess they were about to go looking for me. It was pretty late when we got back.

I saw daddy and I just ran to him and hugged him and started crying. After awhile, he just carried me to my room and put me in bed. I was still crying and didnt want him to go. :(
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Im not much fun right now according to my friends at school. They keep trying to get me to play but all I do is sit under the tree and be alone. I dont feel like being social or anything, and when they kept pestering me I yelled at them to leave me alone! They keep saying I need to get over Chippy. He was just a squirrel after all. :(

I dont care. He was my best friend. I have a right to be sad still. :mad:

I still leave nuts and seeds on the ledge of my window for the birds and squirrels, but when they come I dont go to play with them like I used to. I dont know if I ever will. I dont think I want ot have a friend like CHippy again. It hurt too much when he left. :(

Sitting in my room, Ive been practicing my magic stuff alot lately. It feels good to channel my frustration and anger when trying to do the stuff Mr Rain has been teaching me. I even accidently set fire to one of dads boots when I tried a spell on it. I was trying to make it glow. I couldnt do it well and I got really mad. :mad: Then poof! O.o

Dad was mad, but luckily the boots wrent ruined..just a little burnt. ;)

Uncle Dalan stopped by too. He wanted to make sure I was alright. He got dad to let him take me to my lesson with Mr Rain and after taking the portal we went for a walk into a nearby forest. He said he talked to Eggie and knew I was feeling really sad. We talked for along time and he told me about his friends who died and how he felt, like my momma.

I felt better after talking with him. I even tried to talk to him in dwarfish...sortof...I think I said something wrong cause he started laughing really hard and he woudlnt tell me what I said wrong. :\\ Just I shouldnt repeat one of those words...he didnt even tell me what it meant!
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Its been getting colder now...winters almost on us I think. The frost covers the ground and I have to bundle up for the walk to school. :(

Ive gone to where Chippys babies were, and I see tey are gettign so big now! THey grow so fast. I dropped off more nts for the momma like I have been doing since chippy...

My classes with Mr Rain are going pretty good. I told him about setting my dads boots on fire and hesaid I need to be more careful. I didnt tell him about the being angry part.

Sarah was kinda worried about me cause Im still sad about CHippy, but she didnt ask why I was so sad. Im glad, I dont think I could have without crying again.

She asked her dad if we could go get iceys and Im glad and it took my mind off things. Sarah and I had a good time, but she has a mean schoolmate too who made her lose her icey. She said it will be fun getting back at him and she could do it all sneaky like. :)  I hope she gets him good too! >:/
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I hate the cold times.

I can go out and play for a bit, but I cant stay out for too long. Its not like the springtime or summer. My hands and feet get cold and turn blue and it hurts. :(

In summer I can run around and not worry about turning into a piece of ice. The land is green and ther are animals all over.

Now its so quiet...everyone is asleep and Im just sitting here in my room. :(

Even the trips to Hampshire are depressing and sad. I see people who remind of the famly that ate CHippy. It makes me sad and angry at the same time. Sometimes i get the bad dreams were I still see that man looking at me and his kids too. I cant take it sometimes. All I want to do is cry.

Sarah is really nice though, she makes me smile alot and shes alot of fun. Sometimes we are able to get uncle Dalans dog to play with us  nad once we got him all pretty with bows and stuff. Uncle Dalan wasnt happy with that! :D

Ive seen Sonya again a few times too which makes me happy. Then i get sad too sometiemes since she seems depressed about something. I heard dad talking to Q about something and it want good. So its prolly got something to do with that.

Im looking out my window right now nad the snow is all muddy and the everything is so grey. :(
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Its still cold out and not so much fun wandering around the city when its like this. Hempstead is generally a clean enough place I guess...but when the snow falls here it gets all dingy and gross. I dont likeit it at all. :mad:

The fun thing was that sarah and I got to have some fun with uncle dalan. :D

He stopped by to see how we were doing and even had pie for us as a sanck during our break! Hes an awful good cook! :D

He asked us what we learned and we shoed him. We made him all glowy! :o  That was really fun! :D

We asked where his wolf was and he said he was out and about in the fields somewhere. We wanted to make him pretty again, uncle Dalan just sighed at us nad said Swifty didnt like all the bows. I guess we did too many. :(  Next time we wont go so nuts. :p

After our lessons were done Sarah and I wanted to go play, and we thought it would be fun to get uncle Dalan to go with us. We went looking and we heard him snoring in his room. We tried to open the door but it was locked, but Sarah took care of that easy enough. I got to get her to teach me how to do that! 8)  We decided to play a trick on uncle Dalan after we found him asleep. :)

We snuck in, he snores so loud we didnt have any trouble. We just learned how to put someone to sleep so we cast the spell on him to make sure he didnt get up, it doesnt last long so we had to hurry. We braided his hair all nice and pretty and put a few bows in his hair and beard. There were some flowers in the hall so we used those to decorate his helmet and his beard. :D
He was so pretty. ;)

We snuck out and locked his door again. I think hes gonna be really surprised when he wakes up! O.o

After I left dad took me to the guild hall and Sonya was there! I was so happy! :D Her and her dad were gonna travel with us to the temple in fort llast. We had alot of fun just talking and having fun. She said she was going there to begin her training. I guess she is gonna be a knight or something. Kinda like dad I guess. Shes really good with a sword too! Way better than me, but I am getting pretty good with my bow at least. Dad wanted us to spar and she beat me pretty fast! I got my licks in, but I was not nearly as tough as she was! Im really glad shes my friend! :D

Dad seemed to think I did a pretty good job handling myself. He said if I practice more I could definitely be a match for Sonya. Yeah right! :\\ She practices all the time and is so strong!
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Im so happy again! The snows are melting and the weather is finally starting to warm up! :D

I hated being cooped up all the time. Winter is no fun in a city. I remember back at the village, the snow was white and I would go out play in it for hours with my friends. Her its not so nice, everything is all muddy and dirty and I cant wander the forest like I used to. :(

I met a boy named Cole when I was at Mr. Rains class this week to. Sarah knows him, she said he was the son of one of her dads guild friends. He was funny, when Sarah tried to introduce me to him he got all flustered and stammery. I think we made him nervous or something, but he was kinda cute.

Uncle Dalan was talking to him abit about the forest so I listened in for a bit before I had to get back to classes. I guess Mr. Rain and uncle Dalan were going to teach him how to move around the forest and stuff.

If he decides to talk to me and isnt so shy next time, maybe its something we could talk about. :)
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I am so excited!!! :D

Robert from school asked me to a dance that happens to celebrate spring! I knew we were friends, but I didnt think he liked me that way! Im so happy! :D

And with school almost done I am gonna be able to have lots of time to spend with him!

Im gonna have to ask miss Jenna to help me find a nice dress, maybe Sarah or Sonya can come too.

OH NO! I forgot! I dontknow how ot dance! :o We never did anything like that back in my old village.

I would ask dad but I dont think he can. Hes a great fighter and all, but I really think he has 2 left feet sometimes. I guess he overcame his feet problem with all his training. CLUMSY! ;)

Miss Jenna might be able to teach me, or maybe one of the girls at school can help me.
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Class with Mr. Rain was fun today. We didnt really spend alot of time on magick and stuff. :D

Im was so excited aboutthe dance coming up, that it was all I could talk about with Sarah! I told her all about Robert, that he was tall and had really pretty blue eyes, that he was smart and really really handsome, and funny and how he stood up for me when that jerk Mikel tried to get me in trouble. ;)

Mr. Rain kept trying to get me to focus, but I couldnt and I guess I was making Sarah all unfocused too since we kept messing up our spells. I think he finally figured out we werent gonna get anything done that day so he asked why we were so all excited and giggly. :p

I told him it was for some spring festival and that I had been asked by a really cute boy. Then Sarah got all excited and started blabbing on and on about me being in looove with a boy adn how we were gonna be all kissy-faced. O.o That was embarrasing. :\\

Then Sarah chirped up and sadi her dad knew how to dance...sortof. He could show us how! SO all morning was spent learing to dance. :D

Turns out MR Rain isnt taht great a dancer, but Miss Elohanna was around the guildhall adn she heard us laughing and poked her head in on our dance class. Shes really graceful and pretty, and she can dance really really beautifully! :) She took over from Mr Rain...whew! :rolleyes:  

She had Sarah and I dance together, after she showed us what to do with Mr Rain. When we took a break MR Rain said he woudl be back soon, and we had a fun tme with Hanna. We went for a walk around Hempstead and she told us she had a boy too and that she was gonan get married! :)

When we got back to the guildhall, there was a bunch of people there. Sarahs mom was there, and her brother and Cole and uncle Dalan too! I guess Mr Rain went and got everyone together. The boys were so shocked when they learned they were gonna get dancing lessons! :o

It was so much fun! Uncle Dalan was abit gruff when he learned he had been tricked into dancing lessons, so were the boys too! But when found out he was gonna dance with Hanna (that was so cute!) he lightened up abit (I bet he was just putting on show at being all grumpy ;) ). I got to dance with Tristan and Sarah got Cole. I was kinda jealous of Sarah at first cause she got Cole, but everyone got to dance with everyone so it was okay!

I never woudl have thought uncle Dalan could move so well! I even complimented him in dwarfen...I think. ;) Hes a pretty good dancer. I think Sarah and I will have to make him pretty for the dance if he goes. ;)

It was so much fun! After a few hours we were all really exhausted, but uncle Dalan had been baking so we all had a scrumptious feast of apple and blackberry pie! :D
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Its almost time for the festival! Me and my friends have been snooping around the fairgrounds trying ot see whats gonna happen.

Im so excited! We never had anything like this back at the village. There are lots of stalls going up everywhere and tents too. I cant wait to see whats in them.

I had so much fun at Mr Rains last week. I learned to dance..sortof. :rolleyes: Im still kinda clutsy. I jsut hope I dont step on Roberts feet! O.o

During the break when Mr Rain left to fetch the boys, Sarah showed me aspecial place of hers where she had a couple of giant eggs hidden! She said they were eggs anyway, they were really heavy and colored, not like any eggs I ever saw. They could have been rocks as heavy as they were! :\\

The funny thing was, that she had them hidden in a giant cave! O.o Why shes hiding things in a place where she could get eaten for a snack was beyond me. I didnt realize what the place was until we almost ran into a few onthe way out! :o I guess I should have paid closer attention to where I was going instead of blindly following Sarah into a giant hole.

It was really scary for a bit but we were even more excited when we fooled those giants and snuck out and back to her house. We hid the eggs and portalled back. We ran all the way from Wayfare to the city! We werent gone long, but we ran into dad at the gates. Sarah told him something, I couldnt understand what since my heart was pounding in my ears from all the running. I just hugged him and chased Sarah back to Mr Rains.

Oh yeah....Dad found out about me being asked to the dance by a boy. He said he would have to meet him when we went to the festival before deciding if I could be alone with him at the dance. :o  Dad better be nice to him! >:/
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The Spring festival was so much fun!

I spent most of it with Robert and we had a really good time. We walked around the fair grounds mostly and did some of the games and stuff.

It was fun watching him try and do the knight log joust thingy. and the bucking pig.  :D

He did pretty good at the joust, he was so brave to do that! He got knocked off once and then knocked the other guy off 2 times to win! :)

The pig was just fun to watch. You were supposed to see how long you stay on it. He didnt last very long. :\\

The dance at the end of the fair was the best part. I guess he had been practicing to dance too since he only stepped on my foot once or twice. ;)
He was all dressed up like a knight out of a fairy tale. He was so handsome.

The dress I bought with Miss Jenna looked really pretty too, it was blue and and had white lacy bodice that was really frilly and pretty. Robert sadi I looked really beautiful in it. :)

The best part was after the dance we sncuk up to the pond overlooking haven. It was kind of a tough climb in my dress, but it was worth it. The view was really great, and you could see most of haven and teh ights from the festival and everyone walking around.

We talked for a little bit, then just watched the stars reflected in the pool. He was so sweet.

I guess we were both really tired too, cause next thing I knew we both woke up nad it was morning! :o We were all wet from the dew nad and my dress had a bunch of grass stains from teh climb up. :\\  Im prolly gonna get in trouble for this one. I was supposed to have gone home after the dance. Oh well...It was fun and Robert and I had a good laugh about how much trouble we were gonna be in. :D

He walked me home, and left.

Oh yeah...I almost forgot. He kissed me on the cheek before he left! My first kiss from a boy! :D
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Summer has been the best so far! No school, except for Mr Rains classes, and those arent so bad since I get to hang out with Sarah.

Dad has been letting me stay at the guild for a day or two since I dont have classes in Haven anymore. We have explored the whole city! :) Though we usually have to go with uncle Dalan, dad or some other adult when we go too far but that doesnt bother us too much. :rolleyes:

Sarah wants me to ask dad if I can spend a few days with her at her house in Prantz.  :) I hope I can, though I know dad is pretty nervous about that place lately. I guess some stuff has been going on with his job that has been pretty upsetting to him. :(

Oh yeah, uncle Dalan came by and asked if I wanted to go out into the forest again for a while! He said he was going with Mr Rain and they were gonna teach Cole about stuff he was teaching me. Im so excited! We havent done this in long time and I miss it so much! I hope dad lets me go. :D
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Ive been in the woods now for a week with uncla Dalan and Mr Rain and Cole. Its been hard and exhausting and reallyl fun! Theyve taken us places that I never would have thought existed! Im so glad dad let me go.

The boys picked me up at the house in Haven and we travelled north into the forest. It has been a long time since I was last here. Uncle Dalan was teaching us how to track various animals in the forest and about searching for berries and stuff that we can eat. Hes really good! He had us eating moss O.o  and berries that had afunny smell. We went fishing too, and ended up swimming in the river for a while. I never really noticed, but Cole was really handsome. :) He has dark hair and really deep brown eyes. He was really nervous when we first met, but camping out here with him he finally relaxed and we got along swimmingly. ;)

Mr Rain was teaching us about using a bow. I still had uncle Dalans bow and arrows, and I was pretty good with them. I think uncle Dalan was really happy with that. :) Mr Rain was really good too. He coudl make them catch on fire and stuff and he was realyl accurate. He shot an apple off of a rock and scared a skunk, that wasnt good. It was so scared we couldnt get it to calm down nad it got poor Cole in the chest with its stink bomb! :o After we escaped the skunk, we all laughed so hard then helped him use the elderberries to clean off the smell. That took along time! :\\

We had been travelling all over and finally made camp in a desert somewhere.  We were cooking our dinner and I heard someone sneaking around. No one else seemed to catch it, so I sadi I had to use the loo nad snuck off to track our littel guest. I saw this huge shadow crouched against a rock near where uncle Dalan was cooking some fish. I couldnt see very well, adn I thought it might have spotted me, but it didnt so I built my courage up and jumped on it and screamed my head off! :mad: I held on so tight! it kept trying to get me off and all it was all I could do to hold on. All the others got there right quick and all I rememebr was seeing everyone circling the shadow with their weapons out and i wasa heap on the ground. O.o

Turns out it was a friend of Dalans. Another dwarf named Grena. Uncle Dalan didnt notice but i saw how he got all happy and chatty and smiled really wide whenever he looked at her. ;) I was sitting next to Cole and it a nice. Mr Rain kept glancing at us, I dont know what he was thinking.

Later on, uncle Dalan and Grena snuck off and we all went to bed. Later I had use the loo for real this time, and I was trying ot be quiet and not wake anyone up. I heard some voices, and decided to make sure it wasnt nothing bad like bandits or something. It was that Grena lady and uncle Dalan sitting on a dune. I didnt want to disturb them, but I couldnt help watching for alittel bit. They were all chatting and giggling and then they started kissing. O.o I was so shocked! Uncle Dalan doesnt kiss anyone that way! Hes the grumbly old dwarf we all love. I was so shocked I slipped and fell face first into a sand pile. :\\

When we started off the next day i tried to stay focused and not gawk or stare at uncle Dalan or miss Grena but my eyes couldnt keep from looking at them all walking and being all giggly and holding hands occasionally. They were so sweet together. :D

I got over it after awhile and kept up with Cole and MR Rain and learned about the desert and the creatures in it. I stuck pretty close to Cole and we got on great.
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Roberts mad at me. :(

He saw me when we were coming up the way and I was chatting with Cole. Im surprised he didnt see uncle Dalan or Mr Rain since they were right behind us. Tunnel vision i think is what dad called it. :mad:

I suppose I guess I can see where he might be a little jealous, since Cole gave me a hug before before he left, so did uncle Dalan for that matter.

He just said "Hello, glad your back", then gave me a dirty look nad walked off. :\\

I guess I will have to go have a talk with him.

I need a bath now, I smell really bad, not as bad as Cole O.o  but I think I should get cleaned up. Then I can go tell dad and miss Jenna about my trip. :D
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It was Sarah and Tristans birthday yesterday. It was a fun time, there were lots fo kids at her party and we had a great time. :D

Everyone was there, and it was the first time I had been to Sarahs house since we snuck there a few weeks ago. Sonya and Cole were there, and I got to meet his sister Aylana.

I made Sarah a bow liek the one uncle Dalan gave me. Cole and I made it with the help of uncle Dalan. Well...alot of help from uncle Dalan! ;) It turned out pretty good I think and she relaly liked it.

I feel bad cause the gift I got Tristan wasnt nearly so nice as Sarahs bow. I got him a nice shirt and some leggings since I didnt know what he liked. I dont see him that often, and really only spent time with him when we were practicing our dancing.

Later that nite Cole nad I told Sarah all about our trip with uncle Dalan and Mr  Rain. She laughed realyl hard at the stroy about Cole getting stink bombed by the skunk. Cole was really nice saying I was really fierce about when I jumped on Grena when I sw her sneaking up on us. Especially since I got dumped on my head into a pile of sand, but he left that part out. :p

She fell asleep after awhile and COle and I talked for awhile too then fell asleep by the fire.

The next day I had to make the trip back to Hempostead and dad met em at the wayfare point. I told him all about our trip and Sarahs party and how Cole and I being trained by uncle Dalan. He just looked at me funny and said I better be careful with all those boys chasing me. He might have to lock me in a tower to keep me safe! :o Then he said I needed to have a talk with miss Jenna about boys and stuff. He was all serious and stuff and I dont get it. :\\
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I havent been feeling too well lately. In fact, Ive been downright grumpy and feeling all weird.

Then it happened...

Miss Jenna decided to have a chat with me. O.o

All I can say is I dont think I ever want to have babies if thats what has to happen! :o  

It doesnt sound very fun at all. In fact it really grossed me out! O.o  

I like the boys and all, but I dont think I could like them that much! :\\  

Then she explained to me about some other things that were happening to me and Im not too sure I like the idea of it. Its kinda scary actually, but I guess it explains why Ive been all moody lately and feeling bad. :(
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I had the best surprise today!

Tristan, Sarah, Sonya and her family came to Haven today for a surprise picnic! :D  Im so glad since I was getting bored. All of my friends are off visiting their families elsewhere outside of Haven so Ive been just helping round the house alot lately withthe babies and stuff. :\\

Dad was really glad to see his friend Mr Quantum nad Miss Serissa. They decided to make a go of it and we all went together. Dad got a bunch more food from some local shops and we all headed to the lake. It was a really beautiful day today too which made it even better. :)

We went swimming, talked bathed in the sunshine and just had a great time. The babies are starting to try and walk and stuff now too nad so we had to make sure they didnt stray too far from us.:rolleyes: They were a riot, trying ot walk and chase us. When they got tired we just took them back to miss Jenna and dad so the coudl rest and not be cranky. ;)

Dad, Miss Jenna, Serissa and Mr Q seemed to have a good time too. I know theres been alot going with them lately.

I wanted to talk to Sarah and Sonya abot the stuff  miss Jenna talked to me about, and what happened to me recently. But I felt weird about it, especially with Tristan around. I kinda got uncomfortable around him at first thinking about all that stuff. Later Tristan wanted to go and chat with MR Q and the 'adults' so I got some time with the girls. :)

They just gaped at me when I told them what Miss Jenna said about boys. :o  I felt a better about the other stuff after talking with them. We all ended up giggling and laughing about it, especially when Tristan came back to join us. We didnt say a word to him about it though! ;)

Later we did some fishing, and I even got the otters to play with us for a little bit. They were really nice and thought we were funny since we couldnt swim as well as they did. They swam circles around us! We shared our fish with them and tehy hung out with us for quite a awhile. I think Sonya found a new best friend with one of them. They were inseparable till we both had to go. :)

At the end of the day, we all went back to the house in Haven and had dinner there. It was pretty late when everyone left and we were all really tired. 8)

We all a great time though. :D
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I cant believe the summer has gone by so fast. Its almost harvest time, and tehn...back to school. :(

At least I will see my friends again. I miss playing with them all. I cant wait to see Robert again too! ;)

I had teh strangest thing happen to me too. I had a nightmare...sortof..I guess...maybe, im not really sure. I jsut know it kinda freaked me out.

It was about the old village. I saw Alice in it and she was really old looking and looked like she was in alot of pain. :(  I couldnt see where she was, since it was really dark and stuff. But it really did frighten me alot. :o

I think i must have screamed or something, cause dad came in. He was pretty worried. I told him what i saw and that Alice was in terrible pain and and it really scared me. He held me for a littel bit, and i finally fell asleep again.

When I woke up, miss Jenna was making breakfast and she wanted to take me out for abit of fresh air. She got a babysitter for the babies and we went for long walk into the forest. She said dad was off to fetch some stuff for his guild and would be back in a day or two. I guess he stayed with me all nite after I fell asleep. :rolleyes:

Its nice out there...I dont feel so confined like I do in the city. Miss Jenna even showed me a neat trick or two about the wilds. :)
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That stupid Cole! :mad:

Hes in for it now. He got ink all over my new outfit! Im gonna get him good and he isnt gonna like it. :\\

Two can play the sneak game, and Im way better at it than he is. Stupid boy. :mad:

Maybe I will get a skunk to ambush him again, or some birds to give him a present, or soem rats to leave him a surprise in his bed or boots! Then we will see how he likes it. >:/

Im gonna send a letter to Sarah and get her help. I hope shes alright, I know her dad was pretty upset at her when she came all the way to haven. Thats a long way from her home. I bet I would be in alot of trouble for taking off like that too! :\\

Now to think up some good revenge. :D
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Im sad now. Im back at school and Im one of the oldest there now and not everyone came back to classes. :(

I guess most kids my age leave the classes once they learn to read and write nad are old enough to go to work on the farms or wherever with their families. Berry and June didnt come back. :(  They were my best friends here.

Robert nad Mikel are still here. Im glad to see Robert at least. Hes gotten really tall and hes gotten really strong too. :) Mikel is here too. SOmethings different about him now though. He seems more quiet and withdrawn. He still has that keen wit of his :rolleyes: but he doesnt seem so mean anymore. I noticed he has a scar on his left hand, guess something bad happened.

oh yeah...and I got a plan to get Cole back. I cant wait til classes start back up with MR Rain, that way I can talk to Sarah about it. ;) That will teach him not to say hes sorry about ruining my dress. :)
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On my way to Hempstead dad told me he went back to the village. He said everyone there misses me alot, especially Alice.

He said things are doing pretty well there still. He had to help clean out some trolls that somehow got into the valley. He sadi next time he goes I can go with him! :D

The trip to Hempstead started out fun too. Instead of taking the road the way we normally did, dad asked me to lead us thru the forest and get us there. He said he needed some stuff from the forest for the Orcbashers. He figured he may as well see how good uncle Dalans and Mr Rains training has gone so far. :)

Along the way we found a small family, like the one who ate...well..we found a small family trying ot find food in the forest. :( They were also heading to Hempstead. I guess they had relatives there who had a small farm or something. We decided to travel together since the lands are pretty wild and dad wanted to be sure they got there safely.

I told dad I could scout the way if he wanted. Truthfully I just didnt want to be around the family...It made me think too much of Chippy. :(

It went pretty well. I found a bunch of ogre tracks that were pretty fresh and dad said we should try to sneak around them. I agreed, they are pretty nasty and scary and smell really bad. Unfortunately...that didnt go so well..:(

I think they heard us coming, even though we were trying ot be careful, and we got ambushed. :o I completely didnt see them as I was scouting...they must have knew we were coming cause they were realyl well hid.

As they started I was still a little ways ahead, I guess they thought i was too small to eat or something, cause they waited until the larger group got to their ambush area. Then they attacked us! :o

I tried to get back to the group but one of them was waiting for me and tried to get me! :o  I was so terrified at first..I kinda froze for a second. Then I remembered dads nad uncle Dalans training I guess cause I ran into the forest and was able to lose the one trying to get me.

I made my way back tothe family and was watching the fight fom a distance for a littel bit...I saw dad fighting really hard and the father trying to protect his family. I dont know what I did really since it happened kinda fast, I knew I jsut had to get the kids away from the fighting.

I got to the family and snuck up behind the kids and mother and got them to follow me to a safe distance and to hide behind a huge tree with lots of bushes until it was safe.

I snuck back to find dad and the guy. The dad was dead. :(  I came up on his body, it was mushed to pulp and its eyes were popped out of his head. :o I got sick nad prolly would have been discovered if dad hadnt been fighting still.

Dad was still fighting really hard. I just watched as dad fought them off. I could hear the gargling of them as they died. The crunch of dads steel thru their skulls..The cries of the wounded as they lay dying...:(

I snuck up closer and hid behind a tree. I poked my head out and saw dad had taken care of most of them, but there were 2 really huge ones left. I watched kinda transfixed as dad fought them. They were giving him ahard time of it too! He got one and it fell with really large thump.

Then the worst thing slipped on some dead ogre guts nad he fell down! He was rolling all over the place trying ot get back up but the mean ogre was trying ot mash him! :o I dont know what happened then...I just screamed really loud and jumped out and shot him as fast as I could with uncle Dalans bow! I think I was as surprised as the ogre thing, cause he just stopped and looked at me with nasty grin like he was gonna eat me! Then he just fell over dead. O.o

After the fight I led dad back to the family. We told them about their dad and  I kinda broke down nad started crying along with them.

After a little while, dad said we needed to move. I guess it was too dangerous forus to stay, but he would come back for the body later.

I kinda came back to my senses, nad told dad I would scout ahead again. That I wouldnt let another ambush happen. I was so serious..I didnt want that to happen again. Dad just nodded and let me go without saying a word.

We made it to Wayfare a few hours later. We took the family to their relatives and said goodbye. They thanked us with lots of hugs and we all said bye.

Before going into the city dad took me to the Stormshack place. I watched as he washed his armor off in the stream and we sat by the fire. I just started shivering and shaking, and dad sat next too me and just held me.

Later he started talking. He said I did really well. That uncle Dalans training really paid off. He was proud that I got the family to safety without even thinking about myself. That I was a pretty good shot, I killed my first ogre and it was a big one too. An arrow in the heart and the head.  He said that it wasnt my fault we got ambushed. Even the best rangers still get caught unawares, that this was obviously a planned ambush and that I handled myself perfect. He was happy that he knew that if I ever got into trouble, I could handle myself and he wouldnt have to worry. Well...not too much anyways. ;)

I still think it was my fault that we got ambushed. That the father died. Those poor kids wont have a dad anymore. I saw the tracks, I knew they were up ahead somewhere. I tried to to lead us around them, instead I led them right into a trap. :( Im gonna have to live with that, Im not sure what to do now.
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Class with Mr Rain was strange today.

Sarah seemed really upset and Mr Rain was obviously thinking about other things. I know I was still kinda upset over the trip here with dad. :(

I think Mr Rain figured out we all werent gonna get much done so he cut class early and let Sarah and I have some time to ourselves.

She said wanted to come see me and snuck out of her house and she left me a letter saying she wanted to help me with Cole. Then she told me about the attack. I was so shocked! :o  I guess that wyvern whatever his name is is a real jerk and Im glad that Swift and Arwyn chased him off. I hope they did more than that!

I told her about what happened to me on the way here. About what I saw too and did. I still feel really sick when I think about it. At least I had dad there, poor Sarah was on her own and just got lucky. I dont know what i would have done if she would have been hurt!

I told her I wasnt mad at Cole anymore, well...not enough to do anything to him right now. It just doesnt feel right right now and I feel like things are bad enough. :(

On the bright side, she told me that the eggs hatched! They were 2 baby dragons and one of them thinks Sarah is the momma! :D Sarah said they werent real dragons, but the mini kind that her parents have for friends. Dragons are dragons to me anyway! ;)

I told her next time, to let me come and see her. Is prolly safer for her, and not such a long trip! :)
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*A small letter on paper bordered with blue and gold is folded neatly into her diary her. It is from her father.

Quote from:  Barion Firesteed

The journal tells my live and adventures, but even i get side tracked with the writings jumping from things happened to thoughts i wrote down.
I'll take a shot to try and get some flowing writing here to describe my life and give you , my daughter , an easier time to read this.

*he attaches a little piece off paper on the top off the page and colors it blue with gold , "in short "he writes on it and starts to write*

Your father is ,or was depending on when you read this , a simple man.
When my training started i was a little boy , new to the world after living on my parents farm and not used to anything in the larger places ,like you must have felt when i got you out off the village.

After the fight with my brother and me leaving home , i found a sponsor in a lady that was willing to pay for my training , only requesting from me that i pleased her physically .
I was young and new to that kind off things, that is why i agreed to being her toy so long ago, to be able to pursue my dream of becoming the greatest fighter ever.
My mind was set on becoming the greatest and i trained hard for that.
Then i was ripped away from everything i knew and put on this side off the world.
"dragoncalled" they called us , our reason to be here was to destroy a threat called "Synthar Blood"
In groups we trained to become strong,strong enough to have a slim change to destroy this "Blood"

That is when my focus shifted, from a fighter only caring to be the best to a man with a heart and feelings , fighting to save his friends and the people from a fate worse then death.

Your father met Shelu U' soul-mate as we were told by an Avatar from Aeridin.
She gave her last soul strand in an attempt to get your father a wedding-present and left this world one day before the wedding.*sighs and swallows hard, keeping his feelings closed in to try and keep his focus on the writing itself*
From then on your dad was a broken man, functioning but broken..a piece off my heart gone forever.

Friends i had back then helped to get me out off the deep hole and with their help i crawled up , but ......
Your father had changed my longer was i happy man i was before.
In my search for that happiness i hurt people , friends at the time that i have driven away by loving them in ways that were not possible.

Ireth , Dorena and even Abi , i drove them off with the smothering love i must have made them feel nearly throwing myself at their feet just to try and find a little off the loving feeling i had found with Shelu.

Then i found myself rejected , rejected for they seemingly liked to play along until it became more them a prank.
Blow after blow my heart suffered , until i decided to stay alone and become what i am destined to be , or thought i was destined to be.

Life is strange and cruel my daughter , for after i finally decided living with another wasn't for me , i found Sabrissia....or rather..she found me.
War was close and the time the "dragomcalled "..ready or not ..would go to face Blood was close , when i met this beautiful sorceress.
She captured my dwindling spirit and with the inner-fight that resulted in my heart she made me feel again.

Long have we dated and finally we decided to get married , but destiny struck again....
On a travel to me through the planes she was caught and held prisoner.
For over ten years i have searched for her , but she was in the one place i could not search , the planes.

Ten years it took to get myself to know i would never find her , thinking her dead.

Then i met your mother , a simple trip showing her the lands resulted in your mother and me sharing our stories , strangely enough i wasn't looking for anything but a friend and your mother was not looking for anything more either i think.
The talks we had grew deeper and more intense , we both must have felt the same , safe and at home , understood by one that didn't judge but listened and comforted.
It took a while until we both gave in to our feelings and became a pair , both not wanting to rush things , both wanting to be sure before opening up to each other and again run the risk off getting hurt deeply.*smiles softly*

The love we shared can be seen in you my daughter , for you truly are the result of two people loving each other no matter what happened or what was tried to drive us apart.

You scare me my daughter , for you are an almost perfect copy off your mother.
Stubborn , investigative , not used to the harsh life out there.
Your mother fell the last time in an attempt to help others , an attempt that in my eyes she shouldn't have undertaken .
There were others with her , but she didn't notify them and went off alone to aid one that was struggling to stay with the group , resulting her to get caught alone in the middle off an ambush.
With her friends too far away because she went off without telling them she didn't stand a change and her friends could not reach her in time to change her fate that day.
Her actions still hurt those there at times i think and her smile and laugh and wise words still are missed by all that knew her.*sighs deep*

Again your father was crushed , but this time i had you my daughter my love for you kept me going and i didn't fall as deep as i have fallen before.

In an attempt to ..*ponders deep* ..from the evil world i moved with you to the village , to find rest and peace and a place i was needed.

Being there with you growing up has been the safe and peaceful haven i seemingly needed and has softened up your old father a bit.

My work for the guild ensured i still kept up to date with the goings on in the world and was the thing that kept me in touch with the people that i know are my true friends.

Then i met JennaJade...*smiles*...
The first words i heard from her i never will forget..."I need a man that gives me five children to help rebuild my house"*grins a bit*
My first thoughts i never told her , but it was along the line off "That woman is mad "
We kept running in to each other and ended up talking long hours together.
Slowly feelings started to develop and we both were caught by each other .
My love for her is true and deep and her love for me matches it.
Your brother and sister are the proof off that and i hope that by now you know that her love for you is as big as the love she has for me and your brother and sister.

You will hear things whispered about your father in the streets my daughter,
anything from accusing him to have killed hundreds in a peaceful grove till him being an old fool that has lost touch with reality .
How those stories come about you will ask...the answer is simple .

Your father has a memory that holds the things he endured and the things he feels are not to be forgiven.
It is true what they say , your father has a hard time to leave the past be and start anew.
It is part of me that i remember why and how i became what i am today , as it is part of me that i will not forgive people for what they have done and for what they have caused .
In that regards the people are right my daughter , your father holds his memories dear and that is the reason he cant forgive others for what he holds them responsible for.*sighs*

If only your father could forget..if only he could be more like others...shrugging and forgetting themselves ..changing their lives and expectations simply to fit in and be liked by those they think are powerful.

Your father can not and pays for that by being ignored by many , but remember my times like the ones your father is undergoing ..true friends will rise and the weak and cowardly that follow others for power will in the end fall to their greed and hunger to be liked.

Stay true to yourself and the true friends you will find my daughter , care for your family and holds the true friends dear, for live is hard if not in company off those that love you for who you are.

Today is my birthday. I am 12 now.

I didnt have a party or anything, I never do. It just comes and goes and I dont really think about it. I know I have celebrated several of my friends birthdays when they had a party and it was alwasy fun. I just never really wanted one myself I guess. Not sure I ever want one now.

I usually dont even think about it to be honest, but after what happened over the last week or two. I dont know if I want to, ever.  So many people are having a hard time right now, what with the sky still ashen and the wild things getting wilder. I never really understood how things were. I saw them from afar and just never paid any attention.

I hated the family who ate my friend Chippy, hated them for taking my best friend. I hated them when all they wanted to do was survive. I was selfish. Then when dad and I travelled to class and we tried to help that poor family.  I  couldnt look at them and not think they were the ones who ate my friend Chippy. I knew they werent really, but I still hated them. Then when we were ambushed, they lost their father. THey had so little else, and I let them lose the one thing I love most in this world. I could never imagine a world without my dad, groundings and all.

As I think back on it, I am not sure if I did it on purpose for some sort of petty revenge or if I honestly just missed the signs of the ambush. I thought I was better than that, uncle Dalan taught me so well I thought. How to read the signs, but did I just ignore them or did I miss them? I know im not nearly so good as uncle Dalan or dad yet, but still. It was me who led them into the ambush.

I dont know anymore. I keep thinking Im not a good person like everyone says. That I was just being petty and stupid and not thinking of the consequences of my actions thinking nothing really bad ever would happen.

Uncle Dalan once sent me letter saying I needed to learn to be more careful with myself, to be understand that things didnt always end up with just a simple punishment. That things do have consequences that can be very bad for myself and especially for others if I act foolishly. I tried to be careful after that letter, I know I did. But I guess I am now only understanding what he really meant. It wasnt just to let me know that I could be hurt...but that I could be the reason others get hurt too.

Now dad has left me letter too. I guess the latest events have gotten to him too. He left me message on my bed telling me about himself. And momma and miss Jenna. About some of the things he has done in the past and otheres he knew.

Im glad he sees momma in me. Im glad that I am like her from the sound of it. More than he cares for in some cases I think. I guess I understand why he gets worried about me from the sounds of it. I remember the stories he told of her, and the stories uncle Dalan told me of her. She did have a crazy streak in her I guess.
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Uncle Dalan stopped by the house today. I was really glad to see him since it has been a little while since he was las there.

He was down talking to dad when I came downstairs after hearing his voice. They both kinda looked at me weird and dad told me I was going on a trip. O.o

Uncle Dalan told me to get my travelling gear and to get my bow. We were going someplace important. He said to pack for a long trip. O.o  

After we left, he told me to lead him to Vehl. Since where we were going was near ther. I told him I wasnt sure if I could or not. That I might get us into trouble and something bad might happen. He just nodded and sadi to follow him. So i did adn I was glad...I dont think I am up to leading the way right now. :(

On the way, I was pretty quiet. I know uncle Dalan was kinda worried since he kept looking at me funny, in that concerned way he can do. Kinda like he can read your mind and know whats going on kinda way. :\\

He said he had a long chat with dad and that he said it was time he showed me something, and that we could take as a long as we needed. :\\

Along teh way we happened to run into uncle Dalans friend Grena and a friend of hers named Jin. We travelled together for a few days since they were headed in the same general direction.

I was glad they showed up. I likethat uncle Dalan has a girlfriend...even if he wont admit it. I think they look cute together. :) Im glad for him, I jsut hope nothing bad happens to her. :(

Jin was really nice too, he had alot of stories, he even told me a few about my momma that I dint hear either. Sometimes i saw he was looking at me kinda weird. Like he was lookin inside me or something. I liked him thouhg..he even let me try on his hat. :) He even showed me how to fight sortof...some weird stances and the really neat part of using my legs ot kick a target! That was fun! :)

During the trip, my scar started to burn and itch too. It hasnt done that in long time. I guess I must have irritated somehow. >:/

On our last nite, Jin and I started talking about stuff uncle Dalan had taught me. Uncle Dalan and Grena said I was a natural tracker. I would make a good ranger one day or something like that. Jim said it sounded like I would make a good scout. That kinda got to me and and I just said Im not a good scout or anything and I shut up after that. >:/

Before they left the next morning I told Jin I was sorry I wa so rude the nite before. He said it was okay, Grena gave me hug and they were gone.
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We made it to Hempstead.

Uncle Dalan said he needed to stop by his guild for a bit and gather some stuff up. We also needed to get some supplies before we headed out again.

Sarah wasnt around, but miss Ferrit and Cole were. I think Cole was worried that I was still mad at him for ruining my clothes. I got a chance to talk to him for a little bit before uncle Dalan came and got me.

I told him I wasnt mad at him anymore. I talked to him about my trip with uncle Dalan. He seemed kinda bummed that he couldnt go with us. I told him uncle Dalan wanted to show me something important, but Im wasnt sure what it was. :\\

We left shortly after and headed to Vehl. Im glad we didnt go into the city. Its kinda creepy and dirty and the people always look suspicious.

Uncle Dalan said we needed to be really careful from then on as things tend to get really dangerous. There are trolls nad bandits and worse things. O.o

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We made it to Vehl a day or so after leaving Hempstead. Uncle Dalan was nice since I didnt really wnat to go intothe city. That place just makes me nervous, everyone looks at me like im meat ona stick or something. O.o

After we made camp uncle Dalan talked about what might happen when we enter the wilds outside of town. He talked about the mercenaries and trolls and stuff. There was some stuff he didnt tell me about the bandits and stuff I think. I am not sure I really want to know. :o

We made it to the swamp pretty safely. We snuck around a bandit camp easy enough and we entered the swamps. They smell so badly! O.o

After travelling half a day thru the nasty swamps and getting all gooked up in swamp mud and ick we stopped. Uncle Dalan said we had arrived.

He got out some flowers he brought and gave me some. I wasnt sure what they were for at first. Then he told me. He told me how momma died saving some other person. He said the group was moving so fast that by the time they realized what was happening it was too late. He tried to save her, but she was already gone.

It kinda didnt hit me for a second...then I kinda lost it I guess. I started crying and so did uncle Dalan. He said he was so sorry that he let me down, that he let her down. He blames himself alot I think. I have to think about this alot. :(

After I calmed down abit, he talked about why he brought me. He told me that bad things happen that are beyond us sometimes. My momma was a strong fighter but even she fell. It was sad that it happened...but it happens. He told me that because of her, the other person lived.

Im not happy about that right now. I know I should be glad that momma saved someone,  that she gave herself for another, but shes not here. I never really knew her, and it wasnt fair that she left me. :(

We left shortly after since it was getting dark and made camp near where we were yesterday.

I have been thinking alot since we left. Im nto sure how I feel or think..I just know Im really angry and upset. >:/  At least uncle Dalan offered to take first watch.
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My trip with uncle Dalan is almost over.

Our last trip before heading home was to stop by the family that dad and I helped. They showed us the grave were tehy buried their dad. I didnt cry or anything...I jsut felt kinda numb. We stayed for dinner with them,  we had some fish we caught nad uncle Dalan had some bread. They didnt have much, and  the harvest wasnt nearly as good as they had hoped.  Things were really tough for them right now.

We talked alongtime. The momma said she was glad that dad and I had helped save her family. That even though her husband fell at least her children survived and they had a chance for the future.

We left a little while later. I was really sad still. Seeing how hard things were for that family. Knowing that if I hadnt led them into the ambush their lot would be easier. That it was my fault their dad was gone. :(

I was really quiet on the way back to Hempstead. I had a lot to think about.

We left the next day after getting a few more supplies for the trip home. Mr Rain was there. He said Sarah couldnt wait to see me again and that her littel dragons were doing well. :)

As we left, uncle Dalan said he would lead the way for abit, but I would have to do it the rest of the way.

After awhile I recognized where we was the ambush site!  :o  Uncle Dalan said he could tell me all day long about how no one could have prevented the ambush. But he said until I saw for myself what they did nad how they did it, I would never be free from the doubt. I had to learn and see for myself.

I retraced the steps for him, from where we came, where they jumped was so vivid in my mind still. I kept flashing back to it. I didnt want to do it, but uncle Dalan kept pushing me. >:/

Now that we had seen the spot where the ambush took place, he wanted me to find where they had come from  and try to figure out how they could have gotten past my nose. He said I was always pretty good at tracking and finding stuff, now was the time to learn about avoiding traps. He said this one was areally good trap, btu I needed to learn from it. :rolleyes:

I found the trail uncle Dalan talked about a few days before. It was overgrown now sortof nad was still pretty well hidden. I found where they had made their camp and saw how they laid out their trap. They did a pretty good job of setting up their ambush. They had avenues of escape covered, I even found a trap that had been missed. Uncle Dalan was impressed cause even he missed that one. He disarmed it and showed me how to do it.

After we left uncle Dalan wanted me to lead us the rest of the way. It was pretty uneventful. THough we did spot a bandit camp, but we skirted around it after making sure it wasnt gonna pose too big a threat to anyone.  

When we got home, everyone was gone. So uncle Dalan and I dropped off our stuff and got some food from the pantry and walked to the pond overlooking Haven. We talked alot about stuff, what was happening and why things were so tough on everyone right now. We even talked about momma...I had been thinking alot about that lately. I told uncle Dalan Im gonna ask dad about her more, that I dont blame him for what happened to her and I wasnt mad at him. It sounded like she was always trying to help other people. I think this kinda got to him cause his eyes got red and he got all blubbery. :)  

Im still not sure about alot of things. But Im glad uncle Dalan took me. It has helped me alot. I cant wait to see my friends again and dad and miss Jenna. :D
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I am kinda worried right now. I dont know why, but dad and miss Jenna have been acting odd lately. :\\

I can tell that dad has been really upset lately. More than that he seems confused and lonely. I know he gets kinda melancholy (big word!) and depressed and just wants to be alone. I always feel sad for him when that happens. He tries to hide it from me, but I can tell. I just give him a big hug and try to cheer him up when hes like that.

I am not sure why since miss Jenna and the kids have been spending alot of time with him lately. I have been gone for awhile with uncle Dalan I know. I need to make it up to him I think.

I have been in my own little world of late. Blaming myself for things. I know dad has alot on his mind. :\\

When I asked if I could go spend some time with Sarah and Sonya in their house near Prantz...he said no. He wont let me go to that town for some reason. He said it wasnt a safe place for me right now. That there are things happening there that make it unsafe in his eyes. Especially for our family. Im not sure whats happening..I just know hes pretty upset. :(

I need to think of something to do for him. To take his mind off of things and make him feel better. Even if its only for a short while. :)

I know we havent been to the temple in awhile. Its prolly got something to do with stuff hes worried about.

Maybe Sonya or Sarah knows whats happening. They live there after all. I think i will ask them next time I see them.
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I talked to Sarah at classes when we had our break this week.

SHe said she woudl listen and try to find out what was happening nad get back to me as soon as she knows anything. She said she knows lots of kids where she lives nad she will get me knews that might help. :)

After classes while I was waiting at the shop, Sonya stopped by! I hadnt seen her in awhile. She is getting so strong now. I talked to her for awhile adn she told mesome stuff that MR Q has shared with her or she overheard. She said Tristan has been spending alot of time with Mr Q too nad he might have soome information she didnt. She said she woudl ask him and her dad when she saw them next. :\\

Oh..Sarah brought her baby dragons with her to class too! They are so cute, especially the one that thinks Sarah is her momma. THe other one is kinda shy but we got alogn great after i gave him a treat. :D
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Im kinda worried...Dads been pretty short with everyone lately. Hes been pretty upset ever since he recieved a letter from the church. He wont tell me whats going on, but I can tell hes not happy. :(

Miss Jenna and dad have had some 'long talks' that get pretty heated some times. I can tell they are trying to hide something from me and and the kids. As soon as I walk in the door everything stops and they act like nothing happened. Im not stupid or anything...I know stuff is happening. :mad:

At class this week I was so happy to see Sarah. She did a good job too. She found out stuff is not going good with the Rofirien church and Prantz. It has something to do with the guy who rules it. She also got me a copy of some letter that was posted all over the place in the city there. It has to do with rulership of the lands and recognition of the Broegar guy.

So they made him official mayor of the town..big deal. I dont get it. :\\

Maybe Sonya knows more, hopefully I will see her soon to ask or maybe Sarah will see her first and get something out of her.

I think i will ask uncle Dalan about whats happened there and who Broegar is and whats happening. He should know something. HE knows jsutabout everything that goes on. :)

*A copy of the notice that once hung in Prantz is folded into the binding of her journal here.

Quote from:  some Pranzing Official

After long months of deliberation and many councils held with numerous agencies of the Administration along with top representatives from the church of Rofirein. It is with an eye to the future and hearts set upon steadfast dilligence to maintain the current standards of living within and around Prantz.

It is with these aims in mind that the Administration of Prantz is pleased to announce conclusion of the councils held between the Golden Voice of Rofirein, Barvanth Hiruman III and the Administration of Prantz headed by Lord Broegar himself and the salient points of said deliberations contained within:

    * A new Temple will be constructed in the town of Western Gate on Corsain Island.

    * The Keepers Office will be moved to the Temple in Western Gate until further notice.

    * Those Knights of the Wyrm formerly based in the Cathedral precincts are to be re-deployed to barracks in Western Gate.

    * Guardians of Justice will undertake all law training solely within the Cathedral.

    * The New Office of Marshals will operate from the Western Gate temple with all training undertaken there for its members.

    * All religious services and functions will not be undertaken in the Cathedral until further notice. All initiates and any in training will be moved to the temple in Western Gate until further notice.

    * It is further decreed that the Cathedral of Rofirein will be responsible for balancing the laws and punishments while adjudicating justice in Dregar on behalf of General Broegar who is from the moment of this missive recognized by the Rofireinites as the new ruler of Prantz.

    * In the instance that a dispute arises between the Cathedral of Law and the rule of the Prantz Administration, both parties reserve the right to enter into negotiations to find resolution on the issue. Should this fail both parties reserve the right to withdraw from the agreement until such time as an amicable resolution can be met.

It is also at this time, now that the final reports from the Department of Demographic Measurement and the Bureau of Terrain Assesment have been received and assimilated that newly formed kingdom of Rael is announcing it's sovereignty with the City of Prantz as it's capital. The bounds of Rael are to encompass the entirety of the Forest of Fog upon it's eastern front and extends southwestward terminating less then twenty five leagues south of Seacove.

In this dark time, such sweeping change is most certainly unwelcome by all, yet is necessary for the greater well being of all. It is with this ideal in mind that Rael, and by extension Prantz opens it's arms and welcomes any who wish to join the brotherhood of monarchs in this new and exciting time in Dregar.

Hail Broegar, Lord of Rael
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Ive gotten word that Sonya is at Fort Last training at the temple there. Im glad shes nearby. She told me she was free in the evenings for a couple of hours before she has to report to her barracks.

I am going to go see her. I am hoping I can sneak her away from her studies long enough to talk with her about dad.

I asked dad if I could go to see Sonya. He said I could go some other time, when he could get someone to take me or he could go himself. :( He said the trip is too far and too dangerous for me to take by myself, and I am too young. :rolleyes:

Guess Im gonna have to think of a plan to get there on my own. ;)
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I made it to Fort Llast last night and got to see Sonya. I was really glad to see her. :D

We caught up on lots fo news and stuff. I guess shes training alot with Tristan and shes learning alot. :)

Then we got to why I wanted to see her. I told her about whats been going on at home with dad and all, and how I'm getting really concerned about him. I told her it had something to do with his job and stuff, and whats going on in Prantz. :(

She said she only knew a little bit about what was happening there. Mostly history of the place and what happened. How Broegar attacked and took over the city, how he destroyed the temple of Toran and how he has been influencing the Rofi church. She said her dad had even more stories about that place since it fell. That bad things have been happening there. She heard about the deal brokered by the Rofis and and Broegar, but since she has been in Llast for sometime she doesn't know much else about it. :\\

Then she said I might be better off talking to my dad about it more directly. That it would be better than sneaking around trying to sift information from questionable sources. He could prolly be more direct in his thoughts and put my mind at ease. O.o

She said I needed to have faith in Rofi and the church, that not all things are shown and made manifest to all. That sometimes there is a greater plan to be had than what we can see and we must have faith in our gods and the church to do whats right. :rolleyes:

It was then that she said I needed to go and talk to my father. Unfortunately she had to get to the barracks for curfew. She said she would talk to her dad and mom for me if I still wanted her too. She said her mom was a cleric of Rofi and that she would be able to shed light on my concerns.

I told her that would be fine and I would ask my dad about whats been bothering him.

I have alot to think about now.
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I was really worried for awhile! Uncle Dalan was really hurt for few days! :o

I guess he got konked pretty hard fighting dogheads in the mines. Miss Jenna found him lying just inside the entrance to hte mines a week ago. She got dad to help her get him to the house. I had to go get a healer nad we tended his wounds.

Ive never seen uncle Dalan so beat up before. :o He was out of it for a few days and we were worried he might not wake up. :( He eventually woke up to everyones relief. I was so happy I grabbed him really hard and hugged him with everything I had! I guess I must be getting stronger cause he said he couldnt breathe and I was crushing him.  ;)

I was glad he was alright, and mom had me watch him and take care of him. I didn't mind at all since it gave us alot of time to talk about stuff. When we were alone, I asked him about what he knew of Prantz nad that Broegar character. He gave me a stern look and said he only knew that my momma had fought there when that dwarf attacked and took the city. That there were strange goings on and not everything was good. Other than that he didnt really know alot about what was happening with the Rofis and stuff. Just that Broegar took over their temple there and that he was a vile creature with no honor or anything and was probably in league with Milara whoever that is. :\\

He asked why I was so interested in that stuff, so I told him about dad being all upset and depressed. I told uncle Dalan it had something to do with his job I thought since he only got this way after a messenger from the temple delivered a letter. :(

I made uncle Dalan promise not to tell dad about this cause I dont want him to be worried about me. I just want to try and figure out why dad is so upset and if I can help him. I told him that I talked to Sonya and what she told me and I showed him the poster that Sarah got for me (I made sure to omit the fact that Sarah nicked it for me).

Later he had me send a letter to his girlfriend Grenna just to let her know he was alright. He was worried she might go off half cocked as he put it after a friend of his dropped by and told him she found out he fell in the caves. He said she had a heart of gold but had a real temper to her when she got riled. ;)
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Dad has been gone for awhile now gathering stuff again. I am hoping I will get a chance to talk to him when he returns. I know things have been tense around the house of late. Miss Jenna has been really quiet, doesnt even notice when I take off anymore.

Uncle Dalan wasnt much help, since he wasnt around for the great battle of Prantz. He did tell me my momma fought there. After he told me that I remembered the story dad told me of her time there too.

Sarah told me the story her dad told her about the fall of Pranzis too, that was its name before the dwarf took over. She wrote out this really nice story of it too for me. It was a really tough battle from what I understood about it. She even said there were rumors of people disappearing from the city, especially older people and those who were opposed to the dwarf.

*here is the note that Sarah wrote neatly folded and put into the binding of her book.

Quote from: Sarah Darsus

The story of Prantz.

“There was a time, before you were born, Prantz was known as Pranzis. Many people considered that city as the jewel of Layonara. The people were happy, the economy was thriving, People were not suffering from lack of food. It was also before the sun got blocked by the clouds, it was magnificent. But even if the people were happy there was still some fear. You see there was this evil man, very powerful and dangerous. He wanted to conquer the world, to take revenge on the people he had once helped to be freed from the dragons.
Big, poweful Dragons. Strong like nothing you could ever imagine, their wings wide and so powerful that when the flapped them, it could make people lift from the ground and drop them way off of where they stood. Some of those Dragons were bad, others were good. Like the one that brought Daddy and Mommy to this place.

Daddy and Mommy both saw at least one Dragon. Your uncle Kyle, Dalan and aunty Ferrit saw it too. We were all brought by that dragon that we called the big gold. It's true name to long to remember. For big gold, we and many other people, good and bad, were the last hope to win the war that was brewing with this evil man called Sinthar Bloodstone.
It was a terrible thing. I was only brought in by big gold, close to the end of the war, but things were not looking great. The cities were falling, a lot of people got hurt, and even more were left without food or proper care. It's during that time that I decided to found the Angel, you know, the business Daddy runs.

Well one day, there was this call from the officers of Pranzis. Bloodstone and his troops were advancing against this beautiful city and there was almost no more hope. A lot of the villagers fled when there was still time, but a lot of them did not want to leave what they had worked their whole life to build, so they stood with us. It was a hard and very long fight, brave men were fighitn swigning their swords through the enemies one after the other, swing and swing parry duck and swing again. Others like Daddy were shooting arrows or bolts, voleys of them flying by the one fighting in front hitting the enemy as good as we could.

Or others, like Daddy and Mommy were using magic to protect and attack the bad people. But many people fell to the waves of attackers. They were out numbering us in strength and in numbers and they kept coming weave after weave when we were bravely defeating one. A few of us, with me were tired of being pinned down and believed we needed to take the fight to them but unfortunately the so called generals, were to coward to leave the safety of the walls and decided we would not go out. That decision was the bad one and it is because of it that we failed and that many more people and houses were destroyed in Pranzis.

Those of us who choose the life of the adventure and have special skills can use the big stones that I showed you the other day. In a sense that gives us the chance to stay on this plane for longer. Well to continue, we failed to protect this beautiful city and their villagers, but to our surprise the man that was leading the army against us was not bloodstone, but a dwarf that no one had heard of his name or deeds before. He was a total stranger to all of us. But our failure was only in part, while we were defending Pranzis, a few brave men and woman decided to go and attack Bloodstone himself in his mountain and succeeded in defeating him. But you have heard the saying, no good deed goes unpunished?
Well when the defeated Bloodstone there was a big explosion that completely annihilated the mountain that he was in. As it went up in a big rumble and a big "BOOM"

Thats when all the dust from the mountain went up in the air and blocked he sky for all those years and a very long time still to come. Now back to Pranzis. We were all assemble near the citadel, pushed back by the enemies when an emissary came to us, telling us that if we surrendered none of us would be hurt and we would be freed to go. We knew we could not do anything more for the city and if we continued to fight they would completely destroy it. So after some talk we all decided that we would lay down our weapons and we did. We were able to leave the city in peace and those that were hurt were even tended to. A few days later, Broegar made his first public appearance and stated that from now one he would be the ruler of this land and would rebuilt the city to be even better than it was. If you ask me, I preferred the one we tried to save. But he did, it took only a few months and the city was rebuilt and it was now named Prantz. For some people this is good because Broegar succeeded in fooling them, while he was promising new prosperity and protection, he was taking a lot of the freedom that the people had before. Some of those freedom were religious rights, commerce was a lot more restricted and no one could use magic anymore in any public places. Now all the temples that were in the city were closed and all religion was banned all but one... Rofirein.

Barion was one of those who defeated Bloodstone. Well Since Broegar said he was going to be fair and just, but apply the law firmly and the Rofireinites are all about applying the law, they sided with him. Not all of them, but the church it self did. He used them to act like judges in the small matters, but the biggest one he kept for himself. His law, unlike what he said, is not just. It is oppressive, many people disappeared because they were disagreeing with him. And many more were harshly punished for minor things that, if it was in the time of the Princess and her parents, they would not have been so badly treated.

People of the city didn’t act because they are afraid, afraid to be hurt, afraid to be killed or that their families would be hurt if they rose against him. But until recently even the Rofireinites did not have a temple, and now he has given them the permission to establish their new temple and court on the Island of Corsain. That I think is scaring even more the town people into submission because now what was their hope to protection if Broegar did something that was to cruel and went against the laws or even morals, the Rofireinites would not be in a position to help them right away if at all.”

Sonya told me the same stuff later on when I went to see her again. She said her dad told her about how Broegar kicked out the Toranites who dispensed Justice and destroyed their temple there. Before Broegar it was the Rofis who dispensed and dealt with the laws and it was the Toranites who dispensed the Justice I guess. Now it was the Rofis doing everything and I guess it even affected the Judges of the toranites cause they had to disband the Judges or something.

All this stuff was well and good, but it still didnt tell me anything else. We havent been to the Rofi temple if Vehl in along time. So I havent been able to snoop around and see what was happening or talk to anyone there.

So I did the next best thing. I snuck into dads room and found teh letter the from the Rofis that upset him so. I guess things within the church are pretty bad right now. Dad tried to resign his commission with the wyrm knights after they made the deal with Broegar that that poster mentioned. They said things were too tough right now and they would not accept his resignation, that he needed to hold true to the code and have faith thru these dark times or something like that.

I guess this Broegar guy has caused alot of trouble and made alot of enemies. Even uncle Dalan said he was filth and a few other choice words, and hes a dwarf! It takes alot to get uncle Dalan worked up like that!

I guess I should meditate on this stuff. Mr Rain said when your mind is troubled and stuff that you should just take some time to sit down and meditate on stuff to clear your mind.
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Something is terribly wrong. :o

Uncle Dalan escorted me back from classes with Mr Rain the other day. We arrived and all we could hear was screaming and yelling and crying! :o

I ran inside and there was miss Jenna all crying and teary eyed nad dad was just standing there looking like a whipped dog who got into something he shouldnt have, like he did something horrible. :o

Miss Jenna saw us as we burst thru the door. Dad looked at me told me to get the kids and go outside for abit. Uncle Dalan got the hint pretty quick I guess cause he grabbed me and we went and got the twins in hurry. O.o

He took us to pond overlooking the town. We were pretty quiet for along time. The twins had finally settled down and stopped crying. I had a bunch of questions, but uncle Dalan said he didnt know what to make of it.

He said we ought to do something to take our minds of if things for abit. So we started practicing my dwarfish. He taught me several more words and phrases and then he said my accent was to thick. 'Dont be so gutteral he kept saying, we aint trying to communicate like cats and dogs. Think of da mountains and rocks and da deeps. Then you will speak proper.' ;)

After awhile I was getting really ansy and the twins were starting wake up from their naps. I kept looking down at the house hoping to see something. After awhile I saw dad leaving the house. I would have sworn he glanced up at us, but then he headed south away from us. :\\

A little while later miss Jenna came and got us. She looked like she had been crying alot and tried to compose herself. She said my father would not be home for awhile. She looked at me kind a weird then, and sent me to my room after saying my goodbyes to uncle Dalan. :(
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I havent seen dad in about a week. He left the house for a few days after the fight with miss Jenna. Now hes gone longer and longer. He never comes home for more than a few hours. He plays with the twins for a bit, he says hello to me and we talk for abit, he wont tell me whats going on, and then hes gone. :(

Miss Jenna barely talks to me anymore. She just looks at me funny, then returns to her work. She has me take care of the kids occasionally, but usually just prefers me not be around I think. I guess I just remind her of dad. :\\

My travelling to classes with Mr Rain seem to be the most I see my dad nowadays. And lately they have been weirdly quiet. If we talk, its usually nothing more than something to break the silence. I can tell dad wants to tell me something, but hes not. He keeps looking like hes gonna say something, but then goes back to playing with the fire or something like that.

I talk to Sarah about it. I told she didnt have to do any more research stuff for meabout Prantz if she doesnt want to. I guess dads problems arent related to it anymore so I dont care anymore. :(
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I saw dad today.

He found me on my way back from classes, and we went to the lake to talk.

I told him I had been worried sick about him since hes been so depressed. I told him I was trying to figure out was wrong and I learned alot about stuff that happened.

He told me that was part of it, he even said I was pretty resourceful t finding the stuff out. But there was something else that happened. Then he said it...

He said he was leaving us.

* tear stains mark this part of the page.

He said it was best for us all. He said it too dangerous for him to be around us now. That bad things might happen to us if he did. He didnt want that, he said he would try to make things right, but it might take a long time.

Then he said things had changed at home too. That he and miss Jenna had grown apart or something. That he couldnt be with her anymore. He didnt love her anymore.

I asked if it was my fault. That I made things too difficult for her and him, that I reminded him too much of momma. I know I can be a troublemaker sometimes and I made things difficult sometimes between him and miss Jenna.

He said wasnt my fault. That things just happened.

Im not sure I believe him. :(
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*the pages are heavily tear stained, and the writing is pressed deeply into the paper

Miss Jenna wont look at me. We have dinner, we do our chores, the twins have been pretty quiet lately. Its like they know something is wrong. :(

I cant take it much longer. I think she blames me for dad leaving....No, I know thats not true. But I think I remind her too much of him, that I am partly to blame. :mad:

I have taken to wandering the forests further and further, and stay out longer and longer. Miss Jenna doesnt say anything to me. I doubt she even notices Im gone. :\\

Im tired, and dad is gone. He says he made arrangements for us, but I dont care. He left me, us...all because of his stupid job! >:/
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Ive decided.

I cant take it anymore at home. The underlying resentment, the uneasy quiet when I am there, the guilt I feel when I see miss Jenna with the twins. >:/

As I spend more time in the forest and wandering the paths of the silkwood, I find my thoughts drifting more and more to leaving home for good. Miss Jenna wont mind at this point I think, she may even welcome the respite from the feelings I dredge up when she sees me. :(

Dad wont care, hes never home, he left me. He said he would always love me, but he left me. So why should I care what he thinks. I may as well leave too. :(

I dont know where I will go, maybe the wolfswood rangers will take me in. If not, uncle Dalans training will be enough for me to survive and make my way.
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I had my last class with Mr Rain today.

It was hard, but I made it thru it without showing any signs of my plans. Only Sarah caught on.  O.o

After class was over Sarah and I went to the park and we talked for along time. I told her everything, how I felt about home, why I was leaving and everything. She was really concerned and tried to talk me out of it. But Im stubborn, dwarfish stubborness I think is what uncle Dalan said to me along time ago. ;)

I made her promise not to tell anyone for at least a week or so. That should give me plenty of time to disappear. Especially since I dont know where Im going. I told her I would send her a letter once in awhile to let her know Im okay and whats happening with me.

I told Sarah I was gonna head north to start, she wanted to come with me to the gate at least so i said yes. I had to stop by my secret hiding place on the way anyways. I stashed my stuff in a nice hiding place really close to her guild under a loose slab I found once.

When we got there though, some rats had gotten into my food.  :o  I thought I had it wrapped and buried well enough that they couldnt get to it! Stupid rats. >:/  Sarah saw that and laughed at me, she said I ought to have learned Hempstead rats are pretty resourceful! We both laughed for a little bit, and then she said I should restock at her place before i leave. :D

While looking thru my pack and getting rid of the despoiled food, I showed Sarah my sword. I told her it was my mommas. That dad had it stored away for me for when i got bigger. I told her I took it, since I needed a weapon besides my bow and arrows, and that it was meant for me anyways. :)

I told Sarah I would wait for her in the park, while she went and got some food. She came back a little while later with a huge bag filled with a couple of roasts and extra canteen and more arrows for me and a couple of spells she nicked from her dads chests in case of emergencies! She said she almost got caught and that uncle Dalan was there. She said I ought to at least say goodby to him. :(

At that I started to cry, Im gonna miss him the most i think. He was always there for me, even when I was little. :)

After awhile I had to say goodbye and go. It was almost sundown and I felt it was best to leave at night so it was harder for anyone to follow me.

As we walked to the gate I reminded her of her promise to me, but told her to tell everyone Im sorry and will miss them all when the time was right. :(

We hugged and I turned and left.
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I cant believe Sarah followed me! :mad:

Now I have to take care of her and make sure shes okay. I dont know if Im up for that. Still...I am glad shes here. It makes my trip less lonely. :D

I caught her trying to follow me on the path to Vehl. At first I though it I was being stalked by bandits, so I hopped off the trail and doubled back. I got her when she found the spot where i left the trail and she was trying to see where i went. I snuck up and jumped on her! I was about to hit her on the head with a rock when i recognized her. Shes lucky dad and uncle Dalan always made sure to teach me to make sure of what it is Im striking at before committing. Shes good at sneaking in the city, but shes not nearly as good as I am in the forest. :rolleyes:

I yelled at her for abit, then i hugged her and we had a good laugh. I told her I needed to do this by myself for awhile. That I didnt want to be the one responsible for getting her hurt if if anything bad happened. I couldnt live with that. :(

She said she just wanted to make sure I would be alright. I decided we should make camp and talk there. Hanging out in the middle of the path where we could be seen by bandits or worse wasnt a good idea.

We made camp and ate some of the roast that she got me. She said uncle Dalan had just made it and dropped it off in the kitchens. I felt sad thinking about him, knowing he would be tearing his beard out with worry when he discovered I was gone. :(

After eating and talking for awhile, we doused the fire. Sarah said she would agree to take a boat from Vehl back to Hempstead when we got there. But we could travel there together for now. Shes a great friend, but she hasnt seen some of the things I have out here. I just want her safe.

Well...Its time for her to take watch. ;)
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We made it Vehl! It was a pretty good trip too. We made in a couple of days. I think the pace was almost too fast for poor Sarah. But I wanted to move fast and be done with my trip to Vehl as soon as possible. Poor Sarah must be dog tired. She wont admit it, but she is looking pretty knackered. :)

After we got to Vehl, I told Sarah we needed to stop by the temple. I had some questions I needed answered there. I also wanted to give them a piece of my mind in how they treated my dad. >:/

When we got there, I told Sarah to try and stay hid and out of trouble. Especially since they have guards and stuff there. At least they did the last time i was here. :\\

The temple wasnt very busy luckily, I guess most of the clerics and stuff were off enforcing laws and stuff. I did recognize one fellow wandering around the temple. I didnt know his name but I know dad said he was pretty important. Reus or something I think is what one of the priests called him.

I ran up to him and introduced myself. He must have recognized my name and stuff, cause he asked how my dad was. I looked at him, smiled...and kicked him as hard as I could in the in the you know where! I yelled at him and said to 'Leave my dad alone! You nobs ruined him and ruined my life!" Or something like that anyways. I pushed him over and made the mad dash for the door. :D

I almost made it too! Then as I got close someone grabbed me by the cape and thru me down! I heard a scream and saw somehting white whip past my head, I turned to try and get away, and I saw miss Serissa holding onto me! I think she was more surprised at me than the egg that hit her in the head. :o

I struggled really hard to try and escape but I was caught. I gave up after struggling for abit. Just so they knew I wasnt gonna be easy. >:/

Miss Serrissa took me to some room and after waiting for awhile, she came in with the Reus fellow i kicked. He was still walking kinda funny too. He didnt look to happy. Neither did miss Serrissa for that matter, but I didnt care. >:/

Miss Serrissa was way more upset about what I did than the judge fellow. He lectured me abit, and said I would have to do penance or something. That I was angry about stuff I didnt even know about. It was hard staying mad at hte old guy, but I mustered my dwarfen stubborness and said something in dwarf that I knew. He didnt like that at all. But I was gonna stand up to him and his holier than though church that ruins families and stuff, and I told him so. :mad:

He left after saying something to miss Serrissa. She came back and started yelling at me. Not loud or anything, but in a quiet way that made her really menacing. She said she was really angry and upset and disappointed in me. That I should act better. That my actions could affect my dad in a bad way. I told her he wasnt a Wyrm Knight anymore and he left, and that it was their fault if they couldnt accept that. And that they were conspiring with evil dwarfs instead upholding the law and right and stuff like that. She got really mad then. I guess I touched a nerve with that. She said some time in the jail would get me to cool off and think about what I did. I would have to stay until my dad came and got me. Which could be a very long time, the way things were. O.o

I spent the night in the jail, which was really scary. It smelled really really bad, and there were some nasty looking guys in the jail that said some pretty nasty things to me. I just swore at them in dwarfish and tried to look not scared or anything. I was terrified actually. :o

Next evening, I had a visitor. Sarah came to rescue me! I heard her whisper to me that she was gonna get me out! She had a couple of her dads scrolls of invisibility.  She said to use it and she would get the door open, but we had to hurry. The other prisoners started to see what I was doing and started to make a huge ruckus! Next thing I know, the jailor guy came out and started cursing at them to pipe down, but the prisoners wouldnt. I saw Sarah, nick the key off his belt while he was busy shoving some prisoners, she got my door opened and we dashed out! She tossed the key into one of the cells on our way out. I guess we started a riot or something, cause we just missed being runover by a bunch of guards!

We ran for the docks. Knowing that boat would be leaving for Mariners hold we hopped on really fast. Luckily our invis wore off while dashing through an alley and Sarah had already gotten us tickets. The trip to Mariners hold was pretty uneventful, aside from the ships captain asking a few too many questions which made us uncomfortable. But once we got to Mariners hold, we got off the boat.

We spent the night in an alley that offered us shelter from rain. It was a lousy first night, but I didnt want to try and find an inn or anything. I told Sarah she could take the portal back to waysend that was in the inn by the docks. I gave her the last of the gold we had for it. I told her not to follow me any further. I had alot to do, and her parents would be worried about her. ;)

We hugged and parted ways in front of the Freelancers. I made sure she didnt follow me once I left the gates. I told her I would send her a letter when I got the chance. I told her to tell uncle Dalan and my dad I was alright. I missed them alot but I have to do this. I hugged her and left. :)

Well...thats it for now. Farmer Part was nice enough to give me dinner and shelter tonight. I just had to chop some wood and do a few chores for him. :\\
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I made it to the ranger camp finally. I was hoping I could get them to train me and maybe take me in. They seemed like a nice bunch when i was here a few years ago with dad. :)

I miss those times...:( :)

They said that things had changed much since that time, and though they might welcome me into their ranks in the future, I was too young. They let me stay there for a few days at least. I learned one or two things there too. They allowed me to practice with the newer recruits in some basic stuff like tracking and survival. I think it was more so I might fare better in the wild after I left.

They were kind enough to resupply me. They even offered to help me make my way back to Mariners hold if I wanted. I told them I wanted to head to Dregar. That I had some friends there that I needed to see. They said the best place was to get a ship from Karthy, but they didnt want me going that way because of the slavers there. They said I would fetch a high price if I was caught, and since I was so young, terrible things would happen to me. Im not gonna write about what they said...I will just say I kinda went pale, and agreed with them. :o

We made our way back to Mariners hold after spending about a week in a roundabout path thru the forests. I didnt do much, but I did get to help find some of the traps and they showed me what to look for when searching for them. When the rangers found the camp, they told me to wait a safe distance away, since things were gonna get really dangerous. That and they said that they wanted to make sure they didnt get ambushed from behind. So they had me stand guard a safe distance away. They had a young guy named Darren stand watch with me. I think he as there more for keeping me out of trouble than anything else. :\\

It must have been a tough battle, cause we heard lots of screams and the clash of swords and stuff. A few bandits managed to get out the front. Darren said to stay put and keep down. He took off after them, and I saw him disappear into the woods. It seemed like forever before i heard any sound from him or anyone. O.o

After awhile I decided to leave my hiding place and see if anyone was hurt. I was also more scared that more bandits had escaped and might accidently find me. I didnt want that to happen at all. :o

I found a couple of wounded rangers sitting in a small copse. They were really startled when i popped my head out from behind a tree. Since they were paying attention to something else. I had a few bandages handy and tried to help bind some of their wounds. Im not very good at it, but they seemed to appreciate the help. :p

After it was all over the rangers regrouped. They finished helping out the guys who got hurt and talked about the fight. I guess these bandits had been trying to get organized and planned to raid some large caravans that were supposed to be coming thru. They werent gonna do it anymore I guess. ;)

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. We finally made it back to Mariners hold. They gave me a few goldies to buy a ticket back to Mistone or they said I could use it for the the portal and a room at the Freelancers. Especially if I was wanting to go to Dregar.

To be honest, I was not too crazy about the idea of entering the Freelancer. Dad knows those people and seemed to be on good terms with them. That and I met a couple of them when I was travelling with dad. I wouldnt mind seeing Nyenna again. I guess she was really good friends with momma and she always made really good pie. Miss Anna was really nice too. She could sing really pretty and it was like watching a story unfold in your head. But I was afraid they might try to keep me from leaving. :mad:

I decided to go in. It was really busy too! I guess a couple of ships just docked and all the sailors were on break or something. THey were really funny to watch! Getting all drunk and stuff. I didnt see miss Anna or Nyenna anywhere. I was kinda disappointed at that, relieved too.

I remember dad saying that there was an automated room thinger somewhere in the inn. You could drop your coins in and if a room was available you could get a key. This was a great idea! I could get a key and a room and not be spotted! Especially in this crowd! :D

After I got my room, I passed out on the tiny cot. When I woke up, I wrote a letter like I said I would to Sarah, uncle Dalan and Dad.
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Im not having much luck. I dont know why I came out here in the first place now.

I thought I could hash out my problems by myself and have time to think on it. So far I have travelled alot, seen some scary things and spent alot of time camping. :\\

I thought I might head to Dregar. To maybe try and find the old village where I spent my childhood. To see my friends again. Im not ready for that now I think. Im gonna rethink my plans. I feel I am missing something. :\\

Im so confused right now. I dont know what I was thinking. :(
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I really dont like portals. They make me feel all squished inside and then pop! You appear where your going. I always get the willies when I have to use them. O.o

As soon as I appeared in Waysend and started to head north I met miss Grenna. Just my luck I guess. :\\

Im glad I did actually. I guess she didnt know I was gone. She had been out with her new pack as she called it. That Jin guy I met before was their pack leader i guess.

She was heading towards the farms and a few wild places she knew to gather stuff for her brewing and her guild. I asked if I could come along and she said yes. It wasnt too dangerous she thought. Plus she said I seemed to know how to handle myself. I guess uncle Dalan told her about alot about me. :)

We travelled quite aways. We talked alot too, mostly about why I was out so far from home by myself. It was kinda hard to lie about off doing my own training thing, since I was pretty far out and she knew I would normally never be off by myself like this. :\\

I asked her if we could just travel for awhile first. She seemed to get the hint and we travelled the whole day. We didnt talk to much, but I got to practice my dwarfen with her. The conversation was pretty limited, but she taught me a few more things nad she said my pronuncation was getting better. Eventually we made camp and set a fire. I had some fish and we had a pretty good dinner.  :p

We talked alot about different stuff. Then out of the blue I just started crying. I guess and started blathering on about stuff, I told her everything. In the end. :(

She was really nice to me then. Even gave me some beer that she had been brought along. Yuck! But it was kinda good too! She just laughed at me when i drank it and made a face. O.o

After awhile she said she thought I might best go to where everything seemed to have started for me. That we should go to the place where the ogres ambushed us. Maybe even find a few and give them a stern talking ot with her axe. :o

SHe said I had more going on in my head than just dads problems and stuff. That I needed to figure out myself and then things would be better for me.

She said she would taga long with me and make sure I stayed outta trouble. Thta or she would 'escort' me back by the scruff to uncle Dalan. O.o
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We went and found where we were ambushed so long ago. The path was clear and we didnt find anything of interest. I went thru the area again, rehashing things like i did before. After awhile Grenna said she found some tracks. THey were human, and pretty fresh..only a few hours old.

We tracked them and found some young kid heading towards hempstead. He was trying to flit thru the woods undetected. We decided to say hello after following him for a bit. Turns out he was the son of the farmer that we took that family to so long ago. :o

I guess things have been getting worse and worse, and he was out trying to hunt and find food for his family. He said ogres were getting more and more aggressive of late. Especially to farms near the feet of the mountains where they live. I guess the raided what crops where left and even took the cows and oxen anyone had. :(

We took him home after helping him hunt for food. We even left him some of our rations that we had to spare. They offered to let us spend the nite with them. Their house wasnt very big. More like a big mud hut. But it was dry at least. O.o

During the night we we woke up and heard crying and screaming! The family from the next farm over was being raided! Grenna and I ran out and saw the some giant shapes running around outside of it and then setting it on fire. :o

We ran over there and I saw it. There was  a woman holding her babe and a giant gore thing gettign ready to mash her to pulp! Grenna just went mad! She screamed and attacked him. I just watched as she took his legs out from under him, then his head flew like a kickball and she started mashing his body to pulp! I nearly went sick watching her, then she looked up and there was a gleam in her eyes I could see in the dark. It really scared me, then she charged at me! I just froze as she charged 2 ogres who ran past my hiding place and started fighting her! Next thing I know I made it to the woman and her babe. I got us to safety while Grenna was pounding those ogres to mush. :o

After getting the momma to the farm, I went back for Grenna. She had torn apart 4 ogres by herself! But she was really hurt bad. Lucky for her, I had a potion or two the rangers gave me. I quick gave them to her and started to bandage her wounds. She had a nasty gash on her thigh, but she didnt even act like she felt anything! I helped get her back to the farm and the family helped me finish bandaging her wounds. We stayed there a day or two while she recovered. She told me then about how seeing that poor woman and her baby reminded her of what happened to her family. She just lost it and went into what she called her families 'fury'. She just wanted to protect the momma.

After Grenna recovered for abit, we decided to head back to her packs den. It took us about a week, but Grenna was really really tough and we even made good time. :D

On our trip to her den, I asked her why she acted like that. She told how she watched her family slaughtered like that. That sometimes when bad things happen to us, we try not to let them happen again. And that makes us better for it. You cant change what happens to you, but you can change what will happen according to your measure.

I think i know why uncle Dalan likes her so much. ;)
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Its been a hectic last few days!

I have been helping Grenna with her chores and stuff around the den, and we have been gathering minerals and stuff too. Nothing too dangerous, jsut mostly bugs and spiders to deal with. Yeech!! O.o

I met mister Jin again. I like him, hes really nice. Kinda soft spoken though, or maybe its just me. I like him alot, but whenever hes around me I always see him sniff the air nad tehn give me afunny look. Then my scar starts to itch really bad. Its terribly annoying! I try not to scratch it in front of anyone cause only a couple of people know about it. If uncle Dalan found out where i got it  he would be so upset with me! >:/

One night while we were sitting by the fire in the den, a bunch of the pack (thats what they call themselves) showed up just out of the blue. Seems they come and go alot. They started talking about things happening in the world and how stuff seems to be getting pretty bad for people. They asked me if I noticed anything, or had been affected by the darkness in the world. I got kinda silent about that. :(

I hadnt really thought about it in such large terms before. The only thing I could think of was the farmers family we were just at. Im not sure I was ready to really talk at length about my experience with that...but for some reason I just started talking. :\\

I told them how scared I was during the ambush, how I blamed myself; regardless of what I had seen tothe contrary, for the ambush and the fathers death, how ever since then I have been feeling isolated and alone because of it. How i was pushing my friends away cause i didnt want to be the one to get anyone hurt. :( w

I then started in on the Rofis, and how they drove my dad away from his family. How things had happened and it was their fault because of the stupid stufff they were doing with that dwarf so dad got in trouble cause he didnt believe they were doing what was right. >:/

I talked alot! I cried alot too. I think I talked too much actually, cause when iwas doen and still sniffling, they all got kinda quiet. I think I made alot of them uncomfortable or something cause i jsut opened up and it all came out like a torrent! O.o

After what seemed like an eternity of weird silence, they said I was pretty brave to try and go and face whatever it was that was vexing me on my own. That even the bravest fighters feel that way when bad thigns happen and I shouldnt blame myself for the fallen. I did what I could do and thats all any of us could do. Or soemthing like that. The life my dad chose, and what I seem to be on the path for, it comes with the calling. You just have to go on. try and learn from your experience, but dont let the bad things stop you.

As far as the ogre stuff and bandits they said it was kinda what they had been seeing too. They said something along the lines of the smelling trouble in the air and that the ogres were getting braver or more desperate. That more and more stuff like that might happen since food was scarce for everyone.

After everyone left, Mister Jin came to see me in the room I was in. He asked me some odd questions, but in return he told me a story about my momma.
He asked me where I grew up, since he heard I disappeared for many years until recently. I told him I grew up in a small village dad helped rebuild after the plague stuff in hurm. I didnt know where it was, but I told him my momma was buried there. It was an important place I guess, since it was where she grew up. Then he asked if I had ever played with wolfs. Played with wolfs?! That was an odd question, I had never been asked that before. I asked him why, and he jsut he was just curious, so I told him about the wolf pack that saved me when I was alot younger. I didnt tell him about the bite the big one did to me, but it did start to itch terribly as I told him the story.

After telling him my story, he said it was his turn if I wanted. He told me the story of when he helped my momma save her momma! He said it happened in the village where i grew up, since that was where she grew up. It was really scary, but he said my momma faced some terrible things and did a great deed. Afterwards he told me about the trip back and how momma helped fight some cursed wolves or something that came for him. He showed me his scar and told me how he was marked by a great wolf, and the wolfs my mom helped defeat were tracking him by it.

He said the rest of that story was for another time if I wanted. Cause it was a difficult time in his life nad he felt he lost everything, kinda like how i feel right now. But good things came of it.
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Ive been spending alot of time with the pack. They have me helping out with the den while I stay here with Grenna. :)

Berilu is really sweet. She has me helping around hte kitchen and is showing me how to grind wheat nad corn and stuff for meals nad flours. She also has me cleaning and tidying. Especially the stuff she cant reach easy! I guess Im gettig pretty tall now.

Karana is really nice too. Abit weird sometimes as she keeps telling me I need to be able to knock the boys out who get fresh with me. She is really nice once you get past her gruff exterior. At first I thought she was kinda touched or dumb or somthing cause of her ideas and way she talked. Boy was i wrong! Shes really smart in her own way nad really nice. She even held my hair when i got sick in th trash can after she got me to drink some nasty stuff she was drinking! O.o  Grenna yelled at her sayin Dalan would have her hide if he ever found out I was getting drunk at my age and while under her care. I jsut remember being all giggly with karana and then blech!  :o I felt really terrible the next day and grenna nad berilu really made me work hard that day! To teach me a lesson or something. :\\

Jin still looks at me funny. I swear he sniffs at me sometimes like hes smelling me nad getting my scent or something. Not in abad way..just like a dog or something I guess is the best to describe it. Hes also teaching me to fight using my hands and feet. :p

Coyote is really funny. Hes this elfish fellow who keeps changing shapes all the time. I think he likes me cause he keeps turning into a cat and having me pet him and brush him. I guess he needs some grooming or something! ;)

The rest of the pack have been fun too. Some of them are teaching me more about different plants and stuff. :)

Thats it for now I guess...tomorrow we are leaving for my old village. I guess Jin knows the way and the pack are gonna escort grenna and I there. I cant wait! I get to see Alice again! :D
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Mister Jin seems to think I need time in my old haunts. Grenna agreed too, they seem to think that by seeing those places it might help me find what Im looking for.

To be honest, Im not even sure what it was I was looking for now in the first place. I know I left originally because I was tired of what I was feelin at home. That I was to blame for things between dad and miss Jenna at least partially. Now Im not so sure. :\\

I miss my friends, I miss Sarah and Cole and Tristan and Sonya. I hope they are all alright. Sarah sent me a letter, but she ended it kinda funny. I dont think it was her that finished it. Im sure shes fine, it was prolly cole or tristan playing a joke on her or something. :rolleyes:

Right now we have been on the road for about a week or so. Its a long way to the village. We have been running through the forests though, and not by any roads or anything so I guess thats why its taking so long. The pack has made sure I am training hard, and really working on my sneaking and searching skills and all things woodsy. :D

I have made pretty good progress too. They had me sneak up on a campfire I spotted on watch one night. It turned out to be bandits. A couple of ogres and mostly men I think, maybe an elf or two also. It was kinda hard to tell in the light and from the distance I was at. I didnt want to get too close. :p

I did see an overturned wagon and the ogres were gnawing on a horses leg or two! Looks like they raided a small caravan and hid it in the forest. Not good enough though! >:/

The pack decided to pay them a visit, I was told to stay back and watch, but to keep my bow handy in case I needed it. I watched as the pack surrounded them, then once they were in place, mister Jin just walked right into the middle of them! :o  It was so funny seeing their faces, all shocked and surprised and stuff. Mister Jin just asked why they were so far off the beaten path and why was there a dead person left unattended in the forest close by. I never saw that! Glad I didnt actually.

They just said that he was next, then the fight started! It was over pretty quick too. Miss Karana and Grenna went after the ogres and just seemed all insane about how they were fighting! The ogres didnt have a chance, though miss Grenna did use the horse leg to beat one of them senseless! ;)  That was actually pretty gross to see. The rest were dispatched really quickly, Jin knocked one into a tree with a punch! I swear he left a dent in the poor tree with his head. Coyote jumped on one shaped like a big cat of some sort mauled the elf trying to cast a spell. I couldnt watch much of that after he pounced on the caster. :o  Im glad the fight didnt last too long. None of them were too seriously hurt which I was glad of. :)

The only thing i didnt really like was that we had to bury the bodies so that they wouldnt rot and maybe become diseased or something. scout the area during my watch.  :)
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We made it back to the old village.

Its changed alot since the last time I saw it. The huts arent so shabby and it seems to be thriving too! Everything seems so much more alive and flourishing here!

I think Jin was really surprised too. He told when he was here with my momma all the buildings were burned and the land was desolate. He said my dad had done a good job with the place. ;)

I found miss Trudy's place. She has really gotten old. I just remember when she seemed so much younger and able ot get around alot easier. Even Turon is looking pretty shaggy. His coat has alot of grey in it. :(

She was so happy to see me! She gave me a huge hug and started crying alot. She made us dinner after that and the whole pack stayed at her house that nite.

The pack stayed in the village for a couple of days, just to be sure I would be alright. They looked around alot and I introduced them to my friends that were still around. I saw Alice again too! :D

She had changed alot, she looked different somehow, but its prolly cause its been so long since I last saw her. Shes really becoming a strong wizard too! We spent alot of time together again. :p

I noticed Jin and the pack disappeared for awhile, but I was too busy running around seeing old friends at the time. :\\

THe last nite, we had a huuuge meal! It was really cool. All my old friends got to come, and teh pack told us a few tales of their adventures. It was a great time for all of us. :D

The next day the pack left. Im gonna miss them. I gave them all a hug nad said I hope ot see them again soon. Grenna said she would tell Dalan I was here, and when i was ready he would come and take me home. If he couldnt make it, then she would come for me. :)

As they left, JIn came up to me and said something odd...He said the longstrider watches over me. And I have friends who are watching over me. I think he meant my friends and stuff, and the pack too, but it was still odd I think. :\\

Then they were gone.  :(
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Post by: scifibarbie on June 27, 2007, 02:48:22 pm
Ive been helping out miss Trudy alot lately. Chopping wood, cleaning the garden, patching the roof. Its hard work but Im enjoying it. :)

Yesterday I told miss Trudy that i was going in to the woods for awhile and may not be back for a day or so. She just warned me to be careful. I guess there has been trouble lately. She said some ogres or something found a way into the valley and raided some farms. Supposedly they were driven out and the entrance they came by was sealed. I hate ogres. >:/

Bu thats not why Im going. I heard the baying of wolves teh last couple of nights. I dont ever remember them being so close to the village before. Plus, since I started hearing the howling, what Jin told me has been bugging me alot. So has my scar come to think of it! IT itches really bad. :\\

I think I just need some time in the forest. Maybe I will have a visit from the wolfs. I hope so.

After spending the night in the woods, I decided to make my way back to the village. I thought I might spend some time at mommas tree. I havent been there since I first arrived. I always felt like she was near me when I was there. :)

I saw someone near the tree, just sitting there. Their back was to me so I wasnt sure who it was at first. As I snuck up I was dad! :o

I was so shocked! I still dont know what to do. I just watched him as he sat there for a long time. Then I faded back into the woods.

My first instinct was to run up and hug him and never let go. Then my anger at him started to well up...I wanted to run up and yell at him and hurt him like he hurt me! I dont know what to do. I need to think. Im not sure Im ready for this. :(  
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Im not sure if dad saw me or not. If he did it doesnt matter, he probably wont be able to track me thru the woods. Uncle Dalan was having trouble tracking me before I left, I have improved alot since then. ;)

I wandered pretty far into the wood. I needed time to think. So many memories of happier times, so much anger at what he did to me and miss Jenna.

He made me feel all alone in the world. That he was leaving me. For my own safety he said, because the church was mad at him and didnt want them to take it out on me and miss Jenna he said. Then he was gone. He said he would come visit, I saw him once. He was gone for so long after that. Miss Jenna wouldnt even look at me, she saw me and remembered dad and she would just get all depressed. I liked miss jenna but I couldnt bear that. Its not my fault he left us! >:/

But then, he was never around alot when I was really young either. He would come and go for week or two and then be gone again for weeks at a time. But when he was around, we spent all of our time together., He taught me to use a sword, how to take care of myself. I remember him telling me stories of his and mommas adventures. How when I got sick he would bring me soup and tell me stories and keep me company. :D

I know i was not the best kid in the world, always wandering off and getting into trouble. But I didnt think I was that bad that he would leave me. I know he said what happened between him and miss Jenna wasnt my fault. That is had nothing to do with me, but i dont know. :\\

Somethings near...
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The pack has grown! Many of the cubs I met so long ago are now large wolfs. The leader of the pack, the big dire that bit me so long ago seems to have gotten bigger too, or maybe it was just me. :o

I dont know why he brought me here. I think he wanted to show me something. I guess I was better at speaking with the wolfs than I thought! I can understand all of what they are trying to convey to me.

He seemed to know that I was really upset about something, he seemed to know my pack was hurting and it was hurting me. That I had alot on my mind and even more confusion about myself. He had a couple of wolfs walk with me for awhile in the woods while he left for abit. The female he left me with was named Blackpaw (you can guess why), the other was Greybeard (he had grey tufty jowls). They were really nice, they asked why I came back here and about other stuff. then they asked me about my pack. I told them my pack wasnt together anymore. I told them my pack leader (dad) left us, that I left because I reminded the rest of the pack about the leader. Since I wasnt the child of the current female. I tried to explain my story as best as I could. I told them that my dad was here. I guess he was looking for me. After awhile we headed back towards the rest of the pack.

We entered a small copse of woods with an opening in the middle of it and a large rock in the center. The pack leader went and sat upon it. He let out a long howl and the pack came and surrounded us all. In a few minutes everyone around me started to howl...I even started howling! I never knew I could do that! After the howling stopped, I looked up into the sky and saw the moon, and a bunch of stars shining really brightly, it kinda looked like an archer i think. The  pack leader said we were giving thanks to the great pack leader, guardian of the wood, and prince of wolfs. :\\

I guess its their god, I asked what his name was and they simply said he was just known as the great hunter or the prince of wolfs to them. He is the one who guides the pack, that makes sure all those who respect the wood are safe within it. :\\

He told a tale in the distant pass, when the forests were young and wolves roamed the land. In the world there was a dark forest, with evil living at its core. Surrounding this was a light forest where wolves roamed; this was the pack of the Prince of Wolves, his children as they came to be known. Eventually the wolves encountered the evil and did battle with it. He didnt name the evil, but said that it recently awoke and was defeated once more. That the pack was nearly destroyed but in the end a great wolf triumphed over the darkness.

He spoke of why the pack had come to this valley. That the pack was called here a long time ago, to keep watch over something that had been destroyed. They also took it upon themselfs to protect the villagers, even though the villagers dont realize it. :rolleyes:

Then he talked to me about the nature of the pack. That the pack survives because they each support and protect each other. That without each other, the pack would grow weak and die. Disagreements and arguments happen often in even the most closely nit pack. Sometimes things are resolved easily, other times a pack member may leave for a time to find their truth. But if the pack is truly close, then regardless of what transpired the pack does reunite and stay strong, even grows stronger sometimes. Sometimes though, no matter what happens, a seed of darkness can enter the heart of even the strongest pack, and if its allowed to grow and fester. The pack will rot and die, and perhaps none of them will survive their winter. :(
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I cant believe the dream I just had. It was so vivid! :o

Was it real? Why do I feel like I have been up all night long. :\\

Im glad I wrote it down before I forgot it, though...I dont think I could ever forget that. O.o

I think Im ready to go find dad now. I feel like Im ready for whatever may happen. :D

*As she gets up to leave, she notices there is a giant paw print in the moss near where she lay asleep. She smiles suddenly and heads back to where she last saw her dad.
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There he was, sitting under the tree.

I have to admit I was still thinking if I was ready to see him again. I was afraid of what he might say, what I might say. How I would feel. Then I steeled myself for it, the pack must be healed I guess. :\\

I didnt want to sneak up on him, so I threw a few rocks at him to get his attention. ;)

When he stood up and saw me, when I saw him...I dunno. I just stood there quiet like. We both stood there, gods it seemed like forever!

I just remember waving a little and saying hi dad or something like that. Next thing I know he had me in a huge hug and I could barely breathe! O.o

We both cried for abit. Happy to see each other again. We sat under mommas tree and I remember we were quiet for awhile, just listening to the water in the stream that ran nearby.

Then he asked me why. So I told him, he left me, it wasnt like before, this time was different. I dont care what his reasons were, he just left me alone. SO what if he said he would come to visit me, it wasnt the same as before. Then he was gone for such a long time, i figured he had had enough of us all. I was angry, and I told him so.

I told him i needed time to think for myself. I also told him I was feeling really confused about other things within myself as well. I still am, but Im better now I think.

I told dad about my trip to the Rofi temple in Vehl. About Serissa and the priest guy, that I was so angry at the church for screwing up our lives. I know its not so anymore, there was more to it than just them. But I was so angry at the time and I wanted them to just leave you alone. :p

I told him about how I met with Grenna and we travelled together for awhile. How she took me to the old places, and how we visited the family we saved, and then how I spent time with the Farstriders. :)

I didnt tell him about the other night. Im not ready to share that with him. Im still trying to get it all straight in my head right now too. :\\
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I am still not sure how I m feeling about dad right now. I love him, he is my dad after all. And we have spent alot of time together these last few days. It almost like the old days when he would come to visit me. :)

I know he loves me too, and that he will always do what he thinks is best for me. He says he will always be there for me too...That one Im not so sure of. Im not sure I do want him there for me all the time now. I think I see that I was selfish to think he would always be there, always around when I needed him, and always there when I didnt. And when the time came that I felt he wasnt, I ran off on my own. That the world revolved around me (which it does :p ) and that I could solve my problems by not dealing with them where I should have. :\\

I like the idea that my dad will always be there for me, thats what the family is for. Now though, I think its time I start to learn to run on my own. To be able to do something for others, for the pack. And by becoming stronger, make my pack stronger. I know I still have alot to learn from my family, only now I think I will be better able to be apart of it. 8)

My time on my own and with the Farstriders has shown me that I need to be able to stand on my own two feet. To be able to manage on my own and carry my own weight. That for the pack to grow and become strong, its members must be able to contribute. So far all I have done is take take take from my family and expect them to be at my beck and call sortof. I sound like a spoiled princess! O.o ;)

Time to grow up abit more I guess. I think Im ready to leave here and go home with dad now. :)
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Post by: scifibarbie on July 01, 2007, 02:52:48 pm
My time in my old haunts has been good for me. I think mister Jin was right in having me come here. :rolleyes:

I have enjoyed seeing all my old friends again, and walking the paths of the valley. I have learned much about who I am I think, and I have reconnected with my dad again.  :)

After these last few weeks though...I think its time I leave. I miss this place alot. It was my home for so long, though my friends have grown and changed, so have I I think. :\\

I dont know if dad is anxious to go. He seems to like it here. No troubles in the world to bother him, just the simple life of the village. I like it too, sitting by the stream under mommas tree, wandering the woods and staring up at the stars. :D

I think when Grenna and uncle Dalan get here , they will be surprised to find dad here. Im hoping we can all travel together back to half lake and from there back to haven or wherever. I am honestly in no hurry to return to city life. :p
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The trip from the old village to dad place in haft lake took us awhile. I think dad sensed I wasnt in any hurry to get back, I dont think he was either. ;)

We met uncle Dalan and Grenna by a lake on the way back. They weer fishing and arguing nad it was funny to watch them. THey looked like an old married couple. It was so cute. :p

I think they were surprised to see us. I gave them both a great big hug and we talked for abit over a fire they were using to cook some fishes.

I invited them to travel with us the rest of the way to dads house if they wanted. So we ended up travelling together all the way back to Haft Lake. It was great fun. :)

Im happy we could travel together again. :D
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Sarah is in trouble!

I found a bird that was really hurt bad on the stoop of dads house in Haft Lake. It was carrying a note from Sarah. The poor bird was wounded pretty badly and looked like it was almost dead! :(

It had a note that just said 'Help me' and it was signed by Sarah. :o

I tried to get any information from the bird that I could. It didnt say much, just that it had been flying for awhile to get to me. It was a seabird, like the kind I see at he docks in Hempstead alot. :\\

I kept asking it questions and it sounded like it was describing Mariners Hold. Dad told me this since I brought the poor birdie to the table where everyone was eating.

It said it was sent by a small human girl who was on a ship when it left. I think this explains why the Darsus' arent home right now. O.o

Grenna then said she thought Sarahs mum seemed a bit preoccupied at the wedding of miss Hanna (she was the one who taught me to dance).

I told everyone we needed to go help her, that her parents might not know where to look. Dad kept saying he would go and help, so did Grenna and uncle Dalan. Then dad said I needed to stay here out of trouble. It was probably pretty dangerous and who knows what might be happening. That or it might just be a prank from Sarah. It was probably nothing more than Sarah wanting me to help her get into some mischief or something. :(

I kept pleading for them to let me go as they geared up. Finally I just told them, I was going and if I didnt go with them, I would leave after they did. THey knew I would and could. ;)

I tended to the poor bird packed him up in a soft cloth and made sure he was comfy. I figure he could help us out still once his strength is back.

We left a note on the door of the Darsus home telling them where we were headed. We then took the portal to waysend and are now sitting at the docks waiting for uncle Dalan to drop off a letter at his guild hall.

Next stop, Mariners Hold.
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SO much has happened.

Im feeling sick....stupid boats. O.o

Poor Sarah. I cant help but really worry about her now. We found the boat the birdie told us she might have been on.

We found it pretty heavily guarded, so that aroused our suspicions too. Dad went an tried to intimidate the first mate who was being really rude. Dad sure intimidated me!

Then the captain came up and and dad started talking to him. That we were searching for my friend Sarah. I told the captain what she looked like and stuff.

Turns out they recovered this boat from some slavers. It had been badly damaged and stuff, btu the managed to save it. The fixed itup and pulled out all the areas where teh slaves had been kept.

I asked if we could look around, that maybe she left a clue for us or something. Uncle Dalan an I found some mices and we bribed them with some cheese and they led us to where they remember seeing a girl.

Looking around, I found her diary! It was pretty beat up and partially burnt. :o  

I showed uncle Dalan, Grenna and dad what I found. Even the captain was surprised at what I found!

He said he would help us. He would be passing by where they found the ship anyways, and he would give us a free ride to help out. HE seems pretty nice and really sincere.

Mr Rain showed up just as we were leaving port. He was awfully tired, and looked pretty raggedy. LIke he had been walking all over the world! He probably has actually...:(

I cant write tummy hurts to much. Maybe some of Grennas magic brew will make me feel better.
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Im sitting here by the fire on guard duty and my mind is racing at a million miles an hour right now. Trying to get everything sorted out in my head! :\\

It seems like it has been forever since I last wrote anything in here. Then again, it has been quite the trip thats for certain. :o

Where to begin....okay..Well, after being dropped off at the place where the boat captain said they fought a bunch of slavers and got their boat we found lots of dead bodies nearby. They were all rotting and left in the sun nad it was really really disgusting!! :mad: Uncla Dalan said I turned a bit green and I was definittely not feeling good after smelling that horrible smell! That and seeing birds eating dead bodies didnt help either. :(

I made sure to stay back after taht, I didnt want to be anywhere near those bodies! After awhile Mr Rain found some tracks heading into the forest nearby so we followed tehm for awhile. I was so glad to be in the forest again! Though it hada weird watchful type feeling ot it. Still, nothing beats trampoing thru the forest. Well...we werent tramping, I was up front with Mr Rain following the tracks and stuff and trying ot be all stealthy.

We were jumped then by a bunch of elves! They didnt particularly like Miss Grenna or Uncle Dalan. They treated them pretty rudely Im guessing. I cant speak elfish, but i got the distinct impression they werent too happy seeing uncle Dalan and miss Grenna in their forest.

Mr Rain tried to talk to them, and then it happened. One of them, a short one about my height stepped forward and started talking. I recognized that voice straight away. It was Sarah!! Except they called her something different and she looked all grim and sour instead of how i remember her. :(

I know I kinda shocked her at first, cause I was so happy to see her that I ran up and started talking all fast and hugging her and going on and on with a milion questions and then i got ahold of myself and realized what i was doing...:rolleyes:

She didnt really say anything, she just smiled and tehn she started looking at Mr Rain. He brought ut some amulet thingy and it started to glow, everyones eyes got wide at that. Even the elf hunters guarding sarah. I guess it was something important from their family or something.

After their reunion, which seemed kinda cold to me and odd, hunter sarah (thats waht the elfs called her) thanked us all and said she would tell us the whole story in a nearby village. I think uncle Dalan and miss Grenna didnt feel to welcome cause they decided to head back to our original camping spot and wait.

After we all get settled...Sarah began telling us what happened to her. How she was betrayed by a person she thought wasa friend, experimented on by some stupid magicer and finally escaped and met with these elfs.

She has been thru alot. I cant help but think shes gonna be hurting for along time. She seems so cold and distant now...I hope it doesnt last, I miss the old Sarah. Maybe I can get uncle Dalan to helpe bake a pie for her or something. That outta help cheer her up. If it doesnt...maybe some of miss Grennas magic brew. I know it always gives me a warm happy feeling after drinking some. ;)
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We are took us about a fortnite to finally reach a port where we could take a boat back to Hempstead.

It was kinda sad and not so much fun. I know everyone wanted to get Sarah back as soon as possible to see her family. So we didnt tarry to long in any one spot.

Sarah and I talked a few times, but mostly she was pretty quiet with me. Her dad too I think. Though I know he was walking with her most of the time. He talked alot, i dont think she said so much. It was kinda awkward so I just stayed with dad or scouted with miss Grenna or uncle Dalan. I feel bad, I want to share with her everything that happened after we parted ways, to just be her friend again and try to help her out. But she seems so much more distant and we definitely arent talking the way we used to. I feel like im talking to atree for as much as we really speak to each other. :(

On the plus side, I got to practice my dwarfen alot with those two. Im starting to get more better at it. At least thats what they keep tellin me. Its still kinda hard to sound all stony and stuff like uncle Dalan told me once. :\\

Dad and I were kinda quiet too. I think we were both thinking the same stuff. About how this could have been me, how Ive been acting, how he has been too. While we were gathering firewood, dad and I took a break. We sat there kinda silent for abit, I started to shake abit and cry. I tried not too, but I was kinda overwhelmed when I looked at dad sitting there. I dont know why I started, but I did. I think I was realizing what had happened maybe, or how similar Sarah and I were in our stories. How it could have been me, or worse. It just hit me like a big rock...:( I remember dad coming and putting his arm around me and saying something..I dunno what..I just sat there in his arms crying for a while.  
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Im so bored right now. Im stuck in the guild house helping out with inventory stuff. BOORING!! :\\

I at least got to see mr Quantum again. Its been a really really long time thats for certain. He told me that Sonya is doing really well with her training in the temple and soon she will be squired out, whatever that means. He said he might be able to arrange it so that I can see her again soon. I cant wait!! I have so much to tell her! :D

Kurgin is a new guy I havent seen in the guild before. Hes a dwarf like uncle Dalan, and he seemed surprised at me when i start talking to him in dwarfish. He even asked me to help him out with few tasks.He said I needed to work on my tongue abit so he only talks to me in dwarfish. ITs kinda tough sometimes cause he will say something really weird that I wont get, and he will just grin and laugh. O.o

I havent seen Sarah since we returned to hempstead. I think they are in their house at haft lake. Uncle Dalan said that they have alot to do and that I shouldnt expect to see her for a bit. :( I guess i understand why, alot has happened to her and her family. I just hope shes doing alright.

Speaking of which...i caught uncle Dalan and miss Grenna snogging behind the stables the other day. :o  Unfortunately I snapped a twig i was so surprised and he saw me. IT was so funny..he got all red in the face and miss Grenna jsut giggled and laughed. He yelled at me about sneakin up on people and stickin my nbose where it shouldnt be. ITs not my fault they were making such a racket being all smoochy! I was just there to get something off dads ox. :D

Well...time to feed the dog. Maybe I can sneak him out for a walk in the park by the crafting houses. ;)  
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Its been a pretty quiet couple of weeks. Dad has had a lot of business stuff to take care of so we havent had a chance to head back to Haven yet.

One thing we did was head to fort Vehl, cause dad said he needed to report on the slavers thing and let them know what happened. I tagged along, but I tried to keep a low profile. My last here didnt go so well. :\\

I saw the priest guy I kicked...I guess I didnt kick him hard enough cause he was not walking witha limp like when i saw him last time. ;) Miss Serissa wasnt around, I guess she was out at the site of the new Rofi temple being built. Im glad, I dont think Im ready to see her jsut yet. She might throw me back into the clink! :(

Afterwards we headed back to Hempstead. Dad saw a few people he knew ata  place called stormcrest so I got to wander around the place for a bit while he talked to them. Its got a  huge firepit and a target for shooting at, a a cool stream that runs thru the middle of it. A really neat place, though it looks a bit rundown. :p

Later we finally made it back to Hempstead, and I prepared dinner for us. Everyone was pretty much gone fromthe guild house so it was just me and dad. It was nice, he told me a few stories and we talked about random stuff and stuff.

Tomorrow we head back to Haven.
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Dad and I finally left Hempstead and made our way back to haven. Its been a pretty quiet trip.

On the way back, dad wanted to do some training with me. He said I was getting pretty good with a bow, but I needed to become better with close in combat.

We practiced hard, and it was alot of fun. Really tiring though. It reminded me so much of when i was younger and dad was teaching us how to use weapons and stuff back in the village.

He told me since I was getting older now, and that I will probably get into more trouble than i do already, he wants to be sure I can take care of myself if I get into trouble. ;)  He also said that I needed to be able to keep the boys away. :)

He wants to spend more time with me training and travelling and most importantly..keeping me outta trouble! O.o :)
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Finally made it back home to Haven.

I cant say I was looking forward to it. I did, but I also realize that the way I left...I feel like I may not be overly welcome or things might be really 'uncomfortable' between us.

I know we were finally starting to become friends, then dad left, and things got really strained. Then I left without a word.

The hardest thing was when dad nad I finally walked into haven. Dad was really nervous, not that I blame him. He has enough stuff going on between him and miss Jenna. Im sure he wasnt looking forward to seeing her like this. I was just scared taht she would hate me for leaving like I did, and things would be bad between us. Not that I can blame her I suppose. I know i made her life difficult more than once.

Dad sent he sent a letter to her when we got back to hempstead the first time, nad also one telling her we were on our way. So I was not expecting to surprise her when we show up. I was expecting more like, she would open the door, look at us, say "hello glad your not dead" nad slam the door in our faces.

In some ways I feel that would have been easier on me, i wouldnt have to deal withthe guilt and feeling terrible for what I did or put her thru. Instead, when we arrived, she was outside playing witht he kids. She saw us, when we walked up I just couldnt look at her. I mean I did, but after giving her a quick smile and saying hello I immediately sunk my head and tried not to look at her. I couldnt bear it. She just grabbed me and hugged me. Then she said the magic words and things were a lot better...'You realize your grounded right'. I just started crying and hugged her back. :)

Afterwards we all had dinner and dad and I told her of what we had been doing and where we had gone. Dad had a good time playing with the little ones. THey had grown so much since I last saw them! :o

I know things are never gonna be the same, but then, i cant say I expected things to go back to the way they were. At least I know I have a chance with making things right with miss Jenna and she doesnt hate me. :)
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Well, the groundnig part hasnt been so bad I guess. Im not really even grounded I guess. Just alot of work around the house with the babes and cleaning adn stuff.

Im not even dreading it like I used to. I guess having some quiet time is alwyas  a nice thing once in awhile.

Dad has been coming around alot more these past couple of weeks to. He takes me out and we train, and just hang out. Its nice actually.

He told me yesterday that he has talked to mr Quantum and that Im gonna be able to see sonya soon, probably in the next week or so. I cant wait!!
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Dad says mr Quantum hasnt told him when i can meet Sonya again. I guess shes in the middle of some important trials or something. Im sure she will do fine, but I do miss her. :\\

I havent heard from Sarah either. I hope she is alright. Maybe dad will take me to Hempstead and I can swing by the angels guild and knock on the door or something. Dad wont take me to the house in Haft Lake right now. He says he isnt comfortable with me there right now. :\\

At least miss Jenna has decided to let me out of her sight now. I dunno...I spend alot of time up by the pond alone right now. I continue to practice my magick training stuff. Mostly I just enjoy being where its quiet. Most of the kids I went to school with are gone now and I dont have to go back to those classes anymore. Though, I have to admit...I dont like reading most of those old musty tomes. Dad found a few that belonged to my mother. And he said those belonged to her mother before her. He said i should study them like she did. We talked alot about her. I wish I had known her. :(

Dad also gave me another gift. He said it was the type of sword my mother used when he met her. It was a long saber, dad called it a katana. He said I should have it. Especially since he said I reminded him so much of her. He was gonna see if he could find someone to teach me some of the nuances of using it. If I wanted to that is. I think i do, its light and feels nice. I think dad made it. Hes a master weaponmaker or something according to Kurgin. :)
Title: Re: My book-A.F.
Post by: scifibarbie on September 25, 2007, 12:28:21 am

I hate reading nad studying!! I cant take it anymore! Stupid stuff just doesnt stick in my head like it used to. Why cant I even make the tiny cantrips like i did before. I read the stupid books, memorize the stupid words...>:/

I cant believe it miss the classes! At least there i had Sonya to help me get it right. :(

At least dad is coming tomorrow to take me to hempstead. Maybe we will be able to take the long way around. Go collect stuff for dads guild.
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Post by: scifibarbie on September 26, 2007, 07:30:02 pm
Yay!! Dad stopped by today and he told me to start getting ready to head to Hempstead.

He gave me a letter from the guy he arranged to teach me more about my sword. Its mister Pandorn! Seems im gonna be spending more time in the angels guild which means I might get lucky and see Sarah alot more, or at least hear news of her.

You Im writing this...I think Cole is mr Pandorns son. :D He was cute the last time I saw him, and really nice too. Maybe I will be training with him too!

Yay! Well time to get packing!

*she places a letter into the fold of her journal...

Quote from: a letter addressed to 'Miss Abigail Firesteed'

My name is Kyle Pandorn. I don't know if you remember me...but your mother was a dear friend to me as your father is now. I actually held you as a baby a long time ago. Your father has made a request of me.

I understand he has given you a katana blade much like your mother's. She always favored do I. He has asked me to teach you how to use it. I have trained all my life with one and have become a Master at its use.

I would be honored to train you if that is what you want.

Kyle Pandorn
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Post by: scifibarbie on September 28, 2007, 04:47:16 pm
Its been a quiet little trip so far. I asked dad if we were in any hurry to get to hempstead, and im glad he said no.

I am listening to the sounds of the forest, and watching the stars at nite. I actually like standing watch. It gives me some nice time to sit and think and stuff. 8)

Dad has been having me learn how to use this sword as best as he can. Its kinda strange, cause I learned to use a longsword a long time ago and i keep trying to use this one one handed. It feels kinda weird to use it 2 handed. That and my arms are sore and tied all the time. :p

Im still not getting this casting thing. I used to be so good at it I thought. Memorize a few hand gestures, speak the words and poof...there you go. Now I ant seem to get things thru my head. I jsut get ticked at myself and nothing happens. Oh well...>:/

Dad says we will reach hempstead in a few days. Im glad, since im in no hurry. Im enjoying our time together.
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Post by: scifibarbie on September 29, 2007, 09:47:30 pm
We finally made it back to the city. Im kinda sad about it...I was having such a good time with dad and wandering the paths of the forests.

He said I get to meet mr. Pandorn tomorrow and start to learn about my new weapon. I am actualyl kinda exited about it. I mean, the training is hard, and Im sure its gonna be tough. Dad put me thru the wringer on the way here as it was! But Im more excited about maybe seeing Sarah again, or at least hearing word of her. I bet my training is gonna be in the angels guild hall again.

Maybe I will even see uncle Dalan again. Its been a long time and dad said the last he saw uncle Dalan he was heading off with miss Grenna. ;)

Well, I better go feed the dog and get some sleep. I have a feeling its gonna be along day tomorrow!
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Post by: scifibarbie on September 30, 2007, 06:02:19 pm
I am still sooo tired....

Mr. Pandorn met me at the entrance to the angels guild place. As he took me inside to where he prepared a bunch ofd stuff for us I saw Sarah!!! :D

She was fighting with a couple of knives, which I thought was really impressive! As soon as I saw her finish I ran up to her and gave her a big hug! I think she was surprised to see me! As usual I started chattering like a squirrel and nearly forgot to breathe!! :p

Then mr Pandorn got my attention and I had to go. But sarah said she was gonna wait for me so I was really happy! :)

Mr Pandorn definitely worked me really hard. But thats okay, i was enjoying myself, especially since I knew I was gonna be able to see Sarah again after we were done. Im surprised I can even lift this quill my arms are so heavy. they feel like those giant rocks dad goes mining for. O.o

After class I went found uncle dalan in the kitchens. I snuck up on him and gave him a big hug from behind! I was so glad to see him after so long. I even chatted to him in dwarfen which kinda shocked him. Ive been practicing alot at the guild with kurgin. Not that I have much choice since he will only talk to me in dwarfen when he sees me now. the only way for me to learn properly he says. Anyway, after hugging uncle dalan again I went looking for sarah again. :D

I found her outside in the park just sitting there and playing with her little dragons. they were really cute together.

We talked for along time. I guess shes feeling like her home nad family arent feeling like her home and family anymore. I guess I can understand that sortof. I remember when I left home because i felt abandoned and alone. But I know its a bit different for her. I really dont understand why she feels that way, but I know she went thru a lot before we found her. :(

She told me she was going back to the one place and made me promise not to tell anyone. I told her she better keep in touch and not totally disappear on me. :\\

After she left I sat there for awhile with one of her baby dragons. She seemed to want to keep me company after sarah left. Probably because i was so sad and just sat there looking at the stars as they came out.
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Post by: scifibarbie on October 01, 2007, 03:46:36 pm
This last week has been really tough for me...

I miss Sarah already...I just hope she is alright. I know she hasnt been gone that long, but I cant help but hope she is going to be alright. She seemed so alone when we last met. Alone and sad, hoping to find something like I did before I left. I cant help but feel its mostly my fault this happened to her. After all, if she hadnt chased after me when I ran away from home, and I hadnt sent her back to hempstead on that stupid ship by herself, none of this would have happened. :(

The little dragon she left with me, or rather decided to stay with me stirred up alot of old memories of chippy. I miss my little squirrel friend alot. ANd having this little dragon following me all the time is making me a little nervous. I keep thinking that something bad might happen to her if she stays with me, and yet at the same time I dont want her to leave either. I think Im gonna have to come up with a name for her. Especially since she hasnt really told me her name yet. :\\

Mr Pandorn is really working me hard with the sword. I swear my arms are turning to lead after each practice. But its good, i find my mind isnt so muddled with a bizillion thoughts when we are training like that.

My old magick studies seem lost to me right now. I keep trying to look at my old texts adn at least cast something small like i used to be able to do. But my mind just doesnt seem to want to wrap itself around all the words adn mumbo jumbo stuff. ITs really frustrating...though sometimes when i get really irriated I can force something small to happen. ITs like it comes from inside me rather than being called from my head. I dunno..its really hard to explain even to myself. O.o

I need sleep...:p
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Post by: scifibarbie on October 02, 2007, 03:50:52 pm
Im glad i had today off.

I really like training everyday, mr Pandorn is really nice and his son COle finally made an appearance too!

I will admit that I was a bit distracted by him. He is as cute as i remember and just as nice. Seems he wants to take off an join some  rangers, I think they are the ones i met along time ago. I remember when we would play hide an seek on occasion in the woods. He was always pretty good, though never as good as me. ;)

I saw something else really interesting too. I was wandering the forest around Hempstead an I saw something interesting. A small group of merchants i think were heading north on the path. A small group of bandits jumped out and tried to rob them! I was about to pull my bow out when i saw the strangest thing... The one lady put them all to sleep with a magic spell. All the bandits were alseep! The funny thing is..i know it wasnt done using a magic spell...the lady kinda glowed and the bandits all fell down. There wasnt the chanting and stuff i had to do when i was learning with sarah! O.o

I ran up and asked if they were all alright and after helping tie up the bandits to a tree by the side of the road, i asked the one lady what she did to them. I told her I know a little bit about magic but i didnt think she cast a spell liek i knew how. Was she a super wizard or something? :rolleyes: Turns out, she never had a magic teacher. She jsut knew how to do the magic and it came from inside her somehow.  :\\

That kinda threw me for a loop. After I said goodbye i told them i would get the guards.

Unfortunately I forgot about hte bandits adn went back into the woods. I meant ot go get the guards..but I had a lot to think about and got distracted.

I finally remembered them and went and told the guards before dinner...turns out the guards already found them. They had been severely beaten adn were covered in lots of nasty stuff from various animals nad rotted veggies. O.o  Well, i hope they learned theiur lesson at least, guess they got what they deserved at any rate. :)
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Post by: scifibarbie on October 02, 2007, 10:02:37 pm
I was out in the forest today after practice. Ive been thinking alot lately about what i saw. What I have experienced and what I can remember from as far back as i can remember.

Eggie making my hands all glowy, spontaneous things happening in the village when i really got excited or scared. Even when I was in classes with Sarah and Mr Rain.  

Maybe I should be trying to call it from inside myself, instead of relying on memorizing words and funny gestures. Maybe that is what im missing right now. Maybe im trying so hard to make the magic from doing stupid rituals and stuff and maybe i should just focus and bring it from within me. :\\

I dunno..i just need to find some focus somehow. I think thats the trick. But it shouldnt be a should be real...AAAARRRGHHHH!!! >:/

Maybe Mica (pronounced Mee-Kah) can give me some inspiration. :)
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Post by: scifibarbie on October 03, 2007, 03:14:36 pm
Mr Pandorn was really hard on me this week. Well..not me so much as I think he was being tough on Cole and I. trying to keep out of trouble i think more than anything. Exhaustion can do that to you! :p

Actually, what happened was Cole showed up with his dad and he came up with the idea of us training out in the woods instead of the guildhall. Of course, I agreed quite quickly. I mean, I much prefer the woods over the guildhall anytime, and Cole being there had nothing to do with it. ;)

During our breaks we just plunked down with out backs to some trees and just laughed at how tired we were. We talked about the forest, and wandering the paths of the woods around Hempstead. Seems we both prefer the woods to the city more than I thought. :)

It was funny, cause as soon as Cole and I really started chatting, and of course, I had to flirt a little bit. Or at least try to, hanging around dwarfs and adults all the time isnt exactly conducive to meeting boys. His dad said we had rested enough and put us back to work. :rolleyes:

I actualyl though of what miss Grenna told me once, if I like a boy I need to hit him on the head with a shovel and drag him off somewhere. Im not to sure about that idea though...I dont think Coles head is as hard as dwarfs and I wouldnt want to hurt him to badly. ;)

Im going to bed..i can barely see straight and Im gonna pass out nopw.
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Post by: scifibarbie on October 03, 2007, 11:23:28 pm
Uncle Dalan stopped by the orcbashers today. I havent really seen him in along time. At least it seems like that. I only saw him briefly whenever i was training with Mr Pandorn so I didnt have time to really see him.

I was so happy to see him. We ate some pie that he had made, and talked alot about my training and whats going on.

I guess he and miss Grenna are really getting along well. Not that I didnt know that after catching those two snogging! ;)

He then told me he was going to hte swamps soon. He wanted me to go with him. Its where he took me all those years ago. Where he named his axe and where my momma fell. He said he wanted me to go if I had the time and of course i said yes. :)

I will tell dad, nad make arrangements with mr Pandorn. Uncle Dalan said eggie was coming with us too. I havent seen him in forever! I wonder if he remembers me. Though, I really cant remember him its been so long.

After uncle Dalan left, I kinda wanted to be by myself so I told kurgin I was goin to my room. I just sat there and tried to remember momma...:(

I cant really, I was so young...I dont know, i think i can picture her holding me, of feeling safe and happy and warm. But then i think im just imagining it all. I do remember when uncle Dalan took me to the place where she fell the first time. It was really overwhelming. :(
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Post by: scifibarbie on October 04, 2007, 08:13:15 pm
I told dad about going with uncle Dalan in a few days to the swamp where momma fell. He was kinda surprised actually. He didnt think uncle Dalan still went there anymore. I know he was very concerned about me going into that place. He said that trolls werent as numerous as thy used to be, but it was still dangerous. It took me awhile to convince him I was gonna be alright, and he eventually said yes. :)

I told him that uncle Dalan still felt responsible for what happened that day. So he goes to remember her and to remind himself not to let it ever happen again. I think he feels closest to her there for some reason. Probably because of what happened. :(

I think I feel closer to her back in the old village under her cherry tree where dad buried her. I remember feeling like she was there with me as I sat next to her tree by the stream. I know I felt safe there...:)

I also got aletter from Sarah. I guess she is doing really well. I cant wait til she comes to visit. I really miss her. Come to think of it, Im actually surprised mr Rain or her mom havent tried to interrogate me as to her whereabouts yet. :\\  Im sure they miss her alot and are worried about her.

Quote from: Sarahs letter tucked into the folds of the journal

Dear Abi,

Yesterday I arrived to my destination. that night we all had a meal fit for a queen to celebrate my return.
the next day I resumed my training and by the end of the afternoon I got my final test. At first I thought I failed it but when I return I quickly noticed I had succeeded. Even my trainer was happy. She even gave me some new weapons to use.

I'm going to stay here a bit longer to work on my skills.When I return home I will send you an other bird with that news.

Untill then be happy and don't let yourself go down for anyone or anything.

Be strong.

Your friend Sarah.
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Post by: scifibarbie on October 04, 2007, 09:01:42 pm
I have enjoyed the trip with uncle Dalan and Eggie so far.

Its been pretty quiet so far. We skirted some bandits outside of Vehl and made our way into the swamps. From there uncle Dalan led us to the spot.

Once we arrived to the spot uncle Dalan gave us both a few flowers to lay at the place where she fell. He then spoke to her. He told her about me, how Im jsut like her in alot of ways, he talked about miss Grenna a little bit. It was very sweet. :)

Eggie said a few words afterwards also. Though I didnt really hear them as I was kinda crying abit by the time uncle Dalan got done. :p

They asked me if I wanted to say anything, but I couldnt think of anything. For me it didnt feel the same as when I talked to momma under the cherry tree. There I always thought she could hear me, here...I guess its different for uncle Dalan. 8)

On another note...I talked to Eggie about my magick problem tonite before he went to bed. We talked alot about it in fact. Turns out he might be able to help me. He gave me some ideas on how to start out, so while im on watch tonite Im gonna practice a little bit and see what happens. He said I need to really focus my mind and reach deep in myself to a place where i can feel the magic inside of me. At least it was something like that. From there everything else will cryptic. :\\
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Post by: scifibarbie on October 05, 2007, 04:36:24 pm
By Jove Ive think Ive got it! ;)

Ive been practicing at night the way that Eggie told me to. Just a simple cantrip like I remember from mr Rains class, just a little light.

I made my hands glow, at least sortof. Not as bright as Eggie did to me that one time, but it was enough. I felt this warm tingle come from somewhere inside me and it filled my arms and as I focused on it, my hands started to glow! :D

I think I may have found what I lost. I cant wati to practice some more. Maybe Eggie will help out some more. Gods know I need all the help I can get. ;)

Well...tomorrow we will be back at Hempstead and its back to the old routine. Training with mr Pandorn, help out with the shop, annoy Kurgin by mislabelling the ore bins, and see what other trouble I can get into! ;)  
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Post by: scifibarbie on October 05, 2007, 07:04:33 pm
It was pretty late when we arrived back home. Uncle Dalan and Eggie dropped me off at the shop and we said our goodbyes. Eggie promised to see me again soon to continue trying to help me out. He said I had made really amazing progress in such a short time so I was really happy.

Dad was really happy to see me and he gave me a big hug when he saw me. We talked for awhile about where uncle Dalan took me and what happened. Unfortunately, I was pretty knackered when I arrived so after a quick bite I ended up going to my cot and passing out til morning.

I wanted to spend the morning with dad, but he wasnt here. I guess he got a message from the dragon knights or whatever and had to leave early. I guess it must have been important, it always is. He did leave me a note saying he would be back as soon as possible until then...."keep up my training, heres a list of chores for the shop, and stay out of trouble! Love Dad." ;) :D
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Post by: scifibarbie on October 06, 2007, 03:18:58 pm
The shop has been fairly quiet these last few days. I guess Kurgin is out and about doing his own thing. Probably mining and beating on giants again or something. :p

Mr Quantums been arounda bit more of late too. Since I havent seen him alot in a very long time, I keep pestering him about Sonya. I guess shes at the new temple and really working hard right now. He says shes gonna be a paladin or something. That makes sense I guess, since the last time I saw her she was training really hard with weapons and stuff. It seems miss Serissa is doing alot at the rofi temple too. Not that iam in any hurry to see her. Shes probably still mad at me for kicking that priest guy in the you know where. Bet he saw Rofi then! A real religious experience! :p

Mr Pandorns been grilling me pretty hard with the sword too. At least Im getting better at it and dont have to worry about cutting off my big toe with it anymore. :) I havent seen Cole in awhile. I wonder how hes doing. :D ;)

I hope sarah decides to come back and visit soon. It sounds like she did really well with her trials, whatever those were. Im glad she seems happy.

Eggie...err..Eghass (he wants me to stop calling him that cause he thinks its embarrassing or something) is coming by soon to see how Im doing. I think he will be happy that Im progressing pretty good. I have been practicing what he told me before, nad now Im trying to do little cantrips and stuff. Im getting more consistent which is good, but I still have a ways to go.

I think im gonna go wander around the town for abit. Then maybe a stroll out into the forest. Its a gorgeous day out, nad I have time. I think Mica will like the walk too. she seems to love hanging around me all teh time now. I swear shes stuck to me like glue since I got back from my trip with uncle Dalan.

Speaking of which...I should go look for him. Hes probably with miss Grenna again. I swear he acts like a 12 year old when he gets around her. :D They are cute together though. IF miss Grenna is with him..maybe she will give some of that magic 'cough syrup' of hers. It warms me up really nice.
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Well...I wandered a bit too far I think. I ended up near Vehl the other day. Unfortunately there werent any streams nearby so I had to enter the city for water.

I had forgotten how dirty it was. I was pretty nervous in the city..even more so when I found myself near the Rofi temple. ;)

As I ws heading back out of the city the foulest littel creature came up to . I guess he is the cryptkeeper for the rofis. He smelled like dead things and had this weird way about him. IHe asked me to get some essence of something frm down there. I had NO interest in going down there. It smelled terrible, nad I didnt ..still dont trust that little man. I left as soon as I could and refused to help him out. There something wrong with him...besides the smell.

As I was leavingthe city I met a druid named Khuren. He was cooking outside the front gates..kindof a strange place for that I thought. He was nice enough and I sat down by his fire and we chatted for awhile.

Eggy..err..Eghaas showed up too. I think those two knew each other, but anyways. It was a good to see him again. Khuren told us about how the dragons are returning and he jsut came from helping a scaly friend of his. I finally fiugured it out after awhile. But he said the good dragons are returning now. Im glad of that, the only stories ive heard so far have been about hte evil dragons staking their claims.

Soon a halfing named zeke came by. e said he was looking for something called a zamin. So we all decided t help him out. I had never heard of a creature like that so i tagged along. It was funny..Eghaas kept pretty close to me the entire time..i guess to keep me out of trouble. :)

We met some guy named Caighd. I had a littel fun with him, pretended he forgot who i was aftera nite of drinking..he was pretty flustered at that..especially since he doesnt drink. :D He later told me that he knew the story of my name. I knew I was named for one of dads honor her, but I had never been told much else. I am looking forward to that story.

After beating that zamin creature, we all decided to head our separate ways. I ended up entering the catacombs with some mage guy named blake. I guess hte crypt guy convinced him to help. I felt bad for the guy, and he seemed nice enough so I thought I would try to keep him out of trouble. Good thing I did too. theres lots of dead down there walking around! I am surprised that the Rofis would let that happen. I bet the crypt guy had something to do with it. He needs to be dealt with if he does. He took the essence from us after we left the crypts. I dont like that fellow at all. >:/
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It was a bad night...I failed again in my duties as a scout. >:/ I led Eghaas right into a trap by some ogres. The worst part was a huge raiding party! :o I went right by them. I turned just in time to see one start to rush Eghaas. I tried to shout to warn him but it was too late. I just screamed and shot the ogre with my bow to try and save Eggi. Then things went black....O.o

I woke up under a dead tree awhile later..the ogres had moved on. I guess i was knocked under the tree by the force of the ogre hitting me. That or they tried to smash me with the tree. :(

After I found a safe place..I just curled up under a tree and hid under some bushes for awhile and cried. :(

Later I went to see if I could find Eggis body. I figured I would bury it, or try to drag it someplace safe. I didnt know what would happen after that. How could I face uncle Dalan or anyone else for that matter. It was all my fault. :(

I found some tracks that looked like someone leaving in a hurry...I followed them for abit and I saw they were heading to a temple in the woods. I found Eggi under a tree and he was alive!! He was pretty beat up, but he was alive!
I just ran up and gave him a huge hug! :D

After awhile I told Eggi I had to go an find that ogre horde. That I couldnt let them have their way in the forest and hurt someone. I knew I couldnt take them down myself, but I hoped I could figure out their plans and maybe warn whoever they are setting their sights on and ruin their plans. Eggi tried to talk me outof it, but I wouldnt listen. I told him he could stay but i had to this. :mad:

The ogres were gone, and as I followed their trail we came on a group fighting some demon creature! There were mages casting at the creature and lots of weird summoned creatures fighting the beast. Someone was lying on the ground dead, and the beast was moving faster than anythign I had ever seen before! I tried shooting it with my bow and eggi shot it wit some of his magic but we werent doing anything. One of the mages yelled at me to pull my sword out and he made it glow and flame up! I just ran intothe fight without thinking and attacked the creature, while trying to avoid getting pummelled by some giant golem thingy. All I remember was getting knocked around alot and doing my best to stay alive and try to hit the beast. O.o

After the fight was over, I saw that it was Khuren, the druid I just met the other day, who was dead. :(  Then he wasnt! :o I dont understand what happened..just that some woman was standing over him and he was waking up! He was weak, but he was alive. :D

Later we found out that was some kind of super werewolf and that they were  trying to help some woman. We parted company soon after the fight, uncle Dalan who showed up and went on a rampage I guess when he saw me in the fight was there. He was after some garlic like Eggi was when we left.

I was so glad to see him, it had been so long! I missed him alot. I guess he had been spending alot of time with Grenna. They are so cute together , but I think uncle Dalan is worried about her. :\\
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I think dad has heard word that I have decided to finally go travelling about on my own. O.o

I returned to Haven a day or so ago to check up on Miss Jenna and the  kids. Dad was there too!  :o It kinda surprised me, since I hadnt heard word from him in about 2 weeks. That being normal when hes on the job sometimes with the wyrm knights. ::rolleyes:

The funny thing is, he didnt seem shocked to see me at all. I guess he got wind that I was wandering around alot on my own nowadays. He greeted me with a hug, and we all ended up talking with each other for along time. All night actually. 8)

I told him about alot of the things I had seen. Good, bad, beautiful, ugly, wondrous and appalling. I told him about some of the people I had met up with, not everyone he sounded too keen on. The mistakes I had made, how I screwed up and nearly got people really hurt again. I also told him of some of the things I thought I had done right, helped save my friends when we got in over our heads. The good and the bad of it all. O.o

He told me that this was the time he feared most. Because I was still so young and inexperienced. That if I arent careful something horrible could happen because of my inexperience. That he hoped all the things I had learned from him, uncle Dalan, MR Rain, Mr Pandorn, and Eggi would see me thru and keep me safe. :)

I think this is probably the longest talk we have had in along time. It was a good talk. :D
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Post by: scifibarbie on October 10, 2007, 11:35:36 pm
Im finding I am making friends left and right. Some are kinda flaky, some are really smart and wise, some are shady.

I spent some time chatting with one of the shadier ones. Uncle Dalan knows him and doesn't trust him. I trust uncle Dalans wisdom alot so Im keeping my guard up with him. He seems nice enough, albeit a bit rude to some and he tries to be intimidating...which he does well by the way.

I ended up travelling with the guy alot lately. He seems to always be around for some reason. I hope hes not stalking me. Anyway, we ended up fishing one day and talked alot about alot of stuff.

Hes been thru alot and he said hes searching for his dad. Not the good kind of search either! :o He has alot of hatred for the guy I guess, and from the story he told me, I can see why. Seems his dad wiped out his entire family and killed a few hundred people leading a barbarian horde. :o The way he spoke when he told me his desire kinda scared me..:(
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I think I have just had the worst day of my life today! :mad:

I met a toranite cleric who was really nice named Rose. She was about to enter this crypt near Fort Llast when she came upon my group of friends. We had heard that some undead were wandering around the foothills of the mountains near Llast and we thought we would go and take care of them, or if we deemed it too dangerous, at least scout out what they were doing.

Anyway, we took care of the undead easy enough. I think it helped that it was daytime. That was really odd to my mind. :\\

Rose needed some Bodak teeth. I had no idea what that was at the time. We all entered and fought lots of deaders adn did pretty well. Then as we went deeper we came upon a horde of mummies...O.o

My arrows werent having any effect, so I drew my sword, put a flame on it, and charged in...At first I was okay, then I was overcome with this fear. I have never felt anything so horrible in my life. :o  It was as if my worst fears were realized before my eyes. That I had to run as far and fast as I could but it didnt matter...The darkest things I feared were happening to me and those i cared about. :o

After we escaped, I found myself on the ground shaking and crying like i was 12 years old again. I dont know...I was so terrified...the images were still swirling in my mind for along time after. :o

I was told its what happens when someone gets the mummy fear. Its something that they just do. It takes time to master your fear so it doesnt effect you, and some never are able to. :(  
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Im writing this down cause I think its important and i dont wanna forget anything.

There was a person who Rose met in the valley outside of the crypt. Whoever it was didnt smell right. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. Looking at the seemed as if Rose was a glowing light in a growing darkness that was coming from the strange person. O.o

Rose said to run...So I ran :o

After awhile..I got worried and snuck back into the valley to see if she was alright. She wasnt there. As I snuck around, I was trying to see if there was any sign of a struggle. Luckily there wasnt..just tracks leading back into the crypt. :\\

Thinking the worse..I snuck back in and I heard voices. I couldnt make out what was said, but Rose came walking back towards me. The weird person just swept by me and left the crypt.

Turns out Brian, had followed weird guy and saw him take out a silver urn from one of the tombs. We all decided to investigate. We found the tomb and saw it was empty.  O.o
As we looked at it we saw a design on it. A man with wigns carrying a big sword who looked like he was flying. There was also a name. La'farron.

None of us knew anything about that particular person so we figured the best person to ask was that mordaken fellow. Hes always sending people into the crypt for him.

He told us that La'farron was an exceptionally evil man who lived about 150 years ago. He made a deal with the devil. exchange for something (cant remember what) he was going ot become a devil himself! :o

In the end he was defeated and his ashes were separated into 3 urns so he could never be resurrected. It seems the silver urn was one of the 3. Mordaken said the urns must never be reunited, otherwise that La'farran could be resurrected and that would be really really bad! :o

I  sent a letter to dad first chance i got. Im hoping since he is wyrm knight he can do more than i can at this moment.

I was with Rose when she went to the Toranite temple and reported what happened. Later she told me she got the impression that the weirdo was a corathite. A follower of the mad god.

I suppose I ought to go to the Rofi temple and talk to someone about it. Im not too keen on that idea. But i think i have a responsibility to do it. Im just not sure about going there. Last time...well..I remember what happened last time. ;)
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Im so proud of myself.I was wandering around the forests near Fort Homestead in Alindor. Mostly I was out to pick apples for uncle Dalan to make pie with.

I happened upon the body of a dead wolf. After examining the body, I could tell it wasnt the fault of another animal or some freak accident. It had been brutally hacked apart and left for the scavengers. It wasnt killed for the meat, or the was just killed for sport. >:/  I found several other smaller animals killed the same way and cast off to the side. >:/

Worse..the murderers weren't even trying to cover their tracks. So i followed them. I caught up to them as they were taking a break and made a fire. I just watched them from a distance for awhile. I wanted to make sure it was them, and what their problem was. Seems they were just some stupid men out from Lans Port causing trouble and getting drunk. They were out hunting deer to take back to sell at market. But they didnt care what they killed if it got in their path.

Once I knew it was them, I decided they needed to be driven back to their city and taught a harsh lesson for the meaningless slaughter. Hunting is fine, but killing innocent creatures for sport is wrong. >:/

I backed off and found what I was looking for. Wolf markings. I knew i was in the right place. As I listened..I could here them calling to each other. I needed to find them and convince them to help. I found a young she wolf nearby, and had a nice chat with her. I had to earn her trust, that I wasnt like other hunters. :)

I told her what i found, about her fallen pack brother. She told me he had been missing and everyone thought he had gone off to find another pack. I told her I found him butchered by a group of humans. Senselessly murdered and hacked apart. they didnt even take his pelt or his meat...they just hurt him. This got her really mad. She said she would take me to her pack.

She took me to her pack after I showed her where i had found the body. She wanted to be sure I was telling the truth. After she saw the wolf, she took me to her pack.

I stood before the pack circle, told them what had happened. I described to them what i desired and that I needed their help. It took em awhile to say agree but in the end they did.  :D I will say..they pack leader came down and sniffed me..and the strangest old scar started to itch and burn. It was after he came to me that they agreed. :\\

It was almost dawn and we set our plan in motion. I snuck in as they slept and as quietly as I could took their weapons and hid them. As the group started to wake up and get around, I had Mica go and give them a morning surprise. She has this neat trick where she can set someones pants on fire and she did. She dive bombed them and harassed them until they were all good and confused. Then the wolfs moved in...they had them all encircled and trapped. The stupid hunters were terrified! It was great! :D

I stepped out from my hiding place behind a small copse of trees, my head covered with my hood, and my sword out. Which was really scary to them because it was on fire, and I was glowing. I told them to leave the forest and never to kill innocent animals for sport again. If they did, I would be there to make sure they never left. This was their only warning...I tried to sound ominous and stuff, and I think i did. Then the wolfs started howling and barking and my last words to the hunters

I convinced the wolfs the night before not to kill the hunters, that it would only cause them more grief and pain down the road. The locals might want to take revenge on the pack if they discovered they had killed a whole bunch of humans. This was more satisfying anyway. :p

The hunters were screaming like the madness had taken them. It was great! The pack leader and the shewolf met me and we made sure none of the hunters were severely hurt on their run back to Lans Port. Afterwards I said goodbye and we went our separate ways.

My dad would be proud I think. Justice was served and no one was hurt too severely ;) ...except that poor wolf. :(
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I have been travelling around alot. I have been exploring the paths of Mistone to learn the ways and see what I can see.

I have made new friends and also gotten in way over my head! Lucky for me, I got out alive with just a few scratches and some new scars! O.o

Ive been travelling around with Brian alot lately too. He alwasy seems to turn up whenever I am out and about. At first it was kind of annoying. Uncle Dalan told me to keep my eye on him cause he was a trouble maker and be careful around him. I was inclined to agree with uncle Dalans wisdom.

Now,,Im not so sure. I actually like travelling with him now. Sure he can be a rude and irritable and moody and a bit of a jerk sometimes. But who isnt. I think he likes me too. I mean really really likes me. He keeps bringing me fruit and berries which he sees me eating all the time. :) He says he trusts me and has told me alot about himself too. He even showed me his face, which he keeps hidden all the time. I guess he is on the run from something he calls the syndicate. :\\

I also saw Sarah today! I was so happy! Turns out she has been back for a few days. She has been looking for me but I havent been around town much. Turns out she even knows brian! Anyways, I cant wait to see her again! :D
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Well...Brians made a choice it seems. He told me he wanted to finish his business with the Syndicate. I guess they are a huge criminal organization that he had dealings with, and not necessarily good things either! :(

I told him if this is what he wanted, then we should talk to my dad. He has connections and may be able to help.

We headed back to Hempstead and instead of having to leave a message for my dad, we met him on the docks! I was so happy to see him! I gave him a big hug and a kiss and I was soo happy. I havent seen him in a few weeks cause he was off on a mission. Im glad he was back all safe and sound. :D

Anyways, we went back to the guild house nad Brian asked dad if he could help him with his problem. He said he would do what he could, but he needed all the information about the group Brian could give him before he could do anything.

He was so sweet, Brian was really worried for my safety from the thugs. I guess they have a penchant for hurting people close to those they are after. Kill the whole family, not just the mark. >:/ He even made a remark about how he feels for me too. :)

Although, that was kinda embarrassing in from of dad. Especially since we never have talked about anything regarding a relationship yet. Though i dont think im against it at all. He has been really sweet, giving me gifts of flowers, and always leaving berries that i love near me when im not looking. ;) I guess I do kinda like him. :p

Oh..and dad said he would make me a new sword that wont bend and hits a bit harder than my current one. I have to work it off to pay for it. Which is what i wanted anyways and i told him so. I dont want  to rely on the charity of my family and friends. I need to be able to do things for myself. Well..time to get to work! He has me doing alot! I know im gonna be sore by the time im done! :o O.o
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Ive been working my tail off! I guess i never understood how much work it was for dad to go mining and stuff. :(

He had me making molds and digging clay for days! And since Im trying to start making arrows, i decided to go and try mining copper. That is really hard work! I remember travelling with dad and being the one to gather the berries, corn, wahtever...that was easy. :\\

Im gonna be cleaning clay out of my boots for a week. O.o

Uncle Eghaas found me the other day too. He gave me another lesson in using the magic and eh also showed me how to make healing potions...well..sortof...I made an essence of healing. I think I got lucky on making that, but its good to know that i can actaulyl make them. Uncle Eggi was gonna have me make a few, or at least try to, healing potions. He was trying to show me how to do it, but he kept ruining the batches he was trying to make! Maybe I was too distracting for him. ;)

At least Im able to make arrowheads pretty consistently now. I think im gonna try and get some more copper. Maybe I can get a dwarf to mine some for me. THey are really good at that. :p
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Well.. I am kinda at a loss as to what to write...

I have so much running thru my head right now. :\\

I saw Mister Q again after along time.At first I was glad to see him. It was a great nite full of stories at the freelancers. Miss Anna told a good one about hte ruins in the white horn forest. I dont think she recognized me, but then has been long time since dad took me there on our way back from gathering. Then a green lady named Honora started telling us a story about a monastery, desert ruins and more. SHe did pretty well considering she was pretty didnt help that an imp named cricket kept irritating her. :)

Anyways, Mister Q showed up and at first i was really excited to see him, then i got a whiff of him...He smelled like a whiskey barrel was dumped all over him. He was happy to see me, and he gave me a hug. I was kinda nervous at first...I have never seen him drunk, and he was clearly depressed about something. I mean, I have seen him depressed before, but he always tried to hide it from me when i was around. I really never was told the reasons for it. Till the other nite...even now though. Im not completely sure of it all. He kept talking about his lost children, how miss serissa left him, how his first wife is gone...someone said she was a deader now, but im not so sure about that. :(

Alot of people that knew Mister Q came over too...he kept acting weird to miss Anna nad kept trying ot give her money to help some kids she had. She said she didnt have any children anymore. It was obviously really uncomfortable for her and i got really mad. I was mad at everyone, mister Q for being a jerk while drunk, all his friends who wouldnt tell me what the heck he was going on about and just ignoring me. >:/

I was really upset that night. Brian was nice though, he helped me get mister Q back to the orc bashers and we put him to bed.

I am still angry ant mister Q for how he acted, but I will talk to him about it next time i see him. I left dad a letter about what happened and told him he needed to see to mister Q. THey are best friends after all.
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Oh yeah...amongst other things, dad and mister Q keep asking me when i will be ready to help out with the orc bashers.

I dunno...I have always been leery of becoming a part of a group like that. I mean, dads company is a great company and they do alot of good for alot of people. But its alot of responsibility. ANd i think one of the main reasonms is too that i dont really have too much to offer them. Im not particularly good at any crafts or anything. :\\

I dont mind gathering and helping out with stuff...but i dunno. Kurgin said something once to me about how we all have responsibilities to our clan. Dad is my clan i guess.

I blathering on and i dont know what im supposed to do. Family responsibilities I guess is what boils down too. I think i will have to talk to dad about it again.
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*the paper is barely kept from ripping due to the heavy scrawl here. Its written as if extreme emotion is guiding her hand. Oh yeah...its also tear stained in a few places

I found Mister Q in the gloom woods. The one thing i though he would never do I finally saw with my own eyes...It broke my heart. :(

He was letting the deaders there attack him and try to utterly destroy him. He was just kneeling before them like he was praying for them to take him. :(

I didnt understand...I still dont understand completely. I doubt I ever will. His depression runs so deep...I screamed and yelled at him when I found him..Gods I even punched him in the head I was so upset!

After I calmed down abit we went to the merchant encampment...There he told me what happened. WHy he was so tired of living...why he was trying ot kill himself, giving himself to the deaders...:(

Sonya is friend, his daughter....she died. Worse...she was turned into a vampire and Mister Q had to do his duty and slay her. I cannot even begin to fathom how he must have felt. HE said she was drinking the blood of he her fallen comrades...other future undead hunters, and that she was standing by the side of the clan leader. :o  That when he slew the leader, she did not turn back...He said it was because she had already drank the blood of the living...that now her soul was tainted and Toran would not accept her. That she was trapped in Limbo. O.o
He blames himself...He says he is tired of the fight...Of losing all those he holds dear to him. He will give up his life...His soul to save Sonya and be trapped in Limbo forever himself. :(

I dont believe this! I cant let him do this. I need to find him! Miss Anna gave me a clue...she said he was going to lay beside Sonya forever. I need to find him and talk some sense into him. >:/

I tried to track him from Vehl, but the tracks were already muddled and gone from all the traffic and no one took notice of his passing. I need to help him, I couldnt live with myself, I could never look at dad again without feeling guilty if I dont do anything. :(  >:/

SOnya my friend is dead...I just sent her a letter too...but right now...I..I just feel numb...That if i let go right now..all I will do is break down and cry...I dont know how I am supposed to feel right now because so much is happening. I do know i cant stop, I have to do something...its the only thing keeping me together. :(
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I met with miss Clarissa at the toranite temple today. I went there seeking some answers to my mess with Mr Quantum.

She told me about the nature of vampires, how that when they are turned their bodies are corrupted but their souls are still least until they drink the blood of another. O.o

She said once that happened...the persons soul was basically destroyed and lost to Toran. Though she didnt know what happened to it, she said it more than likely went to one of the devil planes or something like that. Though even she was uncertain. :\\

I told her what Mr Quantum had told me about the students going off on their own to fight the undead. She wasnt really surprised at least until I told her that Sonya was with them...and who she was and what Mr Quantum had to do. She was even more shocked when she found out that he didnt completely destroy her body. :o

She said she would consult with her order on more details of vampires, and also on how we may help Mr Quantum. I hope they come up with something helpful. :\\

She asked me about places we could start our search..and I remembered about Mr Quantums house in haft lake, nad the one he had in Krandor. She said she would try to get word to miss serissa about gaining access to the homes to see if he left any clues as to where he may be going. If that didnt work, then she said the Toranites may have some pull with the local magistrates and be able to get us in. If that doesnt work....well...I will be more than happy to break in if I have to. >:/

So much...and still no word on his wherabouts. :(
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I hate not doing anything...and I have been doing alot of that lately it seems.

I need to move, to do anything to take my mind off of my worries about Mr Quantum. Everyone is really nice to me that knows whats going on, but it is driving me up the wall. I know everyone wants to help, to know whats going on, to lend a sympathetic ear...Im tired of it. And then i feel guilty if i dont tell them anything say idont want to talk about  it. Its not fair! :mad:

Are you okay ABi, everythign will be alright ABi, lets talk about it makes me want to scream right now! :mad:

I know they just want ot help, but...I just cant stand it. Everytime i start t o talk about it..I just lose it and start crying..I need to be stronger, but it so hard when all of my energy goes to talking about it all the time. They say it helps to get it all doesnt. Not right now. >:/

I just..I just want to be doing something..anything to take my mind off of things. To focus myself elsewhere...that way i can think on things more clearly when it does come time.  >:/

I got my wish....

Some enchantress named Saida who was ensorcerelling men showed up in hlint. She used her magics to stops us in our tracks and ensnare some young guy named lance. She got me and brian frozen...dumbfounded...and that just made me really mad and helped me be able to snap out of it. :p

I was pretty harsh with her. I decked her when she wouldnt stop wriggling when I was binding her hands. I jsut had so much on my mind, she became my focus for it. Brian ended up knocking her out after she kept trying to use her magics. I dont know her...I didnt care what she did..It just felt good to think on something else other than MR Quantum. :)

Brian still had the wobbly legs from her charm i I had to hoist her onto my shoulders after she was out cold. We took her to the Rofi temple in Vehl. The others didnt want to enter the it was just me alone.  There I turned her over to the authorities. I told them who I was nad who my dad was hoping it would give someone a jump in their step and not make them think i was nuts or some random bounty hunter. They thanked me, saying something along the lines of she has been wanted for along time blah blah blah...I  passed on the thanks to my friends. Too bad there wasnt a reward for her capture, i did try to weasel one out for my friends though. The Rofis just looked at me blankly, smiled, and said something about up holding the law if reward unto itself or something like that. :rolleyes:
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Ive finally made my first trek into the mountains around Llast. Dad never took me there because he said it was filled with giants and was too dangerous. Plus he said there was nothing that he really ever had need to gather up there for the guild.

Dad was right. We went up and there were lots of giants. Lots and lots of giants!! The party I was with had some pretty tough guys in it and when they saw the ogres or giants..they just charged went nuts! Well...that was fine for awhile..then we got ambushed by a whole horde. They overran us after beating back the fighters who charged forward. It was not a good time. :o

At least it got my mind off of Mr Quantum. I havent talked to dad alot about it recently. I told him how Mr Quantum tried to commit suicide. I told him everything really. At least when it was still fresh. He said he would do his best to find Mr Quantum since they were best of friends. :)

He told me that Mr Quantum had a history of depression. Stemming from his past, and also being a undead slayer. Though he is really concerned about how far Mr Quantum has fallen. Dad has been concerned about him alot even before the suicide attempts. :(
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I have left in search of Mr Q. After chatting with Miss Clarissa, I happened on the idea that he may have come from near Vehl when i saw him last.

It has been a week in the cold mountains. But uncle Dalan was a great teacher. Though it is hard up here, i am not worried. 8)

Brian was upset when i decided to go alone, so was uncle Eghaas. They tried to persuade me not too. But this is something I felt I must do on my own, though if dad was here..he would have come and i would have been glad for his company. This is for family I think.

I also know Brian...he is stubborn to fault sometimes, and I know he cares for me. So I made sure to cover my trail once i left Vehl. Just in case he decided to follow me. He is a first class rogue...but in the woods, he is no match for me. ;)

Though I am hunting Mr Q on my own, I left word at the Bashers for dad. I hope he comes up here searching also. Maybe we will find him together. :)

I also happened to remember dad telling me story about Mr Q and the dwarfs of the mountains. SO I am searching. I just left Brenuth and the dwarfs there were not very helpful at all, in fact they made it clear that they would not help me in my search for Mr Q. I guess he must have chatted with them about revealing his whereabouts. So i am heading deeper into the passes. My next stop is Ulgrids fortress. Maybe I will have better luck there.
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I write this as Mr Quantum lies asleep from exhaustion...

I am guarding my beloved friend Sonyas body while he sleeps. Mr Quantum has had her encased in a glass coffin which keeps her body inviolate by time and age. He even made a mural using greenstone and rubies of Sonya with her sword...and another person I cannot make out.

I can still see the stake in her chest. Her body has been cleaned..but i still see the stains of blood around her wound. O.o

Mr Quantum...its like he has gone mad from grief and exhaustion. He keeps hearing and seeing vampires in the shadows when there are none. He has no concept of time, not knowing if its nite or day. He just sits there guarding her coffin.

I dont know what to do. :(
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These last few days have been trying for me.

Mr Quantum has his moments of lucidity where we talk of many things. Of Sonyas life, of her training and why she chose to follow Mr Q's path. He talked to me of how he became an undead slayer..and eventually the shining hand.

And then there are his moments of madness. Where he calls his staff, and starts attacking shadows and demons that arent there...

He talks in his sleep of things that i cannot understand. Sometimes he cries, sometimes he screams, sometimes he laughs, sometimes he thrashes about in a fit....I am at a loss on how to help him. :(

I think he finally has been able to sleep a little since i arrived. Before he had no one, so he alone stood the long vigil over poor Sonya. Never sleeping, eating only small bits of food that miss Anna left him until i arrived. Now at least he sleeps for a few hours knowing that I am watching over sonyas body and protecting it from the the creatures who he believes wish to reclaim it. >:/

He tells me to rest, but it is difficult. I am afraid he is going to do something rash. That I will wake up and find him dead or sorely injured from wounds he inflicted on himself. My sleep is not restful, and it is short. :(  

I wake and he is kneeling in front of Sonyas glass coffin. So we start each day over and over again. :\\
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I sit here watching over Mr Quantum. He seems at peace finally and for that i am happy. :)

It is his first peaceful rest since i arrived here. I dont know what happened to him and right now, im not sure i care. I am just happy he is sleeping peacefully for once. :)

He woke me up out of my restless sleep again, attacking shadows and screaming. My sword lit up with fire unconciously as I jumped up thinking we were under attack! Then my mind cleared and I realized it was the same madness once again affecting Mr Quantum. O.o

I watched as he battled. Though, this one fit seemed to be talking longer than the others I had seen him endure. Then there was a flash of light...Im not sure where it came from...and then the strangest thing. I watched as he started talking to something or someone...Probably another creature that he sees when the fits take him. I watched him closely...and he walked over to Sonyas coffin as I had seen him do a hundred times over since I arrived here. But this was different...instead o falling to his knees in exhaustion like he had done before, crying for Toran to aid his daughter...He opened the glass case and removed the stake from Sonyas breast! :o

I just stood there transfixed while all this was happening...I saw Sonyas body  glimmer and then fade away as he removed the stake...she was free. I wanted to call out to MR Quantum but I couldnt move, I couldnt speak.  :o

I saw him collapse before the empty case, and then I was free. As I ran to his body and lay his head in my lap as I had done so many times before...I saw his body...He was beaten and bruised as if from a long arduous fight. The kind  of wounds that I had tended to on dad a few times when he came home from a tough journey sometimes. :o

I have tended his to his wounds, moistened his lips with water and covered him so that he doesnt get cold.

Now...Im just waiting for him to wake up. :\\
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We are back at the bashers. Its been a long few weeks. I am completely knackered. :p

Dad was so happy when he saw us both. He gave me a huge hug and I could barely breathe. Mr Quantum just about turned purple he couldnt breath! We went into the back room nad told him the entire tale. :)

It seems when I was watching Mr Quantum during that last wasnt a fit at all. According to Mr Quantum he was beset by shades trying to take him and Sonya. He defeated them all and he was visited by an avatar of Toran or something, that it had watched over SOnya her entire life. He said it was a dog of all things. Im not sure what to make of that. Anyways, it seems Mr Quantums faith and devotion were rewarded and Toran accepted Sonyas soul to him. That the stake he had left in Sonyas breast was the stake of the innocent, the stake of Brenuth. Im gonna have to get him to tell me the entire story on that. Well..when he released the stake from her breast he released her soul and it was taken to Toran. :o  8)

It was a full 2 days before Mr Quantum recovered from his ordeal. He woke up and the grief that was so deeply etched in his face was gone. It was then that he related to me what I had happened to him. He was sad that his daughter was gone, but happy that she was at peace with Toran. His faith was reaffirmed and stronger than ever now. :D

Once i fetched him some decent clothes from the town, we made our way back. The trip wasnt too bad as we were able to take a more normal route thru the mountains. He step was light and he laughed again. I havent heard him laugh in so long. It was like birds singing in the trees in spring, when everything is fresh and renewed and full of life. ;)
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I am hardly back more then a few hours when I get into trouble all over again!

There I am, getting ready to take the ship back to Hempstead. Looking forward to meeting all my friends again, and getting back to a normal routine for a time. Uncle Eggi just happened to be there also, coming from the woods and thinking to take the boat home also. Probably after more of uncle Dalans pies! ;) When all of a sudden aship crashes into the docks!

Most of the crew were seriously wounded, and we had to run aboard and save a few that couldnt get off. It seems the ship was attacked by a mysterious fog and attackers. None of the crew could tell us what happened. Uncle Eggi saw a couple of dark elfs near the docks and immediately set after them. He thought they were probably responsible for the trouble. Good thing miss Grenna wasnt there or there would have been a couple of dead darkies to join the crew. :\\  It turns out they werent responsible, but that wasnt hashed out until after we were well underway. Poor uncle Eggi...he was tossed overboard by a boatswain for being too rowdy. :D Unfortunately he missed the boat too. :(

WE landed in the dragon isles and i was finally able to try being the scout again. I did pretty good for awhile..then things got really muddled. Apparently the warp arty we tracked broke off into a few different groups. Our group didnt help matters...tramping all over the tracks and making a nuisance of themselves while me and a couple of other trackers were trying to search out our quarry. >:/

After a while we found a hidden trail that led to a small bay where we found a  freshly broken ship, still on fire and bodies strewn all over the place! Her weapons ahd been dragged off by something huge and the bodies looked like the ones we found earlier. Their heavy armor cut like a knife thru warm butter! I have never seen anything like that before! It defintely gave me a bad feeling.

Later we found some snotty guy with a tattoo of a green dragon head on his chest that seemed enchanted. After having a useless chat with him, his cronies ambushed us! After dispatching them in a most unkind fashion we tracked the fellow to a small valley. He was so confident we werent gonna live he didnt bother to hide his trail. Idiot...:rolleyes:

The valley was pretty well guarded by dark hunters...Luckily they were preoccupied with other matters and couldnt get themselves together to mount a serious threat to us. We soon found out what was going on...

I have never seen a dragon before...I hope i dont again either. At least...not like that. It was a red dragon...pretty young too judging by the size of him. Even though it was bound and wounded with a heavy timber sticking out of its ribs, it still made me feel really....its kinda hard to describe...dread i guess is one way, but even that still falls short i think. Though, i have to admit...i did feel pity for the creature, he was obviously wounded badly, and tied at the base of cul-de-sac. Probably so if it got loose it would be cornered and limited in its ability to defend itself. He was surrounded by the snooty man, and several of his friends. It looked like they were getting ready to perform a ritual of some sort on the red... :o

Then we interrupted them. O.o They must have known they were screwed because they tried to escape up the walls of the cul-de-sac. THe nasty man had a good aim cause he threw several darts which cut thru the ropes holding the dragon down. We dispatched a few of his guards and then the dragon was free. He ate the rest of them. Poor Lath..he tried to calm the dragon to ask why it was being used so. He was turned to mush by the foot of th dragon..I can still see it, his head was pushed 2 feet into the earth, and hte rest of his body wasnt...O.o He was so brave...but soo stupid. I have never met a dragon, but even I know you dont try to soother their feelings with talk when they are mad. :o

We made a hasty retreat once the red was loose. No way I am being eaten by a dragon. Dad would have my hide!

We made it back in one piece..but I think we all have more questions than we answered. There is obviously a young red in the dragon isles. But we kinda got the impression that there is another one there too. I think they are having a territorial dispute judging by some for the things we heard. But I cant say for certain. :\\
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After returning to Vehl...I have made the decision to begin hunting for more information on what we discovered.

I dont know why I feel compelled to do this...If I was wiser I would leave well enough alone. I will restock and set out once I am ready.

Brian is probably going out of his mind. He hasnt heard from me in awhile. And I am afraid I wont be seeing him again for awhile. :(

I will send him a letter, but I wont tell him where Im going. He would probably try to follow me. But I dont want to put him in any undo danger. Besides one ranger passing thru the woods nothing to mark, a pair of adventurers is just looking for trouble.
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Its been a week or so as the crow flies. The forests here are wonderful, and I find myself enjoying the time here like no other place.

Yet I have my mission and i have not forgotten it. Unfortunately, the trail has gone cold. I made my way back to the vale were the dragon was. All I found was the broken broken beam that must have been the one sticking out of the dragons side. There were a few patches of dried blood here and there but nothing else. The ship that was destroyed has finished burning to ash or sunk into the water so I couldnt investigate where it was from either. The local animals seemed agitated when i asked about the dragon, and the strange men who had captured it. They couldnt tell me anything of any value either. :\\

My next task it seems is to try and pick up the trail of the other group of marauders. Hopefully it hasn't gone so cold that I cant pick it up.
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I lost the trail. It was easy to follow as they didnt try to hide their passing. Unfortunately, I came across a river and could see where boats had been dragged onto shore. It became impossible to tell if they went upstream or downstream. I held out hope that maybe they just crossed to the other side, but nope such luck. :\\ Nothing but rocks and harpies. glad they didnt see me. Nasty filthy creatures. :(

And still no sign of any dragons or any minions or anything...:(
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The wolves call...I hear their baying in the night. I sense the pack moving thru the woods around me. O.o

I feel like i should call out to them. I want to run the paths of the forest with them. Feeling the wind on my face, the scent of prey filling me with the urge to hunt. :D

My dreams are strange too. I have never felt the urge to write them down. But these are so vivid, so alive, like the forest Im wandering in. :\\

Im standing on a plain somewhere...the sky is clear with only a few fluffy clouds floating lazily on the wind. There is a scent of the woods in the air, but I cannot see the forest.

I start to walk. The grasses rise to my chest, and the wind blows thru my hair. I see a lone figure in the distance. He moves like the wind itself. A shadow passes over me from high up. It flies towards the figure in the plain and then fades away. I hear the wolves howling in the distance.

Oh yeah...I wake up and my scar is aching and itches so badly. I looked at it an it was red, like i was scratching it in my sleep or something. :\\
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I have decided to start heading back to civilization again. I think dad needs to know, if he doesnt already, about the problem with the red dragon and what i saw.

The dreams keep coming...more vivid..more terrifying..more exhilarating...more exhausting.

I am running thru the woods with the pack. We are headed somewhere but I dont know where. The trees are getting bigger and bigger, the woods are growing darker and darker, the air is heavy, and it is old...but it is familiar...
We run out into an open glade and the sun hits our faces... :)

I wake up then. I wake up up and I feel like ive been running all night long. I am drenched in sweat and exhausted. O.o
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Im on the boat heading back to the dragon isles.

I hope i can find sounds like there have been more reports of those dragon hunters or whoever they are.

One reason too...I want to explore the forests there more. I want to find the wolves I dream about...If they are really there. :\\

Even after I returned to the city, I still dreamt of running thru the woods with the pack.
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No signs, no tracks...I guess the trail had gone too cold for me to find it. Who knows where those dragon hunters went. I am calling them dragon hunters for now cause i saw miss Tegan when i was restocking in Hempstead and wanted to leave a note for dad. She was really interested in what i told her. She told me there were sightings and people asking about these so called dragon hunters. ;)

I guess I will just have to hope someone finds them.

My search wasnt completely fruitless either, I found an old building underground that was inhabited by some giant were creatures. I will tell Clarissa about this since I know she was looking for a were beast. :o

I so like the forests of the Dragon quiet...I enjoy the solitude. It gives me time to think. :)

Time to head back to Hempstead.
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I decided not to wake dad up. I figure it will be a nice surprise for him in the morning when im there making breakfast for him.

Im really not in the mood to talk right now though. I mean, Brian really ticked me off. I would probably yeell at dad or something by accident considering ho im feeling right now.

Granted I have not been around for long while, but i did send him a letter when i was able to. SO he finds me in the crafthall repairing my leathers and he jsut stares at me. Then he starts yelling at how i abandoned him, how i went missing for months and everyone gets to see me except him. Like I am avoiding him or something on purpose. Eghaas saw you, blake saw you, your seen walking down the mountains with some blonde guy...Then he tells me he went back to the bottle because i wasnt around. That it filled some weird void because i wasnt there. >:/

SO then i yelled back at him..well..i felt like it...instead i just went icy cold irritated slightly loud voice filled with sarcasm...I mean, gods! I was taking care of Mr Quantum. SO its not like I was gonna drop a letter to him then...I mean i was trapped for the most part in a crypt for the better part of 3 weeks! Then we come down form th mountain say our goodbyes and im getting ready for the trip to hempstead to see him and everyone else when a ship rams the docks and I end up helping save the crew form certain death nad then end up in the dragon isles fighting marauders who ransacked corsain, sank a ship or two, and caught a red dragon. Who ate them.,.then set his sights on us. SO so sorry i didnt get a chance to send him a few letters professing my undying love and longing for him, wishing he were here with me to protect and save me from certain doom. >:/

At least we parted on better terms...Im still hot, but Im cooling off a bit now.

Maybe this is partly why I spent so much time hunting in the dragon isles...the solitude was one to yell at you and blame you for their problems even though its not your fault. >:/

Running with a pack is so much simpler...
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*The pages have random tear stains on them, and the writing is shakey in some places.

It finally happened...I had to let go of brian. For his own good, for mine. I feel horrible that i broke his heart, but i know it was for th best. :(

Has to find his own peace and strength. I cant let him let me be his crutch, his only reason to change. I saw it when we met in Hempstead those few nights ago. His anger that i was gone. That it was my presence which he felt was his anchor. He was strong when i met him, I want him to be the strong man he was again. He needs this time to find himself again.

He said he loved me...I was not ready for that...I dont think i am ready for what that means. He said he wanted to be with me forever...I know i am not ready for that. Too much too soon...:(

I dont even know if I felt that way for him. My time in the forest, the solitude making me more aware of myself and who I am. I already felt I was growing apart from him. I just denied it to myself i think. It hurts my heart that i had to wound him so. :(

Dad once showed me the laws and dogma and meaning of the church.That the Rofirien brought peace and justice thru order and law. I have never been religious...I doubt i ever will. There is no peace in those words for me. Law, order...there are no laws, no sense of order for how i feel right now.  So much chaos running thru my heart and soul. >:/

I just want to run and run and run. To not feel anything but the beating of my heart and the wind on my face. A clarity of spirit I  felt within the company of wolves. Even if it was just a dream. :\\

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So much sadness and grief.

Miss Jenna is gone forever. I dont know the details, I just returned to the house in Haven and found her sister there. Taking care of the kids. The house was hustle and bustle like the last i time i was home. Just somber and sad. :(

I just feel kinda numb now. First Mr Quantum, and Sonya, then Brian, and now this. I know we didnt always get along. But I would like to think we at least became friends of a sort.

The kids are so quiet. I wonder if they truly understand whats happened to them. I feel so sad, I know how hard it was growin up without momma. At least they did have time to spend with her. They will have some feelings, some memories of her.

I should find dad. He will be taking this pretty hard. :(
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Im just wandering around in a daze it seems like.

I pretend to not be be upbeat and happy and my old self. Im not sure what to do. So much sorrow and grief has hit me these last few months. When it rains it pours I guess.

I mean, im glad Mr Quantum is out of his funk..or at least feeling better about things. But all the stuff leading up to it, the worry, the fear...

Next..finding out miss Jenna is gone. We had finally become kinda good friends those last few years. I stopped making trouble, we actually hung out was nice.

Then the whole mess with Brian...breaking his heart like I did. I feel like such a horrible person. I know it needed to be done...I had to do it. For my own sake as much as his.

Im just tired...:(
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I have been so busy lately. So much us is happening.

Mr Quantum wants Orc Bashers to formally ask me to join. I know dad wants me in too, but he wants me to get a skill first. I think i have to agree with him, I mean gathering is nice, but it doesnt really do anything to support anything. I am really glad they think so much of me to even consider it. Unfortunately, right now i dont think I have anything to really offer them except for gathering stuff. And i really feel i should be able to do more.

Mr Quantum told me later that I should consider gem crafting or something similar. I know uncle Eghaas has been trying to teach me alchemy. Maybe I can take that up. He seemed really excited to teach me. He always said momma had a knack for it, and that i might have it too. :p

I also saw Mr Jin again after a really long time. He saw I was pretty beat up after tangling with some nasty rats (thats really embarrassing). So he called on the Longstrider and healed my wounds. My scar really got irritated then, and it was hard to ignore it. He asked what the matter was and I told him my stupid scar was irritated. He just smiled and asked me if it felt better walking around in the woods or outside the city. Not sure what he meant by that, but yeah, it usually does. :\\

Well, off to make some arrows and hopefully find Sarah. I really need to talk to her. That and i really miss her.
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It was a strange day and night. Miss Sala invited me to go on a trip Mr Storold was hosting. To go see the 8, its the constellation for Lucinda. We travelled to Audria to see it. On the way he told us the story of the Dark Light mountains and how they came to be.

Lex was with us and I finally heard the story i part about Mr Rain and Miss Sonya. Now i understand a bit better about why Sarah gets nervous around her dad sometimes. Her family has been thru alot. :(

When we got to Audria Mr Storold told us the story of the 8. It was interesting, I guess the eight stars represent teh 8 different schools of magic or something and there is usually one that is brighter in the sky than the others. But once in awhile, all 8 shine so brightly that they light up the sky and all others are dim compared to it. When we watched was really hard to see. :\\

Later we went to Mr Storolds house outside of Vale. HE has a huge farm! Surprising actually, since i would have expected him to be more of a city dweller. Another odd thing happened too...I guess when we were travelling thru the forest, I kinda went into a daze and said something about the Longstrider and the forest...I just remember hearing the wolves sing. Though my stupid scar was buggin me again. :\\

Later I met uncle Dalan and uncle Eghass. They were on their way to Hurm and so I tagged along. Uncle Eghaas wanted to show us a place called the crossroads. It ended up happening that Mr Wren was camped out there. He told us stories of the giant king who lives there and who stole the magic of the ancient dwarfs. How he betrayed them and destroyed them, but the dwarfs had the last laugh and their ancient city is forever barred against him. Though he said it was haunted by the spirits of those dwarfs. Mr Wren said the ancient city will take your breath away. It was built with true silver, Mithral he called it. That in someplaces, you cant see the bottom or the top and its ancient beauty is a wonder. Maybe I will get to see it one day. :o :D
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I have been having the strangest dreams again. :\\

I am running thru the forest. I hear the pack calling to me to run with them. I join them and we are on the hunt. I smell the heavy scent of the deer in the air and we follow its trail. We encircle the deer so it cannot escape. It will nourish the pack and keep us strong. We attack and kill the deer, howling at the moon after our kill. We feed and take the rest back to the den for those who could not join the hunt. :D

I wake up at this point and feel like ive been running all night long. I was the wolf, and i was part of the pack. I know that...Its more than a feeling. 8)
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Its been a hard time for Sarah...

We went into Storans to help Miss Sala hunt Bodak. She uses the whistlers teeth for healing potions I guess.

We made it into the heart of the crypt and the battle was tough. Sarah got surrounded by shades and she fell. I tried to get to her to save her but I couldnt. I let out a cry and my sword suddenly erupted in flames. I charged and attacked the creatures before they could do anymore harm. >:/

Afterwards i cradled her head in my arms. Her skin was cold as ice and she had a look of horror on her face. I sobbed and ignored the fighting going on around us. I couldnt get to her in time... :(

Miss Sala is a miracle worker...A great healer...she brought my friend back. As I held her, her body became warm again and her face became peaceful. Once she was up I got her to the door as fast as she could move. She needed someplace safe to regain her strength. :D

On the way out, the tomb started to shake and a red mist started to flow from the deeper tombs. I guess we woke something up. We tried to get out of there fast! Brian was with us. He said the shades were exploding on them when they were destroyed! He wanted to see why, that and what was arising. He shut the door behind him and walked into the mist. Stupid Brian! :rolleyes:

We tried to make it out, but the door Brian had gone thru opened and the mist poured out! A vampire attacked us! It cast some sort of magick and uncle Dalan was stunned! Everyone was running but uncle Dalan wasnt moving. No way I was leaving him there to be prey to a vampire. I lost one friend to those bloodsuckers...I wasnt gonna let my uncle die the same way! My sword ignited again with fire and I charged him before he could get to uncle Dalan... >:/

The last thing I remember was a flash of light...then Miss Sala was looking over me...she told me to get up and she led me out of the crypt. Everyone was there...they said I had fallen. The vampire killed me...:o

Poor Sarah...she took it really hard. She saw me walk out of the crypt and she broke down in tears. She couldnt even look at me. She said she was sorry and ran off. :(
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I finally caught up to Sarah...She had been avoiding me for little bit. She said she was ashamed she couldnt do anything to have saved me. She felt if she had been fighting by my side I might have lived. :(

She felt she had failed me. That she was a bad friend for running when I went back to fight for uncle Dalan.

I told her she would have died too. That she was still weak from the shades, and that Im glad she made it out alive. :)

She needs to learn that sometimes things happen...all you can do is your best and hope its enough. :\\

I also saw her scars today...I never knew how bad they were, how many he actually had. She had alot of them tattooed over...but you could still see them. I always knew she went thru alot...I knew it was hard..I just never had any idea how bad it truly was, I doubt I ever will. She says they dont hurt anymore, sometimes they bother her..but the pain isnt there. :(
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The dreams again....

I am running with the pack. There is danger and a foul scent in the air. There is a sense of expectation and foreboding.

Something has the pack on edge and the alpha is tense. He leads us to the edge of our forest and a smell of death is on the air. There are shadows moving on a hill. There are ruins here..and a dark hole in the gouged out of the earth itself.

 I know this place....though i have never really been there, i know that somehow i have a conmnection to it . A tower long ago was here...the sense of pain and suffering linger here and now the stench of death.

The pack howls and races up to the top of the hill...abominations lurk here, unnatural to the world and life.

With a howl the pack charges up the sword a lights with a flame of its own and i run with my pack...

There is much crying and howling...many of us have fallen. The abominations feeding on our dead and dying. I watch in utter horror as the alpha is surrounded and fights and is finally overcome in the end. I howl and try to reach him...and as I fight my way to the alpha the face of an abomonation looks up at me and smiles with its mouth full of blood and flesh. It smiles at me like it knows me. I lash out at it with all the fury and strength i can muster and drive the creatures away from the alpha.

 I try to comfort him as he lay dying, his head cradled in my arms. His eyes seem to see the far away forests...and the light slowly fades from his eyes.

We all howl into the night at the loss of our pack leader and those that have fallen. The skys have cleared nad as we howl the great archer in the sky glows brightly and we know the longstrider has come for our fallen.

I woke up witha start...all covered in sweat and tears and shaking. A sense of terror at what i have seen..and yet a sense of calm and hope.

I dont know what it is I was horrible, but in the end i sensed the forest paths were safe and that the pack would grow strong again in time.

For some reason I am thinking of the Longstrider, and as i do so my scar tingles and seems really itchy.
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Well...i guess im going ot have to go to trial soon over that lady named Saida who Brian and I captured...2 times.

I am really looking forward to it. Yeah right, like a big purple pimple on my nose! :p

I bet that Saida lady really doesnt like me now. Like I care, though I guess she might end up being my first arch nemisis-isis. ;) I caught her the forst time..she escaped..and I caught her the second time. I should have hit her harder when I knocked her out.

So I suppose i shoudl try to recount my memory of the ordeal...

The first time I was with Brian in hlint just coming from gathering a bunch of clay for dad.  We were jsut minding our own business chatting with Lance and Randi when this lady walks up all hooded. She seemed nice enough at first..then Lance got loopy. It was kind afunny at first cause he was all moony eyed over the lady. Then Brian started acting all funny and he forgot all about me. Just started drooling over the girl. O.o That wasnt so funny...I knew she was using magics cause i could feel the tug of the weave..that and Brian was acting way out of character. I tried to snap him out of it by shaking him and tugging him, but he didnt come too. At least not until I put a bucket of water over his head. That woke him up! ;)  

That Saida lady then tried to lure poor lance outside the gates. After Brian got his wits back, he said he remembered seeing a wanted poster for a lady using magics to seduce men among other things. Her outfit matched the description he said.

Well...we confronted her and she was right squirrelly when it came to us trying to tie her up. SHe dazed me once, but i was able to snap out of it. I tried knocking her out, but  she just got a bit dazed for a sec then started castign again...the town crier started yelling at us to leave his love alone! He was smart enough not  to get involved though..poor Lance...Brian had to knock him down to get him out of the way. :o Finally after Brian conked her on the head with the hilt of his sword she was out cold. We tird her up and proceeded to take her to the Rofi temple in Vehl. Since they are the justicars adn stuff and we figured that was the best place to take her. No one else wanted to enter the temple, not htat i blame them..that dragon head outside is pretty scary...It looks like it wants to eat you or something! O.o So I had to get rian to help put her on my shoulder...she really needs to lose some weight! I swear her rear is as big as a dragons! :p  I then dropped her off to the authorities there. 8)

The second time....

This time she was disguised and at first we didnt take notice of her, until Capt Trent started acting all googly about her. Normally he is pretty staid, and though polite, all about his rounds. I thought i recognized her, but for some reason i didnt at first when i was watching her talk to the captain. When Brian and I foinally did figure out who it was she made the mad dash for it and used an invisibility spell to hide herself..that and it was really crowded in Hempstead that day so the crowds gave her good cover. Me...well...I hate say it, but ina city im pretty much useless as a tracker...too many smells, too many people.
I saw Mr Storold by the fountain and let him know i saw Saida and that she zapped Capt Trent. Mr Sotrold helped get him out of his daze, ut when he did he keeled over and passed out! :o  Not good.  SO then the search of the city was on. A bunch of took off in all directiosn trying ot find her, but she was gone. I even got Mica to help by flying around the city to try and spot her from the air. No luck.
After awhile we figured she hopped on a ship and was gone. Then someone spotted her walking out hte front gate! Shes got nerve I will give her that!
Outside the gates, I found what i thought was some of her tracks, but the throings of people entering the city clouded her trail pretty quick nad her scent was lost. It looked like she was heading inot Dappelgreen, by the pond outside the city. I even asked some local birds if they had seen luck..we all look alike to them. :D At this point there was alot of us around. Caighd was there, Mr Storold, Brian a dwarf whos name i forgot. It was at this point that a bunch of the local militia showed up nad started giving us greif about messing with their one true love. the even drew their bows on us! So not good!
Well..Mr Storold was able to get them to snap out of it and lo and behold..they had no idea what they were doing there! They just remembered a woman buying them a drink and that was it. Big surprise that one. :D

After we alll started was just Caighd, myself and Brian chatting byu the crossroad. then this woman walked by first i didnt give her a second glance..but then i got her scent. It was Saida! She had changed her clothes, to travelling wear and was heading into Dapplegreen. I confronted her to make sure jstu befopre she entered the wood. As soon as she realized i was on to her she madea dash for the woods. Big mistake....thats my territory and no way im losing her in there! I yelled for Brian and Caighd adn then enterd the forest following her trail. All broken branches, bushes moving against the breeze, footprints in the soft earth (it had just rained). No way i was losing her again. >:/

I found her nad tried to stop her when she tried to zap me...I just closed my eyes and rammed her! By then Caighd and Brian had almost cauaght up to us. SHe slipped aways from me and made a beeline to some traders who setup camp near us. She zapped them and they all attacked us. Lucky for us..unlucky for her..she startled a skunk that lives near the pond...He got mad and zapped her! She wasnt going anywhere...she was gaspojng for i waited for the cloud to go down...Caighn and Brian dealt with her would be rescuers by kjnocking them senseless...A few merchants agaisnt a giant Paladin and contest. :p

After the air cleared we finally grabbed her. She was as slippery as an eel. Caighd was strong but she was giving him a hard time of it. She kept trying to avoid a cloak being thrown over head and having her hands bound up. She even tried tripping Caighd. I think her plan was to fall with him and get looseof his grasp and make run for it. It might have worked excpet for the fact that Caighd fell right on top of her! :o I dont htink that was part of her plan. O.o It was so funny watching her try to struggle with a giant Paladin splayed out on top of her. :D It was one of the funniest things i have seen oin along while...I nearly couldnt do my job of trying to get the cloak on ehr head i was laughing so hard. After we secured her head so she couldnt give us her gaze and enspell us, we lifted her up onto her feet. She started to chant some words when Brian hit her on the back of the head with the butt of his sword knocking her unconcious. Caighd held her and we debated what ot do with her. It was decided that we should find Mr Storold, since he was one of the poeple who issued the warrant for her. Berry happened to be aorund so we sent him out to find Mr Storold, but I guess he ahd taken off for parts unknown at that point.

Before Berry got back, Saida was coming too. We had removed her hood so she could breathe easier when she was knocked out. But as she regained consciousness we placed the cloak back over her head. Unfortunately i forgot to gag her. As soon as she was awake and realized what had happened and that we were debating what to do with her while awaiting Mr Storold, she started swqearing and cursing and pleading and struggling realyl hard against Caighds grip. I think she headbutted Caighd cause he had to shake his head a sec to clear some cobwebs or something. Then she started chanting some giberish adn that could not have been good...It was then taht Brian gave her really hard kick to the head...she just crumpled to the ground and was out like a light! Normally i dont think ths would have bothered me so much..but it was avicious hit and there her head made this soft mushy thud. Caighd got really mad at Brian after that! He said there was no call for such a strike against a bound prisoner. Those two didnt get along to well after that. Caighd tended to her wounds and she had a nasty cut on the side of her face. Her breath was really shallow too...Now i wont say im against being a bit rough with her. SHe was a witch nad deserved what she got, but that hit was jsut vicious. It felt like there was alot of anger in that strike.
I wont defend what he did, but i do understand why he did it. I mean she messed with his head really good before. That..and i know there was alot of stuff going on between us at the time. I think she was a convenient excuse...or maybe he jsut snapped for second. I dunno...

I do know he felt really sad about it later on when we talked. He knew he had gone too far with what he did, and wishes he wouldnt have done it. Brian tends to hold onto alot of stuff that he should sometimes just let go of. I know he felt like he had betrayed me when she zapped him the first time in Hlint. That he should have had more control and not have been taken by her charms. I told him it wasnt his fault..she used magics on him and I didnt blame him at all. Again it was the same thing in Hempstead, and again we talked about it. :\\ Boys...

After that we decided to take her to Spellguard, since we couldnt find Mr Storold. They had the means to keep her out of trouble! ;) Well..after a couple days journey...we made it there. I think Saida learned her lesson and we were keeping a close watch on her the entire time, cause she stayed quiet and did what we told her to do. Caighd even carried her most of the way, hes pretty strong! We got to Spellguard and took her to the temple there. The attending priestess was not very happy with us..especially Brian. But she seemed to know Caighd and seemed to respect him alot. She agreed to hold Saida until the Rofis could try her.

And thats it I guess...
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Well...the first part of the trial is over. Im glad of that. Hopefully they wont call on me again. It was really nerve racking to say the least. O.o

The prosecutor was a complete boob.He was a huge man, but obviously had a small brain. He kept objecting to everything Caighd said, even though it had all been hashed out beforehand. I mean, Saida admitted using magics to charm men  and stuff. But he kept bringing it up and trying to try her for something she already plead guilty too. :rolleyes:

They both kept asking me if Saida tried to murder me during her escape attempt. I had to say no, since any attempt she tried didnt do anything besides getting e mad so i can only assume she wasnt. :\\  

Marcus went nuts though. He was asked if any permanent damage was done to him from his interactions with Saida. Though no physical damage was done, he said heis soul had suffered permanent damage. From being charmed and acting against his own will. He kept screaming that he was forever violated. The judge guy got really mad cause he wouldnt shut up. :D So he had to have him removed forcibly. I couldnt help but giggle a little bit at Marcus' antics. Though I did feel bad for him. :(

After the two of us were called, the judge ordered a recess for the time being. Especialyl since things getting really chaotic nad I think he felt he needed everyone to cool off. ;)

I am not sure, but I did talk to Caighd before the trial. I met him in the merchant shops. He told me a few things that make me wonder about her motives. It reminded me of Sarah, what she went thru. If its true that is...:(
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I am on the run now. I decided to go to ground until i can figure out some things.

I was at Deliars buying a new chisel when a stange halfling stopped me.He said i wouldnt live to make it to trial. Thank goodness Deliars was busy enough that he couldnt do anything! He disappeared a second later! :o

Then I got the letter form Miss Tegan saying someone put a bounty on my head. That they dont want me making it to the next trial date. She said a halfling named Lino was hired to get me, though he probably wasnt the only one. I needed to be wary. :o

I decided at first to stick close to the guild hall...I figure theres enough traffic there that i should be safe enough if I just keep crafting and being careful. Stupid mistake. Everyone was out gathering or crafting and the hall was empty. :(

Being alone in a large guildhall, every noise makes you jump. Even though this had been home to me for so long. And I know every nook and cranny of the place, yet I was jumping at the slightest sound. O.o

I needed to get out of there...I couldnt take it.

It was then that I heard the doors open and now being very paranoid, decided to peek around the corner. A few thugs in black had entered! :o This was not good! They must have been watching the hall and saw me enter.

I was trapped. They were between me and the door. Luckily they entered the meeting hall first and that bought me a few minutes...I found some choking powder and caltrops in the junk chest next to me. That, and these bracers I found awhile ago that can cast darkness. Were they in for surprise!

Uncle Dalan taught me along time ago how to prepare my sight for hte darkness...I just hope my plan works

I snuck as far down the hall as i could without being spotted...Im glad there were alot of plants and bookshelves and stuff. I stepped out...and yelled for them to come get me! Here I am!!!

I think my timig was perfect, they were jsut coming out of hte meeting room. They just kinda stopped and stared at me..Then the leader guy said my pretty head was gonna fetch them alot of coin, that if i was a good girl..they would make it quick and painless...If I wasnt..then it would be slow. :(

Im glad Im not a good girl...

Once they were about 15 feet from and they had 2 walls on either side, and no place to scatter...I threw the caltrops down. THey sw me do this and just laughed, they started to gingerly make their way thru them...Then I cast some darkness..and ten thru the choking powder into it! They were so not ready for that!! :D

They were were choking and blind and stepping on sharp spikes! Not their day at all. I purposefully threw the caltrops so they would bounce of the far wall and leave me a small path on the opposite side. I prepared my eyes for the dark, and made the mad dash, dagger in hand. One of them grabbed me by accident so i chopped his hand off! Only one left between me and the door once i was thru. :\\

Lucky me...he decided to lock the door and join his buddies once they had all seen me and thought I was easy prey. This wolf definitely isnt a lamb. >:/

It took a few seconds to get the door open, but it was all i needed. I was out and gone! :D

Im not stupid, they prolly had spies watching the doors for them in case any one came back. I made my way to the gates as fast as i could. The forest is my home, and there..I doubt those city thieves could track me. Not in my element. :p

So now...I write this and have to figure out a a way to get word to dad. Im sure he will figure out something bad happened when he gets to the guildhall...I just need to let him know im alright. :\\
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I met some druids here in the high forest. They seemed nice enough and helped heal a nasty gash i received while escaping from the thieves.

They found me sitting next to a tree talking to a squirrel and setting its leg. It had fallen out of a tree and hurt its leg. Poor thing. :(

The druids here agreed to get word to dad for me.

Once i have rested, they told me I should stick to the forests. Its easier for me to hide, and they even told me how to get to the silkwood forest with minimal break of the forest...Thats really good to know! :D
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Its been insane this lat week. I escaped into the wilds leaving only a few clues i knew uncle Dalan would be able to track. O.o

Always on the move, never staying in one place more than a day. It was tough. Usually running thru the woods like this is fun and easy. But when you are on the run, things just arent the same. :( Always looking ove your shoulder, listening for the sounds of someone or something that shouldnt be there. Barely sleeping, so you dont get caught. :(  Even with Mica keeping watch, it was hard. More than once i woke up with her curled around legs under my blanket. :rolleyes:

They finally found me hiding in some ruins in the Silkwood. I was hiding up in a tree, over the heads of some ogres, using them as cover. I figured any thugs who may have tracked me would think twice about entering their territory. Once or twice i was nearly spotted by the ogres, but luckily they thought it was just a squirrel or something and ignored me. Then dad and uncle Dalan and the rest showed up. The ogres went mad and attacked them all. Bad mistake, the ogres were match and were driven off pretty quickly. Once i realized who it was i climbed down and jumped on dad giving him a huge hug, uncle Dalan too! :o :D

Then I saw Hunty and Brian. I was shocked that they were there. Not that I should have been. They seem to always know when Im in trouble! Especially Sarah. :p

Afterwards we left and headed back to Hempstead. Dad was pretty mad at first, saying I should have tried to find someone i could trust who was strong enough to help protect me. I told him there was no one around, and I figured this was the best way. Not many people can track me in the forest, uncle Dalan taught me really well. I thought t was the safest place. :)

When we talked, it was decided that I should go visit the old village and stay there until its safe. I will be leaving a few hours i think. Dad just needed to make a couple of arrangements.

He left me with uncle Dalan adn Miss Tegan at the hall. They both took turns keeping an eye on me. After awhile I asked if I could at least go outside and get some fresh air. I hate being cooped up. He agreed and we took a walk into the fields. I think i should have stayed in the hall...We met a thug who said i was never gonna make it to the trial. :o  He was pretty tough, and Im glad uncle Dalan was there! He told me to run, so i did but the thug just chased after me. I decided I wasnt gonna escape and uncle Dalan was hot on his heels so I stopped and drew my sword. He was about to try and get me when i made my sword erupt in flames! 8)  That made him hesitate long enough for me to use a darkness that my bracers can cast. Uncle Dalan jus charged in and started fighting in the dark! The thug got a solid hit on uncle dalan but in the end it just made the dwarf madder and tempest cut the guy in two! But his knife was poisoned and soon poor uncle Dalan was feeling it. :(  After trying to staunch the wound, we headed bakc to Hempstead and luckily we met Miss Ferrit and my friend Lath. She helped fix uncle Dalan. :D

Then when we were almost to the hall, Miss Ferrit spotted someone shady entering the shopfront! We went inside and poor Farkus looked like he had been in a fight! His poor ear was bleeding pretty bad and he kept growling and trying to get thru the back door! We jumped over the counter and tried to find the thug. Outside we tried to find him, but only caught glimpses...then on a barrel was a note folded into the shape of a swan. It was addressed to me...O.o

Quote from: A Note for Abigail
Miss Firesteed, It is in your best interest to leave town immediately. Do not return until after the trial of Saida is long overwith or you and your family will pay dearly.

After that we we checked the Orc Basher hall and Miss Ferrit, Lath and Uncle Dalan and Eghaas decided to stay with me until dad got back and it was time to leave. :)

Oh yeah...Caighd stopped by to check on me too. Im glad cause he said that the prosecutor had disappeared and then he told me that he has been visited by a shady character who always wants to see Saida or asks about her constantly. He even wanted Caighd to give her a was in elven and im not even gonna try to say it..but uncle Eghaas said it meant Shadow. Whatever that means. I told Caighd about whats was happening to me and showed him the letter I found. He was really concerned...He said dad was right and that i needed to get someplace safe for the time being until this is all sorted out. :\\
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Its good to be back. I have missed this place so much since I have left. I never thought I would.

The trip here was uneventful thankfully. Dad, Uncle Dalan, Mr Quantum, Miss Tegan and Miss Grenna were the ones who escorted me.

Uncle Dalan and miss Grenna fell back apace to make sure our tracks were covered and that no one was following us. They caught up to a us just before we entered the falls and I could see they both had a few scratches. I asked uncle Dalan waht happened..he just said things were taken care off. Miss Grenna smiled grimly and nodded in agreement. I guess they found a tail. O.o

Dad didnt want anyone else to come since the location of the place is supposed to be a secret and those who did come already knew of its existence and whereabouts.

When we got there it was like a happy reunion, then a bit somber and sad. The old lady I lived across the lane from had passed on. Some of the kids i grew up with were now married and living their lives. Farming the local fields and doing whatever it is they do. My old friend Alice has gotten pretty good at her magics. Her dad seems to have aged alot since i last saw him too. Alice...she seems far older than i am now, though she is the same age as me. :\\

All in all the village hasnt changed too much. ;)

I packed some special provisions for when we got here and i put out a picnic by the water near mommas cherry tree. We all sat and ate and had a great time enjoying the sun. This was the first time I had ever seen the sun or sky in this place. THe cherry tree provided some wonderful shade and a peaceful place for us to relax and unwind. 8)

Tomorrow we are gonna see about cleaning up this old house. Its gotten a bit rundown since we were last here. Though the locals kept it in decent enough condition. :)
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This last week has been pretty busy. I havent even had time to write in this journal. O.o

After getting the cottage back in order, everyone left. We had a nice picnic again and dad said he would be back in when it was time for me to return.

I hate hiding like this. though I guess when dad brought up the idea of sending me here into hiding I was kinda glad. :) I have been wanting to return here for awhile. Its been so long since I was last here. :(

Now that everything is settled in the the house. I think i will spend some time in the forests south of here. I hope the wolf pack is doing well. I miss them. That...and I have alot of questions for them. :\\
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There is a new alpha leading the pack. The young pups I first met all those years ago when i was last here have grown and are now having their own families. They still remember me. I was worried that they may have forgotten my scent. That I wouldnt be welcome anymore. Was I wrong! :D

I remember as I slowly made my way up the slope to the packs den. I moved slowly and deliberately so they would catch my scent, and know I was there. The next thing i know Im surrounded by growling wolves. Looking at me thing; Im bowled over by a couple of them and they are licking my face! O.o  

After we had finished greeting each other and was able to wipe off the slobber, they led me to the the dens. I saw Turon again! He was the one who was my first wolf friend and guide all those years ago. He was really huge and strong now. I mean..he wasnt a pushover the last time I saw him, and believe me i tried! :D

The wolves and I traveled their territory those few days I was with them. Walking the old paths and finding new ones. We hunted for food, and killed a few spiders that were causing trouble. I was running with the pack again. :D

My last night with the pack before I had to return to the village was really special to me. It was a clear night and the stars were so bright in the sky. The entire pack gathered around the great stone and the alpha told us the story of the pack. How they came there and where they came from. Then as the evening grew late...the pack leader had the pack look into the night sky, and we saw the great hunter. The pack began to howl in greeting to him. I even started howling! :o :D

The alpha then spoke of the Longstrider and his pack. The story of his coming and the rise of his pack. How they walk the paths of the wood, protecting the forests and those who dwell within them.

The next morning as I was about to leave Turon came and got me. He led me into a small clearing and the new alpha was there. It was really intimidating! THe alpha came up to me and starting sniffing me all over, lingering over my scar. Then he asked me the strangest question...He asked me why I had the mark of the wolves and yet, the smell of the dragon, even though it was very faint. :\\

I didnt know what to say to him. In the end I told him that I had no markings, unless he meant my old scar. That my dad followed the great dragon, so I did too...I guess. I mean, I grew up knowing about Rofirien. Though I guess I never felt like one...They were too stuffy and worried more about the law than what was right sometimes.

Then he said I was always welcome, that I had a family with the pack. That I had a long path to follow, but that the Longstrider was always watching over me and guiding me. :)
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So much to think on...The wolves will always welcome me as one of their own. The Longstrider is watching over me. Protector of the forest and those within them. Thats what the alpha told me...isnt that what I always have tried to do. Uncle Dalan taught me to be a scout, even if I am not so great at it yet. :\\

I need to pack, I guess its time and Dad should be here soon to get me to the trial.

I need to say good bye once more to all my friends.
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Well Saida was tried and sentenced to 10 years in Spellguard. The trial went pretty well. :)

I felt bad cause i had to go up and tell the court that Saida actually did use the weird spell. Miss tegan showed it to me after the first trial cause I was curious and it seemed so important. :p

Im just glad things went pretty well. I think the sentence was fair considering all the things i had heard about.

The downside is that Caighd, and later Miss Clarissa when I chatted with her, seem to think this is whole incident with Saida is far from over. In fact, after the trial some dark fellow came up and asked if Caighd was still around. He said he was an old friend and then disappeared into the crowd. :\\

I think the last thing is...I had this dream again last nite. I was running with the pack thru the woods. My hands werent my own..they were paws. Pink paws, and as I ran fire and lighting sparks shot from them. It was very strange. The last thing I remember was looking up at the stars and seeing the great archer in the sky. :\\
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Brian is having a rough go if it...

Marcus created a temporary cure. But it has nearly killed Brian. :o

We have had to bind his arms and legs to protect him from himself.

He has been having convulsions and and vomiting up blood and some nasty smelling green stuff.

He has finally passed out long enough for me to take a break. I wish I could sleep. Im so tired, but I cant yet...3 days Marcus said.. and day 2 is barely half way through. :(

At least Marcus and Jaelle were here in the beginning.. To help me in the first stages. Though once Brian started vomiting up that foul ick Jaelle got sick. I nearly did too. O.o
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Finally! Brian seems to be getting better.

His breathing finally evened out and became stronger. He quit mumbling to the the strange shadows that seemed to fade in an out around him. :)

The convulsions stopped about the end of the second day. I was so worried he would bite his tongue that I had to stick a strap of leather between his teeth when he started convulsing. He would foam at the mouth and blood and a green froth would come out of his mouth. :o

The morning of the third day, he woke up. He was exhausted and dehydrated. I gave him small sips of water as he started to recover.

HE slept for 2 days after his ordeal. After he got cleaned up we spent some time together at the pond overlooking Haven.

He said he still had a long way to go with his training. That for some reason...he prefers to stay in the shadows...they comfort him for some reason. He still doesnt understand them, but he seemed to indicate that after his ordeal...his relationship with them changed somehow. :\\

Then he left. He took some food and he left. I dont know where to. He didnt say. :(
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I am really nervous...Dad asked me to open the shop and run it a few days a week. He said I might have a knack for it since i convinced this dwarf named Zo to buy a suit of plate mail from dad.

Ive gone thru the shops cratesto see what we have nad its alot! I dont know how Kurgin could enjoy doing inventory so much. :p It must be a dwarf thing!

I also finally met Kurgins brother Durgin. He seemed pretty nice. We had a nice chat and ended up joining a party that cleaned out the gnolls in haven. That was a scary trip! those dogheads are smart.

I was acting as scout, and did a pretty good job of it. Until we were almost out and they ambushed us. I didnt even see them! :mad: I made it thru to the stairs, went back to report it was clear nad as soon as the party was in the center of the room....whammo! They jumped out of the woodwork..err...stonework! :o We got lucky and managed to fight them back, but still...I could  have gotten someone hurt. :(

One last thing...Uncle Eggy took wanted to teach me something. He took me to the arena in Vehl nad he showed me how to cast some stronger spells. More defensive in nature, which is his way. They were pretty impressive, and i even managed to turn my skin to stone. That was really cool! :D

He cast the spell on himslef to show me how it worked. He wnated me to attack him, so I did. I just chipped afew stones off him. That was kinda I thought...If hes using magic..why cant I. So I closed my eyes and concentrated for second. My swords erupted into fire and lightning! :o I attacked him again...this time he wasnt happy. I hit him pretty hard a couple of times before backing off! He had some nice chunks taken out of his rocky armor! :D

Afterwards, he asked me how i did that. I told him I just inda knew how to do it. That ever since i learned how to summon fire on my weapons I thought it woud lbe neat to try and make other elemental enahncements. I mean, dad and uncle dalan taught me to fight, Uncle eggy and mr Rain taught me how to ocntrol and summon the magics. It seemd right the 2 should go together. :\\ I just seems that way to me after all. I told him that I had been practicing it for awhile now. Though I still wasnt that great at it. he said I was turing into a real spellsword. He said my momma was one too. O.o

I remember dad telling me about it once a long time ago. He said momma wrote about it in her journals. Maybe I shoud l see what she said. ;)
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I have been reading mommas journals more closely recently. Some of the things in there are very disturbing. O.o

I understand now how dad came to find the village i grew up in. The horrible things that happened there, to my family. It also kindled memories of dream i had long ago. :(

Now I think I know why the wolves were brought to that vale. The longstrder guards and protects the wood. And that wood has something in it that was once terrifying nad horrible. I always felt uncomfortable around those ruins..and dad always told me to stay away from them. I know why now. :(

I have also discovered mommas notes ( on what uncle Eggy called spellswords. That theyre power to command the magics grew as their power to fight did. In mommas notes i also found letters sent to her from her grandmother. 8)

I already can feel it now...the headache from thinking about too much all at once! ;)
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So the big day is finally here!

Dad asked me to run the orc bashers shop and now im really nervous! I just hope i dont screw things up! :o

Oh, and I finally met sarah again. I was so glad to have talked to her after all this time. Last  heard she was studying her brain out trying to get back intothe groove of the magic thing. LIke when we were kids.

I think she will be fine. I still remember Mr Rains lessons and stuff. And I doubt i would have remembered anything if it wasnt for the fact that i was studying with sarah. She was the smart one and had the knack for reading all those magic words and sticking em in her head. :p

I saw Brian again too. He is doing much better now. He has a bit more color in his face nad his step is abit stronger. He still feels more comfortable in the caves he said, than around people. But he said hes starting to get to know the shadows better...Whatever that means. :rolleyes:

I feel kind a bad now, and confused. I know Brian wants so hard to try and restart the relationship we once had. He has told me so, but I dont think Im ever gonna have those feelings for him again. Not like I did. I really love him, and want him to be better and to get his life together, but he is more the friend now than anything else. :\\

I have kept telling myself that I am not ready for another relationship. So much happened to me all at once when i was in my last one. Mr Quantum, Sonyas death, Brians health, and then my own problems. I know all that happening at once had to be a fluke. But why cant i get over the feeling it will happen again next time. :(

The strange thing is...I was traveling with Berry again. ANd I kept staring at him. He is pretty cute, and strong and a good guy. I felt like i was 16 again and mooning over Robert. Oh well, he probably doesnt even know i exist, aside from the random trip we take with other people. Thats prolly for the best though. :\\
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Post by: scifibarbie on November 30, 2007, 08:36:42 am much for the grand opening. I thought i was gonna screw things up pretty good, or at least be overwhelmed!

I ended up taking a couple of orders, trying to find some lost merchandise for a customer and otherwise sitting at dads desk waiting for customers. Hopefully things will pick up next time around. :)

On the plus side, I got to play with Farkus alot. Hes kinda old now, but hes a good dog and still likes to think hes a puppy. :D

I also read more from moms journal. Her an grandma went thru alot of stuff. Im glad she was able to defeat that monster. It also explains why nothing really grows by those old ruins. And why the animals shied aways from it. >:/

I also wanted to skip around and see what momma knew about ateh spellsword thinger. I found it interestng that our lives kind were very close in some respects. I think I get why everyone worries about me! :p

Momma was a bit a of a loon! Drinking with dwarfs, and charging headlong into the fight! But she could use the magics..and she kinda understood what she needed to do. Combining the 2 sides of her...magic and warrior stuff...letting each strengthen the other. I think thats what Ive been doing...just not knowing about it. I mean like a separate thing. Its just how  i have always been.:\\

I think uncle Eggy saw that in the training arena in Vehl that one time...I mean, dad, mr kyle, uncle Dalan and even uncle eggy in his own way taught me that not all enemies can be fought the same way. Different technques for different enemies, just in uncle eggys case...try using this spell for this, adn this one for that. Even gettng me to cast in the middle of a fight! Now thats hard, but I can do it. Its just timing and focus. ;)

Later he told me, I need to practice casting in armor...sheesh...Whats he think Ive been doing? Though I am so not liking wearing that heavy armor like uncle dalan or dad. Just too uncomfortable and heavy. I like my leathers just fine. Feels like im na metal box with no air! :o
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Miss Clarissa still needs wants me help too. She said she had been looking for me

I guess she saw that Harigan fella again. the one she wants me to sniff out. Seems he told her about the big alpha thats been causing the problems withe weres. :(

She said that Harigan guy told her its was a super alpha! Prime alpha I think she called it. Anyway, supposedly its almost impossible to kill, if at all by normal means. So she is trying to find a way to destroy it. I told her maybe mithril weapons..if she could find some. :o

Kurgin told me about it along time ago. It like pure silver or or true silver or something like that. I figure that might be whats needed. Its very rare, and very precious stuff. 8)

Then as we were talking about weres and the super alphas genarals nad minions an how its trying ot build up an army. My memory kicked in about a tale mr Jin told me a long time ago. About a great darkness in the forest, corrupting animals and men. And how the Longstrider called on his princes to combat the evil and how it was locked away in some tree. And then how it was nearly released. I told her the little bit I knew of mr JIns part in the story, at least hte part i remembered. Im more clear on teh start of it, than I ma on the finish. Especially since the first part was told to me by my wolf friends in the glade in the valley. ;)

So I told her to look for Mr Jin. I hope she finds him, I hope I can find him..I really want to talk to him about some things. :\\

Oh yeah....she also told me that Harigan fella told her to figure out where all the attacks had been occurring and that we might be able to find the lair in the center of it all. She was also asking about grovel and his friends. I guess they have been on the hunt for the weres! So funny...they act like a mini pack of wolfs, and they all were werewolf skulls for helmets. :D
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Post by: scifibarbie on December 02, 2007, 09:10:14 pm
I saw uncle eggy today. I told him I had been reading about that spellsword thing he talked about, I even went to some library in blackford. Only it wasnt in Blackford castle! I told him mommas notes were pretty thin on the subject and I wanted to try and find out more.

They talked mostly of blending steel and the arcane. A harmony of 2 sides. The fighter type, and the wizard. Learning to avoid the limitations of casting in armors and focusing the power of the arcane into their weapons. They dont just focus on their military prowess either, gaining in their power of the weave as they develop. Its a bit slower than a pure wizard cause they dont live inside their books and labs, but it grows as they grow.

Im not really a fighter though...I mean, I fight when i have to. And I have learned to harness the weave to make my weapons hit harder and burn with fire. But i learned that after watching some magicer enhance my groups weapons when we had to fight some ogres. I figured I could do that too. So I watched him, and learned how it was done..and now i can do it. 8)

That whole armor thing makes sense too. I mean, even my leathers get in my way sometimes when im trying to use the weave. Im learning to get around it, and im gettng better at it. It doesnt happen nearly so often anymore. I would ask uncle eggy if he had any ideas about it, but i dont think he would understand. I mean, hes never wore armor or anything like that. He knows alot about defensive spells and stuff and Ive learned alot from him. I think this kinda thing is beyond him though. :(

I asked him if there was anyone he knew the I might talk to. I told him mommas notes mentioned some fellow named Yardislan...but hes prolly long dead, and even when he was alive, he didnt know much more than momma did or that I have discovered.

You know, as im writing this, I keep thinking of mr omer. I mean, he likes to fight. Alot! ANd hes told me hes starting to wear armor an stuff...but seeing him walk around in it...I can tell hes not very comfortable in it. Not that i blame him, i hate wearing all that metal. traveling with him though, he always prepares himself nad us before we enter a fight, then he puts on his armor. I dont think he would be much help. Aside from learning about using offensive magics. And watching him cast, I did learn to make balls of energy that hit pretty hard! I cant quite get the whole flaming arrow thing down yet, but im working on it.

I think im on the right path...:\\
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Post by: scifibarbie on December 04, 2007, 02:47:58 am
Saida's back....:(
Title: Re: My book-A.F.
Post by: scifibarbie on December 04, 2007, 05:25:10 pm still trying to absorb the news that Saida is back. I have a feeling this doesnt bode well for me. :(

I ended up travelling with sme new elf fella named unen and he was with ruby. He seemed nice enough, though hes kinda in a hurry. Strange for a ilsarean priest..i thought they took their time to enjoy the beauty of things. Oh well..guess it shows how much i know about religion. :\\

Anyways, we ended up in stormcrest. Berry was there. I was really glad to see him! its been awhile. I couldnt help but keep looking at him. And when he looked at me i got really flustered and i had to look away. I swear i fell like im a littel girl in school again when hes around. :p O.o

Im not sure, either, but i htink he might like me too. Maybe im jsut being silly. Im not sure. I mean, we sat close to each other, and it was nice being so close to him. I mean, we werent that close, but it was nice. :)

Anyways, there was a small group of us and ruby wanted to hear how i knew saida, so i told her the story. A few were there who hadnt heard it yet, so i let them hear too.

It was a good time. I even made my first batch of beer like miss grenna taught me to make and I gave some to Berry, miss tegan and uncle eghaas. It was so funny! It must have hit them hard, cause berry passed out and uncle eggy started flirting with miss tegan. At least i think he was..he kept talking in elfen and miss tegan got all redfaced! :D

It was a great time, it took my mind off of saida...:)
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Post by: scifibarbie on December 04, 2007, 05:35:20 pm
I saw miss grenna today..

I told er about the beer and and what happened! SGe was so happy,m said i did 'Roight foine job' and maybe i had te knack for it. :D

She also told me she met some werewolfs. Seems a job came up, nad some big hairy fella named Judson was hiring adventurers to hunt and kill them.

She told me she remembered how we had been talking about werewolfs before, she even talked to miss clarissa about it awhile ago.

She gave me a piece of the leaders pelt and a piece of clothing cut from that judson character. She hoped it would help me. I told her she needed to talk to miss clarissa to, just in case. Tell her the story directly causei might forget something, and she might remember something.. 8)

She also told me, they are supposed to meet him again in a month. She told me where he was gonna be and when. I think i might just stop in and say hello.
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Post by: scifibarbie on December 05, 2007, 07:25:41 pm
Well...I finally was able to talk with Berak.

He is a really nice guy. Handsome, strong, easy to talk to. :D

We spent the night together at mirror lake. I taught him how to fish, and it was alot of fun. :)

We talked thru the night, and then watched the sunrise. It was a wonderful time. :D

I told him I still might not be ready for a relationship, and he was sweet, saying he wasnt sure either. That this was all new to him. We decided to take our time an see where the path leads us. :)

Its been a great time with him, I feel really..umm..Im not sure. :\\

I also found out Brian had a chat with him about me. Though, how brian had any idea i might be attracted to him i have no idea. I mean, i had no idea really either. :\\
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Post by: scifibarbie on December 06, 2007, 01:12:11 pm
Why do bad things keep happening to all my friends? Those I care about?

A lich has decided to descend on the angels guild. Seems poor miss ferrit was tehre when a lich a born at the krakeria monastery (I think thats the one mr storold told us about along time ago). And now anyone who was tehre is being hunted down, along with all their friends and family! :o

Uncle Dalan sent me a note saying i need to keep as far from him as possible, he even wants me to tell miss grenna to avoid him. Well..thats not gonna happen. I mean, Miss grenna will eat anyone who tries to harm uncle Dalan. And even though Im not so strong as her, I will still fight for him and hunty and Berak and the other Angels! :mad:

And for other good news...:(

I saw miss clarissa again. She told me she heard from that pack of goblins that the werewolfs are trying to fulfill sme prophecy. Something about the coming of a big black wolf. I am assuming this is gonnabe worse than the super wolf whos been making all this trouble. The strangest thign about that so called prophecy though, she said it was one all wolfs share. I dont think that can be right. I mean, my wofl friends never metnioned anything like that to me, and ive heard lots fo their stories. Even mr JIn never mentioned anything like that. :\\
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Post by: scifibarbie on December 08, 2007, 10:36:07 pm
Its been an interesting few days. First we had to help this woman whose child was turning really ugly. :o

It turns out it was goblin baby tht had ben switched for the womans real baby while it was cured of some disease by teh brownies. I guess they did this to keep their healing house secret, but the real baby was supposed to be switched back once it was healed. O.o seems the brownie that was in charge of returning the baby decided to try andbring the two races together by haveing the gobbos raise hte human baby, and the humans raise a gobbo baby. Idiot brownie. :\\

Well..the gobos were really insane, and in the end I had to run into thier camp all invisible, make the baby switch nad high tail it out of there! I barely made it! But inthe end all was set right, adn teh stupid brownie
was punished by the miss bluebell, the brownie in charge of the hospice. :)
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Berry nad I have been spending alot of time together. We seem to be getting along great. :D

Then he had to mention it...Mis Tegan told him about the shovel. Miss Grenna had miss tegan give it to me.

I felt so bad...

Miss Grenna said it was a dwarfen custom..if a girl liked a boy ALOT, shes supposed to hit him on the head with a shovel to claim him. :o

Well...I completely forgot about that little dwarf ritual, I never did do it with brian. But someone spilled the beans to miss grenna, and she ended up talking to miss tegan and uncle dalan. I still havent gotten the whole story on that...But miss grenna seems to think im dwarf enough that i should do it. O.o

He wanted me to whack him on the head with the shovel! I didnt want to, adn I really think Berry didnt expect me too. But i did it...:p

I laid him out good too! He just fell forward knocked out and he got a huge lump on the back of his head! :o

I felt so bad! :(

He was a real sweety about it though. He said he asked for it...He just didnt think i could hit that hard! :D
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Berry is in jail! I just got a letter saying he was being held because he wouldnnt give out some information on someone! :\\

I need to find out where he is and see if hes alright! :o
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Post by: scifibarbie on December 09, 2007, 01:06:03 pm
It turns out he just under house arrest at the angels guild. :(

I guess he didnt want to give up Farros's name to the authorities when they asked him about others involved. I dont know why, but I will trust that he felt he had too.

When I got there, at first Berry was asleep in his room, and I didnt want to disturb him..Well..I did but mr Kyle said he had a rough day and I should let him rest.

Uncle Dalan was there too...he wa so cute as always. He said his room was right next to Bears and that i had best not go messing around with him cause he sleeps light.

Of course, I had ot go see him...but uncle Dalan set a trap outside his door for me. It was easy to get around. In the end I decided to let Bear i reset the trap so uncle Dalan woudlnt know i was there. :p

After awhile Bear woke up and came out to see us..I heard the alram go off...seems uncle Dalan forgot to mention the tnaglefoot trap to Berry! :D

I also met a friend of his named Saira. I was at bit jealous at first. Her and Beary seemed to have a relationship nad Bear got all flustereed when he saw her and then me. Turns out he hadnt seen her in a long time. But that was it. O.o

After awhile i kinda warmed up to her, nad she seems alright. I felt we had something in common since she was always saying she got into trouble with the authorities over doing nothing. I can relate. I remember being locked up and in trouble and I didnt do anything wrong except defend my dad. :\\

In the end Berry and I spent some time together by the far int he back of the hall. It was nice and we talked long into the night. I think we both fell asleep back ther casue the fire was out and we were snuggled up on the couch together witha blanket thrown over us. ;)

I think Sil saw us..s that was sweet of her. :)  
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Post by: scifibarbie on December 10, 2007, 02:14:06 pm
Wow! I met a legend the other day...and it was terrifying.

Berry and I were on a boat back towards Vehl when a dragon flew overhead! It was an undead dragon being ridden by someone! Everyone on the boat was terrified! Me too actually! :o

When we docked everyone on the docks was running all over in a panic! The dragons are coming the dragons are coming! It was a mess! O.o

Well...we got out of Vehl in a hurry, no sense being trapped in a city when everything is going on outside. It seemed that the dragon was headed towards the gloom woods, so Berry and i decided to check it out. A bunch of people I knew seemed to have the same idea. About 30 adventurers showed up! More than enough to fight any stupid bony dragon. :p

Well..It turned out it was Milara! He had a proposition for us. A small vial of Rofi (I think), in exchange for us carrying a vial of his and fetching another one from some place on in Arnax. Buried under Hraykner i think was his name...Some ancient scholar or advisor to an ancient Rofi king.

Milara was all cryptic and stuff, and the party seemed to be arguing with each other about who is gonna carry the vial, who is gonna lead, blah blah blah.
There was no question we werent gonna do the job. So I, against alot of better judgement on my part, I walked right up to him and said i would carry the vial. I think this shocked alot of people too actually.

Everyone was keeping their distance from him...and then all of a sudden here is this waif of a girl just marching right up to him and holding out her hand. I think even Milara was abit taken aback by that. It seemed like most people give him a wide berth.

Well..Miss Tegan and Miss Clarissa grabbed me real fast and miss clarissa convinced me i was being and idiot. I guess I was, and afterwards..I just kinda realized what i did and got kinda overwhelmed! I could barely stand! Poor Berry was really shaken up by it too!

In the end Plen took the vial. He got covered in a weird darkness after that, we could barely see him thru it! Then we made our way to Vehl, and some guy named connor made a portal for us and we travelled to Arnax.

Arnax is soo beautiful. We followed a road thru a few forests that were so large and vast. I really want to go back soon and just wander around. :D

Well..we got to these ancient ruins of that old king. Someone said the place was once a great kingdom dedicated to Rofirien or something like that. Not sure how it fell though. Nop one realyl said. The neat part about it though..was that it was hidden! We had to go thru this huge tree sitting on a high hill! It was the largest tree I ever saw!

The castle we entered was a mess. It was all ruined and flooded. And ghosts of the dead haunted its halls. was pretty impressive. Though I think the forests were more impressive in the end.

In the end we made our way into the ruin where that Hraykner was buried. He had a statue over his tomb. It was engraved with the words knowledge all around it. It was pretty huge too!

The hard part though, was that there were demons guarding it! There was magic flying, and demon summons and everything was going willy nilly! Many of us fell to some bad injuries! Luckily there were lots of clerics with us. I think the worst part was that Berry fell in the last battle..he was trying to protect me! And..he said he had a visit by her...I dont know how Im gonna ever repay him for that. :(

In the end, we got what milara wanted. Mr Plen reached into a dark void underneath where the statue had been before it came alive and attacked us. A giant scorpion appeared, I think it came from the vial Mr Plen had to carry cause it had the symbol on it and it even started to glow when Mr Plen reached into that void. He pulled out his hand and he had the vial we sought and then the scorpion disappeared!  O.o

After making our way out, we ended up meeting Milara in some plains near Arnax. He had his undead dragon, and a few of his cronies with him. Miss Jennara got her vial of Rofi stuff. And that was that. :)

Oh..and that vial of stuff Miss Jennara got. Milara said he found it walking the planes one day after the incident with the scorpion appearing in the sky. That was well before my time, so Im not sure what was meant by that. Im assuming miss Jennara knew what he meant by that. :\\
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Berry and I seem to be getting closer to each other. I havent been sure if I was ready to be with anyone else for awhile now.

I had so much going on, feeling overwhelmed by family, then breaking up with Brian. :(

Then, for some reason, bear fell into my lap. I knew him for awhile, travelling with him in a few groups now and again. I never really noticed him at the time. Then for some reason, all at once I felt like a clutzy little girl who could barely even talk to him. O.o we are spending all our time together. Miss Tegan seems to think we are a cute couple. I think i agree. ;)

We went to stone the other day. I hadnt really been there since it was rebuilt. I had passed thru once or twice but never really took a look around. He took me up into one of the towers, it was a awe inspiring view!

He wrapped his cloak around me to keep me warm from the chill wind up there. We just stood there quietly, taking in the view. His body keeping me warm under his cloak...we stood there until the sun came up.Watching as the mists of the morning burned away. :)

After awhile, we decided to go fishing. The water is a brisk swim, but it wakes you up in the morning! Berry was able to light a small fire on the island and we sat there talking and cleaning an cooking fish. It was very nice. :rolleyes:

As we got ready to leave, we climbed a small hill overlooking the waterfalls. Just standing there in awe holding hands. :)

Then he kissed me! I swear all I saw were stars! And it was only mid morning! Im still kinda in awe of it. I think about him alot now...when hes not around, when he is...:p
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Wow....its been so long since i last wrote in here. I remember when i used to not miss more than a day or two before jotting down a note or two. I guess Ive been busy.

I have time now though...Im just sitting here watching this girls house and waiting to see what shes up to. We have been taking turns keeping watch when she isnt sneaking out.

Stupid girl said she couldnt wait to become a were again. That her an her family were members of the prophets congregations. She said she liked the power she felt it gave her. She has a lot to learn about life. Power comes from within...that kind is fleeting at best, and has too high a price. :(

Kobal...sheesh...he snores so loud when hes not on watch Im surprised he doesnt wake cassy and her family...let alone those farmers down the way! ;)

I just hope we find something useful. So far its just cassy sneaking out at night to see some boy. :)

I cant wait to see Berak again. Though, Im afraid stupid Trith spilt the beans to dad. O.o  Im not to worried about it though. It was never meant to be a secret. I was going to tell dad first chance i got anyway. Dad and I have been wanting to spend some quality time with each other. I think i will try and cook some bear for him. Thats his favorite after all. :)

Uh oh..Cassys sneaking out again...better wake everyone...I think this is the night her and her boy are gonna make a trip...
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I seem to be getting more and more frustrated lately. Whenever I try and cast...It always fizzles. :(

Until now Ive just been trying to learn to get around some of these minor inconveniences..but a couple of times..I nearly died becuase of it. Maybe its just me needing to learn to focus more. I know I can get frustrated sometimes adn then I really cant do anything.

I decided to not just rely on my mothers notes. SO I have travelled to the great library on Voltrex, and the libraries of Spellguard. Just to see if I could find anything of use that may have been missed.

I think i got lucky...there was a tale of some elf. I guess he was pretty old, even for elf, but who knows. Anyways, all the stories ever said was that he could channel his energies into his weapon, and had learned to cast in full armor.  Standard stuff for spellswords...but I think he might still be around. Thats the important thing. :)

Ive decided to try and find him if he is still alive. He might be able to help me with something that Im missing myself in my training. :\\

I decided to head to Dregar. After hearing a town crier speaking of a bard who was telling tales of a spellsword in Orcs Watch. No such luck, the bard had moved on. Fortunately, we learned a littel bit more of the elf...His name.
Amelw Lairimtylaamemw.

Bear, bless his heart, decided to come with me. We spent the night outside the closed inn just staring at the stars wrapped in his cloak. We walked together thru the mountains and spent time together in the inns. Sometimes talking, sometimes just walking in silence. :D

//edit: Once the Prohpets quest ties up I will rearrange teh be on the lookout. :D
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Post by: scifibarbie on December 21, 2007, 04:59:02 pm
I had a thought..dangerous I know. I returned to spellguard on the whim that maybe witha  name they could help me with more information...I was fortunate! The elf gavea a demonstration along time ago in how to channel the weave into his sword and how to cast without letting yuor armor bother you! The only problem is he seems like a stuckup sticky pants. :\\  It seems that he only spoke in elven, and only taught the elfs. Not good...

I dont speak elvish, and Im certainly no elf...but I do have the blood running thru me a little. Maybe that will be enough for him. :\\ Though the elvish bit is onna be a bit harder to pull off. O.o

I will get hunty to pen a letter to him in elfish. I will ask him for his advice and possible tutelage. I will tell him my name and my lineage...only the elvish side though for now.  Hopefully with his name, the messenger birds can find him!

I finally had a nice picnic with dad. It took some doing since he was really mad at me for not telling him about Bear, and for not keeping in touch. Just a letter was all he wanted...I suppose I have been neglecting him too much nad just hoping we would run into each other. :\\

I took him to the Lake of Mirrors in Alindor. ITs quiet there, and we fished nad we ate the roast bear I made for him. It was a great time. We need to spend mroe time together like this. I told him about Bear, nad how we were gettng on really well together adn how we seemed to like each other alot. I told him about my trying to help miss clarissa with her werewolf problem and how I was trying to help. I also told him about my trip to belinara and what it was like there. And about milara and the Rofi essence or whatever it was miss jennara got. He wasnt too happy about that least teh me going. :p

He told me about some of his adventures and some other stories he knew. It was a great time. I hope we get to do it more often. :D
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Post by: scifibarbie on December 22, 2007, 07:53:52 pm search for the old elf seems to have come to a crossroads.

I have yet to hear back from teh messenger birds I sent out, and I have learned that he came from teh east. I feel like my search while once seeming to be closing in on my quarry, it has now slipped past me and into the great expanse. >:/

To the east..From Spellguard, thats an awful lot. Is it dregar? Vanavar? Belinara or Voltrex? I dont know...Dregar is out for now..Since Bear helped me as we traversed teh many inns of that place. Ive read that the elves mostly are on Voltrex now, that is where their kingdom lies. And from how the old elf spellsword sounds, and what ive heard of that place adn the elfs there its my next logical step.

I still practice, and and i still try. Somedays it seems that I am getting the hang of it, figuring it out. Then next thing you know, I cant do a darn thing. Its very frustrating. O.o

Patience everyone says...and I try. Gods know I try. Mr Jin told me the grace of the Longstrider guides my path..well..I really dont very feel graceful, more like a clumsy ox sometimes. Im feeling my way thru this path, I dont know if theres a guide at all helping me out. I fell blind most of the time, other times I keep thinking I see the light and am starting to figure it out. :\\

I guess my next step is to head east for awhile. Dad wont like it one bit. To dangerous he will tell me, that its way out of my league. Hes prolly right. I just feel like i need to head that way nad see what I can find. :\\

Reading grandmas journals...I am tempted to seek out her family. Though from teh sounds of it, Im not so sure they would be happy to see a 1/4 elf in their midst, let alone help me find this fellow. That and I speak the dwarf tongue instead of the elfin. It seems everything is against me right now. :(
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Post by: scifibarbie on December 23, 2007, 05:24:37 am
The boats rocking on this long voyage has made me a bit nauseous. That or its the fact that I am heading into unknown territory. O.o

Looking at Bear, I think hes even more seasick than i am right now. Im glad he is here, though. Even if the elves dont help me or i dont find any information. He is a comfort to have around. :)

I was afraid to ask him to come with me on this trip. Everything I had ever heard of this place, I didnt want to put him in harms way. I think he would have been more hurt if i didnt ask him. I am glad i did. His presence has made the trip more bearable. :p

My friend Randi is along too. I asked her if she would be my translator. I knew as an elf she would be in less danger if anything went bad. The fact that she is a cleric actually makes me a feel a little easier to. :p

I had originally asked sarah if she would do the job. I figured it would be easy enough since we were gonna be going to a port town. As we sail though..I am glad she isnt here. Things could get really dicey and I dont want her hurt. :(
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I am so knackered right now. I finally have a chance to write a few thoughts on my training with teacher. I am almost afraid to write down his name..I called him by his name once...My head still hurts from the blow and i see stars every time i even think about it. I just remember waking up in a pool of blood and having a horrendous headache. :o

Our camp is pretty spartan. Like the campsites uncle dalan used to have us set up when we went out training all those years ago. Im doing all the chores for the camp, gathering wood, tending the fire, cooking the food. Ther eis only the two of us so its pretty quiet.

He keeps yelling at me when we are trainign..saying my heads a mess. That my fighting skills are really terrible and hes surprised I manage to stay alive for so long. I knew i wasnt great with my weapons training, but i always thought dad nad everyone taught me pretty well. It gets pretty frustrating sometimes. :(

Mostly right now he is focusing on making me graceful..saying i move like an ox with a stick in its mouth. O.o He talks about grace alot. That everything I do must be witha mindful pruprose and have a flow and grace to each and every movement. He says the one thing that keeps most magicers from being able to do what he does is that fact that they are so clumsy. :D

At least he is warming up to me i think. He is teaching me a bit of elven every night. He likes talking about the weave alot too, and is just as excited about talking battle tactics and weapons as dad is. :p

I miss everyone. I wish I could send them a letter or something. I sometimes find that i let myself get distracted thinking about dad or Bear. Thats when he really gets on me. I jsut need to focus on why im here. :\\
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Just when I think that Im doing alright and starting to get the hang of things I do something stupid.

He says everything I do must be with a mindful air, to be graceful and aware of every movement I make, and aware of everything thats going on around me. Well, I got so focused and aware of everything around me i forgot to tend the fire and it went out. :o

Jerk got mad at me, and attacked me! He cut my arm pretty badly...the wound is still throbbing and I bet theres gonna be a nice scar on my forearm from that. :mad:  Just when I thought we reached a certain level of mutual understanding. He said I should have been more aware and paying attention. If I had been the fire wouldnt have gone out and i wouldnt have that nasty cut from when he attacked while i was starting to light it. :\\

Pay attention, never take anything for granted he said. A hard lesson for someone with a hard head. :o
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I am starting to get the hang of things a bit better now. We went out today into the forests for a long training session.

He has always had me cast while under some sort of stress, to focus my mind nad not let myself get rattled in the middle of something. Today he decided to put me to the test. To see if I had improved as much as I thought I had. O.o He had his wild elf friends jump me in the woods! I was so shocked I nearly lost my composure, they moved so silently I didnt realize they were there until it was almost too late! :o I knocked one down with blast of magic to the chest as he closed on me and almost hit me with his staff. The other one was trying to shoot me with arrows. Next thing I know I had channeled the weave and launched a blast of magic at him, then grabbed a piece of wood and focused the weave into it making it hard as stone. I charged and knocked him in the ribs nad was about to finish him off when teacher stuck his head out told me to stop! :o

He told me to finish my chores and quit fooling around. He also said he wanted to see if I had been paying attention. He said I should have heard them coming and been prepared for anything. The only saving grace was the fact that I did alright adn kept my head during the fight. Then he said the fire was getting low and to get back to camp. O.o
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Over the last few nights we have been talking alot abou tthe weave. Our connection to it, how to use it, where it comes from. He told me stories of the elves of long ago.

These are the times when he seems the nicest. He seems to enjoy talking to me about past stories. He says Im starting to pick up the elfin faster than he thought i would. I still am no where near being able to carry on a converation, but I can at least understand what hes saying..even if i dont understand the words.

I told him about my stepmother and her sister. How they are elves and that they were constantly speaking in elvish around me when i was younger. But being a bit rebellious, I had no interest and instead learned the dwarf tongue with relish. :p

He gave me dirty look at that, shook his head and then he said it was no surprise there. :o

It has been after a few of these conversations that I felt he warmed up to me enough that I wanted to ask him a fwew things that were on mind. I asked him what he knew of my grandmothers family, and  what he meant when he took me as his student about this paying back his debt. He just went cold, and told me never to speak of it again. O.o

The next few weeks after that night were pretty brutal. He trained me harder than he had done since i arrived, pushing me to what i thought was the limits of what i could take. I was barely slept, barely ate and was running on nothing but pure will.  He was very stern and heavy handed and said I wasnt taking my studies serious enough and that I needed to get my act together or he would leave me to my fate here in the wilds of Voltrex. >:/  Finally when i thought I couldnt take anymore he said I had done better than he thought a human could do. He told me to go rest myself. :rolleyes:

I dont know why, but he didnt berate me or punish me or anything after i realized I had slept for 2 days straight. I awoke to him cooking some fish over the fire. We talked long into the night and he said the next phase of my training would soon begin. :\\
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Finally! He gave me a compliment on something...well..sortof i guess. He said I was almost as graceful as tht squirrel I have been playing with. He then went on to say I might make a spellsword yet. Sort of backhanded..but still. ;)

For the last week we have been climbing the foothills of sme mountains on the Voltrex. I cant rememreb the names to save my life, but then again, i can barely pronounce alot of elvish names without utterly butchering them! Though he says im not as bad as I used to be. :rolleyes:

He sadi this trainin was to help me find my center, to calm my mind from sheer fear and keep doing what i needed to to do. Dangling from a cliff...yea...keep calm abi keep calm. Anyways, I was trying to walk the edge of this narow cliff tryting to follow him nad he started casting missiles at me! That and his elf friends started chucking rocks at me too! I nearly lost my composure when the first round of missiles hit me that i nearly fell! Somehow though, I was able to call up  a shield spell in the middle of it all. The rest of his missiles were absorbed, and the rocks just bounced off of it. When I finally made it  to where he was, he just smiled and looked at meand said "There you are, doing magic isnt so hard is it." O.o

Now comes my fight training. I cant wait to see what he has cooked up for me now. O.o

Oh..and the really sad part is...Im actually starting to like this mad elf and the training! :o
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I miss my friends and family...No contact for 3 months now.

I miss dad, and miss Tegan an all the bashers. I rememrb dad coming back to the guild ahll all covreed in soot and black stuff from the forge then telling me I was the one who was all dirty and looked like i had been rolling around in the mudhole! I wasnt rollign..i tripped and fell, besides..he was the one black as nite with all that soot! :D

I miss the In'Darsus clan adn all the angels...especially sarah. I hope shes doing alright. :)

I really miss uncle dalan and his pie and miss grennas beer. Even watching uncle eghaas try to pretend he can drink it too! It alwasy makes me smile when those 2 are together. They bicker and yell at each other like an old married couple. They are so cute together.  :p

I really miss Bear...I hope he hasnt forgotten me. He looked so angry and sad and frustrated when teacher said I could not say farewell. Even more so when he said I couldnt send messages out and that he would let them know when I was ready to return. :(

I dream of him sometimes. Remembering when I taught him how to fish at Glass Lake, nad how he made his nose crinkle up in that oh gross look when I taught him how to clean a fish. Even just staring at the stars together on Dregar when I began my search for teacher. When I was having such a hard time of it adn thought it was hopeless he was the one who supported me and helped me carry on. :D

I miss them all sorely. :(
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My muscles are killing me, I feel like my brain is fried adn I am so exhausted.

Teacher said it was time I learned to fight. To start becoming what i came here for. He said I had at least gotten the stick out of my mouth and could walk like a normal ox now. I guess thats his way of saying, 'hey abs..your doing pretty good.' ;)

At first it was pretty basic stuff, try casting defensive spells in the middle of a fight. Cast my spells under stressful conditions, like when hes chucking magic missiles or fireballs at me on a cliff wall! :o

Yesterday was the worst day, nad one of my most exhiliarating! Teacher had me fighting one of his elf buddies, meanwhile he was jsut randomly throwing stuff at me, when all of a sudden we were all attacked by some nasty looking squidheaded things! It was a rough battle since they had some wierd looking creatures working for them. There was lightning and fireballs and magic flying all over the place! Lucky for us, it seemed like the squidheads and their minions chased us along a nearby cliff. Since my fireballs were basically useless I used my head an shot the cliff! I took out 4 or 5 of them with the landslide i created! After that the fight didnt go on much longer thank the gods! :mad:

I dont remember all of what happened that day. Teacher told me I did better than he expected, I survived. Though he did tell me I got zapped once or twice by the squidheads. He said they attack your mind and then take you off to either be food, or slaves. He said he was abit surprised taht i was ableto fend off teh mind attacks. Most would still be in a stupor, let alone chatting with him nad able to return to the fight! O.o

Later that night, I dunno, this is silly. But I swear I saw bear looking out at me from some high place. I was dreaming I think. It was comforting though.
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Teacher said today that I am going to begin learning to infuse my weapons. He said the flames that i can summon to the blades are a good start, but he is going to begin showing me something more powerful. :D

Infusing my weapons with the power of the weave. Focusing my energies into my blade so that the elements themselves are combined into one powerful weapon: Fire burns, cold freezes, water softens, earth crushes and metal cuts.This is what he said will make my weapons devastating. And in time, if I live that long, my sword will be able to suck the life from my enemies, cut thru almost anything, create wounds that dont heal, and if i choose...suck the life from them, using their life to save mine. O.o

When I am able to truly begin infusing my weapon with the weave, then the symbol of a spellsword will be mine. 8)
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I am finally home now. Everyone is so happy to see, and I am so happy to be seeing them again. :)

I cant help but feel bittersweet about it. My last day with teacher. I would like to think he grew rather fond of me over our time together. Perhaps I even gained his respect somewhat. I was very surprised to find a letter on my return to the campsite after gathering wood for the morning fire.

He told me to climb to the highest peak we trained at. To meet him there. I thought it was to be another day of training, some new exercises for me to learn. Instead, he set me free. :o

He told me my time for training with him was done. That I now had learned enough to continue on my own. He went on to tell me he was shocked at how adept I was. That it was strange tp him that a human have so much potential. O.o

He never spoke of his past to me, would never answer my question about the family Sil'Deverin. In fact, I stopped asking after that first time when he gave me that nasty scar on my arm. That day he told me he would answer my questions at last. To ask them one last time. O.o

I asked why he was so sad and bitter, what he meant by 'repaying his debt' with me, and what little he knew of my family.

He told me a sad tale. And now I understand a little more of him I think.

HE said an elf by the name of Amna (tree in elfish) had taken him under his wing many years ago. The Amna taught him all he knew. Giving him hope nad purpose, turning him from a dark twisted path of hate and death. In time, they had become the best of friends. Fighting many battles together. One battle some 600 years ago, was to be their last.

They and their unit had been tasked to fight a large contingent of humans who had decided to raid the elfen lands for slaves, slaughter, and riches. They fell on the humans near where they had landed their boats. The battle was fierce and in the end they drove them with much slaughter back to their boats. >:/

In the end, the elves had won the day, slaughtering the human invaders. Amna fought like an elf possessed, his sword a glint of steel moving with a fury none could stand against.But the cost was high. Many elves died that day, and as the humans retreated they fired arrows to cover their escape. One hit Amna in the breast. At first, no one took notice since the wound was not deep, his armor stopping it cold. But it was a poisoned arrow, and before anyone realized, it was too late. The poison was too strong, too deep and too fast. :(

Teacher said on that day, a part of him died. His best friend and mentor felled. Afterwards he went to war, and fought long and hard against those that would try to harm the elven nations. In time, after years of witnessing the fall of so many friends, so many people dying in wars that he became bitter and slowly withdrew from the world. Still going to battle when he was called, but in the end he grew tired. :(

He was tired and ready to move on from this world. He had been ready to go for many years, but one thing kept him.  He told me as sat near his teachers cot all those years ago, Amna spoke to him. Saying that one day another of his line would come. To seek the knowledge he possessed. But he must discern if the student had the right qualities, and to be sure the student was worthy. When one his lineage came who was worthy...he would know. In time he began to fear he would die before ever fulfilling his friends last request of him.

And then I came. That it was a bitter irony to him that the one of Amna's lineage that seemed worthy, was human. That his last promise to his best friend and mentor, who was killed by humans, be a human.

He was glad that he could finally rest. He gave me Amna's last gift to him, saying it only right that Amna's heir receive this. A gift Teacher received from his Amna on his deathbed. It was a pair of gloves that strengthened the grip, and helped one maintain ones focus in combat.

He said I surprised him. That I had endured more than he thought I could, that he had actually pushed me harder than other students he had taught in the past. To see if a human was really worthy, but in the end I did all he asked and more. And now he could finally take his final rest. Having fulfilled his promise to his teacher. :)

We parted ways then. It was bittersweet. I had grown to care for Teacher. He was harsh and stern. But he was always fair and he pushed me to limits I had never dreamed I was able to accomplish. O.o
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Bear was waiting for me at the docks in Sandinia. I was shocked to see him to be honest! But I was so happe he was there!

He told me he received an anonymous letter saying to meet me at the docks. He was actually worried at first. Then realized it was gonna be okay since it was a squirrel that dropped the letter at his feet. ;)

During our trip back, he told me all that had happened to him. That a vampire had decided to use him as its vessel to gain teh ashes of La'Forran. It sounded familiar, but i didnt put it together all at once at first. He said she had been threatening miss hannas unborn baby if he didnt do what she wanted. >:/

Then I realized...Miss Hannas pregnant! I was so happy for her! That was wonderful news. :D

Afterwards we got word that Miss Hanna was at the arena in Vehl. Turns out he had been in hiding for awhile, but somehow they discovered where she was staying on Dregar. :o

They had found one of the places where the ashes were held. But it was protected by a pure white light. That would destroy anything that touched it! We went  to a temple of aeridin since they were the ones instrumental in destroying him the first time. The healer was pretty ticked at us. He said we shouldnt do anything, that the ashes were too dangerous. then he got really upset when he found out that the guardian of the urn was destroyed by bears group when they first found it. >:/

It wasnt his fault, I dont know the details, but I guess it was a misunderstanding or something and they had to destroy Mais (the guard) or they would have been killed by it!

Well...the healer fellow was pretty ticked, but he did tell us only someone that was utterly pure and good could hope to pass thru the light. We figured out that a summoned Deva was utterly good and pure. SO we high tailed it back to the cave but we were too late! I guess the vampy sent her minions and had discovered the secret. The urn was gone, and a cleric of folian was lying there. His summoned deva lying dead next to him! :o

Turns out she threatened his family if he didnt help. And not realizing what it was she was after he went along. At least when he did realize what was going on, he tried to fight back. But she was too strong and defeated and left, only having one of her minions fall in teh fight.

I think the worst part of it is now, is that bear feels like its his fault. Especially since the vamp left him a couple thank you scrolls taunting him. :(

Im gonna have to do something to cheer him up first chance we get. :D
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So funny...after searching for the bard who was to play in Orcs Watch all those months ago. I finally catch up to him after I return. Cauldil Goldleaf is his name. :)

He told the story of 8 human spellswords (at least i think they were human) who left to find a mysterious gate in the blackfeather mountains.

I guess the story takes place in 1123 on dregar, starting at Point Dart shortly after the fall of the king of boyer. There was a lot of chaos and anarchy due to the untimely death of lord of the kingdom of boyer. Diamaniar i think is who it was. :(

Anyway, many villages where suffering from the same problems. Bandits, looters, suffering and chaos unchecked. Well, these 8 spellswords decided to take matters into their own hands and try to set things right.

The most interesting thing, was that it seems Point Dart used to have an academy that taught fighters who had the potential, to be spellswords! I guess it was a pretty impressive place. I almost wonder if it still exists...or at least maybe possible ruins or something. Maybe i could go and find some old tomes or something. :D

After the fall of the kings, these 8 (who were the heads of the academy it seems) decided to form a secret group called the Covenant of Form. The 8 were teachers and counselors to the kings, and lords of the lands.

After awhile, the 8 heard of a magical treasure deep within the blackfeather mountians that could supposedly grant someone whatever their hearts desired. So the 8 set out to find this great magical treasure to help end the suffering of the land, restoring order and peace. O.o

After making their way into the mountains, they waited for 3 days and 3 nights. It was during hte 3rd night that a magical gate appeared before them. Summoning their courage the 8 entered teh gateway. THey had all thought they were working to the same goal, but in the gate, madness took them! They began to fight one against the other.>:/

The bard said that there were a coupleof different endings to the story of 8 spellswords. The first one he said, was that after much toil the 8 found the end of the path and what they were seeking, but that it was not what they had expected.  Another ending is that they never reached their goal, but now guard the end of the path to prevent others from finding what they could not.
In the end he said, no one knows for sure what happened to the 8, except that so far, any who has ever sought them out has never returned. O.o

I asked him the name of the 8 spellswords, this is what he told me.
The 3 brothers Moltav were:
Gregory...the oldest, shayne the second and remden was the youngest.
These were the 3 originally from POint Dart

The other five were:
Peter & Jacob, they were from towns in the southern part of the kingdom of Boyer. Though little else is known of them.
Lurrual is from wilows weep
Lucus and Alloewisous were from the northernmost part of Boyer. Their town could be found if you followed the River of Shards but he wasnt sure if the town was even on any maps.

After teh story, I was able to talk to Cauldil. I asked him about the blackfeather mountains and he gave me a map (! It was marked where he had been in his search for the gate.

Then this fellow named fryyr started talking. He said he saw the gate once. He showed us where he saw it and it was near where one of hte bards marks was! He said when he saw it, orn and ausir (the moons) where both in the sky. Though he wasnt sure if that had anything to do with it. :\\

I think I might go try to find more information about those spellswords. And maybe even the academy in Point Dart! :D
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Im still kinda confused about what has happened to me. I just know I havent been the same since. :(

A vampire attacked and bit me!

I was working in the shop and this woman wanted to know about longswords. So I told her I would be right with her, she then jumped the counter and assaulted me!

I couldnt even touch her! Next thing I know, everythings kinda fuzzy nad I thought I heard bear...then pain.

I just know i felt searing pain! I cried out but it kept spilling all over and thru me. Someone was making me drink liquid fire! I kept calling out for it to stop...>:/

I later found out from bear, I had been bitten by a vampire. And miss sala had tried to help keep me from becoming infected with the vampire disease. They had tried to get me to drink some silver buckle beer because of the silver in it, hoping that would help stop the disease before it took root. :o

Im not sure if it worked...Ive been feeling pretty weak lately, and a bit off.
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Im not sure what to write down.

I was bitten by a vampire, then i was cured. I remember the attack. I remember waking in alot of pain and being very tired.

adn then its lost. I have no memories from the last 2 days. Except that dad, miss tegan, izzy, hunty and my bear were surrounding me outside of vehl. :(

Bear told me I was almost completely turned. The the priests of Deliar locked me up after trying to purge the disease from my flesh.

Bear found the vampire somehow and got my cure. I guess the vampire was so powerful she could release me from teh curse, since i hadnt been completely changed.

I owe him so much. I know i will never be able to repay him. I feel like such a burden to him sometimes. But i know he loves me and would tell me im being foolish. :\\
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I was finally able to begin my search for Point Dart. I had a map of Dregar that I purchased from some merchant in Prantz. It was obviously biased towards the expanding kingdom of Rael. No Big surprise there. :\\

I personally though it was a but to optimistic. Though it was also rather unsettling to see. At least the general locations of the major towns and cities and overall descriptions seemed sound.

Im glad I had some friends along, as it was a long trip. We found it extremely difficult to find Point Dart by land. I had almost given up hope when Bear and I were able to discover a path after having had to help miss ferrit find and rescue a woman who was the wife of the cleric that destroyed La'Forran. After talking with her, she told us the mountain paths had been destroyed by landslides and earthquakes. That the town was still there, but that the paths by land were gone. She pointed us to a small goat path and said head that way. :D

We later returned with a few friends and began the arduous journey to Point Dart. After a about a week in th mountains we finally began our descent to the coast. I think i was as relieved as everyone else when we came over a ridge and looked down on the small port town. :D

It was a small but bustling port. We made our way intoteh merchants district thinking this would be the best place to start our search. Most of the people we talked to had never heard of the story of 8, let alone knew of any spellsword academy in the area. After awhile we met an old merchant named Viktor, he looked to be about 70 or eighty years old. He told us a slightly differnt story of when the 3 spellswords left. He said that they left quietly inthe night, saying farewell to their families. :)

I was so excited! He said the academy was here! I immediately asked him about the location of the place. It was then that my hopes were dashed...He said it had been closed for about 100 years or so, and that the building had been demolished some 20 years ago. :o

As the day was getting long, he directed us to the towns hall of records. IT was much larger than we had thought. I suppose we should have expected this, seeing as how the port town has been around for hundreds of years. :p

At least we know the location of the town now. To save time for our future visits, I asked to what ports we could use to gain a ship to the town. Im not sure if some of who wish to try and find the 8 will be able to make the journey over mountains. ;)
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Bear and I finally got some alone time together.

The last few weeks have been so insane for the both of us. I was nearly turned into a vampire, we went in search of point dart, a fairy needed our help to liberate his tribe, Miss Ferrit got wind of a the cleric who destroyed the devil man so many years ago...

It was finally nice to be able to go to our favorite quiet spot, do some fishing and be able to spend some nice quality time together.

Bear told me finally about the time I had lost. About what had happened to me, and how he was able to convince Veirdra or whatever her name was, to release me.

I felt so bad for Bear. He said when the clerics of Deliar tried to slow the progression of the disease...they were shocked at how fast it was consuming me. That they werent sure if they could stop it. He said during that time was one of the worst moments of his life. He said I was screaming in agony, thrashing around like an animal. :o

Afterwards, they left me in the care of the healers...and he went in search of the vampire. One way or the other, she was gonna release me. Im glad he convinced her. :)

We talked for hours. Sometimes about silly and inane things, sometimes about more serious matters affecting us both, sometimes just sitting close to each other in silence just watching the fire and listening to the sounds of the wood. 8)

It was on the second night that Bear told me the story of what had happened to me. He told me he loved me so much, he didnt know what he would have done if I had turned. I asked him..I asked him what he would he would have done if i had been turned. He told me he would have done what was needed. I could tell that question had been gnawing at him, how i would react...I was glad that it bothered him so much..Not to be cruel, just that..I felt really glad he would not have let me go on like that.  :\\ :)

I just felt like I loved him more than ever when he told me that. That he would do anything to save me. I just hope I could be as strong for him if he ever needed me. 8)

We spent that night in each others arms. I dont know how it happened..but it was wonderful. We shared so much that night... ;)
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Its my turn on watch and im glad things are quiet. So much has happened over the last week. Im not even sure where to begin. :\\

Well, there was another gathering at the Stagger Inn in Orcs Watch. We had heard the bard was gonna play there once more, but he didnt turn up. :(

So those of us who were there talked alot about his story and decided to try nad discover more information. I of course was already on it. I told them what i had discovered and that I though we should return to Point Dart to try and get more information.

I am so glad we did. In the hall of records, Tobias found a small childrens book that was beautifully illustrated. Master Grohin really enjoyed reading it. It turns out the book was the map! The pictures matched vistas of the places we needed to find to locate the gate. And now, we are very close to it. We are camping under the stars which are shining more brightly than I remember ever seeing them glow. :D

In the Hall of Records, we also discovered the whereabouts of the granddaughter of Shayne Maltov. the youngest of the 3 brothers. We located her home just west of point dart and paid her a visit. Im glad we did, she was a fountain for information! She told us about her grandfather story, and though she never met the man, her father had told her everything. :)

We spoke, and  told her I was a spellsword, like her grandfather. She seemed happy that I was hoping to take up her grandfathers cause and hopefully help restore the spellswords. She gave me a wonderful gif. Her grandfathers journal! I havent had much ime to look at it, save to see that the pages are empty. But I think there is more to it than meets the eye. I am hoping I will be able to discover how ot make the pages reveal their knowledge to me in the future. Master Grohin seems to think that it contains something important regarding our quest. Perhaps he is right, but so far..nothing has been revealed. :\\

I have also made an arrangement with the keeper of records in point dart. Thanks to miss sala and master grohin, I have arranged for the keeper to search out all the old documents he has regarding the old academy. He is unsure of what he may actually possess. But he has a whole sotre of records that he has been trying to get organized. Hopefully he will be able to find an astute assistant to aid him. He seemed rather happy with teh arrangement as he has also expressed an interest in the old academy. :D more check around the perimeter, then its time to wake up Miss Argali for her turn on watch. :)

I think im gonna untie this silly rope dad tie dme with nad put it on him. See how he likes it! Sheesh, how embarassing! Im trained as a scout, anbd pretty good one too! He made me so mad when he did that. He wanted me to stay behind everyone nad jsut shoot arrows. Its my job to be a scout! Grr..>:/

Aside from that, Im gald he and bear are here. Ive never been on an adventure with dad before and i think this is a good start. I think hes warming up to bear also. Jsut a feeling. ;)
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It has been some adventure in the blackfeather mountains.

Dad and I area completely knackered to say the least. I think Bear will be in hibernation for the next couple of weeks too! ;)

After camping out for a day or so waing out the rain and fending off stupid giants, the sky finally broke enough for us to move to teh valleys indicated on the map. We had to choose one of the 2 places marked with x's casue where we ended up was halfway between the 2. Most of us were pulled to where the fryyr fellow and teh bard had made lots of x's. It turns out it was the right choice!

After waiting several hours for the sun to set, the clouds broke and the moons appeared in the sky, and the gate appeared in front of us! We quickly entered since we figured it wouldnt last long, at least until morning at any rate. It would flicker in and out as clouds passed over the moons so we knew we had to hurry. :o

The place we went to was a like an old untended forest. The paths were trapped so we had t o be careful, but the weeds came up to our chests, and the vines were hanging nearly to the ground. We eventually found ourselves in a huge cavern! So many trees and plants, my nose was almost overwhelmed their were so many! O.o

We found a wall covered in vines that had a riddle. It took us awhile but we finally figured it out. It was asking us to identify several trees, but the names were plays on words. Miss Sala was the one who figured it out. Shes pretty smart. We got a few answers wrong and when we did the vines and trees would attack us! Im glad we were more right than wrong.

One our companions named Toby was itching to chop down a yew tree standing alone on a ledge. At first he didnt do anything to it, just in case it was part of the riddle we had to solve. As soon as we figured out the riddle though, and started to pass thru the wall he decided to hack it down. It got really mad at him and they got into it, the tree and toby that is! I tried to help at first, but he was arguing with mr storold and I somehow got in the middle of it. He got really mean and nasty and told me to sod off so I left him. Fine if he was gonna be a jerk. Then later he gets mad cause no one came to help him with the tree. Well..we did at first but then he got all nasty to us. And those that passed thru before he was attacked couldnt get back thru anyways. He needs to learn to be nicer to people. >:/

Afterwards we found a magic wall that killed you when you touched it...Miss Sala and master Grohin had their work cut out for them then, until we figured it out. We all had to hold hands and be unitd in order to pass thru. Toby was a real jerk about it, being all mad that we didnt help him when he needed it. Well, he needs to be nicer and people will help him. It was kinda nerve wracking when we all held hands and started to pass thru the gate...we all were crackling and sparking! :o

Once we passed thru the gate we came upon a yellow and blue portal. The yellow one seemed to be blocked and after much deliberation we entered the blue portal. It was a really strange looking area...Like it was supported by thin columns of stone that fell into forever. The portal back was blocked, adn there were eight stones surrounding it. The seemed ot require a crystal key of some sort, so we set off to see what was here. We fought 8 guardians, adn I woudl have sworn they were once spellswords...just the way they fought, and how they weave was focused around them and thru their weapons. O.o

Each guardian had a shard we discovered, after defeating them. In the back of the whole hall, there was this strange ovally looking thing just lying on the ground. Tobi grabbed it thinking it might be important, and we made our way back. After inserting the crystals we were immediately returned to where we started..facing the yellow and blue portals. Tobi was right (i guess he noticed the keyhole thinger), i completely missed it when i looked at the door. The yellow door needed this ovally looking thing to unlock it!

Well..weve been sitting in this next room thru the yellow door for awhile now. Theres a pillar, an arch and the platform where we appeared. There really hasnt been to many markings to try nad figure this riddle out. After awhile we realized that we were supposed to turn from hte moons somehow...we kinda thought this meant the light, nad so master grohin blew out the candles. Well...we were completely surrounded in darkness and attacked by shades of some sort! We finally got the light relit and the shades disappeared. Now that we know that doesnt work we are trying to figure out something else.

The pictures were of a person walking away from the light...kind of backwards though...I wonder...

We are out..and we set free teh 8 that came before us. I cant say much more as we made a promise. Still..the I feel like I lost more than i gained and Im not sure why. :\\
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I met mr Jin again. Im always glad to see him.

We met by chance outside of Prantz, when I was on my way to gather chestnuts. We ended up talking and traveling to together for awhile.

After awhile, he said he wanted to show me something...He had me sneak past a bunch of satyrs near vale and we ended up in a secret grove! :D

He told me this was very near a temple to the longstrider. It was in the middle of the forest, deep inside it actually. We found a clearing, and he started asking me about alot of stuff Id never really told anyone before. O.o

He knew about my scar...he said he could sense it from along time ago when we first met! All I ever remember was it got pretty itchy and irritated when he was around. I told him about it think, but never how i got it! :\\

He told me a story about the longstrider and the wolfs. I think I surprised him when i took over the story in some places without his asking. He asked how i knew the story and I told him of the pack I used to run with back in my old village where i grew up. I told him of the time when i first met the pack, and how the trolls had attacked later on I would be visited by some of the pack and how it always seemed they were looking out for me. ;)

He told me more of how the longstrider was the guardian of the paths of the forest, how he protected all within the forests, He told me how he had been called, and the all that had happened to him to lead him to teh longstrider.

After awhile, he took me into teh temple, it was a small neat grove, and introduced me to one of the priests there. they guy was pretty nice and we chatted and had some nice cold water from a stream nearby. :p

After awhile, mr jin told me he thought the longstrider had called out to me, chosen me, but that i had to accept him. He asked me if I felt if it was right and I was ready for this. I told him for some reason the longstrider felt right to me..but i wasnt sure. I wasnt sure about alot of things..and this seemed so important I..I grew afraid of the answer i think. He said I needed to make the choice, and that I would know when and if it was right. :\\

In the end we left and parted ways. I wandered for along time in the wood...I had alot on my mind. :(
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Idont know how i get mixed up in all this stuff! O.o

I was heading back from stone a few days ago when i saw a bunch of frineds gathered near the docks in mariners hold. There was this rough and tough dwarf who was recruiting help for Red Bear from hurm to go in seach of some sword or something. :\\

I guess it was an important artifact that the red bear had been looking for this thing for many years. The dwarf, he was first mate i guess, chartered us a ship to go to some place out in the middle of the oceans! He said wed know if wed found what we were looking for when we got there. So cryptic..sheesh. :rolleyes:

Well...we found this small island with lots of wrecks all around it. There was a siren singing and that lived there, I guess i musta been zapped by her cause i really dont remember much from the time i heard this song until the time i was on teh island!  O.o

there was a small temple on the island, na teh sea hag, shed been singing actually, was kinda rude at first. But then she took a liking to our bard and the two were sitting and getting all smoochy (not really, but i liketo tease him about it) while we were trying to figure out how to enter a temple the hag said was nearby. :\\

We finally did. It was a temple to Shindelaria and it was huge!! The archaic (i think she was the temples head priest) asked why we were there and what business we had with them. Me being me, and remembing the story uncle Kyle told me about how he helped free the avatar of shindi along time ago spoke right up. I introduced myself and said i was the niece (well its sorta true) of mr Kyle. She knew who he was right away, and she actually ended up being pretty polite to me after that! :p

Well, we told what we were after and why. It was then she told us that what we sought must never again be returned to to the world. She seemed pretty upset. She said it had to do with a terrible moment in the past, some centuries ago. She said she woudlnt speak of it openly, since its tale was only known to the high priestesses it was such a horrible thing. She told us generally about it, how a pirate named Jothrum had conquered the oceans and made war upon all that sailed the seas. Inthe end he captured and put to death and his body severed and taken to the far distant reaches of the seas! :o

She said she would send us to a grotto were all the knowledge we sought coudl be found. I never breathed underwater before! That was really weird, but kinda neat too! From a small undersea temple we entered the grotto, there was air in there actually, but it was terribly cold...worse than Krashin! :o

We found this pillar in the middle of one of the small caves along our path. It told the story of Jothram. It seems he started out as a small time thug and cutpurse, but somehow he ended up making a deal with Mist herself, or so it was said. Afterwards, he untied the pirates and raped and pillaged the oceans until none were safe who traveled the seas! How the waters would calm, and the winds be in his favor whenever he appeared, and his enemies would founder in sudden storms and squalls. >:/

In the end, it was a priestess of Mist who sowed his undoing. She made a deal with many merchant houses and set a trap for Jothram. There was to be ahuge shipment of gold leaving some small port in secret. Jothram took the bait, and was set up by a huge fleet of ships..he was finally caught! :o

He was judged guilty, and the priest of Mist who set him up decreed his punishment. To be quartered by ship and his body sent to the far reaches of the seas. He was lashed, one limb per ship...and then the 5 ships set sail in 5 differnt directions. And that was the end of Jothram. :(

the part of the legend that we were concerned with was the sword of jothram. Supposedly if one were to gather all teh parts of Jothram, then he would be resurrected and the horrors he brought upon the world would return! Sounds like another person im dealing with right now...:(

The shindies seem to think the sword is the actual key to Jothrams power and that the person who wielded the sword of Jothram could unite all the pirates of the world under one banner. That he would repeat Jothrams 45 years of terror on the high seas! It sfunny..though..the words on the pillar also said one of good character could unite all the pirates of the sea under one banner, but would be a noble and benevolent leader of seafarers. :\\

Well..obviously this has sparked alot of debate amongst us all! We have a  shindi bard with us, and a misty bard..always a good combination :p Nothing but icicles between those two. Me..I just wanted to see this sword. If its as powerful an artifact as it sounds like..I really have my reservations about returning it tothe world. But, I also realize that if we could find its location, then even if we left it here..others would eventually come and take it. I felt it best to recover the thing and truly see if it held sway over mens hearts..or if it was merely a rusted sword. I guess it must hold some sway, cause hardy and mr lex are constantly arguing over it. Who is gonna take it, are they gonna leave it or giveit red bear.

I think the worst of it came down when i found this book. It turned to dust in my hands, but one page had a bunch of lines on it, with blotches at various intervals. Chiara said it represented notes, like music. the bookcase it came from had skel heads all around it taht made a terrible racket when i took the book initially, an there was a large drawer with keys on it. Push a key and give the wrong note...and someone was turned into mummy! Poor Yvale got it twice! I guess lady luck didnt like her that day.

well..teh other part was some hag trapped behind a magical barrier. Turns out she had the key ( amusical note i guess) and hardragh got that from her. Well..Chiara decided to destroy the sheet music i let her see. And that jsut started a whole nother mess. Jaigs though he was being funny by pressing the random key on the keypad thinger...Thats how poor Yvale got it the second time! O.o

After awhile, since chiara obviously wasnt going to be of any help. They guys decided to try and push the bookcase out of the way. After awhile they managed to do it! We went into a small grotto where there was a hole in the ground and pedestal with saltwater on. They were both emitting really strong magical energy..complete opposites..abjurative and evocoative magics...they were in a state of war it seemed. It was a tough riddle to figure out thats for sure! O.o

//to be continued
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I did it...I finally made the choice. It was so simple..I dont know what i was afraid of. Though, I wish the circumstances were different. :(

It started out as a decent enough day...I had jsut gotten off the boat from lore in katherian. I hate going to that slaver city, but i was heading past teh bloody gate to do some fishing at the lake of glass.

All of a sudden this woman appeared out of nowhere crying and being all hysterical! Turns out she had just discovered her husband and son had been mauled to death. She wanted us to seek out the creature responsible and put it to death! I felt terrible for her, but i wasnt sure finding a creature that may have been defending itself from hunters necessarily warranted its death. to make sure the creature wouldnt harm any others. :\\

She took me and a small group to see a farmer Sagert who it turns out discovered the bodies. After meeting with hte farmer we convinced him to show us where the bodies were found. He was not too keen on it, he said he saw the tracks of the creature, and the bodies...he said they had been slashed..throwing blood 20 feet or more into the air! With tracks the likes of which he had never seen, and so far apart he didnt know what kind of creature could have done that! O.o

A few in our group who had been paying attention to matters like this of late, immediately thought that a dragon may be the cause. In which case, we neede to check it out. What with those dragon nappers out causing trouble, and the rumors of dragons being corrupted by some disease. We needed to make sure this dragon was alright and why it was attacking random farmers. ;)

Miss Sasha said there was a blue living in the woods nearby and we should check to see if it was that one. The blue was living pretty deep in the woods, and after a while, we could smell the swamps nearby.

We came upon a tribe of trolls...their guards attacked us on sight of course, and we made short work of them, It was then that teh tribal cheif came to talk to us! that was a surprise to say the least! Well..he gave us safe passage to the dragons lair so long as we wouldnt harm any more of his tribe. He told us that the dragon only required that teh trolls leave the animals in its domain alone, prolly so they wouldnt eat all its food! And that it required tribute of shinies every once in awhile. He said that the last group that went to deliver the shinies hadnt returned. They feared the dragon was angry with them for some reason and had attacked teh delivery boys.

Well...we found out what happened..

I had never seen a bear so large as the one i saw that day! I had heard of bears like that..legendary dires...From a distance you could see it tower above the trees, its breath caused the trees to bend, and its steps to shake the earth!

As we got closer...we coudl tell something was wrong..the smell on the air was off..and the bear was acting like it was sick. As we got heart sank into my feet...

Its beautiful hide was calloused and diseased and leathery..the fur was patchy and falling off. Its eyes were red with fear and anger, and had a thick green ooze coming from them. It smell was horrid...we heard it roar and my heart couldnt tell if it was crying out in pain or anger! Like a beast that is wounded and cannot stop the pain.

Yvale..she tried to calm try and see what had happened...I ..i couldnt..I knew in my heart it was mad with disease and pain. I stood frozen to the earth. It stomped her into the ground then threw her body against a boulder. She crumpled to the ground in a heap. :o

We were all one knew what to do against such a beast. It was then. It was then that i knew what must be done. My heart cried out in agony as i moved forward. I whispered a silent prayer to the longstrider to help me end the suffering of this great bear. To put down the aberration it had become. :(

We fought the beast long and hard. Its pain giving its rage an unyielding fury. In the end, we had the victory, but it felt so hollow, so empty.

Afterwards..something came over me. I dont know why, but I felt i needed to release the bears spirit. I wanted to cut its heart out and wash it in the stream nearby, to cleanse it of the poison that had corrupted it. The others wanted to study it, take samples for the clerics..I didnt have a problem with this, take what they need..just let me cleanse the heart of this great creature. I fought them long and hard..I got into a heated argument with Miss Sasha. My blood was boiling so bad...and then Brian had to stick his 2 coppers into the mix. The jerk. How could he be so cold and heartless. :( >:/

In the end we burned the body of the bear so no other creatures could be infected by whatever had harmed the bear. :(

In the end, we found the lair of the dragon empty. There was a dragon there..but it was an illusion. The blue was no where to be found.
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I feel horrible. I was so duped.

Bear and I heard there was trouble with pirates again. SO we traveled to Katherian..again.

This lady all decked out in shiny armor said her ships were being harassed by pirates. Other merchant ships had been hit, but it seemed these pirates had on purposely targeted her merchant house for some reason. :\\

She said she was Fiona Silverbuckle, and that her house was one of the most profitable merchant houses. Having been around for a long time. When we asked why she was targeted, she said they had more valuable cargos than the rest. :\\

I bet I knew what that meant...looking at all the slave pens around. I didnt trust her a wit. Still..pirates being pirates, I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

We loaded onto a ship she had all prepared. It was a really fast frigate. Her hold was full of rocks to make her look like she was loaded worth goods. When the pirates attacked, we would repel all borders and capture the pirates, if they ran, we would dump the stone and the ship would give chase til we caught them. :p

Sounds easy enough. Well..we were boarded. we fought hard against them, and eventually we had the day. Bear and some others caught the pirate captain. Turns out she was leading a bunch of former slaves and was targeting the ships that were transporting slaves. As it turns out, the silverbuckles were one of the biggest merchants of slaves! That that was how they made their money. :o

The ship captain got really agitated then. He just wanted to kill her and her crew and be done with it. He said she was talking to much, and we had heard too much. He turned his crew on us! :o

Well..we taught them a thing or too! After handily beating them, it was decided that we would set her and what was left of her crew free. We offered her the silverbuckle frigate, but since most of the crew had been slaughtered on both sides, she decided to keep her smaller ship. We sunk the silverbuckle boat. I was happy to see it burn and sink under the ocean. :D

We sailed back to mariners hold since there was as storm brewing and it was the closest safe port. We offered our help in the future if she needed it.

I was really angry at being used by slavers. Im more than happy to ruin their lives. >:/
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I am not so sure what to write down. Its funny, for once im actually kinda at a loss for them. I think uncle Dalan and Dad would be shocked at that! :D

Bear asked me to marry him!

He asked me when we were fishing at Stone. I said yes of course.

I love him so much.  :D
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So much has happened of late.

Poor miss Hanna was kidnapped by those nasty vampires! She was like me, nearly turned into one, and then paraded in front of poor mr Krys, who had to stand by and watch while Marylin just laughed and made and demands. >:/

It seems Marylin lied about not wanting the urn and that she had destroyed veira. Big shocker that was. I guess the vampires are factioning against one another. Marylin showed up first with her entourage to see about getting hte urn. We stopped them after some hard fighting. O.o

Marylin thought she could negotioate her way out. Saying she would release Miss Hanna if we let her go. Mr Kryss woudl have none of it. HE fought and brought her down...Im not sure if it was him or not, but the poison we made for viera and marylin was forced down her gullet! After she turned to ash, Miss Hanna started to return to normal!

We were all so relieved.

While I was guarding miss hanna, watching her, and feeling so badly for her, I kinda realized what bear must have gone thru when i was like that. I never really understood it. Im not sure I still do, but I think i havea  better understadning of what he went thru for me. :\\

I know its gonna be hard for Krys and miss hanna over the next few months, the babies she was carrying...they didnt survive. And with all that has happened. I just hope miss hanna at the very least, had the same experience I did in that she doesnt really remember much of the turning and waht happened after. :(
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I think hte happenings with Miss hanna adn Mr Krys really had a deep impact on bear. :(
When he first asked me to marry him we talked about when we should have the wedding. I told him i was in no hurry, that there was so much going on in both of our lives, I was just content knowing taht he loved me and that we would eventually tie the knot.  

After waht happned though, we were talking and bear seemed kinda put out that I was still in no big hurry to tie the knot. He knows i love him, but I think seeing what happened. I think it made him think we should do it sooner rather than later. I know this world is full of danger nad things can go badly really fast, and that the lives we lead are often short lived. I know theres truth to the fact taht we should maybe start thinking more about our future than i have. :\\

I told him we could do it whenever he wanted. To me, its like we already are a married couple, we are practically joined at the hip as  it is now. I cant imagine it ever being any different or my life without him. :)

I see bear every day and its those moments that i crave. I imagine it to be that way for the rest of our lives. I know we both like our space enough that we wont choke each other to death, but when hes not around, hes all i think about.;)

He was so sweet, he told me before he decided to pop the question, he had asked dad for his permission, and uncle dalans too. Im glad they said it was alright. It means they actually like him. :D

Dad...I think Im gonna have to spend a bit more tiem with him than i have lately. I know ive been off galavanting around with bear so much. And now this, Im afradi he is gonna think ive forgotten about him. I need to make an effort now more than ever to show him I will always be around for him. that Im still daddys littel girl..even if i am quite a bit taller. :p
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Bear has been feeling pretty upset lately. Ever since he had a row with Malkor about him telling everyone bears a betrayer or something. And then Randi wrote him a letter which really upset him. :(

Randi was defending Malor on the grounds that he has the mind of a child and his view is really skewed and he doesnt know any better. :\\

It seems this all steemed from the time bear was put in jail and then put under house arrest. He wouldnt give up the name of one his friends, in this case randi, and Malkor thought bear had betrayed him to the authorities. O.o

Then Sil jumped in to defend Bear during this whole argument, and her and Randi got into it. So now Randi is mad at sil.

Malkor apologized to bear as best as he could according to Randi, but it just kinda snowballed. :o

Im glad i had a nice talk with Randi about all this. Bear and her have a great friendship and I hate seeing bear so upset. I told her she needed to spend some time with him and get everything straightened out. 8)

oh..I travelled with sme group the other night who was asked to help restore some cave of azatta. I guess a bunch of harpies moved in and we had to clear em out. Nice nad simple huh? Not really..we had to use sanctified clubs, and wear sanctified robes...and we had to club the harpies unconscious and not harm them. It was really tough! But in the end we managed and our reward was a bag of healing potions. :rolleyes:
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Ive been feeling like kinda of lonely lately.

Even though Im in a crowd, its like I feel  bit detached of late. Like Im missing something. :(

I love being with bear, when hes around the loneliness Ive been feeling of late isnt so bad. Hes the best, and I love him so much. I just hope hes as happy with me as i am with him.

Maybe im just missing my family. I think dad is feeling like Im moving farther and farther away from him. I never really noticed, oh sure he made the slight remarks about me doing my own things and all, but I thought he was just being dad.

Maybe alot of it is bear asking me to marry him. That hes seeing Im not so little anymore. That Im growing up. Our time in the mountains was a great time. I thought he was so amazing, even if he did get a bit bossy at times. But that was just him trying to make sure we all got out alive and safe, especially me.  :p

Ive missed uncle dalan alot lately too. I was really happy when I saw him again at the arms. It really made me happy to see him being his old grumpy self. I think he sees alot of momma in me. I think its makes him proud that I accomplished the thing my momma sought so hard to be. I think he misses her more than he cares to admit. :)

I see uncle eggy every once in awhile. Even having travelled with a him a few times on some jobs. It was good fun, but we were so focused on what was happening around us we didnt really have too much time to enjoy it i think. Not like when we would take walks in the woods together or him giving me the odd lesson in how to harness my abilities. :)

I was so happy when uncle eggy and uncle dalan took me fishing with them to stone. It was like when i was younger and we would go fishing by the stream in the old village where i grew up. We had a good time and caught a mess of fish. We talked alot about different things and it was like things were back the way they were when i was little. :rolleyes:

After a while Uncle Dalan got really quiet and he just kinda stared off over the water for awhile. I would have sworn he was getting teary eyed over something, but he just said it was the spray from the cold water getting into his eyes. Spending time with those two, I didnt feel so lonely lately. Like maybe Im just missing spending time with my family. O.o
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Emie and I have a new friend. Midnight...the precious little kitten we found near the fountain of hempstead.

Poor thing was half starved and a little bit sick. So we took her to the healers and to see if there was anything she could do. :(

She jsut had me dip my finger into some healing potion, and let the kitty lick it off. It worked great! The kitten seemed to perk right up and feel alot better.

We took her to the baser guild hall nad played with her on the carpet for awhile. We gave her a name and decided to send her home with emie cause she was gonna be able to care for it for teh next few days.

I cant wait for my turn! :D
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I have been feeling horrible these last few days. Sarah had this bi gtlak with us all. About the time she was ...she was kidnapped an tortured by that wizard so long ago.

I knew he did unspeakable things to her,that she still bears those scars. I jsut never knew the extent to which she had been tormented. :(

I cant help but feel like its my fault that it happened to her. That if I had let her stay with me none of this would have happened. That if I hadnt let her tag along when i ran away she never would have been put into such a horrible situation. I never should have put her on that ship out of Vehl. :(

She said i wasnt to blame, that it wasnt my fault what happened to her, i could never have known...still...she was only on that boat because of me. >:/

I can never make up for what i let happen to her. I can search and try to help her find her revenge, maybe even gain some peace, but i will always know in my heart I can never make it up to her fully.  >:/

After her tale, I was so angry..I headed out to Hurm. I knew where there was a small pirate camp. I made it my business to beat out some clues from them. In the end, all i did was make my fists sore and their faces mush. They were just stupid pirates who were in the right place at the wrong time. >:/

I travelled to where her boat had shipwrecked all those years was almost completely rotted away. A few bits of frame and bow left. What did i has been almost 12 years. :(
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I finally got to travel with dad and miss serissa on a trip into the mountains. was the rift actually. O.o

I had never been in there, and dad has always been reluctant to let me tag along with him when he went to such places. This time though, he said i could come. I just had to do exactly what he said and to be very careful! During our trip, he and miss serissa even helped me with my elven..mostly battle commands and stuff. Still, I didnt completely butcher everything i said and miss serissa even said my pronunciation was gettiing a bit better (although i still had too much of a dwarfen accent for her taste). O.o

Thats me, miss careful nad follow instructions! I actually did too. I even helped bring down a few nasty dark elfs and giants who ambushed us! :o

After we made our way back dad said i did really well and he was proud of me. I was starting to become a pretty good fighter. :D

I think Ive gotten my wish. I have been wanting to spend alot more time with dad. It makes me fell good that he is starting to think that I am becoming able ot take care of myself and he doesnt have to worry so much about me when im out and about. Well..not too much anyways. ;)

We even spent some nice quality time together talking about the future, about his getting married to miss talia, my wedding to bear, my hopes to try and help rebuild the spellsword school someday. I like to think he was proud of me on the one hand for wanting to try and resurrect a school for spellswords, but on the other, i think he fears I may just leave the bashers off to the side. I know he had hoped I might one day take a more active role in the guild.

I told him if i ever was able to restart the school..I wanted him to help. that he had so much to offer it. He kind of made light of my desire for him to be apart of it, but thats just him I think. I sincerely hope that when the time comes, if it ever does, that he would be apart of it.

I also hope he realizes, that I always want to be a part of the orc bashers too. They are my family, I grew up there, I could never imagine my life without them. I mean, whose gonna sneak away with miss tegans pies and who is kurgin gonna yell at when i screwup his filing system. :\\

I think I could be like dad, hes knight captain of the wyrm with all those responsibilities after all and yet he also focuses on the orc bashers too. I think i could do the same. I know it will be hard...but most things that are worth anything are. 8)
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I havent written in here in awhile...I just havent had the heart.

I have been feeling angry and depressed and sad and frustrated all at once.

I feel I have been robbed unjustly. How can one call him the lifebringer, protector and preserver of life. I feel they are all lies and deceits. If hes the one that allows the races to bear kids...then hes nothing but a lie.

I cannot have children. Father wont have and grand kids, and bear wont have any sons or daughters. All because I have elfen and human blood running thru my veins. >:/

I feel like im not good enough now, that maybe theres something wrong with me. Bear says he still loves me, that dad told him when he asked for permission to marry me. O.o

Why I was never told...I dont know. I suppose dad was trying to protect me, and over time just forgot about it. I doubt anyone in the village ever had an inkling of what had happened. There werent any aeridinties there that i remember.

Uncle Eggy stopped by the shop, I feel bad for him. I lashed out at him because i knew he was an aeridinite, and also because he tried to defend that ...that...i cant even begin to think of what i should call that so called god now. >:/  

He tried to tell me story similar to what Sil told me, about some big fight years ago between corath and aeridins avatars. That afterwards things changed and we mixed bloods got the short end of it. The way i feel right now..its like corath and aeridin decided to become best buds.

I dont pretend to be religious type...I never have been. I just know the calling of my heart. And now to be not even have a decent excuse.

I tried to rationalize it, I tried to find out if it was true, the stupid clerics just smiled at me mumbled something about a domain change and shooshed me out of the temple. Every where i went the same thing. Like its some big conspiracy..I finally got fed up at their condesending attitudes and kicked the last one right where it counts. See if aeridin blesses him with kids. Jerk..I hope he walks with a limp for the rest of his life! >:/

Eggy says I should talk to miss hanna, shes aan aeridinite. No..I wont do that..I like miss hanna to much. Besides..I doubt she knows much of it aside from the claptrap the temple seems to be feeding everyone. :(
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Ive startedt o come ot he conclusion that I may never have children now. Acceptance, is what...the last stage before death they say. I feel that way sometimes. :(

Im slowly coming to terms with it I guess. I still feel alot of anger, and frustration. Every time I see bear, or wander past the farms near Hempy and I see those happy families...It just still burns. >:/

Im kinda glad I havent seen Miss Hanna, after how I went off on uncle Eggy, Id be afraid of doing the same to her. :\\

I guess Im just trying to deal with it on my own, coping as best as I can. I think dad and miss serissa have noticed it lately. But they wont say anythng unless i bring it up Im sure. Dads had along time to deal with it, Im not sure how he feels, but Im sure hes holding up. Hes always been pretty strong.

I think maybe I will try the temple one last time. I want an answer and I think I deserve one. The temple at Northpoint is prolly my best bet. It seems to be the biggest one. Though, that might make it a bit more difficult to actually talk to someone who has anything of value to tell me. :\\

I guess the only thing I should mention is that the Vakhar have approached me. Mr Wren says I should accept their offer since they are a force of good in the world. I think they may have helped him along time ago..I dunno why, though he obviously holds them in high regard. He said they dont approach people often, and when they do, I should be very honored that they asked me. After talking with Jade Willow, I get the feeling I like the idea of joining, or at least becoming affiliated with them. But for now, my home is the Orc Bashers and I dont plan on leaving anytime soon.
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Randi is gone.

She fell in Vanavar after we were overwhelmed by a band of mercenaries on our way to Hampton.

Bear was able to gather her body up and started to head back, when Lance returned from his bindstone.

Lance went mad with grief, and bear was right behind him. I felt so helpless. Randi was my friend and I couldnt save her.

We returned her body to the Kithaerian temple. We watched Lance gently lay her body down before the temple, and cover her with the flag of kithaerian. He lay there crying and screaming out her name.

The priest tried to console him, but in the end Lance just left to grieve in his own way.

Bear and I left shortly afterwards...after saying our goodbyes to Randi, our beloved friend and sister.

We spent the night in Haven just talking about Randi, how we met her, our adventures together and our future.

I am going to miss Randi so much. :(
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I had dinner with Uncle Eggy the other day. It was pretty uneventful except for when he decided to order the lamb with potatoes and the cook came out saying they were all out. :o

Well, uncle eggy was a bit put out, and even sadder when he decided to just have the 'special'. If he only knew what was in it...actually..on second thought..I ont want ot know whats in it! O.o  

He is still trying ot explain to me about the aeridin stuff...I know he means well, but it jsutmakes me so much more frustrated. He doesnt fully understand it either, and I kno whe jsut wants me to have faith. BUt damnit..I was the one robbed, and I want a decent answer, not just hte company line. >:/

In other news, Mr omer was able to figure out how to get the pages to reveal their secrets. Well, at least for a second or two! He said it was hard going, but the journal of shayne moltav definitely had somethin to say. He asked me if I would take him to meet Aleida Tenner, hoping she might have some clue or something on how to get the pages to reveal their secrets a little easier.

Ive also been asked if I was interested in helping ot start a college. With my part focusing on spellswording. they said the school would be a well rounded university but te emphasis would be on martial teachings and magic I guess.

Im not sure im ready to be ateacher yet, i have so much to do on my own yet..but still..its very intriguing.
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//OOC: theres some pretty graphic ideas and language in this particular post so read at your own peril.

*tears stain the following entry and the ink is smeared randomly and its obvious that there was much anger and frustration in the writing of this...

I finally got some answers. At least this priest was up front about it all and said I might not like what i hear. :o

He said im a corruption...that my very presence promotes chaos. He said that aeridin never had any real control over what races can and cant have kids until recently. And in his 'infinite' wisdom..decides that anyone of mixed blood is worthless and does nothing more than sow chaos with their impurities. :o

So after thousands of years...he finally decides to act on his hate. And who pays for Me and anyone who isnt deemed pureblood enough. He finally decides to make anyone he deems impure...barren. His grand plan to wipe all us from the face of the world and our so-called corruption.  >:/

Thats bloody ironic..considering that anyone i ever heard of who brought any major chaos into this world was a 'pure race'. But no...we are the scapegoats. An easy target for him. >:/

Not part of the natural cycle of things...I think after a few thousand years we have become a part of the cycle. Nature changes and adapts and I think he so full of it. >:/  

Hes worse than any corathite i ever heard of...At least they are up front with their hate. He just couches it in pretty words and tries to make us all feel like its part of some greater good. >:/

He hates chaos? Ill give him chaos...Bloody thief and rapist is what he is. I hate him for what hes done to me! He stole from me what is every womans birthright!
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It seems my notices have caused quite the stir...

My grief and frustration seems to be turning more and more to anger...Im not sure I like whats happening to me. But even though that cleric was straight forward..his words just cut me so deep. :(

I am not a corruption, what my dad and momma had was no corruption. They loved each other. I am not an abomination!

I only meant to put the one notice let out my anger and grief nad frustrations...and to let others know why we are barren, or cant have children. Then all those people  started asking me all those questions..demanding if it was the truth or not..I told them to go talk to the clerics in charge..they knew the truth. It was more than just due to 'a re-shifting of domains'.

Im glad i broke their dirty little secret and I hope it brings him nothing but seems we are gonna be out of his hair soon enough it seems. >:/

As I slowly make my way to Haft Lake, word seems to have spread ahead of me...One town I passed thru there was a small gathering waiting for me. O.o

There were quite a few half-elves there. Or like me, barely even 1/4 mixed or less...They asked me all sorts of questions...As i spoke with them, I just got angry again.>:/

The last town....barely even a village...I passed thru and a short way down the road I was jumped by a bunch of brigands. At least..thats what i thought they were, until they said if I was a corruption then i needed to be removed from the world! They wont hurt anybody ever again...>:/

Im afraid I may have started something bigger than just bringing the truth out to those like me...I never meant for this to happen. I was just so angry and upset. I only hope it was isolated, and they really just wanted my purse...

Im gonna go thru the forest from now on... I need to clear my head. Maybe Ill find some peace there.
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I had to enter one of the larger villages today. I needed to replenish a few supplies.

I stayed hidden and made sure my hair was tucked well underneath my hood so no one might recognize me. I just needed to get in and get out.

As I entered, I noticed something I had not seen before. It seems my words have gotten even further than I had deemed possible. O.o

I heard tales of couples demanding to speak to his clergy. There is much talk, and disagreement over the words his followers are giving. Unrest in the shrines of aeridin...good. :p

Unfortunately I have heard other tales of mixed bloods being attacked under the thin veil of 'needing to cleanse the corruption'. >:/

I had hoped those few I turned to ash were just mouthing my words as an excuse to rob me. Now...Im not so sure. :(

I sent letters home, and to master Jin. I just hope dad isnt worrying to much about me, and that master Jin finds me soon. I really feel i need his counsel. :\\

For now, I need something to focus on. The Longstrider asks that we guard the forests and protect those within it from harm. It feels like its been to long since i did just that. I think I will start to patrol quietly and make sure no one is harmed under the thin veil of 'cleansing the corruptions'.

If I find some...their ashes will replenish the soil of the forest. >:/
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Ive been wandering the wood for awhile. I miss my bear. But how can I face him knowing what i know now. That im a corruption, an abomination to the natural cycle of life. >:/

I know in my heart that Im not. That im the product of the love of momma and dad. And no god can say that my existence is corruption. An abberation to teh the natural order of things.

Ive fought a few bandits, saved a family from a couple of giants who ambushed them. Still, doing all this still feels hollow and empty. :(

Who am I?
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I found a small den with a fox and her cubs. It was so beautiful watching the mother take care of her pups.

I tried to be quiet and not disturb them, but after awhile I realized I was crying. I just had to move away so as not to disturb her den.

As I sat under a tree a little ways off, but still close enough to watch..I must have dozed off.

I just remember waking with a start, and seeing 2 of the fox cubs playing with each other near me. I just smiled and watched as the 2 brothers tussled and became this big ball of golden fur. :D

After awhile the momma came out of her den with her other little ones behind her. Soon all the pups were rolling around! It was so much fun to watch. :)

The momma came and sat down next to me. I gave her some meat I had in my pack and we just sat there and enjoyed watching her cubs play.

A little while later the momma led her cubs back into the den to rest. I left a little more meat outside the den for the mother and her brood.

It was a good day.
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I was following a deer trail in the forest today. I noticed that there was some fresh tracks..human tracks. There were only 2 or 3 of them, but i figured I would follow them and see where they led. :p

After awhile, I came upon the men. They had come out upon a small road I had crossed a few days ago. At first as i tracked them I figured they were hunters, so I just followed so I could see what they were up to.

As I watched them on the road from the bushes. I saw they had ambushed a couple of travelers on the road. The bandits were demanding any valuables the travelers had, as bandits often do. :p

The shorter of the 2 travelers pleaded with the bandits to just take what coin they had and let them pass by. It wasnt until one of the bandits noticed the shiny amulet around his neck that things got complicated.

All of a sudden the taller of the travelers pulled out a short sword and seemed to be standing up to the bandits. They promptly hit him and knocked him silly. The other one that was with him tried to help his friend but the bandits set upon him also. The bandits started to beat the two travelers senseless. :o

I promptly jumped out and attacked the bandits. I killed one and severely wounded another. It was then that the other one was backing off and getting ready to run when the priest had to open his big mouth. O.o

I was about to handle the other one, to either chase him down or let him run when the short guy had to mention 'him'. "Oh thank 'him' that you arrived." Blah blah blah...then he asked me not just not hurt the other one, that it was doubtful he would harass anyone else.

I just turned stopped...looked at the bandit, looked at the bandit starting to get up and then looked at the aeridinite...I just went cold and I think he saw that. :o

I just said something about, 'a corruption shouldnt disrupt aeridins natural cycle. I hope your strong.' And walked into the woods.

A few moments later I heard a scream, the sounds of a beating...then silence.

Im not sure what happened. I just lost it...after all this dare that priest say thank you to 'him' for my arrival. Everything just flashed before my anger and frustration...>:/

I dont know if those bandits killed the aeridinite, or beat him senseless...I never went back. I couldnt go back.

There was a time when I would have escorted them to a village and not even care who they followed. It never mattered to me...but this felt so personal, it was a way for me to lash out at that those that thought i wasnt part of the natural cycle of things. :(
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I think I need to get back to civilization. I need to talk to Mr JIn and be with my friends again.

Being alone ion the woods has always been good for me in the past. It helped me clear my thoughts, find myself, give myself focus when I felt I was lost.

But for some reason. It just hasnt done that for me yet. I find myself sinking into dark thoughts about who I am, what has happened to me. What Im allowing myself to become. And im not sure I like it. :(

After that incident on the road. Im not sure I can deal with myself by myself anymore. :\\

Besides, Im really missing my friends right now. I havent seen Hunty in forever and I think I could use a friend like her right now. :)
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I saw dad today. I walked in the hall and there he was. We both kind of stopped and stared at each and then we just hugged and held each other. :)

After that we talked for awhile. It was hard, I hate talking about it right now. He told me that the cleric was probably a man with an agenda and that he I should look to other members of the clergy to be sure that he wasnt just twisting the words. Never take just one persons word on such matters. :rolleyes:

I was really upset...I had told him the whole story of my travel to norhtpoint and the other groves. I either didnt get an answer, or I got that one horrific answer. :o

I got angry i always seem to do lately when it comes up. It made our meeting bittersweet. :\\

He also gave me some other news...and it wasnt good. And its all my fault. I guess I am sowing all sorts fo chaos. :(
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I went back to Dregar. I just needed more air.

I met up with Mr JIn. I am so glad...I had been hoping to find him and talk to him. He has always been a source of comfort to me and he seems to understand me. As much as anyone can i guess.

I told him my story...He listened. He then told me three stories that he thinks are all related to my problem.

The first story he told me was of Leidanos. How he was the healer of and priest of aeridin on belinara in a hidden temple. That was when Xandrial ruled the land there. He told me a story about how he took in a young human woman and her daughter. The daughter was a half elf..part drow, part human. The result of a dark elf raiding party. He told me how she was sheltered in various temples of aeridin and how they cared for her and her young child. He said that at the time, it was aeridins view that all life was precious.
He said he found it hard that a preist of aeridin would call me a corruption or aberration. But much has changed since he was a priest of the aeridin and much has happened in that time.

The second story was the fight between teh avatars of aeridin and corath. He told me what he knew of the fight, and i told him what i had learned. In the end, he thinks that fight between the two was possibly over the control of domains of influence possibly. Since after the fight aeridin lost the domain of the elements, though he retained his other domains of life, the sun and the natural cycle.

The third story was about how a priest of aeridin came into contact with the poison and was changed into some sort of half dragon monster. In the end they had to kill the monster. Perhaps it was aeridins desire to keep such creatures from coming into existence.

On one hand that does sortof makes sense to me, but then as i think about it...its just stupid. A creature like that had to be made from a manipulation of magic, not naturally created and born into the world. The priest was perfectly normal until he got the poison splashed onto himself.

In the end we talked long into the night. I told him all i had done. How I was feeling. He said that there was much to think on and that he would take a trip to the temple to find out what was going on. He also said that my feelings over what was going on is a good sign, that I am not so lost as i think I am. :\\  

It felt good to talk to Mr Jin. Though I still feel so upset and angry. I feel abit more calm about things. I just hope maybe he finds something that can help. Though im not holding my breath.
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Stupid ignorant mean...I nearly killed her...she has no idea how close she came. >:/

She shot her mouth off and it was like a knife piercing my gut and being twisted round and round. I wanted to lash out with all of my shut her hateful words. I still imagine it..what i would have done to her. What i could have done to her.

I was able to master myself though, barely. I just walked away. I think bear saw what was about to happen. I felt the energy surge thru my body as I pictured her lying on the ground, burnt to ash.

Lucky for her too..the giants picked that moment to ambush us. I was able to let my fury out on those stupid lumbering beasts. After we were done, there were at least 2 who were just smoking piles of meat.

You would think at this point in our friendship I would be used to Ellis spouting off. I know she tends to speak before she thinks. Always trying to get a rise out of everyone around her. Trying to keep a distance between her and everyone around her. :rolleyes:

Later, she started spouting her mouth off again. I felt the energy crackle between my fingers as I was about to lash out at her and finally shut her up. Saying why dont bear and i go have our own cubs knowing full well I was robbed of that joy. And she was just rubbing it in. I yelled at her, saying how dare she when she knows good and well that I cant. :mad:

It was then that i realized she had no idea...she just looked at me kinda dumbfounded. Finally at a loss for words for once in her life i think.  After a moment her tongue returned to her mouth and Im not sure what she said...but it struck me completely off balance..mostly because Im not sure if she meant it or not. I just stopped in my tracks. :\\

After a moment though, I headed off. I just needed some space. Bear and I didnt talk until we got to Hurm. We spoke a little of what happened on the boat ride back to Hempstead. We spent the night in the forest and at least our trip ended on a good note.
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I traveled the thunderpeaks the other day with bear and mr wren. The yetis and snowbeasts were nasty but we eventually found our way to the top of the ridge.

The snow was blinding, but the air was crisp and cold. We met Master Gravas and his friend goldy. They were out to thin the ranks of the giant king I guess. ;)

Master Gravas kindly let us join their trip and he took us to the outer entrance to the mines of the ancient dwarf stronghold of the Losthammer clan. To say it it took my breath away is an understatement! :D :o

It was a great trip. Scary, exhilarating, beautiful...I cant wait to visit there again. Bear fought hard and held his own with the others. I was really proud of him.

After we made our way back to the crossroads, Master Gravas told us the story of the Losthammer clan. At least as far as he knew it. He told us how he witnessed the spirit of the ancient king of the Losthammers battling some ancient evil spirits. He talked about the ancient alliance between the elves that lived there and the dwarfs and the defeat of the dwarfs by the giant king.

I guess i know why dad likes to go there so often now. :p
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Time goes on, and every day i feel like I am starting to deal with being barren a little bit better.

I still feel cold inside, but when i see my bear i at least feel that warm spark taht makes life bearable.

At least until someone reminds me of waht i have lost and decides to couch it in words, like 'dont blame the gods, they are meant to guide us, to let us choose our own paths without interference'. That just blew my cork so to speak. How can he say thet..the idiot. When i got from the high priests own mouth that it was due to the direct action of that so called god that i am now barren. And for no other reason than the fact that i have a bit of elf blood in me! >:/

I jsut got so mad. What started out as a nice trip with some friends into Krashin, ended up badly. I was so angry, i jsut felt the need tolash out at something. I slaughtered the goblins in front of me, lashed out at a friend when i shouldnt have, and in the end fell because i was so hot. :(

I feel horrible that i let bear down..and becasue of my actions he met the soulmother again. But as for the rest, especially that idiot paladin...I could care less. O.o
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Miss Drexia and I have finally started to form our little clandestine group. We had our first meeting hte other day to begin formulating our plans to scout out milaras realm.

Not everyone we invited showed up, but we decided to move ahead with our plans anyway and will fill them ion when the time comes.

For now, we have our plan, our objectives and our initial path into his territory. I hope this works out. O.o

Now to contact a few names we decided should aid our cause. I think I will contact miss drexia and see about doing some scouting along a couple of our routes to see how things are currently. Most of our information is only a few months old. Still, things can change quickly enough in that amount of time and its best to be prepared. 8)

The Falcons are about to take flight. :D
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So much is happening right now. Friends are gathering, plans are coming together. ;)

It seems strange that after I talked to omer about a few things ive been wanting to do, thinking about doing. To visit my mommas family on voltrex one day. To maybe take up the mantle of her families heritage. Demon hunters...that my fate draws me towards them. We talked awhile about it, and he said said i needed to rebouble my efforts to learn elven (which i have been neglecting of late) and the subtleties of how i may need to conduct myself if i ever meet them. :\\

I traveled a few weeks back with some companions and we traveled the outer reaches of the deep. It was there that I fought my first demons. Mr Abiorn called them hook horrors. A lesser demon or devil or whatever they are. As the weave coursed thru my hands into my blade I could feel the call. My sword slid thru their flesh like a hot knife thru butter. I slew two and my companions got the others. I collected my first teeth (mr omers idea- collect trophies of my kills to show my sincerity). :p

Today I traveled with sarah, trith, izzy and 2 others into the dragon isles. I love the forests there. It makes me feel alive and calm to be in that great expanse. Later, we entered a cave to gather some aventurine for one of our companions. It was then that we were set upon by minotaurs. For some reason an icy chill came over me as i fought them. After the fight, i went around and finished off those few that hadnt been killed, but lay wounded on the ground. I didnt care as i slit their throats, stabbed them in the heart and heads to finish them off. I told myself later that it was merely to make sure they didnt somehow get healed and raise the alarm to our presence. >:/

Sarah noticed my actions too. We talked later, and she seemed concerned that i was acting reckless. Not even reckless so much as I seemed a bit ruthless. Though they were our enemies at the time, my actions seemed a bit extreme, especially the callous way i seemed to dispatch them. I couldnt deny any of it. I told her all I had been feeling lately. The empty pit I feel like im falling into. :(

I couldnt talk much more about it. It was too hard. Instead we changed the subject and talked about her and Izzy. About her father and how she was feeling. I really hope everything works out for her. 8)

*the text abruptly changes. repeating lines of basic elven vocabulary
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I went with miss rose and shiffy to his house in haven the other day. Im just now writing this down since i think ive calmed down enough that i can.

We met shiffy in hempstead, and started doing the usual banter about random things. Then rose started asking about shiffs kids, how they were, whats new, etc etc.

It was clear to me that shiffy really wishes he could spend more time with them. Drakie and Tyra. I didnt get to meet Tyra, but i hear she has a pet mongoose that likes to take Drakie's poochy bear. I promised him i would talk to him and ask him to leave the bear alone when i meet him (the mongoose). :)

Drakie was a really sweet boy who dotes on his father. I dont understand why its so hard for shiff to make it back home more often. When i was growing up, dad made sure to come visit me as often as he could, hes always visitng haven to see the twins. From the way shiffy was talking, I think my dad saw me more often. :(

We ended up playing monster, shiff was the monster (of course) and i was supposed to play Tyra, and Miss Rose was herself. It was alot of fun. Drakie got a bit excited and tried to pull a sword off the nearly came off its hinges and mooshed the little guy!

I think Drakie misses his sister. Shes abit older than he is and seems to be at that age where she wants to go do her own thing. I remember that so well! ;)

After the sword incident, shiffy just picked up Drakie and hugged him hard. Drakie was obviously a bit upset. I was such a sweet moment.

At that moment, i had to foght hard to keep my tears in check...I was imagining bear with a son like drakie. the one he can never have with me. The child i could never have. I had to leave...I almost couldnt take it. I made up some excuse to get out of the house then. :(

I said good bye really quickly, and drakie gave me a hug goodbye. 8)
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I miss bear. :(

Its been so long since hes been gone. Everyone keeps asking how he is, what he has been up to. I wish I had an answer, I wish I knew something. :(

I wrote him a letter and I hope it finds him soon.

I feel like Im going out of my mind sometimes. He always kept me grounded and smiling. Especially over the last few months.

I have been trying to keep myself occupied, Ive traveled the thunderpeaks with Mr Sall and friends a few times. Learned a few new ways to manipulate the weave, saw new sights. I only wish he had been there with me.

I  miss us just sitting quietly by glass lake, fishing, talking about how are days have been going, telling really bad jokes or just lying quietly by the fire in each others arms. :)

Right now...I dont know where I am. :\\
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I swear if if I see that little brownie again and he laughs at me and my pain again i will squeeze the life out of his scrawny little neck! :mad:

I was nice..i told him the stories of my encounters with dragons...I told him most of what i had experienced...It was a decent conversation.

Then he said he wanted to ask me about the whole aeridin thing. He said he heard it was me who was railing against him and wanted to know why.

So I told him. I told him to go talk to the loremaster at the temple in northpoint. I told him aeridin..the so called life giver...has decided in his infinite wisdom that we of mixed blood heritage were corruptions of the natural cycle of things. That after thousands of years...he finally decided to end the chaos that we sow to the natural order.

I told him i learned it started with the death of the avatars of corath and aeridin. That when i originally sought answers to my questions..I was given a pat on the back, a smile and some gibberish about shifting of domains. I finally had to use my dads name to get an audience with the loremaster of northpoint...Thats when i learned the truth.

We of mixed blood are to die out quietly...the silent genocide of a god against those he deems a corruption of the natural cycle. >:/

Then he asked me...what about elves and humans..humans and orc..humans and giants..humans and dragons. I just stared at him. The idiot. He knew full well that the dragon men are the product of magic...not natural procreation. That one drop of the poison would turn you into an abomination...not dragon, not man...He did it to gt a rise out of me..not that he needed to work that hard at that point. :(

Then he just laughed at me...and ran off. LIke I was some idiot child! :mad:

I need to do something to take my mind of calm myself. O.o
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Moraken kicked me out of his tower...Seems i destroyed one too many of his alchemy stations making fire bombs. :o

He yelled at me and sent me on my way. He had a few choice words for me about my intelligence and clumsiness! I suppose that was fair...My mind isnt so focused on what Im doing right now. I guess making fire bombs was a stupid idea given my mood. O.o

I miss my bear. I need him to come back to me. Im so lonely now. I am becoming short tempered with my friends, reckless by myself, and distant with my family. :(

I just dont know what to do. I try to ignore my depression. Keep myself busy. It seems to be the only thing that does the trick. I have tried to help out a few new adventurers lately, ive brought food and bandages to some families living in the forests that were in need...but doing all those things..It just doesnt make me feel anything. I still feel this void, sucking me into it. I put up a brave front, that im dealing with it, that I am coming ot terms with it. And i think i am...until something stupid brings it back to the surface again. :(

Master Jin said that more questions needed to be asked. That things may not be as desolate as they seem to me. To hold onto hope. He is wise, and I trust him implicitly...I just dont know. Its so hard. :\\
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I have been at if for weeks now. Gathering supplies in secret and stowing them away. But the tie is almost at hand for our trip. Who knows if Ill be back, ever.  O.o

I kinda feel like if i fall in there, then at least my anger and my pain will be gone. I keep feeling like I am becoming colder and colder. Sometimes i let my bit of depression show and become reckless. Sometimes I just get really angry at those around for no apparent reason. >:/

Ive been told to get my things in order. Odds are very much against us for where we are going. I thought it was hard enough hearing dad and MR Q talk to me about that. About what they wanted done when the end comes. Now I find myself having to prepare for my own eventuality. Im not sure i can. :(
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I finally saw Bear today! He has been gone for so long and I missed him so much!  

We talked about so many things, where he had been, where I had been, how much we missed each other. :)

We went to glass lake like we used to. We camped out out under the stars, caught fish and just held each other close. ;)

I am always so happy when he is around...all that bad stuff i have been stewing about..all the coldness ive been feeling. It all just melted away. :D
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I saw something horrible today...

Another dragon that had been tainted by the sickness. :o

I came out of the portal at wayfare and i saw the place was in ruins...buildings were on fire, people were lying dead and burned all over the place. Panic was everywhere! :o

Then I saw it....a large dragon, its scales rotting and dark. Not glistening and healthy as they should be. I saw Mr Storold fighting it, trying to stay alive while trying to communicate with it. The dragon was lashing out...almost more in frustration over something than in actual rage or anger! At least..that was my impression as i watched it.

Master Beli appeared right behind from the portal...He immediately ran into the fight. He held his own, although briefly. Before being stomped upon by the dragon into the earth!

I tried to run and help, but the dragon fear took me as i approached. All i could do was stand there...everything was a haze to fear keeping me rooted in that spot. Time stopped for me then...until i mastered myself...i dont know how long it was. :\\

Then I saw master Belis broken body lying in front of me. I cradled his head in mine, searching for any signs of life...I felt for his life pulse. At first i couldnt find it...then...there it frail. then i remembered a gift i was given..a i was looking for it I looked up and saw master storold standing beside a collapsed dragon...then i mastered myself once more and read from the scroll...

A blazing light and a groan...and master Beli opened his eyes for me! I poured some healing drafts down his throat and bandaged his wounds. He really has hearned the name Stonewill! I just laughed and hugged him as I helped him to his feet and got him to safety to rest. :D

I immediately returned to where master storold was standing beside the collapsed dragon. He was trying to talk to get it to listened to him. It just tried to snap at him with its jaws..but it was too weak. I tried talking to it in the language of reptiles..hoping maybe it would hear me..its mind being so clouded with might not need to focus so hard to understand us. :\\

After awhile it just roared and leapt up into the sky and flew off. O.o

It was then that i saw miss tegan...she was trying to help tend the wounded. After awhile of helping out, we gathered near mr storold. He told us the dragon just appeared and started attacking everything...that it was out of its mind in pain. >:/

As we talked, miss tegan told us how she and mr sall had met this dragon before, but it was just a little baby dragon at the time...its name was Earth the common. That they had tried to help it, that they had found a potion that might have saved the baby dragon. But it fled from them before they could help it. :o

She told us about what they discovered was causing the problem...the was more like an ooze with a mind of its own. It was attracted to magic, and it was magical in its own right. That it was attracted the the strongest magics it could find. O.o

I could tell talking about this was making miss tegan very upset. I completely understood...I could barely contain myself when i saw the pain that beautiful creature was in. It broke my heart to see it. I just put my arm around her and tried to comfort her as best as i could. :(
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We found Earth Whisper...

HE had finally succumbed to the poison coursing through his body and we were unable to help him.

I only hope Fisty can help him. It is strange to say that...all that i had ever heard fo the ancient red has been terrible tales of death and destruction.

I met with the voice of fisterion. A dwarf of all things. I was kind a surprised at that to be sure. We talked at length, since he was the one blocking our path to find earth whisper. In the end he agreed to let us pass on the agreement that we allow them to take earth whisper in the event our cure didnt work. He said fisty cared for all dragons, and that earth whisper would not be hurt if he was cured.

We traveled quite a while as we tried to track earth whisper deeper into the forest. We finally found him. We also came across several other hunters who had been tracking him.

Mercs led by a green dragon cultist had been found the dragon and were trying to capture him. It was a hard battle..but in the end we cleansed their taint from the forest.

He still fought hard against us, but in the end we managed to subdue him and put him to sleep.

Miss Tegan was pretty upset. I dont blame her. I could barely contain myself from crying seeing the suffering of earth whisper. Miss Tegan told us that the way the poison works, is that its attracted to the strongest magic. Her idea was to have us focus our magic thru her, to make the poison leave teh dragon and come to her. A druid nad cleric were handy to capture the poison when it came out...IT nearly worked...nearly. :o

Miss Linda tried then, afterwards..she said earth whispers soul was gone...all that was left was a shell. I couldnt believe just tore at me...but I refused to believe it. >:/

The voice appeared shortly after. We honored our agreement, and we traveled as escort to the bay of carcosa where a ship was waiting for us. Earth Whisper was loaded onto the deck and securely tied down for his trip to fisty. I just hope he can help. :(
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All this time on the boat...

The voice offered us the chance to accompany earth whisper on teh trip the molten isle where fisty dwells.

I agreed so fast i think it took the voice by surprise! There was no way I was gonna let earth whisper out of my sight.

This trip has been pretty unexceptional. Earth Whisper sometimes has his fits and he is having nightmares in his sleep. It worries me since sometimes those fits get really bad. :o so jealous of him sometimes. He found away to communicate with earth whisper. He told me his soul isnt gone...its just being suppressed by the poison. Armolas' connection with the dragon is a wonderful thing. I wish i could share it. :(
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I woke up next to a bindstone...

The last thing i remember was using my magic to set earth whisper free...then the cold dark of the waters.

Talking with others, i slowly remembered what happened to me.

The dragons fits started becoming worse and worse, and more frequent the closer we got to the isle. We discovered there was a green cultist spy amongst the crew! He had been performing some ritual or something to regain control of the dragon! :o

A cape was discovered with corathite markings on it. Later, a small alcove had been found that was used in some was obviously to gain control of the dragon or to at least wake it from its sleep. But the runes had been wiped and we couldnt make heads or tails of what the ritual was. O.o

I discovered the dwarf, a green dragon cultist by his scent...foul smelling dwarf. Bet he wasnt expecting to be found by a mere slip of a girl! :p

He looked like he was about to put up a fight, so argali wapped him on the head knocking him out cold..we tied him to the mast after question him about what he did. We were too late...the dragon was awake and thrashing, the voice came aboard but his magic couldnt put the dragon to sleep again...It was then he decided to kill earth whisper. :o

Nothing we could do could sway him...the crew evacuated the ship...and they attacked us. It was then that we did our best to get earth whisper free...better him to fly free with a chance for healing than to be lost to the depths of the sea. >:/

Then darkness.
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I still think about earth whisper one seems to have heard of him recently. I only hope that the green dragon cultists havent gotten him. :(

Ive been thinking of the dragons alot. I think earth whisper really got to me. I didnt know him so well, i wish i did. I wish i could have touched him like armolas. :(

I just remember sitting by earth whisper on the long trip thru the forest...and then on the boat trip. Feeling like i was being his guardian and friend, watching over him. :)

I think seeing all the dragons being attacked and hurt by the cultists is really getting to me. I know not all dragons are considered good...but they are all beautiful.

Some more terrifyingly beautiful than others...:rolleyes:

I cant help but get so angry at what they have done. Robbing the lives of the dragons by corrupting them with that foul poison. >:/

Im not sure why i feel the way i do about whats happening. Maybe because i was robbed of a life i wanted so badly and cant bear to see it happen again. Maybe its just because I cant bear to see it happen to these majestic creatures. I know it broke my heart every time i saw a dragon harmed by those cultists. The red, the gold, the bronze...:(
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My head has been so cluttered of late. Thinking of earth whisper, traveling into the deep, doing basher stuff.

Time seems to go by so fast, other times it just seems to stop.

Ive begun hunting demons and devils. Well..more like happened upon them and or they were summoned by dark elves. Either way, I won and have a few trophies gathered as Mr Omer suggested I do.

Once i have enough, Ill ask miss Tegan to sew them into my leathers. Make em look like they belong there. I think mr Omers input into that might help alot. It was his idea after all.

Thinking  of Mr Omer, he keeps asking me to take him ot see the woman, the granddaughter of one of the 8 spellswords. The book she gave me, his journal with the blank pages, well..they arent really blank after all. He says he needs to find the key to the magic guarding its secrets. He has been able to make out a few things here and there, but his scrying hasnt lasted long enough to read more thena a sentence or two. Anyways, I guess ill be taking him to see her shortly. :p

Ive been pretty good about practicing the elvish lately. Im starting to understand alot more than just the standard lovey dovey platitudes most people use. Still, its hard to be all sing songy or whatever when i speak it. Im all stilted and miss Serissa says i need to get the rocks out of my mouth when i speak! :rolleyes:

Dwarfen was so much easier! O.o
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The falcons finally gathered together and flew into the heart of darkness.

Ive been gone for almost 2 months traveling into the mountains of madness with my companions seeking out the cause of the cloud covering the mountains.

The blackness was so dark, but i dont think it was least it didnt feel that way as we entered. It was more like a natural darkness shrouding everything. :\\

Though it was eerily quiet and the entire trip we felt we were being watched, I was relieved to see that nature was still thriving in the dark. The rumors we had heard before entering led me to believe that it was going to be a barren waste, devoid of any life. :(

We were lucky that we only encountered one dark elf patrol. Though we were concerned that the darkness was being used to allow them to roam freely on the surface. Im sure there are lots more working for milara, but we didnt encounter them thank folian. :rolleyes:

After that we were doubly paranoid. We even considered turning back. We didnt and im glad...we made our way towards milaras throne. We figured that was about where the cloud was centered over. It wasnt really, but it was close...and we found the source of the cloud. And some answers we werent expecting. O.o

I dont know all the history of it...Lalaith needs to speak more on the subject but at the time we didnt have a chance. Milara was standing with a woman named Selian. She was the one who in a fit of rage destroyed the hallowlight forest and made it the nightmare it is now. :mad:

Anyways...they said they were trying to fix a problem miss jennara and a few others created all those years ago. Master Beli told me a bit about it since he was involved. Turns out when the lumbral were set free, the portal connecting their prison with this one that was opened...and well..i dont think it was closed properly. O.o

Oh yeah, the lumbral are like these shadow people, not shades like dedders, but like shadow people. Im not sure how to explain any better than that...but anyways....Milara said it was our fault that this had happened. I could sense a hole and feel a weird thready substance...weave, or something else was coming from the place the portal had been. It was really really odd. O.o

Afterwards we talked with miss Jennara about the matter of the lumbral. Her version of the story was that with the aid of some magical orb created by the ancients, maybe even the lumbral themselves. Well, when the prison was opened and the lumbral set free, milara attacked and somehow got the orb and then tried to do his own thing with it...and then when he tried to mess with the thing, he was disrupted and from there everything went nuts! :o

So my guess on the matter is that the portal was never fully closed. That part of the lumbrals realm, or at least their prison, is slowly seeping into our world. What to do now is anyones guess. :\\

Other things happened on that trip...especialyl as we got closer to portal...Im not sure i want to write about that now...i know its supposed to help, and it has in the past. But not this time i think...I will say this..cause its important that i remember it I think. :)
I saw a vision...Before me was this large city. There were people and giant lizards walking the streets. In the northern corner was a huge tower..and it was dark..then the image seemed to disappear and an image of an old giant dark tree filled my eyes! It was the strangest thing.  O.o

What was weirder still...we all saw it ..the same exact image! We even saw these weird images of scorpions which appeared and then vanished in a twinkling of the eye! :o

Only Mr Plen didnt see this, he was completely oblivious to things happening around us at that moment. Im not sure what happened...but its important i think. :\\
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The vampires are back...>:/

This time they have chosen to use Jaelle instead of bear. In glad of that...but i feel badly and am worried for Jaelle.  :(

Whats worse..I think they are gonna do something bad to miss hanna. Or her new baby...I hope not.

I wont let that happen. >:/
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I really really really really hate vampires. :mad:
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The green tattooed cultists are consolidating their forces. And now they abominations that have been rumored have been brought forth to do their bidding.

The demons are being wiped from the face of belinara. On the one hand i think this is good. Those creatures need to be sent back to the pits where they came from. :p

Unfortunately, this drive to clear the lands from Phal to Khul are forcing the demons into areas where the populace arent used to dealing with such foul beasts. To top it off...we encountered a scared half demon....more human than fiend...except for the wings and tail. O.o

He told us he witnessed a a creature the likes of which he had never seen before, it was tearing apart even the most powerful of demons to shreds! It was described as larger than man, but walking on two legs...but it had the skin of a dragon and acid for breath! :o

Even before we left Fort Miritrix, the guard captain told us he needed help, that the demons were being run out of lands between Phal and Ash and that a red dragon was being used to do this. He also said reports indicated dwarves with green tattoos on their necks were with it. >:/

We found it...or found was a large black, dragon skinned creature with wings that blotted out the sun in trees. It had a terrible roar...:o

In the end we wounded it severely and knocked it out of the sky when it tried to fell into a deep pit and after collapsing the walls of  the pits onto it we finally managed to kill it. :D

We never did find the red dragon though...but im doubting its whole. If the green tattoos have it..its probably been poisoned. :(

So much happening...milara, demons, dragons....can it get any worse? O.o

Oh yeah...elvish class...Miss Serissa wants me to meet her for elvish lessons. She said if dad could learn should be easy for me. I just need to practice more than i am...and shes gonna see to it that i get the rocks out of my mouth when i speak it! Im getting too many bad habits from my friends and need more structure. :\\
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I was kinda hit with a nice surprise the other day. Mr Omer found me and he asked if I would be willing to start teaching others who wished to learn about being a spellsword. :o  :D

I know its been one of my dreams for awhile. Once i achieved some level of mastery and thought I might be able to help others who may be seeking what i know.

He told me he is with a group that has formed a conclave of teachers dedicated to training those in the various arts of the Al'Noth. They have a place and are now seeking teachers to help cover what they need.

I told him I would be happy to help. I know my skills are getting stronger an stronger every day. :)
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Things are going nuts on Dregar!

Giants are starting to attack the crossroads from the mountains, everyone is running scared, tensions are running high. :o

The Boyers have asked many of my friends for help. I know some have travelled up the mountains and havent been seen or heard from since..I hope they are alright. :(

I missed the big fight. As did a few of my friends I was meeting in dalanthar. We were all standing around talking about what happened, trying to get any stories from the locals when a guard captain asked us to follow him.

Things are worse than we had heard. Mr Krys and miss sala were with us, I guess the guard recognized one of them. We were brought before the magistrate. He told us a story of what was happening and that allies were needed. They suggested we go talk to the Bandits...try to cut a deal with them. They had as much to lose as anyone who lived near the borders of the crossroads.

We travelled there...this was gonna be fun...:\\  

With MR Krys leading us, we decided to not fight our way in...turns out that was the best idea. The bandits had reinforced the guards on the paths leading into their territory! We told them we needed to speak with their leaders.

Take me to your leader...O.o

After awhile, a small halfling woman showed up. She immediately recognized Mr Krys, and a few of us. She was really mad...she had lost alot of friends and family over the years. :(

After awhile, we were taken into the deepest part of their territory and broken into 3 groups...We were interviewed by who we thought was the leader of the bandits. Turns out all three groups of us talked to someone else. Im glad we all got our story straight. Not that it was hard to do..we had told them what the magistrate told us to tell them. To try and get them to talk and become allies. They have agreed to that at least. :)

I just hope everything works out for us all. We need all the allies we can get. At least, judging by the rumors flying around. :(

As we left the village..the bandit woman told us one more thing...kinda cryptic actually. She asked if we had ever been where the trollocs live. She said something about standing over the grave of our success or something. :\\

We reported back to the magistrate and told them to expect ambassadors from teh bandit village. They agreed to talk as long as the Boyers upheld their part of the bargain.

We are all meeting back at the inn for a drink. I hope they have some dwarfs head.
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Gods my feet are killing whole body is killing me. What did that dwarf spirit do to me?! O.o :(

I guess its the price I had to pay for this scroll.

Now for the hard part...

Grave of our success...ha..there was gave alright. That bandit sent us to a death trap. At least she probably thought she did. I will have to thank uncle Dalan and miss grenna right properly when i see then again! :D

Turns out it was tomb of of one of the losthammer dwarf lords. It was a really scary looking spirit...all intimidating and such. I guess thats how most dwarf lords probably are. :rolleyes:

He didnt attack outright..which i think saved my butt. That and being able to speak the tongue. After awhile..I realized who he was and what he was doing. I told him the tale i had heard of my friends going up the mountain, of the kin who are trying tot free the lost clanhome and destroy the betrayer.

I guess that story did it. That and after he touched me with his hammer and did whatever it was he did to me. Gods that hurt...still hurts! :mad:

He gave me a scroll he was guarding. Saying it needed to go to the kin fighting the betrayer. They would need it.

I think I need to try and figure out what it means...for some reason i dont think it will help if they dont know how to use it. Maybe master gravas or mr krys can help me...or...or...alexie! He gave me that runestone after doing a job for him. Hes an araganite...they keep records of everything! :D

Now to figure out how to get this to them. I heard master kobal and master fenrir are leading the charge. ones heard from them since they left.

Gods i need a beer. :\\
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Woohoo! Thank folian i needed a beer! :D

I found master gravas at the scamps having a drink! :p

I told him about the scroll and i gave it to him. Now we are gonna make preparations nad head into the mountains to find master kobal.

I am sooo relieved. Now to get ready. :D
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Well...the fight is over. At least for now. :\\

Its been so insane these last few weeks. Barely had time to breathe, let alone sit back and relax with my bear.

We had no sooner come back from the gaining the aid of the dragon, then we were asked to investigate a rash of disappearances. Turns out whole villages had been kidnapped and that some weres from the snowtooth clan had been driven out and decided to make their own army! :o

Harrigan even made an appearance and he gave us the clues we needed to figure out how the villagers had been taken. I still dont trust him..and hes still looking for that super were.

We were able to save most of the people...but some had been turned already and had lost their minds from the changes they were undergoing. We had to put them down. :(

We did save most of the villagers...and we ended up killing the the alpha male that was trying to turn them into his new army. I was nervous for awhile...i remember the last time i had to deal with an aggressive sect of werewolves. Im glad this turned out alright. :)
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Gah...Im so tired.

As soon as we returned to dalanthar...runners from the army that was sent up the mountain came down and informed us that they were being pounded by the giants!

They were being used as a distraction so master kobal and his group could reach essrantor without being discovered.

He said the only way to assure they wouldnt get taken unawares and from the rear was if we could make our way to an old fortress at the foot of essrantors tower, retake it from the giants and then hold it against them! :o O.o

I was just hoping for a beer. :(

Our friends needed us we went..we took the mountain passes and they were strangely quiet, we asked the bandits to send a contingent thru some caverns that led underneath the mountain and to the fortress.

It was so quiet, really unnerving....and then..the fortess...and ...i could feel the Al'noth. It was there..and it was weak..but i could touch it!

The fortress was held against us, and we nearly died. We took the outside easy enough, but then we got so carried aways in our sweep that we ended up doing a drunk dwarf charge thru the gate...we were being hammered!

The bandits made it just in time and we were able to retake the fortress! Yay for the misted warriors!

We quickly repaired the gate, and barred it against the giants..then master beli called forth the spirits of the losthammer clan to fight for us. They guarded the main gate, the bandits took up positions on the wall as archers, and after some really vicious fighting...more allies appeared. The spirit dragon came when it was called and decimated the giants that broke thru the walls during one of their assaults.

Then we saw the giant army massing...runners said the giants routed the boyer army and were returning to their fortress! We were in for fight and it wasnt gonna be a few sorties!

Then, out of the blue...more giants! But these were good giants! Apparently these were ether giants..betrayed by the arcs and frozen in ice and time for centuries! ANd they wanted some revenge! They were fighting for us! :D

We held the fortress for days...then the mountain started to collapse and we all got the heck out of there! I was just hoping it was a sign our friends had succeeded. I remember dad telling me stories of the same thing happening when blood fell! O.o :o

We made our way down the mountain, essrantors giants were routed and being hunted by the ether giants and we finally made it to safety! I just hope our friends were able to escape too..:\\
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Oh gods what has she done!

I went to see miss grenna at the den to see if she wanted to help me brew some beer maybe even see uncle Dalan too. :D

Shes been zombified! Master Jin was really upset and pestering MR Pendar for a cure! :o

Armolas was there too..He said miss grenna is sticking close in the forest outside of leringard..trying to hide and stay safe. She didnt want to scare the kiddies running around the den. :(

He said that she was turned by Laura! That vile vampire! She has been harassing Jaelle and miss hanna! >:/

He also said she got someone named skully too.That miss grenna said it was he that laura was after in the first place. Poor grenna got zapped by her as a consequence of her trying to help him fight her. O.o

This tears it..Im going to hunt her down and make her suffer for whats shes done to my friends nad family. >:/
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MIss Grenna has been de zombified!!!

Master jin and the rest of the farstriders are truly great and resourceful guys!

And uncle dalan wil be truly relieved about that, if he hasnt found out already. ;)

Oh..and it loioks like Polly has snuck out of the den. I havent seen her for a few years, but i met a couplef of halflings adn they mentioned her.

Hopefully she will still remember me since its been a long itme since we last saw each other. She was a few years younger than me, but we seemed ot get on okay during my stay at the den.
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Its been too long since i was last back to visit the village where i grew up. :(

After all thats happened recently in the thunderpeaks, i think i should go and visit. I miss my friends from there, and i should visit my old pack and see how they are doing. I really miss them. :(

I think maybe I will invite bear along. He has never been there before, and i think he woud like to go. With everything thats been going on of late, I think a trip tehre woudl really clear my head. I can show bear mommas cherry tree that dad planted. Besides, bear and momma need to meet. :D

I know getting back tehre woudl be a good for me. Now that Im not running around lieka chicken with my head cutoff (gross...i wonder whoever thought of that O.o ) I really need to try and get my head on straight. Right now, all my moodiness and depression seem to be kicking in abit. I try to hide it, but now that im not so preoccupied...all teh bad thoughts and feelings jsut come rushing into my head. :(

I always found it easiest to to gather my thoughts and figure out stuff while sitting under mommas tree. It was so peaceful there by the river and i always felt safe there. Like she was watching over me. :)
Maybe Ill even ask hunty to tag along if she wants to. I know its been so long since we have been able to really talk and hang out. I think this woudl bnea good trip. And I know she can keep a secret, so I can trust her with teh villages location. 8)
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I saw Mr Abiorn yesterday. He sold me a really nice cloak. We needed up talking for awhile about  alot of things.

He told me he was moving to Belinara. That he felt he was needed in the helping protect the lands north of miitrix.

I can understand why...the demons being driven out by the dragons of Phal and Ash. I remember when we had to fight that half dragon creature...That was tough. :o

On one hand, its good those fiends are being driven out or sent back to the pits that they came from. But then, I think of who is doing it and why. The green dragon cultists...all those rumors of them and the black wizards, blood pools and the corruption of dragons. I probably wouldnt care so much except for what they have done to those beautiful creatures. >:/

As we talked about all of that, for some reason I felt the urge to talk to Mr Abiorn about one of my desires. To follow the path of my mommas family, and become a demon hunter.

It was kinda weird, he just kinda stood there for a second staring at me kinda flatly..He told me hes been hunting them alot of late. He told me of the greatest demon hunter he ever knew...Her name was Casrushier. But she has disappeared and he cant find her now.

I felt really sad for Mr abiorn then...i think they were very close. Something about it seems to have hurt his heart. :(

After that he said I should not bother with the path i am following, that it deals with the black wizards and their dark bargains with the devils. That he cannot look up to enjoy the sunsets anymore, since his eyes are always seem to be looking over his shoulders. :(

I told him as we spoke that i may have issues with the black wizards myself. That if what the rumors are saying is true that they are directly involved with the corruption of the dragons. That is reason enough for me to hunt them down. >:/

We parted ways soon after...I think he was getting a bit nervous staying in place like that for too long. We had talked much longer than i think he realized. I could see he was getting abit nervous towards the end. Sow e said our good byes and i let him get on with his packing.
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Ive been thinking alot about things lately. :p

Where my life is going, what im doing right now...Who I am and what i want. Its all so confusing sometimes. O.o

I hate being stuck in my head like this! >:/

Whatever happened to just being free and not having a care in th world? So many things have been happening to me, so many things i want to do and accomplish now.

Some things are beyond my control, but i still seek answers...

Some were promises made with a desire to share and rebuild...

Some are about reconnecting with a family i dont even know...

Some are about the family I know and love.

So much swirling around in my head its like a whirlpool sometimes and I feel like im just circling and circling the outside of the depths and never getting any closer to anything. :(
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Promises made with a desire to rebuild...

I need to pay a visit to the old man at point dart here soon. Hes had a year to try start finding stuff in regards to the spellsword school that was there so long ago.

Im sure he has found a few things by now. Maybe an old textbook at the very least, or notes on how the classes were taught. I could use all the help I can get.

I dont know if teaching any new students the way i was taught...fireballs being hurled at me as i climbed down a mountain, classes on grace and movement while being zapped with magic balls of energy woudl go over so well. ;)

Mr Omer asked me to be an instructor at the school he and miss Hanna are opening in Hempstead. They bought an old tower that used to belong to some wizards along time ago and are planning on opening a school of magic there.

He wants me to teach those interested, about how to be a spellsword.

One of my earlier dreams seems to be coming true. And I may be able to fulfill my promise to the granddaughter of shayne maltov long before i ever thought i would! :D
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Reconnecting with a family I dont even know...

Well...its more that I want to meet them one day, and establish contact again. I think they would like to know that the granddaughter of Lauranthia Sil'Deverin is alive...though they might not be so keen that im more human than elf. O.o

Unfortunately, being more human than elf, and the fact that they are from voltrex, and what my teacher once said told me of my uncle and a whole bunch of other things that my elvish is pretty thickly accented, an that while im getting better and better..I still sound like i have rocks in my mouth when i talk according to miss serissa.

After chatting with Mr Abiorn, it made me realize what a long road it will be trying to find and reconnect with mommas side of the family.

Mr Omer said the best way for me to do it was one..start practicing my elvish alot! Which i have been doing thank you very much. :rolleyes:

And secondly, since i am already familiar with the Al'Noth and how to manipulate it to some degree of proficiency, that i should start taking up the family trade..huntng demons and devils, or at the very least learn all i can about them!

So I did, and have been. Im better at it than i thought it seems. Ive killed alot of them, and narrowly escaped being eaten by more than a few of them too! :o
But for some reason, since i started does feel right, like theres something in my blood that stirs when i fight those creatures. I dunno..maybe im crazy. But i do seem to have a knack for it. O.o

I even began collecting a few teeth here and there and abit of horn or hide. Since Mr Omer seemed to think it important that i do so..That way i can subtlely decorate any armor i may wear when i go to meet them when i find them..So they can see im more than just words, but have proof. Though...its all about subtlety...elves like things subtle. ;)

Still...I have along way to go before i feel im ready to head to Voltrex. I still think about it alot though. I dont know why...
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My Family

What can I much has happened with them all.

I have always thought the bashers as my family. I mean, i grew up around all of them after all.

Now bear and i are starting to talk about our upcoming wedding and im gonna start a new phase in my life. Its hard i starting a new family now? I had always thought of starting a new family as going on and having children...watching dad play with his grand kids, bear pulling his hair out at their antics. Growing old together and watching our family grow. :)

Bear has been a wonder. What more can i say...He has been the one thing i think that has kept me from drowning in my own anger and despair. I look at him and just see the man i want to be with for the rest of my life. :)

Alot has happened to me recently...but i feel im ready to start the next phase of my life...I dont think Ill ever get over what has happened to me. Right or wrong, aeridin took something from me and im not sure i will ever get over what has been done. But at least i have a clue or two to maybe right the problem. :\\
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Things have been pretty topsy turvy lately...O.o

Hunty and I were traveling through the viper mountains when we were jumped by stupid bugbears...I was too slow and could save her and she was struck down. :o

Luckily some local mercenaries were traveling through the area and helped me take hunty to a local priestess. She was able to help bring my friend back from the brink! :D

Turns out we ended up in a small encampment deep in the fog forest. It was mostly mixed bloods like myself and HUnty. THey were hiding from the some of the more 'radical' elements tat have been stirred up lately. It turns out the priestess was an aeridinite. She felt bad for what had happened to us, and for some reason felt obligated to aid them in dealing with our loss. :\\

She tried to console me, saying that we cant know the reasons for what happened, but it was probably for the best. Just know that aeridin loves us all no matter what. :rolleyes:

I swear i wanted to strangle her right then and there! Sure i was grateful for her for saving hunty but that didnt give her hte right to be I cant even think straight as i write this! >:/

The next morning master Jin showed up. I was so grateful for that. We had agreed to meet at the folian temple but he got worried when i didnt show up. Jin being Jin..he tracked me down like the wolf he is. ;)

He has been so great in trying to help me. I think its because he was the one who recognized the mark of the longstrider upon me. A similar mark he was given so long ago that brought him upon the path of the Folian. He has been a great friend and mentor to me. And I think what aeridin has done to me, has him deeply concerned about what have happened to aeridin in general. He was once a priest of aeridin after all.

In the end we were told to visit the temple in Sadinia. Great memories there. :rolleyes:

From there we were told to seek out a nimbus of aeridin. I guess they are a circle of high priests most closely attuned to him, some fellow named Palmer Felch. Whatever..I just wanted answers. Though I do see the irony of it all. I was coming full circle. This is where i first learned of aeridins distaste of us mix bloods and now i have returned for more of the same.

The story we were told was about how the avatar of corath, some guy named preto sangue, had decided to start creating new creatures of his own. He figured out how to mess with the 'astral locks' which kept each creature within its designated form or something like that. Coraths avatar was able ot manipulate creatures he came into contact with and change their form by unlocking their partucular astral lock. Its all really confusing to me but master jin seemed to understand it mroe than i did.

It took many months before aeridin realized what was truly going on. Since all the abominations were pretty sporadic and happening at different places. He eventually sent his avatar down to fight coraths since no one bothered to heed his warnings and signs and do something. The avatars battled and both were destroyed in the end. The astral locks were secured once more, though aeridin himself lost his control over the elements with the death of his avatar. Ever since then...all the locks that allowed certain races to mix have been closed.

Master Jin seems to think this is how the half dragons are being made now. That the astral keys of the dragons were unlocked or somehow not recovered by aeridin, but still held by corath.

It a much more compelling story and gives me alot to think about. But im still angry...i still dont understand why I was, why we were singled out and can no longer bear children. We have been around thousands of years, and now because some corathite was able to steal the key or the locks or whatever we are being punished. I mean he has control over the locks again. >:/
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Ive been feeling really weak these last few days.

I had a visit by the soulmother again..and this time it hurt so bad. It has me really scared.

Miss tegan was the same way when she felt she was hit by the soulmother one too many times.

Bear has been so sweet. He was pretty scared when he found out. Hes been making dinner for me, gathering my favorite nuts and berries.

Im usually the one doing the cooking for the two of us. Filling his lunchpail with all sorts of goodies. I guess i know why now! :D I swear he makes the worst stew i ever tasted! ;)

Still he has been really sweet. :)

During my convalescence I talked with miss tegan. She gave me that angry look along  with that i told you so look shes so good at. After telling me i needed to be more careful, and saying i was too young to be so reckless, that i needed to think about bear and dad and all those i cared about she just stopped and gave me a hug. It was very sad and caring and sympathetic and all those emotions rolled up into one and i started crying abit. I guess i just kinda realized th enormity of what had happened to me. :(

We talked for along time after that. She told me i need to get my affairs in order in case of the worst. But if I was lucky..I might learn to keep the soulmother at bay if I was strong enough...and lucky enough.

So I guess...I guess I should write some stuff down.

Im not sure how bear is gonna take this...not well at all I think. Not that i blame him. It seems we have just found each other. This is gonna tear him apart. :(
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//her will will be posted here upon approval....
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I met with my new traveling companions the other night. They were pretty worried when I told them what had happened.

Emie took it really hard. I feel really bad for her, since i think aside from Ami I am one of her closest friends. We have such a great time together, especially when we team up and pick on poor ami with our grub eating.O.o  And though i dont think she'll admit it out loud, i think she likes my bear too. Only as afriend of course! ;)

Mr Abiorn seemed pretty listless about after I told everyone about what was happening with me. He just nodded and gave me that wry smile of his. He said he would do his best to help me learn how to strengthen myself to beat the soulmother. But i needed to train hard and be very mindful of myself. No more falling, no more doing stupid things...the soulmother had her eyes upon me. O.o

Everyone in our little party seemed more somber than usual when we started out. Not that i blame them. I feel like Im the party pooper. We seemed to be running more cautiously than normal this time out. Travelling the safer paths of the forests of belinara. I felt like i was letting the team down. :(

In the end we finall started getting back into the old spirit of things. Emie and I were picking on poor Ami. Ami was getting lessons from Abiorn on how to use her boom stick...practicing on Emie and I of course! O.o

Bear was always by my side, to keep me out of trouble i think. But it was good to have him by my side like that. He looks out for me and loves me so much, but he isnt smothering. I guess thats why I love him so much myself.

It makes me feel bad for poor syton. I know he cares for ellis alot. And i know she loves him too. I can see it in both of their eyes. The way she shoots arrows at him, and how he pretends to be all subserviant to her every whim. Always with a sideways glance and grin. He is alot wiser than most of us give him credit for. I just hope those two can work things out. Poor ellis is so insecure, I think syton would bring that stability she needs.

Well..Mr abiorn is heading back to his new house in Miritrix. I know all of us have had a fun trip and are anxious to get home. Maybe bear and i should head to the lake of mirrors in alindor. Its been too long since we spent time camping there.

Oh wow!, here comes master Kobal, and Beli and Grohin. Maybe i could travel with my dwarf kin for awhile. Poor bear is so knackered and needs a nap before we head back to Hempstead. I'll just let him sleep in the inn and meet him when he wakes up! Emies is just looking at me right now and saying i should just stay with bear at the inn, but its been so long since i last traveled with Master Kobal and the dwarfs. Ill be fine with them, they are all capable warriors and i wont be gone long!  :D
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Bear sits in among a small copse of trees reading the last few pages of a worn book. After reading the final page, he sits with tears in his eyes, holding the book in his lap. He takes out a quill and ink, turns to the first blank page, and begins to write.

//to be continued
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*Slowly the pages are turned....sometimes little stains appear on some of the pages, sometimes the page is dog eared so she remembers where the page is.

There is a small ink blot where it appears something was about to be written...then nothing.
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Why are some of these pages missing? Maybe bear knows.

I would have sworn there was more in there from when I was on Voltrex. :\\ :mad:

Things to do:

See Mr Omer
Travel to Point Dart
Put Flynn through the wringer ;)
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I think I need to start writing some of this stuff down...I guess here is as good a place to start as any.

Started teaching Flynn what i know about being a spellsword. Its hard..really hard.

Ive been poring through the notes i can find, and trying to think how i can show him what i know and what i feel this should be about. All those weird things that came out of my mouth the other day, like shadowed memories that just popped into my head.

Focus...I think that is the main lesson i need to focus on right now. O.o :) For Flynn. He does alright, but you get him a bit tired and flustered and it all goes out the window. Hes getting better.

He wont admit it, but i think hes in rough shape. He was still limping a bit when he showed up at the arena today. He held his own though. At first my 'helpers' gave him a trouncing. He held on though, you could see he was getting tired and frustrated. Jonas was really giving him a hard time for some reason. that young kid was pushing Flynns buttons on purpose, i had to warn him a couple of times. He got the message in the end though when FLynn blew him halfway halfway cross the room! He deserved it though, he was being an arse. Im glad Flynn was finally able to focus, but Im not sure using his anger as a focus was such a good thing. :( :\\

In a serious fight you have to remain calm, getting ticked gives you a moments focus but it kindof gives you tunnel vision too.

I didnt say anything to Flynn about it, cause I know hes already a tough fighter and knows what hes doing. That and Jonas deserved what he got.
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I decided to give FLynn a bit of a break today from all the rough and tumble. Sortof....

We did some sparring just one on one. I showed him a few tactics that i think were pretty spellswordy and really put emphasis on our lessons up to that point.

Hes a lot better fighter than I am, but i gave as good as I got. 8)
We started without magic first, then with...I think Flynn really got into that part of our training. He knocked me on my butt a few times, and I made him scream like a little girl once! I almost wet my armor when he did that! :p

Next i figured we would do some armor training and spell focusing. I couldnt find any platemail that i could damage severely around the shop so we made due with some gizmo that a crazy gnome must have come up with.

It was a bunch of sandbags you strap on to simulate heavy armor. O.o Crazy stuff, but i guess you have to hand it to those gnomes. :D

Flynn looked like a walking sandbag! Still, it worked out great. According to my journal, I guess my old teacher had me wearing some rusted out set of mail and started pummeling me with spells while i had to cast. The memory is fuzzy, but my body sure does ache at the mention of it in my journal. :(

Flynns turn. He did great though. Probably better than i did the first time i bet. He could barely move, but he held out and got a couple of defensive spells up. Once i turned up the pressure with some tougher spells he started to fizzle out again, but he did all right I think.

He was really bruised after that one! I think hes gonna be soaking ina tub for a few days. I think I'll let him rest up a bit longer this time. that and i need to talk to mr omer.
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Flynns been doing really good with what Ive been showing him and trying to teach him. At least as best as i can manage at this point.

I think I'll take him out into the woods somewhere and really put him through his paces and see if hes ready for the next thing.

Spellsword tag...I like that...:D
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Flynn has alot to think about now, and alot of practice to do. Hopefully he wont head to the bar and drink himself silly now and forget what I taught him in the woods. O.o ;)

I dont think it was the most important thing we have worked on in the last couple of months or so but its what most people i know of think about when the word spellsword is mentioned. :rolleyes: :(

We trained in how to imbue our weapons with power. Fire, ice, and lightning. I dont know if he really understood how i felt about it and how it happens and why, but he seemed pretty responsive. He was even able to do it...sortof. More fizzle than spark at this point, but hes on the right path to figuring out how he needs to do it. :p

I think I'll give him a small break for awhile. He has alot to absorb for the moment. And alot of bruises that need some care! ;)

I read in my journal once how dad said we had to find our own paths sometimes. I know he was talking about other stuff; life stuff, but i think it applies in this case too. :\\

Flynn has the basic tools and how to apply them and now he has to adapt them to his way of doing things. He isnt a ranger, and he isnt a mage or fighter (he sure does like a good fight or bar brawl though!). Everyone has their own way of seeing things and doing them. I just hope I did justice to what my uncle taught me and he can make his way with what Ive shown him so far.

He still has a alot more lessons to learn, but the basic basics are pretty much done. Now its a matter of getting him to the point where he can move and act without tripping over his own feet! ;)
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Opening the door slowly she enters the old guild hall of her family and looks down the darkened halls. Its late and the only light comes from a few flickering torches that are still sputtering in their sconces here and there as she gingerly walks down the empty halls.

"Its been  a long time i suppose..."she muses to herself as she wanders the halls of her old home. Slowly and quietly making her way to the where the living quarters used to be, her foot steps barely marking a path on the dusty floor she listens for any familiar sounds. She passes one room where someone is gently snoring, one of the live in servants or caretakers of the place she guesses.

The smells of the place have changed. More musty now it seems, and the lingering scent of someone who needs to bath...desperately, probably Mr Lance or Beli she giggles to herself, though its hard to say. She wonders if they are even still around.
As she wanders thru the living quarters...if thats what you call them now, seeming mostly empty and nice coating of dust on what furniture is left, she spies the door to her old room. At least she thinks its her old room..its been a long time after all.

Listening carefully, she gently opens the door and peeks one at all. Nothing at all. It seems the room has been cleaned out. Probably awhile ago. Looking around, her eyes alight upon what shes searching for. Along the wall, there is a small board whose grain does not quite fit the pattern of the rest of the floor. Hardly noticeable if your not looking for  it. Bending down she pries the board up and out, not without some difficulty and after a few moments it pops out with a small bang. Freezing in place, she listens to hear if anyone notices...after a few moments all seems quiet still and she proceeds to root around in the hollow that has been exposed.

Her eyes glitter as she pulls out a couple of old tomes. Dusty and beat up from years of use, and years of neglect in this old hole. Rubbing her fingers across the old leather cover of one, the memories of her time spent here long ago come flooding back. After a few moments she digs thru her hidy-hole again and finds a few small things that she hid away here so long ago..a fishing lure Bear gave her causes her to smile, a small wooden carving of a wolf her uncle Dalan made for her, her first knife...made by her dad and still softly glowing with the magick that her mother imbued into it.

Tucking the items away into a pocket of her pack she quietly leaves the guild hall.