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My book-A.F.
« on: February 04, 2007, 02:29:16 am »
The journal is written in the flowing and lovely scribbly script of a girl about 10 yrs old. The book is bound in leather dyed a beautiful shade of blue. Upon its cover written in gold filligree is the name Abigail Firesteed.

My Abi Firesteed.

[SIZE=13]Uncle Dalan gave me this neat book thingy. He calls it a journal. He says I am supposed to write things in it. That it helps keep my thoughts. He says he keeps one. He showed me it. I cant read any of it. It wasnt written in common. Uncle Dalan is so strange sometimes.  :) How is he supposed to read his journal if he cant read his own writing!

He also saw my letters. He says I need to practice.  :( He said my teacher was upset that I wasnt practicing hard enough.  He said it would make my daddy happy if I could write well. I suppose I should try then. He gave me some charcoal and a piece of bark to write on. He said this is good for practicing cause I can wash off the charcoal and use it again.

Maybe I will draw a picture for uncle Dalan and daddy on the wall of the house. That way they can see it whenever they come to visit.

[SIZE=13]*she locks the golden clasp on her journal and sticks it under her pillow in her room.[/SIZE]


RE: My book-A.F.
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2007, 11:47:26 pm »

Today I was playing by the streem. And some otters were playing in the water and catching fishes. I tried to talk for little bit, like the way uncle dalan taught me. They talk really fast so it was hard to understand. After a bit I jumped in the water, it was cold! THe otters played with me for a little bit, and then a dog from the vilage came by and scared them.

The water was sooooooo cold. I couldnt stop shaking.  I got home and daddy was here! I was so happy. He said i looked like a wet mop. He took me to my room and made a fire to keep me warm. He said i shouldnt jump in the cold water and taht i could get sick.

I got sick. The next day and he just laughed at me and said thats what happens. He got me some soup adn then told me story of one of his adventures.  :)  


RE: My book-A.F.
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2007, 03:21:40 am »

Unkie Dalan came to visit me again. It was so much fun. We went for a walk in the hills. We kinda got lost for alittle while. I was kinda worried for abit since ihad never been that far from the village adn didnt know where we were.

Everything was fine when we found a some deer prints in dirt. Unkie Dalan showed me how to follow them, and we found what he called a game trail. I dont know why he called it that. It wasnt a very fun game after awhile. Just lots of walking. I was so tired. It was fun finding differnt animal tracks though. He told me what animals they were. He said next time we can try and follow them.

We found a streem later on. We fished for some fish and they kept eating my worms. Unkie Dalan caught our lunch. We made a fire and cooked our fish. He showed me some berries that were edible and we had them for desert. I like blackberries. They just make a mess of my hands. I tried to wipe them on his beard to tease him, but he didnt like that. I had to wash them a long time in the stream to get the juice off. :D

We made it home later and we gave the fish to the old lady who lives across the street from me. She said thank you and started to cry a little bit. It was just some fish. I dont know that they were so special to cry over. Grownups are so funny. I did fell sad though. Maybe its cause I never see anyone else going to her house. She must be lonely. Daddy sometimes takes firewood to her house and helps her out. :(


RE: My book-A.F.
« Reply #3 on: February 14, 2007, 04:14:31 pm »

I wish there were more kids in my village. There are only a few and mostly boys. There is one girl whose name is Alice. SHe is really nice and we are friends. The other kids in my class are mostly younger, but there area  few boys who are older. I like most of the kids, even thogh they are younger. I think my dad said that was becasue most of the families he brought here were young, and just having children. He wanted them to have a safe place away from teh plague.  :(

I usually have to help the younger kids with their letters. Which is funny cause i am not so good woth them. My teacher says it will help me get better. Alice is really smart..she can read reelly good and is good with numbers. Her daddy is a wizard or cleric or something. She can make things glow which is really neat. I remembr when unkie Dalan brougth a friend of his, i cant remembr his name but e was an elf. He had really large ears..even for an elf. But he made my hands glow, which was really neat. He said I did it, but im not so sure. I thin i probly forgot how. Alice can do it though. she made Tobin, a mean boy, glow in the dark once when he was trying to play a trick on Mr. Danlo's dog. The dog chased hom all over. It was funny, adn tobin got what he deservd. :D

I have to go help miss trudy with her chores. Dad said it would be nice since she has no one else to help her.
She makes me dinner when dad isnt here, and she is really nice to me. I like her dog too. She said it was a wolf cub when she found her. I guess her mother was killed or by a trapper or something.


RE: My book-A.F.
« Reply #4 on: February 17, 2007, 04:01:08 pm »
I guess i got my wish. Daddy brought miss jenna to the village so she could have some peace. SHe was really fat when I saw her. SHe was really pregnant. I talked to Miss Trudy and she told me all about what is going to happen and how it happened. She was asked by my dad to help jenna when it came time for the babies to be born. She asked if I wanted to help and be there, but i said no way. It sounds really gross and icky. If thats what happens, I am not sure I want ot have babies. O.o

Daddy started making additions to the house he built for me. Making it bigger, so that the twins and miss jenna could have a place and he made me a little room to myself. I think dad was worried that i might be upset now that miss jenna is having babies. I dont know...I havent really thought about it. I am happy daddy is happy with her and I know he will never forget about me. But I dont know. I feel all mixed up inside, Im happy to have a little brother and sister, but I am kinda scared I might be forgotten. :(

I am still unsure about how I feel about miss jenna. I havent really spent much time with her, adn now she is going to be my mother. Daddy said she would never replace my mom, even though I never really knew her. It might be nice to have new mother. I wish i knew her better though, she might be evil or something, or maybe she will not like me and try to get daddy to forget about me.


RE: My book-A.F.
« Reply #5 on: February 17, 2007, 04:18:36 pm »
Wow! Miss Jenna had 2 babies, a boy and a girl. They named the boy Barion and the girl Trinity. They look like squished giant raisins that were all pink and mushed. O.o

I got to hold them after Miss Trudy got them cleaned up and after Miss Jenna and Daddy had a chance to relax after the birth. I guess it was hard to have babies. There was alot of noise and yelling. It was really kinda scary actually. :o

After awhile things settled down. Miss Jenna needed some rest I guess and Miss Trudy shooshed me out of the house for abit. I was bored so I went to the stream and decided to try and catch some fish the way uncle Dalan taught me. I caught enough for dinner and went home to clean them adn prepare them for dinner. Daddy was really happy that I made dinner for all of us. He was really happy anyway.


RE: My book-A.F.
« Reply #6 on: February 20, 2007, 04:22:16 am »

Its been pretty boring around the village lately. So I decided to exploring deeper into valley. I went pretty far, and got lost for awhile. I was realy nervous since it was getting dark and i kept hearing some of the large cougars yowling. I didnt want to get eaten or anything. That would have got dad rally upset with me! I remembered what uncle dalan showed me about finding animal trails and following them. It took me a while, but i found some deer tracks. That led me to a deer trail. Luckily a few squirrels were playing in the trees and the pointed me in hte right direction, they even warned me a cougar was nearby and hunting for food and to be careful.

I made it home and daddy was really sore at me. He said i shouldnt have gone so far by myself and yelled at me that i could have been eaten. He was glad that I learned how to find my way from uncle dalan. Im grounded though. I cant leave the village again for a week.

Uhoh, I hear the babes crying again...I think I should go see if their okay. I hope I dont have to change them. Barion peed on me last time I tried to help change his diaper. He just laughed like it was funny. I guess it was to him, but i had to go change my clothes and wash them. :rolleyes:


RE: My book-A.F.
« Reply #7 on: February 22, 2007, 03:42:56 am »
I went exploring again this week. Dad was gone for awhile and miss Jenna didnt need me to help her with the babies. I told Jenna that I was going to help miss Trudy get sme firewood. I feel bad that I didnt quite tell her the whole truth, but I really want to go out and explore. I will get some firewood for miss Trudy. That way everything wil be alright. :D

My friend Alice wanted to come with me so headed towards place where the cliffs meet the valley and headed north. Alice was kinda nervous as she had never been out this far. I tried to make her feel better by saying I am out here alot. I was nervous too really. I made sure to keep cliffs nearby so we wouldnt get lost. We had to sneak around sme giant spiders. I had never seen any so big! I will have to tell uncle Dalan about them. They didnt look very nice, there were lots of dead animals all wound in white stuff and they looked dead or sick.

We almost were safe when Alice tripped over a root or something and and fell. She cried out and made an awful noise in the brush. A spider must have heard cause one came running to see what was going on. It was so huge and looked really hairy and big and scary! It threw some white stuf at Alice and got her caught in it. SHe couldnt move and started to scream alot. I threw some rocks at it and tried to hurt it. It tried to get me with the white stuff too but i hid behind the tree nad it missed! Next thing I knew it was coming around hte was really mad too. It was hissing and making an awful noise. I started hacking at it with my knife as hard as i could! :o

All I remember was that I felt a terrible pain in my leg, and then i must have blacked out. Alice was next to me adn she was out too. I felt really really sick, I looked around and there was ahuge wolf at the edge of a small copse where we were layng. I was so scared! I thought it was going to eat us. I calmed best as i could...and tried to talk to it like uncle Dalan had taught me. It let me get close, and I could see it was unhurt. It let me get close...and then he said something like he saved us and carried us to safety. I think anyway...imstill not realyl good talking toanimals yet. This was the strangest wolf I ever saw. It was really big, and could have eaten me in one bite! And it had bony things along its back. It let me pet him,  adn he licked my face like miss trudy's wolf. It had the strangest eyes too. Really smart looking and not like a dogs or miss trudy's wolf's eyes either. It was really strange. He pointed out a deer trail and he disappeared after licking me again. He had a really slimy tongue.

I woke Alice up and we followed the path around a hill with some ruins on it. It led almost straight tothe village. Alice said her dad might want to look at hem. Hes into that kinda stuff. We remembered to get some wood for miss Trudy adn even though I felt really weak, we got few large branches for her.

Miss Jenna was waitng for us and she got really upset when she saw I had hurt my leg  and was retching all over and could barely walk. She yelled at me for taking off exploring after what happened last time. And said my dad would not be happy at all. Worse, she said I  was in real trouble for lying to her. I said I brought miss Trudy wood, and miss Jenna yelled that a few sticks wasnt gathering wood and that she talked to miss Trudy and she had no idea what was going on. I guess she was mad at me.

Im grounded again. :\\

One last thing, eggy came to visit me again. I couldnt remember his name at first cause it had been while since i last saw him. But the teacher knew him and said his name so I was saved! I gave him a hug and after class we went to the stream for abit. He told me a story about my mom and how she could use magicks. He tried to show me how do do sme stuff but it felt really strange and made me really nervous. My hands started glowing alittle and he said I did it. Im not sure about that stuff. It was nice seeing him again, and I liked the story. He said uncle Dalan was going ot visit soon too.

Oh, and he said miss Jenna was right and that I need to be more careful. He was really upset about it too. Said I was just like my mom. getting in over my head.


RE: My book-A.F.
« Reply #8 on: February 23, 2007, 01:25:44 pm »

Im feeling better no. I had been in bed almost a whole week. That spider poison really knocked me out. Im not allowed to go exploring for abit. They say I have to learn to not take stupid risks. Uncle Dlan was really upset when he came to see me and found out what happened.  Dad was really upset too. They said I could have died. When Uncle Dalan told me how spiders eat their prey I got really scared too. I dont want my guts to go squishy.:o

Dad was so mad at me. I think he would have tanned my rear end if I hadnt been so sick. Instead, he said that I am supposed to chop alot fo firewood for miss Trudy, and all the other villagers. He said it will teach me a lesson and mostly keep me out of trouble. He said I was being reckless and needed to learn to be smarter. I think miss Jenna was in the worse state over my mishap. I think she thought Dad would blame her for not keeping an eye on me. I told dad that it wasnt her fault and that I was tired of being stuck in the village adn wanted to out and explore. He said I would have to make things right with miss Jenna adn that was something I would have to figure out. Other than my almost being eaten, I think he was impressed that I made it out so far and make my way in the forest so well. He also said that he had a talk with uncle Dalan, and that he said if Im gonna go sneaking about the woods and getting into trouble, i would have to learn to use something bigger than a knife.

Alice was sick for alot longer than I was. I guess she got bit really good. I feel really bad. I didnt want her to get hurt. Thats why we tried to sneak away so quick. I knew the spiders werent to be messed with. Im gonna go catch her some fish from the stream later and see how she is doing. Her dad said she is no longer allowed to go out with me when I go exploring the forest. :(

On the plus side, the other kids are giving Alice and I alot of attention. They thought it was so brave taht we went so far nad then survived the spiders. They also think its great they dont have to collect wood for the next week or so. I know right now, I am so tired and my hands hurt from using the axe. I cant write anymore they are hurting so bad, so until next time.


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Well, my weeks of torment are over! My friends liked it though. I bet, I had to gather wood for so long. I didnt have any chance to get into trouble, like my dad wanted. I gathered so much wood, I think the villageers will be fine for at least several weeks!:\\

My dad says i did good, and that this would make me stronger. SOmething about disciplining myself and making my body stronger or something. He said it was a good lesson for me to keep my nose out of trouble too.O.o

Im hoping uncle Dalan will come back soon too. He promised to show me his new axe and tell me a story about my mom. Dad has started showing me how to use a little hatchet he wants me to carry with me when I venture out intothe forest. Only with adult supervision of course! That way I wot get into trouble liek i did before. I think the hatchet is just an excuse for him to make me chop more wood when we go out. Though he did show me how to swing one if I was attacked by another wild animal.

Miss Jenna was relieved that I survived. She told me she would never have forgiven herself if I had died or something. That I needed to be more careful with myself. She gave me ton of extra work to do too. To keep me out of trouble. I barely have time for my classes. I wake up, do chores, go chop wood, got to class, come home, do chores and chop more wood. The babies are fun to play with too. Except when i have to change them. They can make such a mess sometimes. They are crawling too now. I liek ot play roll the ball withthem. They seem to like it alot and laugh. Barion is so fat, hes gonna be a big kid. Trinity is a littel more quiet, but she can be really feisty. Jenna doesnt liek it when i let them get dirty, but they have so much fun.:rolleyes:

Alice is feeling better too. Though her dad wont let her go out with me anymore. At least , not intothe forest or away from the village. She needs to focus on her studies, adn stay out of trouble.


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Things have been kindof boring again lately. At least I dont have to chop so much wood anymore. Miss Jenna hasnt been giving me too hard of a time lately. Probably because Ive been helping out around the house so much lately. Not like I had a choice or in the matter. Being grounded stinks. I guess next time i will have to be more careful.

After talking with uncle Dalan after my last trip with Alice, he decided I should start to learn to take care of myself more. He has decided to teach me and the other kids who are old enough in the village how to use basic wepons and such to defend ourselves. I didnt really want too, but he said if Im going to go exploring and getting into trouble he would feel better knowing I had some basic skills. :)

Its hard work learning how to fight! I am always sore after lessons! It takes alot of hard work to be a good fighter I guess.  The other kids that dad is teaching are really into it. Elizabeth is the only other girl learning to fight, shes really strong too. I am not nearly as strong as she is. The boys seem to love it that dad is teaching us how to fight. I think dad is enjoying it too. Hes so good at it, I guess thats why hes a knight and all.

I think im going to go sit under the cherry tree by the bridge and take a break since dad is off again for awhile.


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Uncle Dalan came to visit me again after a month or so. He was glad I was feeling better adn told me it was a hard lesson to learn and that I needed to be more careful.:\\

He also brought me something...a small bow and some arrows. He said I should learn how to use one, especially since my Dad was teaching me how to fight now. We took turns shooting a ta target. I could barely get the arrows to reach the target! Uncle Dalan was hittng it all the time. He missed afew times, btu I think that was more for me than anything else.

The next day after practice I got to finally go for a trip into the woods, under Uncle Dalens supervision of course. It was alot of fun, and Uncle Dalan had me lead the way by following tracks and paths. I think he was impressed since we only got lost once or twice.

I missed being out in the woods wandering around. Hopefully I can start going again. I hate being stuck in the village all the time.

On our way back we decided to bring back some deer for the family. So Uncle Dalan had me track one. I felt kinda funny and sad inside. I always talked to tha animals when I could, and I never thought about where our meat came from.

We found one, a huge stag and uncle dalan killed it. As he showed me how to clean it, he told me that we shouldnt ever kill things like this just because. Only when we need too, and if we have to kill one then we should use everything we find because its a way to thank the animal for its help. He also told me we should never kill any animal just because. That they have a place in nature. I asked him about the spiders that attacked me and he kinda got silent on that one.

We got home and salted and stored the meat, we gave some to miss Trudy and then Uncle Dalan said he had to go. I asked him to let me walk with him, but he said I couldnt right now.


Re: My book-A.F.
« Reply #12 on: March 13, 2007, 10:08:17 pm »
A boy that dad is teaching to fight is really annoying. He always likes to pick on me when we practice. He gets really rough with all the other kids nad even more with me i think. Alice says its cause he likes me that hes being such a jerk. Dad says I just need to practice harder. :\\

Alice says her dad has been looking into the ruins we passed when coming home a few weeks ago. I dont really get that since it was all just broken walls and a hole in the ground. I asked dad if he knew anything about them and he just got all quiet and weird and said I needed to stay away from them.

Miss Jenna and dad have been talking alot about going back to the house in haven again. I havent been there since I was really little. I dont even remember it much, but I was born there I guess. I think they really want to get back there cause the babies are able to travel now.


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Ive been so bored lately. Uncle Dalan hasn't visited in awhile and neither has his friend. :mad:

I decided to go exploring again and this time I went alone. I never followed the stream that runs thru the village. I wanted to see where it leads. I know dad usually follows it when he leaves here.

I found some a small path leading from the stream and heading to the cliffs about 1/2 days travel from where I started. I decided to follow it since the boot prints were about the size of my dads. The path ended near the cliffs and there was a small cave with some bushes in front of it. I think they were put there to hide the entrance. I only found it cause I scared a few baby chipmunks and they ran under it. I wanted to say Im sorry and try to make them feel better so I tried to follow them. I found the hole was really dark. IT seemed to go on for long way. I didnt want to go too far, cause it was really spooky adn I got scared. :o

I dont think I should tell dad that I found this place...He might be mad at me. That and the fact that onyl a few poeple ever come to see the village, and I guess this palce is supposed to be a secret haven or something. I remember overhearing dad talking to uncle Dalan about it along time ago.

After covering my tracks and making everything look alright I made m way back to the village. I didnt realize how long I had been gone. It was like 2 days. Miss Jenna was mad at me again for taking off and not telling anyone. She says Im supposed to know better.

Grounded again...;)


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« Reply #14 on: March 22, 2007, 02:56:13 pm »
I hate being grounded... All I get to do is go to classes, practice and work around the hut. BORRRINNNG!  :\\ At least I get to help out Miss Trudy. :D

The other nite there was some excitement though. A huge storm came across the valley! It was sooo scary!

The winds were really strong, and a couple of roofs fell in! There was lightning and all over the place and a tree was struck and caught on fire! Im glad moms tree wasnt the one that was hit.  There was even a rockslide nearby! We could hear it from the village and it sounded like the mountains where coming down on us! :o

All the candles blew out and and it was really dark everywhere. I couldnt even see my hands in front of my face....well..sortof..
The strangest thing hands started to glow! It was really scary at first..then I remembered Eggie did it to my hands once...well he said I did but i didnt believe him until now. O.o

I think Im gonna have to talk to Alice about it. Shes smart about these things. 8)

The cleanup was hard, but it was a nice change from teh whole groundng thing.

Miss Jenna was really irritated that I didnt join her and the kids when the storm hit. She said I should have stayed with the family in case something bad happened, since it was a really fierce storm. So shes reallly putting me to work!

I wanted to join her actually..I was really scared...but I didnt cause I didnt want her to see my hands all glowy..I think she would be mad at me for thinking Im getting into things I shouldnt be doing even if I wasnt doing those things! I doubt she would have believed me anyways. >:/

I finally got to go into the forest again. Miss Trudy's dog got loose and ran off somewhere. Because I knew him so well, and I found his tracks and tracked him to were he entered the woods, I got to go help and find him. :D


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I found miss Trudy's dog!! He got pretty far away too. Almost to where the cliffs meet the valley floor. The group of villagers I went with where getting tired and said he was probably dead. The search party I got to go wit haonly travelled about 1/2 day before they lost his tracks. They decided he woudl come back when he was ready, that..or he was dead.:o

No way I was gonna listen to them..or go back after being out of the village for only a few hours. So when they decided to take a nap around midday before heading back...I snuck out.

I think the only reason we even came out this far was because miss Trudy's dog meant alot to her, and she needed him. She was a widow, and the dog was her real only companion I guess. She is also a healer too. I guess it was her that gave me and Alice the medicine we needed after our spider accident.

If they had listened to me in the first place we caould have caught up to him sooner. But I guess they think cause im young and a girl that I cant track anything and dont know anything about the woods. >:/
 Uncle Dalan taught me better than that! I found his trail with the help of some squirrels and I caught up to him a little while later. I found him laying under some bushes...he growled at me at first but then realized it was me. He had hurt his leg somewhere and was in alot of pain. I was smart and brought some bandages and tried to help him. He kept licking my face and I got all slobbered! O.o

I treid to get him to follow me back tothe others, but he wanted to keep going back the way he was headed..He was really stubborn and stronger than I am so I couldnt budge him when I was trying to pull him in the right direction. I would have sworn he was laughing at me! I gave up after a bit and decided to follow him. I just made sure we took it easy on his leg.

He led me to a was really dark and I couldnt see anything...He wanted to go in but it was like he was waiting for something. All of a sudden wolves started howling...taht got me really scared. I gripped Turon really had and he yelped a bit which made me jump! I didnt want to be eaten by them! Dad would be really upset if that happened! :\\

I saw all these wolves gathering around us!! They kept growling and Turon growled back...I couldnt understand what was going on..I jsut knew something bad was happening..maybe...everyone was all jittery, especially me!! They kept coming up and sniffing me! I was so scared I almost started crying..I didnt want to be eaten!! :(

Then this really big wolf appeared...he looked familiar..adn all the otheres quieted down..He growled nad stuff and everyone was really reverent to him. Then there was this musty nasty smell and a weird squaking and hissing sound. A wolf came bolting out and a he was followed by some big green ugly monsters!!!

The wolves all attacked them and it was horrible..I was so scared! I hid behind a tree and held onto the axe that dad gave me! The sounds were terrible..I heard some wolves yelping and crying out in pain, and the green things hissing nad gurgling. All of a sudden one of them came around the corner! I dont know if he saw me or not, but he was running to where i was hiding!! All of a sudden the leader wolf pounced on him and started tearing him apart! I was frozen and couldnt move I was so scared!

I dont remember much after that...I was too terrifed I guess. I tried to help bandage some ofthe wolves that were hurt.

I was trying to help a really hurt wolf, she was gashed really bad and all I could do was hold her head in my lap and try to calm her. I started crying cause she was really pretty and hurt really bad. She closed her eyes for abit adn then she fell asleep...:(

Turon kept nudging me but I was so upset I just turned and was gonna hit him on his snout to leave me alone! >:/  It wasnt Turon, it was the big leader wolfy guy. He looked at me sadly then licked my face. O.o

Turon came up and tried to coax me away from the lady wolf. I jsut kinda followed him I guess. Then we were surrounded by a bunch of them..the big one came up to me and licked me again. I petted him..but I was kinda nervous cause he was huge! Then he bit me! :\\  It didnt hurt at first, I guess it was cause I was so shocked he bit me. THen it really hurt and started throbbing! All the wolves started howling nad stuff..It was sad howling..adn kinda happy howling too..Im not sure how to describe it.

Turon led me back and we found the guys who I was searching with the next morning. My wound had dried up by then and I kinda covered it up..I didnt want to get more trouble than I was already gonna be in. :rolleyes:

We returned back to the village and miss Trudy was so glad she had her dog back! The guys I was with didnt even say a word to miss Jenna or nothing. They were prolly scared taht miss Jenna would have thrashed them for letting me get off from them! ;)  They even said I was the one who found him! I didnt get into any trouble..except for being all dirty


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Im so glad uncle Dalan didnt forget about me!! Its beens so long since I last saw him. Seems like its been forever!

He was kinda shocked to see the village still in rough shape, but it was not that bad. He was glad I wasnt hrt in the strom and I had so much to tell him...well..not tha much.

I told him about miss Trudys dog and how I helped find him. He was glad that I was able to do it so well. He said my tracking was getting better and better! He was also glad that I hadnt gotten into too much trouble. O.o

I felt bad that I didnt tell him about the wolves and what happened...but I didnt want him to be mad at me, nad besides..I am alive and everything is alright. :(  Its just that bite still hurts a bit and gets itchy.

He gave me specail gift too. He gve me a quiver of arrows! Not those practice arrows like we had been using, and better than those ones the villagers use to hunt with. He said whenever I go into the woods I should take these with me, just in case. But I am not to use them unless I really dont have another choice and things are really bad. The quiver was really pretty too, he spent alot of time on it I think. It had my name on it and the leather was dyed a pretty blue. :)

I think I need to do something for uncle Dalan when he comes back next time. Hes always so nice. Maybe I can get miss Trudy to help me make him  apie or something. I could get some cherries from the tree where mommy is buried. I think he would like that. :D


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Miss Jenna said that dad was coming back. She said that it was time now that kids were older that we moved back to Haven where the house is. I Kinda new this coming, and so I helped her pack up and get hte babies ready to travel.

Afterwards I went to see Alice. We had been talking alot about what happened to me. She got something from her dads study and she began doing something...waving her hands over mine nad stuff. My hands started glowing again. SHe said I had the potential to be a magiker. She said she would talk to her daddy and see if he would teach me, but that I would have ot get my parents permission. :( I told her not too...She could teach me, but it had to be our secret. ;)

The day was really nice and i went to play with the other kids. We decided to go walking in the forest. Tamon, one of the older bys, decided to start picking on Mikel. Mikel is nice, but hes small nad kinda shy. Tamus started pushing him around and stuff nad Mikel was trying to fight back but couldnt. I got so mad! I pushed Tamus when he got near me and he tripped over a root. O.o He got really mad at me and tried to hit me when he got up. He has a real temper! >:/ All the other kids started screaming at him, but they werent helping. He pushed me against a tree and started yelling at me and hitting me hard against the tree. Im not sure what happened next, but I guess I got my legs up and kicked him really hard in the chest. He went backwards nad he hit his head on another tree and feel down. He didnt get up. :o

We ran back to the village, which wasnt too far away, and got help. Tamus' dad was there, and so was miss Trudy and a few others. Luckily, Tamus was just knocked out cold. I guess his hard head wasnt as hard as the tree. :)

We told them what happened, but Tamus' dad was really mad at me. He said I was a troublemaker and that he would see to it that my dad would set me right. The other adults stood up for me at least. :)

Miss Jenna was really mad at me. She said I ought to know better. That if Tamus was really a problem that I should have told someone. There are rules for that. She said my dad would have a thing to say about it. She said I only seem to get into trouble when im in the woods and out and about. That I needed more strucure about right and wrong.

Then I got grounded again. :\


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I am so upset...Grounded again. Its not fair! I didnt do anything wrong. :mad:

Tamus was fine and got what he deserved! Sure he had a few memory problems for awhile afterwards, but he was okay. Its not like he was the brightest candle in the village.

Alice has come by to see me once or twice and gave me some books to start reading. She sadi that some of the books Miss Jenna had were wizrding books to. That I might want to sneak a peek at one or two of them.

Dad finally showed up too...I thought he would understand. He talked with Tamus' dad and the other villagers too. I thought gor sure he would be on my side.

HE came back after awhile. He looked at me and said I should have known better. He said I was right to try and help Mikel, but that I had gone too far. He said he wasnt mad, in fact, he sadi he was kinda priud of me for protecting those that couldnt protect themselves.  He said Rofi wouldbe proud of me. He also said I shoudl have doen as mIss Jenna said and told some one about Tamus. There are rules for that stuff. :\\ Im kinda confused about that. Protect people, but dont do it outside of the rules. Thats kinda confusing. If someones in trouble, you cant wait to decide if its against the rules. I told dad this and he just shook his head. :\\

He said I needed to go pack my things. He was takingme to haven with everyone else. I was so excited at first, I had beent here once or twice before. Maybe I will see sonya again! :D

I packed a bag or two, and said I was ready to go. He looked at me and said I was going there live. Forever.....:o

I was stunned...why was I leaving? I didnt do anything wrong! Im being kicked out of the village? I hadnt been that bad. Just cause hes not around all the time nad cant see me when Im good. He just gets here after the bad stuff thats unintentional. I started to cry and scream that I didnt want to go. Why couldnt I stay?! All my friends were here. I had been fine and doing well.

I ran into the forest. Thinking I could stay hid until they left. Dad knows I can survive on my own out here. Uncle Dalan taught me how.

Dad came and found me later under my moms tree. He said I wasnt being punished. That is was time I came to live with him and Miss Jenna. He said I wouldnt be able to come back her, but my friends could come and visit.

I didnt say anything.

I said goodbye to my friends the next day and miss Trudy.

Dad blindfilded me so I wouldnt be able to find my way here. He then picked me up and took me away.

I was crying the whole time. I didnt speak the whole way to haven. :(


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Ive been in Haven now for a week or so. All Ive been able to do so far is wander around the neighborhood at little. Dad and Miss Jenna said I need to stick close to home for atime. :( I guess they think I will wander off and get lost or something.

It hasnt been to boring though. Sonya came by to visit a day or two after I arrived. It was so much fun! Thouhg we didnt get to do much since her mom, Miss serissa was there too. We had to listen while they talked about Rofirien for a bit, but then they let us go up to my room.

She brought me a flower to put on my window. It was kinda weird looking, all spikey and green. She said it had healing power and I could use for scrape sand burns and stuff. She called it aloe. :p

We went outside for a little while after that and I showed everywhere I had been able to explore since I got there. I tried to convince her to go exploring further, since I figured Miss Jenna and Serissa would be talking for awhile. :)
She said we shouldnt go, since her mom would be really mad at her, especially if we got lost. I tried to convince her, but she wouldnt listen. :\\

Uncle Dalan stopped by too. I was glad to see him since I hadnt seen him in a few weeks. :D It was fun and we got to go for a walk. He got me an icey from some store nearby. I never had one and I froze my teeth. He just laughed at me. Then he froze his teeth too. :D

Miss Jenna took me shopping and bought me a new dress for when we were going o visit the Rofi temple in a place called Vehl. Then she took me to go gather some wheat and milk for cooking. It was being out near a farm. I even saw trees again. I miss the forest. :(