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Script Wrecked:
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Script Wrecked:
1|1|1|1481-11-15|20110517_153658|Character creation; Naldin arrives on Mistone|
2.0|6|4|1482-01-02|20110520_162354|One Fine Bright Light|Ro,Ae
2.1|||||Defend Hlint, Elohanna from Cult|
3|8|12|1482-03-28|20110525_235925|[NOPARSE]Death 1 (SM:58,DC:8)[/NOPARSE]|
4|8|16|1482-04-09|20110526_185450|Mr. Silver and Mr. Cove offer Naldin a "job"|??
5|8|17|1482-04-15|20110526_2328|Naldin begins his association with the temple at Fort Vehl|[THREAD=283364]a[/THREAD]
6|8||1482-06-19|20110530_230331|Maxamilian asks Naldin about being a knight|[POST=1724214]20*[/POST]
7|8||1482-07-01||Naldin ponders poison|[POST=1722175]3[/POST]
8|8||1482-08-19||Naldin begins his research into poison|[POST=1722677]4[/POST]
9|8||1482-09-08||Naldin changes tack|[POST=1722732]5[/POST]
10|8|35|1482-09-18|20110605_1231|Naldin seeks an appointment with Reus|[THREAD=283473]b[/THREAD],[POST=1723035]6[/POST]
11|8||1482-10-04|20110607_000851|Maxamillian broaches service as a knight|[POST=1724218]21*[/POST]
12|9|38|1482-10-11|20110606_194803|Naldin begins his poison craft|[POST=1723094]7[/POST]
13|9||1482-11-06||Naldin ponders Vehl|[POST=1723132]8[/POST]
14.0|9|43|1482-12-01|20110609_235442|Law makers and breakers|St
14.1|||||Madasi Bruche clan of Dragon Isles seek justice|[POST=1723195]9[/POST]
15|9||1482-12-23||Naldin begins his poison meals|[POST=1723243]10[/POST]
16|9|47|1483-01-14|20110612_182254|Dantrag the imp seeks help for master|Ge
17|9|47|1483-01-18|20110612_225833|Death 2 (SM:5,DC:10) SS, GP1|[THREAD=283531]c[/THREAD]
18|9||1483-01-27||Naldin takes to the streets of Vehl|[POST=1723329]11[/POST]
19|9||1483-02-21|20110615_0203|Naldin submits a letter for an appointment with Reus|[POST=1722242]d[/POST],[POST=1723407]12[/POST]
20.0|9|55|1483-03-22|20110616_231449|Law makers and breakers|St
20.1|||||Judge Tyfllo Wercom wants his bard|[POST=1723464]13[/POST]
21|9||1483-04-05||Naldin ponders Maxamilian's suggestion|[POST=1724304]22*[/POST]
22|9||1483-04-17||Naldin falls in with some beggars|[POST=1723708]14[/POST]
23|9|58|1483-05-10|20110619_223958|Dantrag the imp seeks help for master again|Ge,[POST=1723775]15[/POST]
24|9||1483-06-06||Naldin and the beggars chased out of the warehouse|[POST=1723886]16[/POST]
25|9||1483-06-12||Naldin ponders what being a knight could mean|[POST=1724356]23*[/POST]
26|9||1483-07-03||Naldin learns the beggars' fate|[POST=1724068]17[/POST]
27|9||1483-07-26||Naldin learns of the assailants|[POST=1724135]18[/POST]
28|9||1483-08-13||Naldin makes preparations|[POST=1724212]19[/POST]
29|9||1483-09-07||Naldin hunts his quarry|[POST=1724387]24[/POST]
30|9||1483-09-16||An unfortunate riding accident|[POST=1724465]25[/POST]
31|9||1483-10-01||Is this a knight?|[POST=1724565]26[/POST]
32|9||1483-10-25||Courses of action|[POST=1724663]27[/POST]
33|9||1483-11-14||Another situation to rectify|[POST=1724745]28[/POST]
34|9||1483-12-04||New poison|[POST=1724869]29[/POST]
35|9||1484-01-12||How to make lethal strikes|[POST=1724907]30[/POST]
36|9||1484-02-05||Marrent Aylomen|[POST=1724972]31[/POST]
37|9||1484-03-20|20110709_0612|Naldin gets a response from the Temple|[POST=1723937]e[/POST],[POST=1725000]32[/POST]
38|9||1484-04-15||Learning the lethal strikes|[POST=1725062]33[/POST]
39|10|87|1484-04-18|20110711_004043|Level 10|
40|10||1484-05-04||A companion moment|[POST=1725210]34[/POST]
41|10||1484-05-28||Lethal training|[POST=1725288]35[/POST]
42|10||1484-06-19||Naldin resolves to become a knight|[POST=1725400]36[/POST]
43|10||1484-07-02||Laneway punch-on|[POST=1725517]37[/POST]
44|10||1484-07-17||Head strikes|[POST=1725567]38[/POST]
45|10||1484-08-08||Alleyway moment|[POST=1725608]39[/POST]
46|10||1484-09-14||Heart strikes|[POST=1725675]40[/POST]

Ae:Aether, Ca:Canislupis, Ni:Nimrod, No:Nova, Re:Redeemer, Ro:Rowan, St:Stranger, Wi:Witchdoctor, ??

* out of chronological sequence

Script Wrecked:
Naldin sat by the fire of his campsite at the edge of the Silkwood. He was recovering once more from the venomous bites of various denizens in his efforts to [POST=1720946]purvey[/POST] spider silk. This hadn't been a problem as a tunnel runner, when he had (mostly) sought to avoid engaging the various creatures. Now, during lucid moments between vomiting and sweating, he pondered whether there was any means to become inured to their toxic effects.

Script Wrecked:
Naldin sat at the table in the library(1), the books and folios he had pulled from the shelves were all too slender, too arcane, or, in some cases, just misleading. It seemed there wasn't much information available on poisons, venom, or toxins; that, or people guarded their knowledge all too well. Some authors had gone to great lengths to illustrate the dissection of various venomous animals, or to list their medicinal cures, but no-one seemed to know why they worked, or what the antidote did. Not in this small collection, least ways.

(1) either a public library in Port Hempstead, or, if there isn't one, a private collection that Naldin has managed to persuade the owner to let him purvey, perhaps in exchange for commensurate efforts that Naldin could supply, or, maybe, that Naldin just drank the owner under the table one evening

Script Wrecked:
Gah! Naldin felt as though he was chasing his own tail. Traipsing over Mistone in pursuit of information that just didn't seem to exist. Supposed libraries that were mere books, supposed experts that were just quacks, gaining the confidence of people to tease their secrets out only to be presented with old wives tales. Naldin had become more dour at the prospects of success.

Perhaps he was going about this the wrong way. Perhaps he would have to be the one that made the inroads, be the writer and not the reader. But how? How to go about this?

Naldin brooded over this for several weeks. Where to begin? Finally a thought occurred to him. The humans had an expression for it, "hair of the dog". Perhaps a little of the poison would strengthen you against the being poisoned.

Yes, that's right, poison yourself slowly and save someone else the trouble, he thought. And yet, no other options were available.

He rubbed at his head. For this, he would have to learn how to make poison. And to do that would likely entail exposure to poisonous creatures. He snorted at the irony.


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