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Cytheria's discoveries
« on: December 27, 2020, 04:11:16 pm »
Name: Cytheria Raybeam
Age: 130
Class(es): Druid
Race: Elf
Subrace (if applicable): Sunelf
Alignment: NG
Deity (if devoted): NA
Domains (if cleric): NA
Biography and Description:

Cytherea is uncertain where she was born. She assumes that both her parents died somewhere between Heather's Glade and Raylynn on the continent of Dregar. For whatever reason, Cytheria survived and had but one scratch on her cheek. She was found by an elven diplomat and taken to Voltrex, and grew up in the Ulam forest.
Though she is a sun elf, she was practically raised by wood elves. Most of the time, she stayed in the Ulam forest and had a close relationship with nature. Just like the wood elves, she believed that she must protect and defend the forest. Cytherea always had an interest in lore and art- likely because of her sun elf heritage. On occasions, she would travel to Sadinia, and there, she took advantage of learning about other culture's lore/art and developed close ties with various sailors.
Starting around age 40, she began to realize that animals had a tendency to be attracted to her. Wherever she slept, birds built nests nearby, and deer would rest. The wood elves helped build Cytherea's relationship with nature, which led her to decide she wanted to become a druid.
A few years after turning 100, a momma bear passed away giving birth, and the father was nowhere to be found. She took in a bear cub and with the help of the other wood elves, she took care of it. The two of them were inseparable until the bear passed away of old age at 25. When that happened, Cytherea decided she needed a change of scenery and sought answers about her past.
She left the Ulam forest on good terms and decided to go to Dregar- in hopes to find something that would be useful. As she leaves Voltrex nerves hit, and the moment she lands, she instantly saught an animal companion.

Extra Credit :)
Cytherea looked over the side of the ship into the reflective water. Her copper skin gleamed off the ocean as the sun hit it just right. Long black hair whipped around in the wind, and she noticed the scar on her cheek from when she was a baby. She shrugged the thought off and realized that a fish swam alongside the boat, attempting to look at her. Cytherea smiled at it and leaned closer. The fish suddenly felt a wave of calm wash over it, and Cytherea began to walk towards the front of the ship.
"I want to thank you again for taking a detour on your vacation." Cytherea's voice was soft and beautiful, but her kind nature was apparent.
"It is not a problem at all! Every time that you visited Sadinia, you always made sure to visit me, and this will likely be the last time I get to see you."   The elderly elven male had a deep voice, and his confidence in sailing at sea was quite apparent. He hadn't even noticed that he practically told her that she would likely die.  "Dregar is a dangerous place and very different from what you are used to. Elves will be rare in comparison, and the land will be different. Do you still have the wooden weapon I gave you?"
Cytherea pulled out her weapon and moved it in a figure-eight motion "Yes, though I've never had to use a weapon, so I'm not sure I will be great in a fight. I truly appreciate that you took into account my druid nature."
"Well, it seems to be too late to teach you now. We will be arriving on Degar soon." The sailor pointed towards the horizon, and land could be seen. "Go on, gather your stuff, and know that I will be praying to the gods that you will be safe. I wish you luck in finding what you are looking for, and I hope you manage to protect nature as well. Good luck Cytherea."

Druid Agreement:
I understand and agree to the objectives of being a druid in Layonara. I understand and agree to the rules of achieving these objectives. I understand the internal organizational structure of the druids.

Re: Cytheria's discoveries
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2020, 04:13:15 pm »
Silly old sailor. He was so confident that he could sail anywhere, but somehow he thought Dregar was Mistone. So here I am, in a town called Center. It's a strange town, not at all what I'm used to, but I was told that would be the case.
Along the way, I met a panther, and he looked quite hungry. After feeding him and giving him some water, he began to follow me, and it seemed like he wanted to protect me. I decided to call him Marco, and I hope that we can keep each other safe.

As soon as I entered the town, I met another adventurer, and thank goodness I did! His name was Jay, and he made sure that Marco and I stayed healed up. He was pretty good in combat also! He showed me where the crafting area was he helped me get rid of some pesky rats. I sure hope to see him again so I can show my gratitude.
It's strange to see such hostile creatures in a peaceful town. I have nearly no experience with situations like it, but I feel like I'm slowly learning. Power in me seems to be growing, though it's clear I still have much to learn.

After a rest, I did some exploring in the town. I heard an interesting story about how the inn got its name- crazy how a game of darts can change so much! Near the inn, I found and hung out with an ox and two cows. Man oh man, they were cute! The cows seemed hungry, so I tried to find some food for them. But they wouldn't eat anything! I'll keep trying to find something that they like, and if all else fails, I'll leave things on the ground nearby. That way, they will at least have something if they get really hungry!

-Cytheria the Druid
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Re: Cytheria's discoveries
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2020, 09:33:27 pm »
I did it!! I fed the cows! I have decided that whenever I see cows, I shall feed them. Finding enough grain to be able to feed all the cows will be difficult. At least I get milk out of it, and their moo's make it clear that they enjoy the food.

Who would have thought that Center would have so many adventurers traveling through the town! Shortly after exploring Center, I met another elf named Sorin. It was nice to see another elf, and it seems like we will be sticking together for a time. The crafting hall still had rats, so Sorin and I cleared it out. It was rough, and the catacombs were even worse, but we made it out!

We left Center for a bit and found another town. In the town, I found chickens!!! They didn't seem to want the grains I had, but I was made aware that they wanted corn. So I dragged Sorin into another area to explore so I could find corn. After finding the corn, nearby orcs attacked, and we barely survived. Right after that, I saw a skunk and tried to calm it down, but Sorin must have spooked it- he does look pretty spooky. Now Sorin can be smelled from a mile away. Not pleasant at all!

Sorin and I made it back to Center, and we saw a dwarf with the cutest Ox named Mux! The dwarf seemed a little hesitant and didn't seem to appreciate the fact that Sorin and I were elves, but perhaps it could have been the skunk smell as well. I offered him milk, and he took it! He introduced himself as Belgar, and he talked to Sorin while I was petting Mux. They decided to do some adventuring, so I went along with them. Belgar proved himself to be an excellent combat dwarf and ensured that Sorin and I were safe and healed up. The three of us fought hobgoblins, and he helped us complete a few quests. After the adventuring, he took us to a city, I believe it was called Port Hempstead. There the three of us met another adventurer. She was quite small, I believe someone mentioned her being a brownie. Her name was Martlet, but she had an Ox named Tristan and the tiniest, cutest pony named Kara. I squealed like the druid that I am! We even made a deal where I got to brush Tristan and Kara! Best deal ever!

After the four of us talked in the city, we all went to rest or craft. The next day I went to every shop I could find in the giant city, but could not find anything that could be used to feed the cows and chickens! Once again, I dragged Sorin along with me in hopes that I could find something that could be used to feed the animals.

 Not far into the journey we met a well know adventurer called the Bird Lord, and he even had wings! Yet he refused to let me give him cow milk- how peculiar. The three of us protected lions from a nearby threat and then went to a town and took care of a crypt. After that, Sorin began to question the Bird Lord about everything! It became an interesting topic of conversation about Katia and her relation to nature. Shortly after, Sorin decided he needed to do some studying for his wizard spells. The Bird Lord showed me where to get some corn and how to make bread so I could feed the chickens with it! Suddenly a chicken came up to me in Center, though I don't remember there being one beforehand. It let me feed it the freshly baked cornbread and gave me some eggs. I sure do love feeding the animals. After that, I rested by the campfire while the Bird Lord continued his adventure.

I sure have met a wonderful group of adventurers so far, and I can't wait to feed more cows and chickens!

-Cytheria the Druid who loves to feed cows and chickens
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