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Nate's Journal
« on: May 15, 2020, 03:39:17 pm »
Well, I have arrived to this little place called Center. People here seems content to be where they are, no real aspiration to move forward and do better for themselves, such a waste of the elements, they shouldn't deserve to live. I've been propose to do a few jobs here and there, I need the true and especially new gears as my limited exploration has showed me that compared to the inner cities, the wild is a lot more dangerous. That's fine, I'll adapt. I'll survive, that's why I was trained for.  Might have to pull the friendship chords a little bit, get closer to some so that I can have a better chance out there, it would be to my advantage to do so and to keep what I do secret, at least for now. Don't want to be targeted as soon as I arrived to the neighborhood. Although if a mark does present itself, I won't hesitate.

For the moment the plan is to do the jobs I can while waiting for my master's words.


Re: Nate's Journal
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2020, 04:47:36 am »
Been traveling a lot lately, partnered up with a monk name Xiao, two dwarves name Van and one I call Beefy flavored Gumbo, an older man named Jeb and a .. well don't even know what to call him beside his name, Martlet, he's smaller than a halfling but not one..

Anyhow things are exhausting, everything out here is soo much advanced compared to the training I had received.. the master would be ashamed of me.

Then there's this Xiao, he makes me laugh at times. Today he was trying to give me the speech of strength in unity using some twigs.. He looked at me blankly and threw the twigs away when I busted his soon approaching parable. He's trying very much to make me see that they are trustworthy and goodie two shoes good doer.. for now though I will keep playing the lost pup, the hurt child left to endure the worst hardship.. only things were not so, I was trained to render those hardships on others. But best they do not know this, keep it under lid and work where I need to work, unknown and unseen. Maybe if I play my cards right, their guild thing, helping the needy and the helpless could present to be the perfect cover. How would people suspect someone of good stature, that is seen with a group helping the masses be a dark agent, one that works in the shadows for his benefits and the benefit of his master?

It's certainly an angle that merits reflection.

//Thanks Xiao, loved the RP!