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Author Topic: The Diary of Deldhin'el Lumorneth Amarth'anel  (Read 3566 times)


The Diary of Deldhin'el Lumorneth Amarth'anel
« on: January 05, 2019, 09:57:28 pm »
Character Name: Deldhin'el Lumorneth Amarth'anel
    Silent Horror (del+dîn) Tree Shade (lum+orn)  Fate/Doom (amarth)

Character Age: 112

Character Class: Druid

Character Race: Elf

Character Sub-Race: Wild Elf

Character Gender: Female

Character Alignment: TN

Deity Associated With: Kithairien and Katia

Cleric Domain: N / A

Character Birthplace: Near The Whitehorn

Character Biography:

Del grew up travelling with her parents across Mistone.  They never stayed in one place for too long, and they had few friends because of this.  They travelled alone most of the time, however the seven families they knew never travelled too far apart.  Together the families, known as the travelling eight, kept watch over each other from a distance, usually not far out of ear shot of the bird calls they knew how to mimic.  Each family chose a different call and while on the move you could hear each distinguished tune being called out.  The families never left much behind, rarely a foot print they didn't realize they'd left.  None of them owned much as far as materials, however they all possessed a grand number of skills.  Del's mother was often called a witch, though she wasn't a witch and was often chased away from towns and villages when they'd go for the few supplies they couldn't make themselves.  Del's mother had been caught changing forms on two separate occasions, and people thought she was dangerous.  Del's mother was a druid and usually only changed forms for hunting or protection.  Del's father was a hunter, and they had several trained hunting animals they kept close by.

When Del was born she was given her name because of the things that had started happening around her birthday.  That day is when the travelling eight became the travelling seven.

All the camps were set up and the fires lighted. The meals for the day were being cooked and all of the gear had been properly hidden. Most travellers wouldn't be able to find their camps while passing by, but tonight was a different night. The kettle warmed the water and the midwife gathered the cotton and silk cloths. Del was born.  They all laid down to get some rest.

Sounds of pounding, and thumping on the ground filled the air, every noise followed by pulses felt in the ground.  Animal noises filled the air as the travelling eight called to each other for aid.  Alas it was too late, one of the families disappeared into the forest never to be seen again.  They all gathered their supplies put out the fires and moved along as fast as they could.  What made such quick work of the family?  Was it the outcasts?  A large bear?  Giants?  Nobody knew, all they knew was run!

Years went by.

Del is now 10.  Two families have disappeared now, in the same manner.  Is someone following the families?  Still unable to catch the persons or beings responsible the families keep moving.  They watch every shadow wondering if it will come for them next.  When will the silent horror come from the shade of the trees and claim another.  The travelling six continue on.  Del has been learning her skills from her mother and father, and has taking a liking to bears.  She does not know why, but they intrigue her immensely.  Fascinated by them she often hides in the forest not far off watching them sharpen their claws, and catch fish with their paws.  She watches them climb trees and run faster than they look capable.  She watches them in their slumber while they hibernate the winter days away.  She's also found fascination with mixing herbs and various minerals, and growing new plants.  Sometimes she swears she can see the plant actually moving as it grows.

Years go by.

Del is now an adult, there aren't many of the travelling eight left, and Del has been going over the events that happened and studying the ground behind them, despite her parents warnings, every time they stop determined to figure out what has been happening.  To no end.

Del decides to go off away from her family and search farther in the world for the possibility of an answer.

Extra Credit:

Del is quite muscular for a female, and stands 5'1" tall, slender and trim from constant travel.  She is tan, with black hair and green eyes.  She bears her families tatoos.
She is quite fond of bears, deer, snakes, and wolves.  She can sometimes be found tracking and silently following them around.
She uses shadows often to hide, but not before throwing a small glowing stone that she carries with her at all times, to check them for danger first.
Del doesn't take sides easy, and is not quick to judge.  She tries to find the balance of things but does so very carefully and with a great deal of observation and thinking first, never jumping to conclusions too fast.
She's quiet until you get to know her, as she's probably watching you thoroughly.
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Re: The Diary of Deldhin'el Lumorneth Amarth'anel
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Deldhin'el (Del) comes across a small village. Seeing no sign of guards in metal armor carrying metal death sticks she decides to approach. She takes the form of a small black cat and pounces from the base of one tree to the next.
Del rounds a group of trees quietly and finds herself staring face to face with a woman sitting on a log next to a fire.
She freezes in her tracks and quickly tries to decide what to do; but before she has a chance to withdraw from the situation, the woman starts talking to her;
in the language of animals. Shocked Del again freezes and takes a second look at this strange female and notices that she has pointed ears. The ears are not quite as pointed as Del's ears but pointed none the less. Del decides to talk with this strange lady and finds out that her name is Talia. Talia tells her that the village she has found is called Center, and many people gather around the fire for tales of adventure and trade.
Del decides that the village can't be too terribly bad if there are kind people speaking in the language of animals, and then scampers off into the woods before Talia can learn too much about her.
She thinks about coming back to this village later on.


Re: The Diary of Deldhin'el Lumorneth Amarth'anel
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Del came back to Center many times and started to feel at home. She met a few other people that could speak the animal language and started to make friends.
She met a lot of people that actually cared about the forest and the animals and beasts that lived in them. Del took up adventuring with some of her new friends and learned a lot about the areas surrounding Center. Del began to miss the forest, however, and soon returned to looking for the stalker that was killing her people. Del began to study all of the animals she came across, their movements, their manerisms, their shapes, smells, habits. She practiced changing into many of them and began to feel more at home.
She soon ran out of animals to study and decided to look at other beasts that roamed the lands.
Try as she may, she could not assume any of their forms. One day Del came across a cave near Vehl. Upon going inside Del found the most interesting of creatures to study. It seemed to have no form. It had no eyes yet it could find her easily. It had no ears yet seemed to hear her movements.
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Re: The Diary of Deldhin'el Lumorneth Amarth'anel
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Del decided that her soul must be like this creature; without form. She started a journey to a high mountain to meditate on this for a while.
She had to learn to become this creature inside, and then outside. Doing this could mean taking any form.


Re: The Diary of Deldhin'el Lumorneth Amarth'anel
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2022, 12:09:50 pm »
Her journey started in Center. Taking to the sky she set off on her journey. She flew high into the sky, climbing higher and higher until the clouds were beneath her. Flew out over the ocean to the east, wings spread wide, feeling the air all around her; feeling free. She flew for what seemed an eternity, and dove down below the clouds finding a fleet of merchant ships below her she decided it was time for a break. She landed on one of the great masts and settled in for the night. Suddenly her reverie was interrupted as a cage door was slammed shut around her. "Gotcha" said the sailor, "always wanted me a parrot.".  Knowing full well that she would be fine, she cawed and squawked "Gimme a cracker".
She rode out the rest of the journey over the ocean in the cage, listening to the crew and watching their behaviors. The ship finally came to dock in Hurm. The sailor gathered his things and his newly caged parrot and disembarked from the ship. He was talking to the dock hands when it happened, and the look on the dock hands face made him glance down at the cage. Del had turned into a snake and was slithering out of the cage and into the grass and was gone before they could say "What?!". Chuckling to herself and slithering away rapidly she set out for the Thunder Peaks.
Now assuming the form of a cat, she slowly slunk through the city of Dalanthar and over the bridge. Bending and twisting her form grew larger and she started bounding up the rocks pouncing back and forth and up higher and higher as the muscles of the panther rippled in the moonlight.  She finally reached the top.
She lay down on the mountain top realizing that she had just made a journey most would consider impossible, especially in the short time it took her to do it. She closed her eyes and let her thoughts and her senses spread out far over the world. Far as she could imagine. Then she realized, it wasn't the shape that mattered to her, it was the journey that she loved.
She rose the next day and started down the mountain. All of the thoughts of her adventures running through her head she forgot where she was. She walked straight into a camp of storm giants. Before she knew what was happening she heard a booming voice say "Cruush you flat!" and a giant foot kicked her into the side of the mountain...
As the life drained out of her, she realized something... she had finally found the shape of the ooze...
She closed her eyes and when next she opened them she was reading the inscription of the bindstone in the whiterun.