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Title: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on April 15, 2007, 10:24:36 pm
I have decided to leave the tavern and seek my fortune. My family has all but banished me and I have nothing left. I cannot stay any longer. I have no reason to stay.

A diary....never thought I would keep one. Funny that such a small thing helps me to clarify my mind and help me think.

Maybe if I die on my journey, it will at least return to my family nad give them some insight into my life.

I will not return home until I can prove myself with to my family.

*This journal starts just prior to Brunhildes ( deaprture from the Bloody Gate.
Title: Re: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on April 15, 2007, 10:42:12 pm
I have slowly been making my way out of the mountains. It is a long journey adn difficult.

Sleeping in the bitter cold, scrounging berries to survive. The food I brought only lasted a few days. I had hoped it would last long enough to reach some outpost between the Gate and Mariners Hold. Unfortunately I got lost along the way.

I had been wandering for week when I finally met some travellers who set me on the right path and fed me. I must have looked a sight. A week in the wild with barely any food, twigs in my hair and dirt in every orifice of my body! Theyre kindness saved me I think.
Title: Re: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on April 15, 2007, 11:04:05 pm
Mariners Hold...A seedy port on the edge of the sea.

I have saved enough coin from from my job in the tavern to secure a ticket to Port Hempstead. It is there that I am hoping to begin my search for the magicer Erk.

At least I am presentable now. I purchased some clean clothes and was able to rent a room at an inn near the docks. the Freelancer is quite a nice place to spend a day or two.

Its odd being on the other side of the bar so to speak. I am so used to waitng tables and dealing with the riff raff. These sailors are similar to the traders travelling to the Gate. Rough, rude and ready for a drink. Even a nite with the local ladies if they have the coin. for a last nights rest before the boat to Hempstead.
Title: Re: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on April 15, 2007, 11:19:15 pm
Port Hempstead...

It was a long journey...I swear, this dwarf's not got any sea legs and no tolerance for the rocking back and forth of the boat. I swear I lost what breakfast I had over the side and turned green as a slaad.

After making port I made for the first piece of earth I saw nad sat myself down to recover my  wits. I swear the ground was still rocking...

After finally feeling a bit better, I decided to explore the city somewhat. I figured I should find some work as my coinpouse is getting pretty thin.

Walking around this port city will definitely strengthen ones legs. It has many colorful people to be sure. Some fop in black regales the masses with his tales in the main city center. I msut admit he can spin a good yarn, nad his history of the world seems quite large.

Mostly humans and elfs have I seen in this town. Though there are a few beards who make their way thru the town. One was kind enough to show me around. Name was Dalan Stoneaxe. He was on his was to deliver some goods to some fella. He carried an impressive axe with him that crackled with lightning. Tempest he named her. Said it was made by one Kobal Bluntaxe. Apparently this is some high dwarf of Dorand. THough I must confess I am unfamiliar with the name.

While travelling we discovered a lady who needed help with some critter in the sewers clogging up the drains. I figured, how hard could it be dealing with some rats and some idiot who likes sewer water. Dalan decided to tag along and in the depths ofthe city sewers (yes they smell as bad as they sound) we found some half fish half man critter. He squished pretty loudly and his companion didnt like my axe. Though I can cast some spells, I dont have the power to really do any real damage as I found out. Made the buggers a bit dizzy and frosted em a bit, lucky I had my axe!
Title: Re: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on April 15, 2007, 11:26:30 pm
I am lost! My hope is broken...

Erk is dead. Destroyed while battling the great wyrm Fisterion.

My hope for a teacher is gone. I dont know what I am to do now. My sole reason for travelling to this retched place is now gone. I dont know what to do...I cannot return home and my hopes are dashed among the rocks.
Title: Re: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on April 16, 2007, 12:01:32 am
I must find some drown my sorrow with busy work.

I am hoping my skills will be accepted in the local tavern here called the scamp. I am not thrilled with the prospect of working in a temple of shadon, but I need to survive. The coin I received for helping the serwer lady is not enough to last long.

I was studying a few tomes I was able to bring with me. While I awaited the owener of the the tavern. I may as well read the knowledge that prompted this whole journey. I even gathered a few scrolls of knowledge along the way.

Unfortunately..or fortunately I guess, the scamp had no need of me. So I left and made my way to the great fountain in the center of the city. It was there that I met up with Dalan again.

Seems Dalan found a few bits of paper with strange writing in his travels. He asked if I could read them. Aftera bit of study I was able to tell him they were spells of various types.

As we chatted I came to realize Erk and this fellow had been close friends. That the death of Erk bit him deeply. He still had yet to see to his effects, as Erk had no family of his own. Sounds familiar...

Though I told him of my past meetings with Erk and how we met. I did not feel comfortable discussing my time in the church. I did tell him of our time together studying and how I met him once more in the tavern at the Gate. How he offered to aid me in my quest for learning the way of the weave.

Before we left, he gave me the spell scrolls and said he remembered how Erk first showed up. He said that though Erk had a teacher in his early days, his true power came by training himself and finding others to teach him. Diligence and fortitude of spirit will do more for me than anything else in the world.

Before departing I thanked him for his words and asked him one favor.
Not to tell those in the church of Vorax of me.

I believe in Vorax...though the church and my family have left a bitter taste in my mouth.
Title: Re: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on April 16, 2007, 12:07:30 am
I have been following Dalans advice. Continueing my learningon my own. I have foudna  few that have aided me in my learning. Pointing me in the right directions, helping me understand words and writings I am unable to devipher on my own.

Through the help of others nad my diligence, I can feel the weave as it fills my body. My command of the magic is growing more strong and more sure.
Title: Re: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on April 16, 2007, 12:15:19 am
While travelling north of Hempstead, I met a strange human named Sharhar. Seems she is a follower of Dorand. be sure. Not many of the long legged folk follow the dwarven gods. Those that do, are usually enamoured of the father of battle, not his crafting cousin.

Seems a family of them took her in when she was a wee lass. She even speaks the tongue! I think i kind of like this one. She has a spirit to her.
Title: Re: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on April 16, 2007, 12:26:00 am
While trying to fathom the secrets of some scrolls I was able to purchase recently, a small group of long legs gathered round the fountain.

One I had met before, a nice lass named Kinai. The others I had no knowledge of. As we chatted it happened that a dwarf came by. Kinai called him over to introduce him to me.

He was a nice fellow, kinda handsome too. Though he was was awfully quiet and kept looking at the ground. I tried to put on my best tavern lass charms to get him to talk , but he just stammered a bit after saying hello and made a beeline for elsewhere.

Kinai said he would be back later, that he was just a bit shy. Said his name was Jacrum Shieldbreaker. A tough axe in a fight, though after the way he took off...I wonder.
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Post by: scifibarbie on April 16, 2007, 12:37:20 am
Its been a few days since I last wrote of my journey here. I have travelled far in this land. Learning its ways, and means.

I also recently met up with Jacrum again. I was looking for work and heard there was a job or two availble in Vehl. A city to the north. A seedy place in need of a good cleaning.

We travelled outside the city witha lass named Drexia. A monk I think. Regardless, Jacrum didnt stammer as much this time. His axe was as tough as Kinai had said.

He was kindof taken aback by my use of the magic. Not surprised really. Most dwarfs avoid it like the plague. After his initial shock wore off, he shrugged it off and said as long as I wasnt evil...he had no issues...sortof.

After awhile, he started stammering again..and got really close. THought he was gonna hug me or something. Not that I would have minded. But he was all yammering like a school boy. So I kissed him on the nose.

He nearly feinted! Seems cat got his tongue after that. The rest of the day went quite well. We did some mining and Jacrum seemed to have a little fire in his step.
Title: Re: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on April 20, 2007, 06:57:32 pm
My studies into the arcane are progressing steadily. More so than I would have imagined given that I have no teacher.

I am slowly learning to read and translate several spell scrolls I recently purchased from the magic vendor in Hempstead. I have been able to perform these spells with some difficulty, though as I practice I feel their secret does dont elude me so much.

I have also recently decided to try my hand at scribing, enchanting and a bit of alchemy. I feel these skills will further my understanding of weave and perhaps gain more insight into how the weave manifests itself and imbues itself within our world.

I must say though...I really dont like the grinding of rocks to dust. It is difficult and I keep cutting my fingers!

In time I may yet regain my family...if not, then surely their respect at least.
Title: Re: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on April 27, 2007, 08:36:28 pm
Ive been feeling lost of late. I fell I have no direction anymore.

Dalan was kind enough to let me travel with him to Erks home where he had to go thru his things and take care Erks will. It was a very sad time for him.

I think that is what set me off. I have no teacher save for what I have learned on my own. No teacher to give me direction and help me find my path. I had such hopes for the I feel dashed upon the rocks.

I still study...but it seems empty to me now. Anyone who spends time and has a modicum of intelligence can translate scrolls and learn the spells if thats their desire. But merely filling my grimoire seems an empty exercise right now.

When the magic fills me as I cast...I feel such joy and happiness, like Im part of something greater than the world itself, that I have direction even if for a brief moment.

If only to have that when I am not casting. I have my desire to prove myself to my kin, but that is my desire...not my purpose.

I spent some time speaking about this with some mages I mets at Stormcrest recently. They understood I think. I was kind of not being articulate, but a lass named Tyr has offered to help me. I am hoping her aid will help give me some direction.
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Post by: scifibarbie on May 09, 2007, 12:47:24 pm
I have been wandering the lands of late. Gathering materials for my alchemical studies. I must say, alchemy is an interesting pasttime. The way the components combine and transform into one another creating some truly wondrous and not so wondrous potions.

I have begun trying to enchant small rocks too. This is a more direct way for me to practice my touch with the weave and see how its tendrils wrap around an item infuse it with power.

I have been gone for a long time. Searching within and without for a clue as to what I can do to find my destiny. I feel so alone sometimes and my thoughts spin about in my mind like the leaves in the wind. No focus, no discernable path, just floating onthe wind with no direction...
Title: Re: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on May 29, 2007, 12:55:56 am
I have spent much time meditating and thinking on my path.

I recently met Jacum again, and a another beard whose name I cannot recall at this moment.

We journeyed to Ulgrids in the Brecht mountains. It was during our trip that I realized my calling and what I must do to regain my honor and my family.

I shall become a battle mage of Vorax. I will fight the good fight, and protect those who need it.

Erk was one I discovered. Perhaps the first in recent memory of the dwarfs. He protected those around him and fought the fights that needed him most. He fell to the great wyrm Fisterion. A good death against impossible odds that any warrior of Vorax would appreciate. From those who travelled with him that day, i have gleaned that he tried to protect them as they ran from the overwhelming power of the dread beast. That he did this without hesitation and that many owe him their lives.

My last thoughts on this matter, are that I must travel with my kin as much as I can and learn the ways of battle. My learning taught me theory, but not practical matters. Perhaps Jacrum would like to work with me on this. We seem to get on good enough, though he does mumble like a schoolboy when we meet up.
Title: Re: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on June 03, 2007, 04:47:37 am
Once more I have been able to travel with Jacrum through the mountains of Brech.

It has been an excellent learning experience. I am beginning to see how the sheer fury of Jacrum coupled with good tactics are giving us the day as Vorax favors us.

My mastery of the weave is growing day by day as well. In time I will be able to aid my kin and perhaps be worthy of my family once more.
Title: Re: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on September 02, 2019, 03:40:19 pm
More on scroll work....I recently came across a new library to pilfer...I mean purchase arcane knowledge from. It took me awhile to learn the spells right and to be able to cast properly, but I finally teased the secrets out of them.

My strength with the Al'Noth is getting better and better. Someday soon I will be a battlemage worthy of the father of battle.
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Post by: scifibarbie on September 16, 2019, 02:45:53 pm
So much to much to learn. I have been fortunate of late to have been in the company of several mages of some skill on the field of battle. THough I was sorely outclassed, they took the time to show me different strategies to be used in the fight.
Honorable tactics and creative uses of the Al'Noth even the father of battle would deem worthy of valor.

For all my studying though, the father also requires that i not let myself become soft, as the weak body will make for a weak mind. Thus i have settled into the digging of sand and other arduous jobs of gathering supplies. This keeps my body hale, and takes the burden off of my bank account too! Learning is expensive business sometimes.

Time for my prayers..
Title: Re: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on April 08, 2020, 02:59:13 pm
*written in a crisp flowing dwarven script

I have become stronger and stronger in my connection to the Al'Noth. Thouhg some kin give me darkeyes when they realize who and what I am it does not bother me.

A battle mage of the Father is a difficult journey, but i have met many who have inspired my training and what it means to be a true battle mage.

Thus i am about to begin my next phase of training..i shall seek out some allies to help me with this. The strength of my arm must match the strength of my mind. The Father of Battle would have it no other way. 
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Post by: scifibarbie on April 11, 2020, 07:24:52 pm
*sweat droplets darken spots in her journal as she sits under a tree relaxing after along hard training...

Bah...shoveling sand is nothing compared to what those bloody dwarves put me through today. I forgot how tired one can feel after swinging an axe all day. Brings back memories of my days back at the temple.

Van is a tough taskmaster when he wants to be. To be fair, I did ask for it. He thought  he was gonna  be gentle with me, til I forced him to put the screws in by whacking him on the head! If I am to be a true battle mage of the quarter in training as no quarter will be given in a battle.

Gumbo was no better, though he was smart enough to start out giving me a good beating when I messed up. Didnt want to end up with me giving him a swat like I did to Van.

Still...these bruises are a good start and they are pretty good teachers in learning various tactics against different weapons.

*after putting her journal away, rubbing some linament on her joints and bruises, she finishes her beer and passes out from exhaustion.
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Post by: scifibarbie on April 12, 2020, 10:43:59 pm
Several times a week have I been training with the dwarves. Recently they taught me how to trip my enemies nad knock them on their arses! Fascinating to see how the body can move something much larger than oneself with the proper movements.
More often than not when trying the maneuvers i end up tripping over my own feet, but i am beginning to understand my my own body movements. Moving from opponent to the next i still a challenge but i am getting it...

Using a staff and a spear...those were interesting...Gumbo showed me a neat trick about spearing a giant right where his legs make him like a lollipop and how to plant the spear so it catapults him like a rock skipping across the water. Very messy but very effective.
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Post by: scifibarbie on April 14, 2020, 09:41:34 pm
*a couple of dwarfs are seen laughing and grumbling as another is swearing in dwarfen as she is putting on various armors.

"I swear I dont know how you put these damn things on let alone move around in it! How in the hells am I supposed to move around and fight in this?" Brun swears as she tips after losing her balance while standing in some full plate.

Gumbo and Van look on concernedly at first, then start cracking jokes about turtles lying on their backs as Brun tries unsuccessfully trying to roll onto her side to try and get up.

Brun is swearing profusely at first then stops and give the dwarfs helping her the evil eye...then after a moment she starts laughing. Afte calming herself and getting her focus back she swears on last time and rolls over and makes it to her feet. After a moment of getting her bearings she starts too walk around very slowly.

"Aye der ye go Brun! Good on ye. Ye startin ter get de hang of it." Van cajoles.

"Sure enuff...we will make ye a battler yet!" Gumbo chimes in, "Once ye gets the hang of de wearin of de armors we will start swingin dat axe of yers in it an see how ye do."

For the next few weeks Brun is put thru her paces in various sets of armor to get the feel of them and how to assemble and wear them correctly. Being rather intelligent Brun quickly understand the mechanics for the various sorts of armor and their uses. Using them effectively, not so much, but thru diligent practice she slowly starts to get the hang of it. Swinging her battle axe and moving around slowly become more and more easy for her.
Title: Re: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on April 20, 2020, 11:09:48 pm
*sitting  with her back to a tree near the fire in center, a tired dwarf takes up her journal to jot down a few notes ....

Those bloody dwarfs been putting me through my paces of late. But I am making progress, and getting more deft with my weapons training everyday. Armor is a chore, but I see how those two can take a few more hits than I ever could!

I also ran into an old acquaintance. I have only traveled with him a few times in the past, but he is truly a sight to behold in a fight. A battle mage he surely is. We chatted for a bit about things and after hearing about my travails with Gumbo and Van he offered to give me some tips.

We talked at length about how one does not need to be the strongest fighter to be a deadly one. He explained and showed me how being able to move and using the weapon with a bit more finesse I do not need to use so much muscle in order to get the weapon to do it what i need it to do. We discussed individual strategies and also some group ones and how a battlemage can make the most of the Al'Noth to support the party one is traveling with and to make oneself even more perilous in the fight.

Then we sparred. He wanted to see what I had learned....not much in comparison to what he knows become very obvious..I got a few good licks in but I think he was letting me...then he let it go and jumped over my head and whapped my backside before I even had a chance to turn around! That was embarrassing, to say the least..especially as i was pulling my face from the ground around the corner came miss Abi and both of those dwarves. Such perfect timing. Not embarrassing at all.

After I got myself straightened around, dignity somewhat intact, we all chatted a bit. Whether to mollify my feelings or not, it seems they thought I handled myself very well...aside from my face plant. Many jokes about my stout legs and low center of gravity. Comedians...

Anyway, Glitch offered to give me a few lessons whenever we have time, and even miss Abi offered to help me out if need be. She seems to have figured out how to keep armor from interfering with her casting.
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Post by: scifibarbie on June 05, 2020, 12:52:41 pm
So those bloody dwarves met me in center the other day and we went a bit of a trainer. I aint no fronter! Get my arse handed to me and the boys got a good laugh. Still, we survived and i held my own.

I swear i will turn Van into an Elf if he keeps it up. :) progressing and starting to find my warriors footing.
Title: Re: The lonely journey- Brunhilde
Post by: scifibarbie on July 18, 2020, 10:26:22 am
Those bloody dwarve's put me up into the the thick of things. All that training has paid off and those giants didn't stand a chance!

Lets go get some fire opals they would be fun they said. Gum said he was gonna go lure one of the weaker ones away fromteh pack...which he did...then Van said there ya go and shoved me face first into it!

Gum was no better, cheering me on saying go get em!

Well..I got him...flipped him on his back like a turtle and finished him off with a quick whack of my hammer. The rest of the fight got messy as his horde came charging after us but they were no match for the 3 of us.

Terrified out of my wits, but I kept my head and we had the day.

Afterwards...Van supplied plenty of ale to celebrate. I hate hangovers.