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The lonely journey- Brunhilde

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I have decided to leave the tavern and seek my fortune. My family has all but banished me and I have nothing left. I cannot stay any longer. I have no reason to stay.

A diary....never thought I would keep one. Funny that such a small thing helps me to clarify my mind and help me think.

Maybe if I die on my journey, it will at least return to my family nad give them some insight into my life.

I will not return home until I can prove myself with to my family.

*This journal starts just prior to Brunhildes deaprture from the Bloody Gate.

I have slowly been making my way out of the mountains. It is a long journey adn difficult.

Sleeping in the bitter cold, scrounging berries to survive. The food I brought only lasted a few days. I had hoped it would last long enough to reach some outpost between the Gate and Mariners Hold. Unfortunately I got lost along the way.

I had been wandering for week when I finally met some travellers who set me on the right path and fed me. I must have looked a sight. A week in the wild with barely any food, twigs in my hair and dirt in every orifice of my body! Theyre kindness saved me I think.

Mariners Hold...A seedy port on the edge of the sea.

I have saved enough coin from from my job in the tavern to secure a ticket to Port Hempstead. It is there that I am hoping to begin my search for the magicer Erk.

At least I am presentable now. I purchased some clean clothes and was able to rent a room at an inn near the docks. the Freelancer is quite a nice place to spend a day or two.

Its odd being on the other side of the bar so to speak. I am so used to waitng tables and dealing with the riff raff. These sailors are similar to the traders travelling to the Gate. Rough, rude and ready for a drink. Even a nite with the local ladies if they have the coin. for a last nights rest before the boat to Hempstead.

Port Hempstead...

It was a long journey...I swear, this dwarf's not got any sea legs and no tolerance for the rocking back and forth of the boat. I swear I lost what breakfast I had over the side and turned green as a slaad.

After making port I made for the first piece of earth I saw nad sat myself down to recover my  wits. I swear the ground was still rocking...

After finally feeling a bit better, I decided to explore the city somewhat. I figured I should find some work as my coinpouse is getting pretty thin.

Walking around this port city will definitely strengthen ones legs. It has many colorful people to be sure. Some fop in black regales the masses with his tales in the main city center. I msut admit he can spin a good yarn, nad his history of the world seems quite large.

Mostly humans and elfs have I seen in this town. Though there are a few beards who make their way thru the town. One was kind enough to show me around. Name was Dalan Stoneaxe. He was on his was to deliver some goods to some fella. He carried an impressive axe with him that crackled with lightning. Tempest he named her. Said it was made by one Kobal Bluntaxe. Apparently this is some high dwarf of Dorand. THough I must confess I am unfamiliar with the name.

While travelling we discovered a lady who needed help with some critter in the sewers clogging up the drains. I figured, how hard could it be dealing with some rats and some idiot who likes sewer water. Dalan decided to tag along and in the depths ofthe city sewers (yes they smell as bad as they sound) we found some half fish half man critter. He squished pretty loudly and his companion didnt like my axe. Though I can cast some spells, I dont have the power to really do any real damage as I found out. Made the buggers a bit dizzy and frosted em a bit, lucky I had my axe!

I am lost! My hope is broken...

Erk is dead. Destroyed while battling the great wyrm Fisterion.

My hope for a teacher is gone. I dont know what I am to do now. My sole reason for travelling to this retched place is now gone. I dont know what to do...I cannot return home and my hopes are dashed among the rocks.


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