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Author Topic: The Secret Journal of Kendar Lightfingers.  (Read 1143 times)


The Secret Journal of Kendar Lightfingers.
« on: February 19, 2020, 04:30:54 pm »
Name: Kendar Lightfingers
Age: 98
Class(es): Ranger / Rogue
Race: Gnome
Subrace (if applicable): Forest Gnome
Alignment: TN
Deity (if devoted): Katia
Domains (if cleric): N/A
Biography and Description:

Kendar's younger years were spent fooling around with friends and playing pranks on one another.
Kendar seemed to have a nack for slipping things out of people's pockets, or taking things out of people's baskets
even if they were looking in the same direction as the baskets. Kendar never used his skill to actually steal things,
it was more fun to take the things and then ask them if anything was missing, and then point to where he had set it down.
He would do this over and over to the point that people became annoyed with him. Having him in your house meant looking for
that tool you knew you just had sitting in front of you on the desk... only to find it half way across the room on the shelf.

Kendar also had a nack for asking annoying questions all of the time.
His curiosity had no match.

When Kendar turned 60, it was time for him to learn the family traditions. His family were defenders of the forests they lived in,
and so he was taught the ways of the ranger by his mother and father. It was this training that would change his life forever.

Many years went by, Kendar was now 70, he was nearly finished with his training.
Kendar and his parents were out for their normal training routines and routes along the borders of their territories when Kendar
heard some noises coming from just past the clearing in the forest. Curiosity getting the better of him, he decided to investigate.
He slowly circled the clearing making sure to stay in the cover of the trees, when he heard what sounded like a wounded deer struggling.
Kendar rushed around each tree dipping and dodging brush and fallen branches. Then he saw it; someone had put out a trap, and the deer had
managed to step right into it. Kendar moved quickly ahead to free the animal but he never made it. Three steps into his forward stride he suddenly
found himself in the air, caught by a net. He struggled for a while trying to reach his knife but before he could free it from his boot he heard voices.
Three men came out of the trees, and one clubbed him over the head. "I got me one!" was the last thing he heard.

Kendar woke up surrounded by metal bars, in a small cage. All around him there were other cages, big, small, and in between. All of them were full of
other people of various races that had been met with the same misfortune. All of the cages were full except for one very small cage. Kendar did not know what would fit inside a cage that small other than a cat perhaps. Kendar then realized that his cage had been set up higher than the rest of the cages, all of them except for the tiny cage.

A few days past. Kendar awoke this morning to the sound of a half orc telling a very small looking man to shut up or he'd sew his mouth shut.
The tiny man's voice was very strange and he was kicking and yelling at the half orc that had him by the neck, holding him in the air.
The half orc pushed the tiny man into the tiny cage and Kendar realized that there was much about the world he did not know.

Most of the larger people that were caged with them were taken out of the cages daily, shackled, and led to the mines to work. At night they were brought back and thrown back into their cages. Kendar had learned that the tiny man was named Luidan and that he was of a race called brownie. Kendar and Luidan were the only two who didn't seem to be pulled from the cages to work. For years now people came by and poked them with sticks and told them to dance. It was really getting on Luidan's nerves. While they danced in the small cages the people would laugh at them and then move on.
One night Kendar awoke to a strange noise. He looked around, and at first saw nothing unusual. He looked over to Luidan's cage and the tiny man was up to something. It was then that Kendar realized that the lock on the tiny cage wasn't a tiny lock, but the same lock that was on his cage. The tiny man had a small piece of metal in his hands and had nearly his whole arm shoved inside the lock.

"What are you doing?" Kendar whispered hard.
"I'm getting out of here" replied Luidan, "Are you coming with me, or do you plan to dance your life away?".
Just then the lock on Luidan's cage popped open.
"I'm in" Kendar said quickly.

Luidan picked the lock on Kendar's cage in no time and they began their escape.

It wasn't easy for them to escape, and while they made their way they set many traps, picked many locks and Luidan taught Kendar the skills he needed to do these things. They finally made their way out, and left the cave. Heading down the road they came into view of city gates. Looking ahead they saw a sign posted along the road.
It said "Katherian"

Neither of them having any idea where they were, or how to get home from where they were, they started walking away from the road towards the trees.
"There they are! Get them!" they heard someone scream and saw several orcs pouring out of the cave behind them.
Quickly they both ran, faster and faster. When they finally stopped and felt safe that they weren't being followed, they both realized, they had run in different directions.

Kendar searches for his home.