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Tipsy Oak - Magic and Archery
« on: March 29, 2021, 03:07:50 am »
Journal Post 1:

I have decided to keep a journal of my efforts to combine magic with my use of the bow.  Aaron, the man I met in the Ulan forest, told me that my knowledge of magic could help me with my archery.  He said magic has been combined with the use of the bow by elves for as long as they have history.  It was not a practice in our village or by any wood elves I had heard of, but I did read books about elves of the past called Arcane Archers that were able to mix magic and archery.  Aaron told me of an elderly elf named Vycon Elirith that lives in the woods outside Fort Thunder that was a great Arcane Archer.  He suggested I seek him out for knowledge.  I will endeavor to do this.

My time in Center was short.  I heard of a band of adventurers gathering in Storm Crest to answer a call to aid, so I headed there.  It was a large group of outcasts and odd sorts.  I don't think I fit in well.  I did meet Hank and Barley who seemed to like me and we understood each other well.  The others mostly seemed selfish and some were even proclaimed Shadonites.  Our endeavor was successful and we rescued a gnome and his gnome comrades from the grasps of a nasty wizard named Tinks.

I've been trying to remember some of the spells mom taught me.  I can feel the magic in me and I know with more practice I will be able to begin casting spells.  I've been waxing my old hickory bow that dad gave me.  The string is worn, but the wood still has good strength.  I will need to make some more arrows soon.  It's funny how I sit and look at my bow and arrows now.  I wonder how it works to get the magic in me into the wood of the bow and my arrows?  I sometimes hold my bow in one hand and an arrow in the other and try to concentrate on my magic.  I don't know if it's doing anything, but for now I think it may be a good exercise to start trying to channel magic into the bow.  I look forward to meeting this Vycon but I'm a bit anxious.  For now I will keep trying to recall my magic.  I also have an idea I will try tomorrow where I will try and close my eyes when I have an arrow knocked and aimed at the target...and then with my eyes closed concentrate on my magic as I let the arrow go.  We'll see.... 


Re: Tipsy Oak - Magic and Archery
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2021, 12:52:33 am »
Journal Post 2:

I have found some maps that I believe will lead me to this Vycon.  I am excited to meet him but nervous.  I have been practicing my drills with some success.  I have felt some energy flowing from me to my bow and my hand held arrows during the concentration drill, but I'm not sure, it could be I am imagining it...or possibly wishing too much for it to happen.  I have also been working more on some basic cantrip spell casting and, there too, I have been able to cast some broken spells.  I am close to getting them to work consistently.  Once I get a hold of my spell casting, I am hopefully that the synergy between the casting and the archery will more clear.

I will make the trip to Vycon soon.  Maybe tomorrow.  I have been gathering items around the Center area and I believe I have enough true to pay the Merchant tax and be able to work in the crafting areas.  Then I can start work on some hickory arrows and maybe even try some work on oak.  I need resources and I pray to Folian I am strong enough to venture out in these unknown areas to find them.

I pray to Folian about my research and study to mix magic and archery.  I pray every night.  I am confident he will show me my path toward this next step in my life and I pray for his guidance in my pursuits.  I will sleep now and if I feel strong at day break I will go to sojourn to Vycon.
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Re: Tipsy Oak - Magic and Archery
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2021, 10:07:03 pm »
Journal Post 3:

My journey went well through the woodlands outside Forth Thunder and I arrived at the modest cottage of Vycon.  His front door swung wide as I approached and he met my eyes like he knew me my whole life.  It was a well and good feeling.  He motioned me in and pointed to a chair at his dining table.  I sat as he ladled us both some hot gruel that he seemed overly proud about.  We sat there a while just slurping and looking at each other.  When we were both done he gathered our bowls up and put them near the water basin and said "tell me now why you have come".  We spoke in good length.  I explained all I had heard about mixing magic and bow and told him about meeting Aaron.  I went through some of the drills I had concocted on my own and my practice so far.  He mostly listened, but when I told him about my drills his eyes widened a bit.

He said I had discovered his first lesson on my own.  He said that all elves have the innate ability to become arcane archers like him, but it only comes through meditation and concentration.  He told me to keep up with my meditation exercises and to focus on generating magic within me and channeling it through my arms and fingers into my bow and the arrows I knock.  This will lead me to a synergy of both.  He agreed it will take time and much practice.  He suggested I keep studying as a wizard and as an archer as the dual training will compliment each other.

He gave me a new exercise too.  He told that when practicing with my bow that I should knock and arrow and draw it back and hold.  Then, before I release, I close my eyes and prepare one of my offensive spells.  Then, with my eyes closed, I focus the spell on the target and cast it ahead at the same time that I release the knocked arrow.  While doing that I am to concentrate letting the magic spell release through my fingers and into the arrow and let the arrow take the magic to the target.  He said to be patient with this one and careful.  The spell could release early on my fingers and as he said that he lifted up his palms to show me some aged scars and redness. 

He got up and opened the front door.  Our lesson and conversation was over.  I went to discuss our next meeting and he shushed me and smiled.  I left and I'm now on my way back to Arnax.  I'm excited about the days ahead and my heart is warm with knowing Vycon.
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Re: Tipsy Oak - Magic and Archery
« Reply #3 on: April 02, 2021, 08:19:33 pm »
Journal Post 4:

My magic has increased.  I have found the ability to cast the cantrips my mother was teaching me and also some first circle spells.  It is a good feeling.  I have been keeping with all my drills and meditations.  I have especially been practicing the eyes-closed simultaneous launching of an arrow with an offensive spell.  I started out with flare, and then frost ray and then acid splash.  I felt that order was my safest bet.  I made sure to get flare down well first before moving to the others.  The results have been scattered as far as success and some what frustrating.  I do feel improvement, but it's slow going.  The difficult part is getting the spell to leave my fingers and  enter the arrow so that it's effects travel with the arrow instead of offending the arrow itself.  I know it time this transition will improve.

I will see Vycon soon.  I feel I'm ready for his next instruction and I look forward to gushing on my success so far and allow him to tweak my training.

I must get stronger if I am to defeat the enemies of the forest.  My friend, Hank, and I ran into some Duegar dwarves on patrol in the Silkwood forest.  We were outmatched by their skill and might.  I allowed my fright to overcome me and ran into a territorial Ettercap that casted his web on me as the Duegars pursued me.  It was my end, but I pray Folian uses it to teach me.  I await the day when my magical archery improves and I can pay them a return visit.  Until then I will keep practicing my magic and archery, and by Folian I will become the Arcane Archer that is within me.


Re: Tipsy Oak - Magic and Archery
« Reply #4 on: April 05, 2021, 12:27:02 am »
Journal Post 5:

I went to see Vycon again.  My magic has increased and I felt it was time to see him.  He was happy to see me and we ate more of his gruel.  He was impressed with my training so far and progress.  He had to leave to go on an errand so our time was brief.  He gave me a new drill.  I told him I had learned the magic weapon spell and he said this was good.  He said that one day I will be able to enchant all my arrows to a power far greater than any magic weapon spell, but that the spell would be useful in training.  He instructed me to concentrate on casting the spell not on my bow, but on my arrows.  To hold a bundle of arrows and to let the spell flow into my fingers as I grasp the arrows and direct the spell into the arrows.  To draw on my fathers, and the fathers before them, and to be aware of the elven blood flowing in my veins.  Aware in a deeper way than just acknowledging my heritage, but to feel the blood as it pumps into my arms and to concentrate on it as I cast the spell.  He said this drill will help me to start to release the elven magic in my blood and train my blood to react in a way to enchant my arrows with magic.

I will endeavor to keep with my training.  I was side tracked briefly.  I met a certain dwarf at Bullseye and we sat at a table.  I wish I could remember his name.  Well the last thing I know is the waitress was impressed to see an elf and dwarf at the same table so she bought us a round of shots.  So it went from there.  I remember briefly making my way to Saddle Bag, but unfortunately most is a blur.  I can not be hindered again by this type of activity.  My training is too serious now.  I look forward to resuming my drills and meditations.
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Re: Tipsy Oak - Magic and Archery
« Reply #5 on: April 06, 2021, 05:25:12 pm »
Journal Post 6:

My training is going well and I have started making my own arrows.  The hickory trees by Dunatac are of good quality and their roots seek well into the lake.  They will make strong arrows.  Something about making my own arrows I think draws me closer to enchanting them I feel.  It makes a better connection for me.  I'm sure one day I will be able to enchant any arrow, but for my training I think it helps form the connection to the arrow when it's one of my own.

I have been trying to cast my magic weapon spell on a bundle of arrows as Vycon instructed but with no sure success so far.  I can't get the spell to release on the arrows but only my bow.  I am still trying though.  The drill has helped me think about my fathers and their fathers.  To wonder how things were in the past.  Is my blood like theirs and do I share the same blood they carried in their bodies 1000's of years ago?  I will endeavor to call upon their help and to become more aware of my elven blood and the special pathway it creates back to my lineage and the magic that came before me.

My other drills are going well and I think the meditations and concentrations are good for my soul.  My aim is improving.  I've met some other travelers.  I have told them about my path and training.  Some respect it and others have mocked it.  This is fine, and I believe letting others know about my goal helps me to pursue it even harder.  One day I will get there by Folian's grace.


Re: Tipsy Oak - Magic and Archery
« Reply #6 on: April 09, 2021, 04:37:00 pm »
Post No. 7:

My journeys found me talking to a Ysh.  I would consider her attractive if it wasn't for her mouth....she can't stop moving it.  We did talk and found we have the path to Arcane Archer in common.  She claims to have a mentor by the name of Kalbaren who is an Arcane Archer.  This Kalbaren apparently instructed her to make her own bow as part of her training.  This is a fine idea and I already like this fellow and I hope to meet him as well.  This is good news for me because I have already started making hickory arrows and I soon plan to make an oak bow and oak arrows.  Kalbaren's idea of making your own bow fits into my own ideas, so I feel like I'm on track in that regard.  I have posted earlier that making my own arrows helps me form a connection to my arrows, so when I attempt to enchant them with magic, my hopes is that it will be easier to form the bond.  I will seek this Kalbaren out.

In the meantime, I continue to meditate on my bow and arrows and concentrate on my magic and the elven heritage in my blood.  I have been training and performing the drills.  I feel I'm making progress.  The magic in me seems to be wanting to go from me to the arrows, but I'm not quite there yet.  However, I can feel it wanting to.  It is frustrating but also exciting.  I know I'm growing and getting closer, but just not there yet.  I will pray to Folian for guidance and stamina.
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Re: Tipsy Oak - Magic and Archery
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Journal Post 8:

Well I lay in Bernuth after a defeat at the hand of some Cyrstal Lord that guards the caves outside Ulgrid.  I am starting to think those Shadonite girls are not good for me.  "Oh have another, let me!"  They are a distraction and the tactics of the battle are lost.  I will pray to Folian for guidance on the matter.

Meanwhile, my training continues.  I have made more progress in my wood work and I believe I can start to work with oak now.  Ysh said she knows of a good string of oaks near the Ire mountains.  I will have to go and see if she was joking or not.

My drills and meditations upon magic and my arrows is going well.  I need to see Vycon soon to see what he has instore for me.  I feel a break through is coming on my path to the Arcane Archer very soon.  I notice when I knock my arrows now it's not just wood, string, feather and arrow head; I can feel the magic in me trying to reach the arrows.  It's wierd and hard to explain, but it all just seems different now.  I can sense that what used to be simple archery is about to become something wonderful and powerful.  It will be good to become stronger so I can help my hunting parties more and be more valuable.

My magic has grown a bit stronger...thanks to you Mom for giving me the bug.  I've learned some new spells and also found some scrolls that I'm studying.  I hoping that my increase magic power will aid me in my path to the Arcane Archer.

Things are changing daily for me.  My woodland home seems far away now.  My drills and the hunts I've been on are shaping me and shaping my plans for my future.  I pray Folian guides me well and keeps me on the path he best wishes for me.


Re: Tipsy Oak - Magic and Archery
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Journal Post 9:

He spiced up the gruel this time with some wild mushrooms and hot peppers.  My stomach is still unsettled, but it went down well.  Vycon is happy with my progress and has counseled me well on my set backs and failures.  Through the failures will come knowledge and persistence and a better direction ahead.  We swapped stories of our failures and drank some wine he pulled down from a shelf. 

He seemed in good spirits and motioned me to his backyard as he grabbed his bow that was hanging on the wall.  I took my bow and followed him to where his yard met the wood line.  He had some old stacks of hay there and a target made of soft wood that laid against it.  He motioned me to shoot some and watched my form, giving me some instruction here and there.  We worked a bit on my breathing patterns and concentration.  He also worked on my release time, telling me to trust my instincts and not hold the knock as long.  It was good work but I was waiting for some magic to happen, and got a bit impatient.  He saw my frustration and drew his bow and launched an arrow that incinerated the target in fire.  Now he had my attention.

He explained that this was an advanced tool of the Arcane Archer to be able to Imbue the arrow.  I listened carefully as he explained how Imbuing takes effort and can exhaust some of the power of the Arcane Archer.  How it's similar to a fireball spell, but even more powerful due to the nature of the skill of the Arcane Archer.  It takes much practice but in the end its just a further extension of the basic building blocks.  Once I gain the ability of combining the magic within me and transferring it to my arrows, that my powers will grow.  I was very excited about the Imbuing and he went through in detail how he mentally conceptualized the ability.  He said I can start adding this Imbuing thought process to my more basic drills and that it won't come at first, but it was good for me to push my self toward that goal and will help me see the basic training from a different angle.  It is good to know where my training is leading.  I feel invigorated and excited.  I will strive even harder now in my training and pray I grasp this power soon. 


Re: Tipsy Oak - Magic and Archery
« Reply #9 on: April 17, 2021, 04:57:11 am »
Journal Post 10:

I made my first oak long bow!  I am very proud of myself and this is a great accomplishment for me.  I have also made many oak arrows and my wood crafting is growing nicely.  This was a large part of my training in becoming and Arcane Archer.  I wanted to make my own arrows and bow to grow closer to my skill of archery in the hopes that enchanting and imbuing my arrows would be a more natural process.  I feel more connected to my bow and arrows now and the channeling of my magic into my arrows is getting closer now due to my unique attachment to the arrows and bow I have crafted.  I also remember the words Ysh spoke to me that her Master, Kalbaren, had instructed her to make a bow as part of her Arcane Archer training.  So, I feel this is a milestone.

I saw Ysh the other day and we went collecting hickory branches for her.  We had some good talks about our paths to Arcane Archer.  She was talking about how she is intrigued by calling upon the magic within her to gain access to the Arcane Archer abilities and I was discussing how our heritage as Elf is so important and needs to be focused and meditated on.

My drills and training continue and I am growing closer to enchanting my arrows.  I can feel it and I pray to Folian each day about it.
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Journal Post 11:

The new oak bow is working out fine now.  The string needed tightening after a bit, but I think the wood is about set now.  My training and meditating are moving along nicely.  I feel my powers as a mage are increasing too.  I have learned many new spells and some thanks to a gift from Ysh as barter for some wood products.

I will keep on this track until I feel a need to see Vycon again.  I think I will know when its time.  I also look forward to meeting this Kalbaren some day.

I have been extending my drills into actual hunting and battle.  We climbed the mountains of Brech, me and Hank and this shifter named Nyx.  We conquered the Ice Fiend, and we also gathered some tin and topaz from the near by cave.  Our plan was better this time around.  Hank and I posted up as long range archers and Nyx ran up and down the stairs to get the Fiend and his minions attention.  We sprang their trap with our own.  During this trip I was trying to enchant my arrows in battle.  It requires a different and more intense focus when a Yetti is trying to eat you, rather than when you are aiming at a bullseye.  I think the battle drills were successful in improving my focus and concentration.  I was not able to enchant any arrows but I feel the process is good for me and is growing my ability to channel the Alnoth into my arrows.  I will do this more often now.  Praise to Folian for his guidance.


Re: Tipsy Oak - Magic and Archery
« Reply #11 on: April 22, 2021, 11:56:55 am »
Journal Post 12:

I have sent correspondence to this Kalbaren.  Hopefully we can meet soon.  My bow skills are coming along nicely.  I would like to strengthen my oak bow some.  I'm considering compounding it and working on the bow to make it stronger.  Hmm maybe shortening the bow arms and tightening the string.

Not much to report on my Arcane Archer training.  I still can't enchant arrows but I feel my drills are drawing me closer to it.  Maybe once I can cast fireballs, I will be able to start incorporating that spell into my "launch and cast" drill.  One day I'll be able to blow up a bullseye like my mentor.  Until then I keep praying to Folian that he sets my path ahead in his favor.


Re: Tipsy Oak - Magic and Archery
« Reply #12 on: April 25, 2021, 01:31:41 am »
Journal Post 13:

We finally met.  Kalbaren and I met at the campfire in Center.  He is very calm and pointed in his conversation.  I told him about my mentor Vycon and our training so far.  I went into some of our drills.  He seemed to be accepting to my work so far.  His focus in our talks was more about the whys.  He wanted to know a bit of my back story and why I wanted to become an Arcane Archer.  It was good to discuss this.  I feel he was searching for my level of dedication.  I think I satisfied his curiosity and I know in my heart I am dedicated and my explanations were thoughtful.  We became more comfortable as the conversation went on and it went well.  He also asked about my elven lineage and if I was drawing on that in my training.  I said I was, very much so, and that it was important for me to call upon the energy in my fathers blood.  He said I will get to where I want to go if I am dedicated and keep training and practicing.  I did not know that he was Dragon Called.  It was exciting to meet someone from those times and I had more respect for him and his service to the people of this land.

I hope we get to meet again and maybe even go on a hunt together.  I would like to see his arrows in action.  Until then, I will keep practicing and training to get to where I want to go by Folian's grace.
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Re: Tipsy Oak - Magic and Archery
« Reply #13 on: April 28, 2021, 04:38:54 am »
Journal Post 14:

Another cup of gruel and a nice chat with Vycon.  I told him about my meeting with Kalbaren.  He said he had heard of him and that it was good for me to get the perspective of another Arcane Archer.  I told him how well my drills were going and I felt my self getting closer to enchantment of my arrows.  I was eager to know what my next task or learning drill would be from his so I asked him.  He smiled and left the table.  He returned with an old beat-up hickory arrow with copper head and what looked like falcon feathers.  The head was warn badly and the shaft and feathers were well past there usefulness.  He gave it to me and then opened his front door.  I took the arrow and walked out.  My training with Vycon was complete.  By Folian's grace I pray he see's me through to my path of Arcane Archer.