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Sapeli Tuuli (Saber Wind)
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Date:  Augra 23, 1471
The town of Center seemed fairly quiet when I first arrived there after leaving Leringard as instructed by the note with the Raven marking.  I spent my first few days, maybe even weeks, being paranoid about who I could trust in this new place.  I met an Elf named Melaa who seemed innocent enough, and even though we are only occasional traveling companions, I think we have become friends of a sort.  Together we have traveled various places and faced dangers and perils I would not have believed myself capable of back in my past life, before Kivi's death.  We have helped people by facing dangers they themselves could not, and it feels good to do so.
Each day, with or without Melaa by my side, I train with my sabers.  I don't think Kivi would approve of my desire to avenge him, but it is something that drives me, and beyond that I find a sort of peace in the dance and flow of my blades as I wield them.  I have named my newest set, a pair made of iron and enchanted with the magic of fire and lightning.  One is Summer Gale, a blazing hot blade that roars like a hungry lion as she sweeps through air and foes alike.  The other is Biting Zephyr, who crackles with the power of storms, her lightnings stretching out to bite foes even before the edge of her blade touches.  Together we are one and three.
Traffic in Center has begun to pick-up as of late.  Perhaps it was simply a quiet time of year when I first arrived, or perhaps it is just coincidence.  Now, however, I often see others passing into and out of the town regularly, and the ox-pens are seeing more use as well.  Often there are folks gathering and meeting at the campfire outside the Bull's Eye Tavern before heading out together or alone to have further adventures.  And they are adventurers, most of these recent arrivals.  Still, of those whom I've asked, no one recognizes the emblem of my mysterious benefactor, the Raven.  Even here in Center, the Raven leaves Trues for me to find, but no one ever sees them.  They leave no trace, no clues to follow.  I still wonder if they are friend, or foe, and what motivations they might have for leaving me these bundles of True and directing me to Center in the first place.  Is the Raven one person, or many?  Will they ever reveal themselves further to me?  Am I just a pawn in some larger plot of theirs?
With the upswing of adventurers in Center, and the Raven's hand in directing me here, I feel as though something momentous and possibly dire is coming, and I must continue training myself and my blades to be ready for when it does.  So that is what I do.  That, and brew good strong drinks.  People seem to enjoy my drinks.  Especially the Dwarves.
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Re: Sapeli Tuuli (Saber Wind)
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Date:  Novlar 27, 1471
I continue to improve my skill with my blades, traveling many places and fighting many creatures of varying types.  I've taken up the crafting of jewelry as well, and searching for new gems to work with has lead me to many new places.  I'm not making as much money selling my completed jewelry as I had thought I would, but I don't mind.  The working of the fine details has helped me to hone my blade-work to greater precision.
    I've taken to making maps as I travel, and marking out where different resources seem to be plentiful.  I have mapped out almost all of northern Mistone in this way.  There are some ruins in the Whitehorn Forest that I would like to explore some time, but I don't want to do so without trustworthy companions to back me up.
    Speaking of trustworthy companions, I spoke with the Dwarf Bron in the craft-hall in Center the other day.  He told me he and the other Dwarves are going to see if they can carve out a hearth-home in the Ire Mountains together.  He also named me a battle-friend, so it seems I have earned the Dwarve's respect and trust.
    The 'gifts' left by the mysterious Raven have become less frequent and I have not seen any in some time.  Further, I have made no progress on learning who killed Kivi, though I have returned to Leringard several times.  In the sewers there, I did find an illusory wall, and behind it a locked door.  Likely this is the entrance to a thieves den.  Maybe they would know who killed Kivi, if it wasn't they who did so.  Perhaps I should make inquiries if only I knew who to inquire with.  I will certainly continue honing my skill with my blades.  I must be prepared beyond all doubt to face them when I discover who killed him.