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Walker's Memories.
« on: July 03, 2019, 12:49:14 pm »
I Walker, shall begin to write down what I have seen or heard, to better keep track of my fleeting thoughts.

I still have no memory of who I was before I was Walker. But even in that form I find no comfort. I feel more whole, safer, and at ease when I am taking other forms. When I shift between the forms of the creatures of the wilds I can almost begin to feel as though I am gaining back a piece of myself, but only almost.

I can feel my powers drawing upon nature, so I must be a druid. and if I am a druid, I must have belonged to a grove, before I was Walker. If I belonged to a grove, then I was a part of the great oak in some way, and thus it is with the druids that I have the best chance at finding out who i was. I have begun to inquire about where I may speak to the eldest and most powerful of the druids whenever I meet someone that I think may be able to help.

I have encountered many adventurers some of them seem to be friendly, but even with their kind words I can not stop the voice that screams in my head to hide. That nagging voice in the back of my mind that whispers words of doubt, words of mistrust. It tells me that they are no friends, that they may seek to hurt me. It is with great effort that I revert to the form of walker *a line is drawn through those words in an effort to correct the phrase* MY true form.

I will continue to search out answers. and perhaps try to do some good where I can. There is a wood near the small town called center, that feels befouled somehow. Some of the adventurers I met say that it is haunted and to stay on the trail. Perhaps I can investigate these claims of spirits, for any spirits that can cause such decay in nature can not be allowed to exist.