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Walking away in the forest.
« on: November 22, 2004, 12:24:00 am »
He enters Hlint's Inn. He goes sit by a table. The Innkeeper comes. "Hello Master Eldoran, how are you this fine evening?" "Well give me a good ale my friend...actualy, i want a strong one..." he replied. *Laugh* "Whats happening with you?" Innkeeper said. "Well my adventuring days are coming to an end i seriously think. I'v done enough for this land...i'v been thru many events but now i need to be away from all this, i will be moving soon around Vale where my sister lives. I will probably let my house to my good friend Lady Ameng, she already lives there anyway. Going to meet new people and maybe find a lady who would like to...*close eyes* well you know...*smiles*.

After some hours drinking and talking, he walks outside taking a last look around before heading to his house seeing Ameng and preparing for leaving. *Talking to himself looking around* Well maybe i will come back in this area someday, who knows..."

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Re: Walking away in the forest.
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Walking out of the forest, Eldoran comes back again in Hlint area.

He left his training school to his son and almost everything he possessed. He's getting old but he still in great shape and wants to see the world again.

He comes to Center and goes to the crafting house.

"Hmm ok now i have to make a new set of armor and sword or go get a good deal with some of the guild around here"..."let see..."
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