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War, Honor...and Big Chopper!


A red armored Dwarf comes out of Bull's Eye Tavern with an ale in his left hand and his great axe in his right hand. He throws the empty bottle in the trashcan then walk to the campfire. He sits on the log and takes out his notebook. He write down something.

Warrior of Vorax seeks guild.

Aye, as the title says im seeking guild or group and offer my services. Aspiring to be the best great chopper wielder in this realm. Working on my crafting skills, i would be able to help a lot on gathering ressources and adventuring thru the world. If you look around and see a red dwarf running around with a big chooper thats probly me!

''Hopes thats well enough to post it in the craft halls...bah never know...''

He goes to the bank, withdraw the coins he have left and then head to Fort Wayfare, to the Cailomel's shop there.

''ahh yes...enough pieces for a beautifull cold enhancement on my chopper.'' He goes outside and apply it to his Axe. ''This so nice!! Lets go try it out''...

After a few hours of travelling around Haven and trying out his new chopper's upgrade. He stopped by the clay deposit and takes his shovel out to gather a bunch of clay to make some molds later in Hlint and then took a good rest before the next day of work begins.

Bad dreams again ''ARRGGG'' He wokes up trembling! Saw his mother down, in front of him, near a cliff cornered by two Frost giants. His father revenged her with two swifts and powerfull KI swings to take them down. ''Will never forget...'' ''Glad he came fast, i would have fall off the cliff...''. Wars always have consequences...''And its part of our lives''

He gets up, prepares a good meal almost immediately ''Ready for a new day''...Lot of work ahead!''

Chapter 2

Starting some days ago...

Heads rolling in Mistone coastal caves in the past few days.

A red armored dwarf has been goin in and out mining copper and some greestones. Those creatures dont want anybody getting copper thats for sure. But they should just let him past, hes too stubborn to not contenue...

''Aye first couples ov copper arrow heads'' But hows possible this crafting halls dont have any anvils?? Annoyin that is. Got to go Hlint then. Need practicing making daggers so can do mithril axes somedays...Long journey ahead of me!'' ''Giggles''

''Then making some hickory shafts, needs that too...must drink and eat first then go''

Oh on the way to Hlint a bunch of ogres slains. Along some lions. ''Those lion beasts attacks travellers on the road, usaly far more away from it, they must be starving bad these days...''

Few hours later he writes in his journal ;

''Me brother would be happy, today made a bunch of copper weapons by my own,...Kukris, daggers, couples of Sai and nunchakus, even if be useless for me my skills will be better at the anvil''.

The next day he went choppin Oak branches...alone. Dire spiders and swords spiders along with stag beetles died by his Great Axe, only a few wounds and he was able to get away with several branches to work with later on. He returned later on with Hank and Tipsy to help them gather a big load of them. By doin so Tipsy made him a long bow...Tuzar was...a bit over excited by it...sometimes you have to fall to get good lessons...

His journey contenu as he met a new compagnion, a paladin. A farmer in a Fort was in need of help for retreiving his Cow ...sadly the cow died but also the Old Griffon, head cleaved, tough battle but collar retreived and bought back to the farmer. The duo joined others as they go on a mission on the Bear isle for a job. It started rought but it was successful, lot of blue gems and the head of the Bugbear chief chopped.

Tuzar works hard for making arrow heads and arrows shafts, hes now making them shatfs with oak and goes out another time alone gathering them branches, it takes lot of courage for his low experience with those kind of creatures, hes learning well, chops swift and hard. Sometimes almost take them stags in one hit in the head. More and more perfect whit his iron chopper. He already dreaming about getting a adamantium one.

''yeah thats lot of oak saw dust bags...guess what we do with that...*giggles*

Farm press working not his most beloves work to do...One...Two...Tree bottles... oh too much drinks even for a young dwarf like him, he falls down in the kitchen. Bad Dream...He's lying down in tall grass in some plain, he see the old griffon comming down to him for the big blow ''I must have been knocked down...Hows..wheres my chopper can see it around him thats not possible i lost it...? By the hells!! His heart stop a moment, blood pressure goes up the sky, hes confused,...loosing sight of his axe is like for a child to loose his most beloved toy or doll, it cant happen, its like loosing parts of himself. He looks up again then realize his chopper was stuck beetween the old Griffon's eyes, how could that be? How could he still be flying? At last moment he got up and dodges the assault, jump and grabs his weapon...blood all over him must have hurt the big bird pretty bad, a swift cleave to finish him off he goes down for good. Tuzar wokes up and axe still beside him,...phew!

He remembers that if he want to make Mithril axes someday, for himself or his people and maybe his childs, he needs better wood shafts than Oak and...sandpapers, gotta be better at it. 

Chapter a while!


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